Ex-Stormfronter burned out with the “movement” and people in general — why we must love anyway; my radio show on the new religion with Clay Douglas

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…..Shocked, ashamed, floored

A comrade wrote me:

After watching this “Hellstorm”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMCOKNCwHmQ&feature=youtu.be I have never been more ashamed of my country’s misdeeds. This is truly horrific stuff. I am floored.

I agree. Margi and I did six of the voices on it.

We have both been very involved in 1)  encouraging and 2) now promoting it. It is now at 110,000 views! (See http://johndenugent.com/?s=Hellstorm+hunt+goodrich)




…..YouTube is now messing with the “hit counter” on “Hellstorm.”!

(It now also has German subtitles; just click on the cog symbol, lower-right, and under “settings” go to subtitles.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMCOKNCwHmQ They froze it at 108,000 and it took protests to get it counting them again. Now it is at 110,000 but they have frozen it again. 😉

Whatsamatta, Hebrews, afraid of talk about THE REAL HOLOCAUST?


 Yes, a holocaust backed up by REAL film footage, real bodies and skeletons, and real eyewitnesses, not inventing atrocity nonsense to get money like Jews!


…..The ex-Stormfronter whose 3,000 posts were changed to “guest”  by turned WN Don Black writes

Don Black


John, where do I find the required motivation now? That’s the only problem I really have. The suffering of people doesn’t really move me, neither there is much of it anyway.
Fighting for a non-existent movement is just wasting time in my view. Don’t want to bore you with this, but the more I look at everything from the distance, the more obvious it is there is nothing there. All the best.
I replied:
Dear comrade,
Well, one, some of us are suffering…..
Two, as my Solutrean religion (http://johndenugent.com/eternal-solutreanism/) will show, we reincarnate to have another life and work on OURSELVES. To grow in compassion, skill and self-control.

We do our duty, as the Bhagavad Gita says, regardless of others.

This world has always been full of selfish, stupid, cowards. Read what the great men of the past have said, who tried to lift them up.
(I had to chuckle, when doing an audiobook on the Leo Frank case  http://johndenugent.com/glory-to-mary-phagan-and-the-white-men-who-avenged-her-2/march-1915-tom-watsons-magazine-does-its-full-review/  at the point where publisher Tom Watson says, back in 1915: “There is no lie that white people will not swallow.” 😉 )
One hundred forty years before Tom Watson, the Founding Fathers of the United States wrote private letters to each other during the Revolution (a ghastly, seven-year affair that could have been won in six months, had Americans pitched in) complaining bitterly how their life-risking efforts were not supported by the American masses. When the Constitution was voted into law, it decreed that only white male landowners could vote, reflecting in part the secret disgust the Founders felt for the stupid, cowardly, selfish masses. 
The British (newspapers, leaders and officers) both respected George Washington as a soldier and pitied him as a dreamer — because his own American people overwhelmingly did NOT support him. A British officer in New Jersey had a perfect chance to shoot the noble Washington in the back, but refused to.  Washington towered physically over other men at 6-foot-4; the average soldier back then was 5-foot-7 (the height of Tom Cruise).
In December 1776, Washington’s army had no shoes, food, money or medications.  One quarter of the US troops at Valley Forge perished while the masses sat on their wallets and foodstores. But God saw everything: the heroes earned good karma — and the masses terrible karma.
You know, the Marquis de Lafayette came all the way from France to fight for our freedom and was amazed that 90% of Americans did not lift a finger for the heroes fighting for THEM! (The same applies to Baron von Steuben of Germany.
Lafayette, one of the wealthiest young aristocrats in France, and stemming from a proud military dynasty, became like a son to the childless Washington.
Baron von Steuben of Prussia (Germany) taught military discipline, tactics and hygiene to the demoralized troops at Valley Forge in eastern Pennsylvania, and with German-Prussian training, immediately the Americans began to win.  This one German idealist basically won the Revolution — because it was after the Americans began to win that the French king decided to commit serious money, troops and ships.
**** On Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

John de Nugent Presidential Video 4C


London under King George took away more and more freedoms that its American colonies had long enjoyed, and imposed taxes for its wars. Benjamin Franklin persuades France to support the Americans with French cash, troops and a huge fleet.  The German officer Baron Friedrich von Steuben patiently teaches discipline and bayonet training to American amateur soldiers. Only 1% fought for our freedom — but it was enough, and those who made the sacrifices were observed by GOD.


