Excellent Red Ice interview with Nathan Damigo, counter-puncher of the Antifa woman “Moldylocks”

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Nathan Damigo, leader of the Identity Evropa group, based in the San Francisco Bay area: https://www.identityevropa.com/
I reviewed the Damigo antifa-woman-punching footage in the new and excellent video interview by Red Ice.

I do (barely) find for Damigo. Chicks simply should not join dangerous brawls. And anyone who wades into one will be swung at.
“Moldylocks” (as she has been dubbed) went into a combat zone looking for a fight; she put her hands on Damigo’s throat.
In legal terms, she had joined a mêlée. It was a group of hyper-violent antifas who were physically attacking WNs, throwing M80s — VERY dangerous! — and full soda cans — and she was one of that group.

How was Damigo to know she would not hit him over the back of the head with that glass bottle that even Snopes admits she had: http://sfist.com/2017/04/21/snopes_takes_on_punched_antifa_woma.php WHILE DAMIGO WAS FIGHTING A MALE ANTIFA? She became a combattant and part of the mêlée!

I do, of course, hate to see a man punch any woman, however much she was literally asking for it, and am glad she was not seriously hurt.
In fact , she was giving interviews merrily afterward and seemed really happy to have been punched by a blond white male white supremacist and now be a NWO martyr.
Damigto points out in the video that there seem to be just 200 or so committed street Antifa nationwide. And they all got arrested in Washington DC, and many will go to prison or be heavily fined, especially after the cops go over high-def. cellphone videos. You can see from such footage clearly their eyes, height, build, as well as, of course, their crimes.
Not to mention conspiracy to deny civil rights, like the right to speak, a goal which the Antifas shamelessly and proudly proclaim right in print. Trump could shut the whole bunch down right now under the RICOH Act, an anti-gangster law that says anyone who belongs to an overtly criminal organization goes to jail and their assets are seized. Any group that boasts its intent is to deny free speech to someone else is by definition a criminal.
I would just add that US Marines like Damigo (or me) are not going to stand there and take punishment. Our training is to ATTACK before the enemy attacks US.
Corporal Damigo served in Iraq; and by his crossed-rifles badge, he shot expert with the M-16.
A piece of broken glass whistles past Damigo’s right eye face (freeze-frame)
JP: Her hand was on his throat. Case closed.
John de Nugent
John de Nugent Interesting comment under the Snopes articles by a pro-Trump/free speecher, who claims he wore black and stood with the antifas) “John D.K. Wilson • 11 days ago
[to a leftie] You are the one spreading lies to suit your end. I WAS THERE!!

NO ONE on the free speech side had M-80s or M-100s. I was wearing black and also mixed into the #antifa side and personally saw them lighting up and tossing the M-80s.

No one [on the Trump side] had cans filled with concrete – that’s a lie. It was almost exclusively the antifa side throwing cans of soda. Many free speechers would remove rocks and cans from the scene.

But yes, the antifas were throwing bottles, throwing M-80s, and throwing bottles with M-80s in them. This was coming from that corner where the woman was. So step outside of your echo chamber and look into what really happened.”


· May 6 at 12:11pm · Edited

Peter Sabatini
Peter Sabatini She lucked-out, because the punch landed square on her forehead — the thickest and most durable part of the human skull. Anywhere else would’ve likely done more damage.
John de Nugent
John de NugentGood point. And it looks like she fell into some patch of landscaping, not onto the cement sidewalk. Had she been killed, this would have been turned by the jewsmedia into a PR disaster for our side.
Damigo also says that there is great danger for white free-speechers AFTER the rally is over. Antifa likes to stalk individuals leaving the rally, 20 leftards on one man peacefully walking away, or a man and a woman, and stomp them.

…..My message to Damigo

Dear Nathan,

First, Semper fi, fellow former Marine. I am not surprised to see one of us leading the charge.

I did this blog praising you and your work: [this one] https://johndenugent.com/english/excellent-red-ice-interview-with-nathan-damigo-counter-puncher-of-the-antifa-woman-moldylocks/

I have been on Red Ice as well:

https://redice.tv/red-ice-radio/the-solutreans-the-first-ancient-settlers-in-north-america (Part Two http://www.redicemembers.com/secure/radio/program.php?id=910)

Btw, my father fought as a staff sergeant at Iwo Jima, yes….

…. and saw the flag go up on Mt. Suribachi.


Then, after college (lucky guy — it was an all-girls college under the GI bill 😉 ) he served as an officer in Korea (a captain, later in peacetime a lieutenant colonel), which became a no-win conflict where 50% of his officer class at Quantico was killed or wounded. That made him very, very bitter.

North Korea is next to Siberia, and the cold in the mountains can be horrific. US Marines set up mortars to fire at the Red Chinese.  (My father was in a coma for three days after a Chinese mortar round landed nearby.)


John de Nugent




…….Contact and support

Fine young white warriors and doers like Damigo are absolutely essential, but until we have a credible, exciting Aryan religion that unifies and fanaticizes us, the Damigos of this world will be few and far between. What powers the Jews, Muslims and Masons is their RELIGION. Otherwise they would be like 99% of whites, just a bunch of individuals.


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  1. My dad was on Iwo Jima and wounded with shrapnel in both legs on the third day of battle. He saw the original flag raising as he was transported on a ship with the rest of the wounded. He also served on Guam. Got malaria. He received his purple heart for his combat wounds on Iwo. God bless the MARINES. Women love tough guys!!

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