All the tremendous efforts of Washington and other American heroes were insufficient; the war was won only because of of idealistic foreign aristocrats — the Marquis de Lafayette and Baron von Steuben. The king of France came through with money, ships and troops solely because he was anti-British!










They would support

any American rebel leader

who would get US troops off their backs.

Because it would benefit THEM.

In reality, comrade,  the reason why The Peepul act as they do is this:
The majority consists of humanimals. (Please be sure to read the entire reincarnation essay http://johndenugent.com/reincarnation-evidence/, including this part.)

….on really homely Whites

A lady comrade in California asked me:
I would like to know how you explain the millions of not-so-gorgeous Aryans who do not look like Chahlize Therrrrrron or Nicole Kidman.
My reply:
1) dysgenics — The best and brightest do not have enough kids, and here is a memorable stat for you: 42% of woman 42 or older with a master’s degree are childless.
2) bad karma — They got arrogant when they were all-too-beautiful in an earlier incarnation; it went to their head, they scorned others, and forgot that God is the source of all beauty — they did not make themselves! So they need to do a life as a homely person and excel by deeds, not looks.
3) they just came out of the animal stage, and look — and still have the nature of — those animals that they were. They are humanimals!
Patrick Ewing, basketball
Abraham Foxman, ADL
Sy Newhouse, media baron
a leading America Zionist in the 1930s
But now more than ever. through controlling the ENTIRE culture, Jewry enhances in the humanimal all that is low and tawdry.  
As for us, we must not go with the crowd, but join those going upward. 
If we become alienated from the masses, however, the Jew has won.  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion say that

the immorality they promote will make the goyim disgusted with each other and stop loving each other.

Hitler was asked in 1923: “How can you fight for people, the way they are?”
He replied: “I love them for what they can be, not what they are.”
French comrade advocates we “Utilize our intellectual arms [weapons]”….. — in Berlin, Germany, Hitler’s work desk
Aufnahmeort: BerlinMaterial/Technik: Foto/ DruckSystematik: Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / NS-Zeit / Kul turpolitik / Nationale Bauten / Berlin / Reichskanzlei
Aufnahmeort: Berlin
Material/Technik: Foto/ Druck
Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / NS-Zeit / Kul turpolitik / Nationale Bauten / Berlin / Reichskanzlei
And the Third Reich proved that wonderful goodness was slumbering in our race. As courageous, caring role models, through my new religion,  we will awaken those who are ready, and a lot ARE ready. With this number we will win.

….”Main thing is we must win” — wrong! 

A comrade in Oz (Australia ) wrote me:

I am convinced the forces of good shall prevail and triumph over evil, and firmly believe things must change for the better. Otherwise, life will not be worth living.

As you know, John, war is an extremely unpleasant business and you just pray it will end. We are currently engaged in a cold war, a non-shooting war against an implacable foe that seeks to genocide us. And has been ruthlessly at our throats for over a century.  So it is perfectly normal for me to be stressed, otherwise I would not have my wits about me.

Remember our tiny band of brothers and sisters have survived eons against the most incredible odds. The ice age being only one. I am so proud to be Aryan.

But we must win; otherwise we are all doomed.

I replied:

I must disagree on one thing — we win even if we whites as a race lose, as long as you and I do our duty, regardless of the rest. A god sees our karma and what we went through, and angels who are former humans. The planet is going full-zombie. It is not just brainwashing on TV, as it was 30 years ago and thgat was problem enough..

It is chemtrails, fluoride in drinking water, damaged DNA and female hormones (bisphenol-a) in food, drink and packaging. 




Men are literally less male every year. Less warlike. Less like William Wallace and more like a bitchy, catty gay hairdresser. And the young people (under 40)! Backstabbing, entitled, attitudinous, resentful narcissists. Three of my last three assistants have turned into treacherous snakes.

Can we win with such a crew? No. Either we create a new race out of the dying one — or it is over.

In the end, this earth may be so zombyized that the nordic aliens will blast the whole planet and terraform it, and rebuild the human race here, starting afresh.



Very spooky — on Hitler’s 70th death day (April 30th), the water ran blood-red from a mountain north of his Berchtesgaden home. 

Red water like blood in Berchtesgaden; against the ludicrous, insulting, harmful theory “Hitler went to an Argentine ski resort while his people died like flies”






Hitler’s wantonly destroyed, beautiful home
Three countries destroyed Germany in a hellstorm:

–British Empire (gone)

–USSR (gone)

–US (going!)


The curse of Almighty God rests now

on the final perpetrator,

the Jewnited Snakes.

I for one will do my duty, regardless of anyone else.


….my radio show with Clay Douglas on Aryan religion

A lady comrade named Ann kindly did a huge amount of work to transcribe my two-hour Internet radio show on Aryan religion with Clay Douglas. She wrote:


Hi, John.
I know you probably thought I would never finish, but here it is the typed podcast.:-)  The yellow highlights are where I just could not catch what was being said so you can easily find them and fill in the blanks. It was interesting, although I cannot agree with Eckart’s interpretation of Bible stories. It seems odd to me the idea of “starting a new religion.” I agree we need to preserve our culture, our way of living, and our race, and we cannot do that without spiritual strength from God, but it seems odd to put it in the terms of starting a new religion. It would make more sense to me to say let’s figure out where we lost our way, where truth has been misinterpreted, and where we have allowed ourselves to be deceived.
However, I agree the idea of reincarnation brings hope, and it is easier for me to accept because it actually makes some confusing Bible verses make more sense.
I really enjoyed your recent article about Hitler’s mistakes. I did not understood what people were talking about when I saw comments that Hitler disliked Slavic people.
I replied:
I want a jew-free Christianity, and agree with Bishop Marcion in the first century that the tribal god of the Jews and our god are two different things! 

John de Nugent and Clay Douglas 03/16/2015


John de Nugent on Solutrean religion;

Kaminski on the fake Exodus of the Hebrews from Pharaoh’s Egypt

CD: Good morning ladies and gentleman. My guest today is John de Nugent and in honor of having him on today we are going to be talking about eternal Solutreanism. If that is unfamiliar to you, it is probably because it has been suppressed for 10,000 years because people do not want you to know where you came from.

Hello John, how are you? I am not going to play the rest of my intro. You guys out there know who the hell I am, so we will just go straight to my interview. How are you John?

JDN: Just fine up here in Yooper land. We are going through a heat wave. It is in the high 40s. 😉




We are loving it. The snow is melting and the next thing the crocuses are going to be pushing up through the snow and icicles everywhere, and so if feels like spring in the air.

CD: One of those places I have been many times, well several times, I have been up to the Yooper land, went hunting up there. Interesting people. We went out in the woods and there was a cabin here, and I went and opened up a few of the cabinet doors and there were a lot of fifths in there, a lot of booze there, and no food. The deer were all over the place, you know.


JDN: Well, you know, deer have it tough up here in the upper peninsula. I guess about a quarter to a third of the deer die every winter from starvation and cold. It gets down to
-10, sometimes rarely even –20ï‚°F, which is interestingly in Celsius about the same, -20, -25, or -30 Celsius, and not all the deer make it. You can see people glorifying nature, but nature is brutal. You almost wish the bears would get the deer. In fact, Margie and I were out walking yesterday and under a highway overpass we saw a deer carcass and some bear had gotten it obviously. This was about 75 feet from our house – a bear that got a deer.

CD: I was up just outside of Ruidoso, my friend in New Mexico was there, about 30 miles from Ruidoso. I was coming back from Ruidoso I believe. My wife was in the back. I went around a curve. A car was coming, headlights on and was blinding me. When I could see again, there was a deer standing right in the middle of the road in front of me.

JDN: Oh really?

CD: I did not slow down. I did not do anything, but my little finger, my left little finger brushed the fur of the deer.

JDN: Oh really. Uh-oh. Did you kill it?

CD: No, it kept going. I kept going. If I hit him, I would have been totaled. I was doing 60 mph on a motorcycle.

JDN: Yeah, well the basic rule is, if a deer jumps out in front of you, and this happened to us back on October 24th of last year, we were coming back at night in the Crown Victoria which is a former police car that belonged to a constable in Pennsylvania, big, heavy thing, and, boy, that deer just waited by the side of the road until we got close and then leapt in front of the car.



You know, it was just like you hear about it, you see about it, you see YouTube videos about it, but deer are beautiful like supermodels, and they are as bright as supermodels (laughter). 😉

You know, basically when they are scared, they just leap straight forward . . . and so this deer did not know what to do. People say, well you put a deer whistle, you put 2 of them on your front bumpers and it will create some sort of whistling sound so that the speed of you car going through the air and it will notify the deer, but other people say to me, “I’ve hit so many deer with my deer whistle on my car, it is a waste of time and waste of money.” Snow will plug it up, mosquitoes will plug it up, and it will not work.”

So everybody says when a deer jumps in front of you, just hit it. Do not try to swerve and miss it and go off the road into a ditch and flip over and end up paralyzed or dead over the sake of a deer, so I hit this thing. I just evaporated it. I never saw the deer again. I guess it just turned into atoms or something. 🙁

CD: We were up in California on highway 49, in the mountains up there. This was 20 years ago. My wife said, “Now honey, you should slow down because there is a lot of deer along here.” And I said, “Naw, I’ve got a theory.” She says, “What theory?” I said, “Well, the faster you go, the less chance you have of hitting a deer.”

JDN: True, true, true.

CD: I no sooner got the words out of my mouth and she screamed. We were in a Jaguar XJS. She screamed and I zipped by that deer so fast, he was kind of looking around going “What the hell was that?” (laughter). I looked over at her and said, “See!”


JDN: The behavior of deer. We are actually taking care right now, for a friend, of three guinea pigs, and it is interesting to watch animal behavior.



Animals are not always noble. I was listening to National Public Radio a couple of months ago. I hate it. It is so liberal now. It has gotten more liberal than it used to be even. It is just terrible. It is all “the evil white man”:  either we must help the transgenders so male transgenders can go in a female bathroom, the poor blacks, the poor gays, the poor illegal alien Mexicans, on and on and on.

But anyway, there was actually one segment I did find interesting. It was about fish. They talked about how with the fish and their behavior and an ethologist said “Well that is their nature. They are aggressive. What the fish will do is if another fish is injured, they will kill their weak brother so that they can get their food or they will even eat their weak brother; they will eat the other fish to take their food away.”

Now, I notice with these guinea pigs — we have a big guinea pig and 2 smaller ones — and the big one will absolutely, ruthlessly ( we give equal amounts of food, carrots, chopped up celery, and stuff) to all three of them – enough for everybody. They are all slightly overweight, in fact. 😉

But the big one will constantly go and steal from the other two. Se will either charge them, will charge the other two, steal their food and gobble it in place and then go back and eat her own foot. It makes me mad. It makes me mad to watch, but you can see where many humans are that way, because I believe in reincarnation, and reincarnation says that many young souls have come up from the primitive stage.

CD: Let me ask you about that.

JDN: Clay, it’s “Me, me, me. I want your stuff, and then I will eat my stuff!” 😉

CD: I went to church yesterday and the preacher was talking about resurrection. You know Jesus said if you believe in me you will be revived, and I thought “Is she talking about reincarnation?”

JDN: Yeah.

CD: Because that is really what it sounds like.

Maybe we are put down here to learn something and to figure out who we are and what we are supposed to be doing, and if we do not get it right we come back.

JDN: Yea. When I was raised as a sort of cultural Christian and my mother and father disagreed about which form of Protestantism we should be in, so we were Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Congregationalists, and a few different things. But I picked up on the fact that it was our custom, it was the thing to do. My Dad met some good clients at church, and he was able to network with others in the community. He was a politician. It was like being a member of the country club too. It was a way to meet people.

So I always was skeptical about regular Christianity and one of the things I was skeptical about is eventually some of your relatives die, and then you hear 2 different things and opposite things, both taught out of the Old Testament, different parts of the Old Testament. One is about the deceased person, well, they are asleep. The other thing is they are in heaven. Wait a minute. Are they in heaven or are they asleep? Or are people asleep in heaven? Actually the Old Testament has 2 different views.

Later on I ended up, after the divorce of my parents, for a couple of years in with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. At age 21 I broke free of that cult. It was hard to do to leave a sect, but I did because I did not believe in it anymore.


At so at 21 I got out of it, but one of the things Jehovah’s Witnesses focus on is the early Jewish view, the view of early Judaism, which is when you are dead that is it. You are dead as a doornail. Your consciousness is over. You just go into the inky pit of blackness and they say you are in Sheol, which means in Hebrew “grave.” You are just in the pit. You are in the ground. That is it.

Now if God wants to, like a document on the hard drive of a computer 😉 , he can resurrect you at some later date, but you are dead. When you die, that is it: “Man, you dead.” You are not anywhere. Your consciousness is extinguished. God can bring you back if He feels like it. So, that is the early view.

The later view – it is the view which the Jews adopted when they were in exile in Babylon — and Babylon was then conquered by the Medo-Persian Empire — well, their official religion was Zoroastrianism.


Zoroastrianism was a very powerful Aryan religion, and they taught that the soul is immortal and after you die you are judged and you go to one of various kinds of heavens — or to hells where you are punished.


Other things [Zoroastrian concepts] like free will – the reason why you are judged is because you have free will. You can choose to do good or bad. . . .



All of this is not Jewish but from Zoroaster — and this infiltrated then into late Judaism and from there into Christianity.




I know some people who, like myself, believe in white survival and white civil rights, and they reject Christianity. They say, “well it is all a Jewish thing.” Look man, 70% of Christianity is from Zoroaster [an Aryan]. That is just simply a fact.

Early Judaism said when you are dead, that is it. It did not even say that Yahweh, the God of the Jews, was the universal creator, [the Maker] of the universe. He was [just] the tribal God of the Jews, and it is said “he is a jealous god” and “ye shall have no gods before me.” It is not denying there are other gods. It is just saying that – I am your god, I brought you out of Egypt, you signed a covenant, so you have to obey me.

Mt Sinai, where supposedly Moses received the Ten Commandments


CD: Yea, invade that city over there, kill everybody, and leave no one standing. I thought to myself “that Old Testament god was an evil son of a bitch!” 😉

JDN: Actually, you know, I am recording an audio book today. It is very interesting, and it is on that topic. In 1924 Dietrich Eckart and a young man that he had taken under his wing, his protégé, were in Germany, and a certain Adolf Hitler had actually just failed in a putsch attempt to overthrow the extremely corrupt German government of the time.

Dietrich Eckart, playwright and Jesus fan


Adolf in 1923


The country was bankrupt. The Communist Party was rising. French troops were raping German girls in the Rhineland. They had the famous inflation of the Weimar Republic. It took like 4 billion marks to buy a loaf of bread. The middle class was wiped out, and this tremendous turmoil.

So, anyways, Hitler and some of his people in Bavaria tried to overthrow the government. It failed and 22 people were shot dead, and Hitler actually got off easy. He only spent about a year in prison, but he was banned from speaking for five years in the northern two-thirds of Germany [  in Prussia, including Berlin],



….so his party was paralyzed by the fact that he could not speak in public.


But anyways, in the fall of that year, he and Dietrich Eckhart started to publish something called, Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin, and this was about the concept of Bolshevism as meaning Jews stirring up the underclass against the rest of society. This meant basically, I hate to use the word “white trash” — but basically sort of the shady characters.


Now, some shady characters are highly educated, like David Rockefeller and these Trilateral Commission people, and they are not working class.


There are certainly scumbags in the upper class too. It was about Bolshevism as interpreted there, and they used examples from the Old Testament of which we were taught are pious, beautiful Sunday School stories to show how the Jews were always stirring up the rabble, the worst segments of society, against the more productive people in society.

They say. “We will liberate you”, “Down with the rich”, “Let’s take their stuff” and when you look at these stories it is horrifying.

Was it the book of Exodus, the second book of the Hebrew Bible? Yes, they talk about how “after Joseph died and a new Pharaoh arose, who knew not Joseph,” who had been the finance minister of Egypt, and they were saying the Hebrews are becoming more numerous than the Egyptians, they are taking over the country, and supposed they fall in with our enemies in time of war and we will be invaded and slaughtered.

So then begins the conflict between the Hebrews and the Egyptian people, and it says “a vast, mixed multitude” joined the Hebrews, a mixed multitude, a multi-racial horde of whomever.

So what Eckart and Hitler are discussing is some of these Old Testament stories and all their horrifying details, but interpreted in the light of what they were experiencing in Munich, Germany, which was the Communist Party appealing to the absolutely worst elements of society, the cut-throats basically,

Ernst Thälmann, head of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD)



and they had seen horrible massacres, mass murders of people in the streets of Munich during the brief few months that there was a Communist uprising in Munich. The Communists took power and began slaughtering people, and so they began. But some of these stories are horrifying.

*** White and black crime gang assaults white woman in her own home


Cameras Catch Terrifying Black Attack on Defenseless White Woman

May 16, 2015

Untitled 1
Katie O’Connor was tricked by another White mother into thinking the visitor wanted to buy some tools she had for sale.

A 21-year-old woman says she was attacked in her Overland Park home and her security system caught it on camera. Katie O’Connor is too frightened to go back to her own apartment and feels partly responsible because she trusted a friend. In the video captured by O’Connor’s hidden camera, one can see her struggling to breathe in a chokehold. “As soon as he put his arm around my neck, I was like, ‘oh [expletive], this is really happening. This is really going on,’” she said. The attack happened about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday near West 106th Street. O’Connor said she told a friend that she was trying to get rid of her ex-boyfriend’s carpentry tools.

The deceitful black coward attacked her in her own home with the help of a white-trash female.

“I told her I was trying to sell them, and she was like, ‘Oh, I might know a couple of guys looking to open their own business,’” O’Connor said. But the only business these guys were into was stealing. O’Connor said she doesn’t know the two men. But the woman, nervously pacing the floor in the surveillance video, was someone she knew. They planned play dates for their children, and she talked to her about going back to school. “I thought it was on a personal level though, I thought she just wanted to be my friend,” O’Connor said.


I mean, if you look at the story of Joseph. Okay, what a nice Sunday School story. I went to Sunday School in the Congregational church, a beautiful church with a giant organ made in Germany. Interestingly, there were swastikas in a frieze along the inside of the ceilings of this church. I never forgot that for some reason, beautiful marble and gold, house of God. But, I mean, I wondered about some of the stories myself. I guess the other kids just swallowed it all up.

Okay, so here is the story. So Joseph is sort of a smart aleck. His brothers cannot stand it, his Hebrew brothers. They say – Hey, let’s just kill him. So these brothers are talking about killing their own brother. That’s a nice story, right from the get go. Okay, no, no, no – Let’s throw him in a pit, that way nobody can say we killed him and if he happens to die of starvation or thirst, well, you know, it’s not our fault. So they throw him into a pit, and then along comes a caravan. One of the brothers says, hey, we could make more money, we could sell him into slavery. So sure, they sell their brother into slavery. He goes down to Egypt as a slave, and they have made money off of him. So, what an inspiring Jewish family story, ha ha. They sell their own brother. So Joseph is down there in Egypt. Well, the next thing you know he is in big trouble because he supposedly came on to the wife of his owner, Potiphar’s wife. So he gets thrown in prison, and there he starts peddling dream interpretation. The Pharoah gets word of it and he says, Pharoah, baby, look, you know every now and then there is a famine in the land. This is what I advise you to do – I just had a dream of 7 fat cows and 7 lean cows so there is going to be 7 years when everything is going to be lean, so what you should be doing now is buying up all of the extra grain in Egypt, putting in your storehouse behind a padlock, then go to all the surrounding countries, Libya, Palestine, and Syria, and buy up all their extra gain because when the famine comes then you will have a corner on the grain market and people will have to come and sell their eye teeth to you. Well, sure enough, there was a famine. So, first people came starving and they sold their homes, their farmhouses, and they sold their cattle and their sheep and whatnot, and they were finally selling their wives and the children, and even themselves. In the ancient world, you could sell yourself and become a slave for the rest of your life to wipe out your debts. Otherwise, you would be thrown into prison, you know, or tortured, or they would cut your hand off or something. So, a huge percentage of the Egyptian people became slaves that way because the Pharoah would not release the grain from his warehouses because his Jewish finance minister had said buy up all the grain and make people sell themselves to avoid starvation, another wonderful, upbuilding Christian story. I mean, it is just a story of greed and hoping people will starve and they will lose everything. The Bible story says the Jews became incredibly wealthy and all of the gold and silver in Egypt ended up in the hands of the Jews. Suddenly, there were more Jews and the mixed multitude which is hanging out with them. So anyways, you have Dietrich Eckart and Adolf Hitler discussing this Bible story. Then they go on to how then the Israelites go into Canaan and the Lord says to Joshua, who is by then their leader, he says just slaughter everybody, every many, woman, and child, well except in Jericho because the whore Rahab has betrayed the city and shown them how to get in there. She and her family let them live, so the whore and her fine family survive, but everybody else, man, woman, child, cattle, they all have their throats slit. What a nice Bible story, ha ha.

CD: For me, years the Catholic church, centuries I guess, the Catholic church did not want you reading the Bible. They only wanted the pries to translate them because the Bible is really a history of tyranny, isn’t it, and man’s resistance to it.

JDN: Well, it is. You know, another thing they talk about is how Martin Luther, who is of course a very important figure in German history and in Protestant Christian history. Of course, the 2 great reformers of Christianity were John Calvin and Calvinism which spread to Scotland, Holland, and Switzerland, very much a religion of hard work, making money, being thrifty, and then the other thing is Lutheranism, which spread to Germany, the Scandinavian countries, and Finland. So many countries became Lutheran and other countries became Calvinist. The first major document printed in the German language on the printing press the great German, Johann Gutenberg, the Germans invented the printing press, of course, was the Bible. It was in Latin. Then Luther translated it into German. He created the modern German language by mixing a few of the main dialects to find a modern form that all of the Germans could basically understand, to go a little bit from the different main dialects. So he created the German language really. Before that it was just various, very dissimilar dialects which were hard for the other people to read in other parts of Germany. So, he was a very important man. Then you had the religious wars with Catholics and Protestants that went on for a hundred years in Germany, ended up in the Thirty Years’ War, and about a third of the German people perished in the Thirty Years’ War so it was horrible. Anyway, so Luther was a very important figure, for better or worse. I mean Germany underwent horrific civil war over the Protestants versus the Catholics because of what he did. He broke up Christianity into 2 parts. Anyways, when Luther was translating the Old Testament into German, he came across these loathsome, disgusting, horrifying passages in the Old Testament.

One of them he was shocked by was the book of Esther which is just about how the Jews get vengeance on the antisemites and kill 72,000 of them. There is a prime minister. I am just going to go ahead and say it Clay. Basically Esther, who was one of the wives of the Persian emperor, I guess she was giving the guy good sex or something, the best sex of his life, because it is pretty clear that is what the Bible is saying she was doing. So she completely had this emperor wrapped around her little finger, and he says well, you know, your prime minister, he is trying to kill me and my people because we are Jews. He says well then hang them high. So the prime minister, Haman and all 10 of his were hanged, and then the Jews get permission to slaughter 72,000 of their enemy. Well, Eckart and Hitler are saying, well yeah, the Jews were always friends with the rabble and the cutthroats in every society.

CD: That is what Khazaria was. The Khazarians were robbing everyone when they were passing their land, which happens to be Khazaria today. That happens to be the Ukraine and possibly Georgia I think.

JDN: Well, yeah. It is a very fierce Turko-Mongolian tribe. I mean, you talk about the Mongels you are talking about Genghis Khan and just the horrors that even a thousand years later people talk about. Genghis Khan boasted of all the woman that he had raped. They say he raped a woman every day. They would just bring in one captive woman after the other. They said that 1% of all the people in northern Asia descend from Genghis Khan because he raped so many women. He said happiness is to slaughter your enemies, steal their horses, and fondle your enemies’ wives and daughters before them. So, what a great guy. He would pile up mountains of skulls. If a city did not surrender to Genghis Khan, he would just kill everybody and make a mountain of their skulls. So it was through terror, that is how the Mongols got their horrifying reputation for mass murder. Stalin used them in WWII, Mongol troops, to horrifically rape the Germans, and the Khazar Jews descend from these Mongols. It is a mixture of Mongols and Turks, and some of the eastern Europeans you can clearly see it in the cheekbones, the certain percentage of Mongol blood in them.

Anyway, what Eckart and Hitler are pointing out. A very good little book. I am doing an audio book in German and in English as translated by Dr. William Pierce. You have had Dr. Pierce on your show, didn’t you?

CD: I did back many years ago. Yes, I have had Dr. Pierce on my show.

JDN: Well, he did the translation into English. A very good translation. What they are both bemoaning is the fact that Martin Luther lacked the courage, well, maybe he was just being prudent. Maybe he felt he did not dare to just completely jettison the Old Testament. They were pointing out that the teachings of Jesus Christ are stand alone. You do not need the Old Testament. You not need to say – oh well Jesus fulfilled all of these Bible prophecies and so forth. It is just Jesus came preaching He was sent by God that He was a divine prophet to preach love, to preach against greed, against hate, against materialism, against gossip, against defamation, to preach against the works of the devil, ego, and selfishness. It sounds like the Buddha actually, to tell you the truth, or as some of the better teachings of Zoroastrianism. You do not need to connect Jesus at all to the Old Testament. In fact, Bishop Marcion, who lived to about 100 years later, he threw out the whole Old Testament. He said that Yahweh is a demon god. He says that the god that Jesus worshipped is a completely different god than the god of the Jews. Well, unfortunately, he was ruled a heretic and so all of this baggage came over into Christianity with these horrifying, racist supremacist hate-filled passages about genociding everyone else and all the kings of the gentiles will bring their gold and silver unto Zion, and the Jews will be fabulously wealthy, just like this wet dream of enslaving the world, enriching themselves, and slaughtering people and when the Messiah comes he will rule the goyim, the gentiles with a rod of iron. It makes you think of beating someone with a stick. You beat someone with a rod of iron you break their back. You paralyze them. You can crush their skull. I mean, it is just a horrifying vision of a Jew enslaved planet.

So they said, why did not Luther just have the courage? While you are reforming Christianity, just throw the Old Testament out in the garbage heap where it belongs and focus on Jesus, focus on His message.

CD: But isn’t that exactly what Thomas Jefferson did? He made the Thomas Jefferson Bible by only including the words of Jesus, the ones in red.

JDN: Well, that is true, but unfortunately he went a little bit further than that. Yes, you are absolutely right, Clay. Unfortunately, what he also did, he was a child of the so called Enlightenment, which was in some ways good and in many ways very, very bad, and was partly Jew financed from the beginning. It debunked anything supernatural, you know, there is no proof of life after death. No educated man believes in angels or believes in a literal devil or heaven or hell. That is all the Middle Ages. The whole trashing of the so called Middle Ages came about during the Age of Enlightenment, Rousseau and John Locke, and many of the Founding Fathers were infected by this. There is nothing supernatural. There is just science. Their dream was that they would discover something, the monad, which later was called the atom, and then they found the atom is a hard little black dot, it is a thing. We are things and we do not have a soul. We are just the brain, and when your brain dies and your body dies your so called soul that is over too because your soul is just your body. It is the electro-chemical procedures of the brain. So, when you flat line on the operating table, that is it. You do not have a soul. You are just an animal. This is the precursor to atheism. You can see that Thomas Jefferson was sort of infected by this. Of course, Thomas Jefferson also, and I love Thomas Jefferson, I think Thomas Jefferson was a wonderful man, a great hero, but we all reflect the flaws of our generation in our time. He also came up with this infamous phrase, which sounds great, but it has had a very bad effect – All men are created equal. Well, in it is short, but what the heck does it mean? All men are created equal – in what way? In IQ? In physical strength? In arm wrestling? In character and morals? Are all men equally old and experienced? How about women? Are men and women equal? Are all the races exactly the same in their gifts? What the heck does that mean? It is a sort of a precursor to Bolshevism. It says nobody is any better than anybody else, so one man, one vote, and then whoever the demagogue is will then rule the mob, and whoever controls the media, newspapers, and the TV will then manipulate this uneducated mob and dumb everybody down. We will have mob rule, but the mob is manipulated by a very evil cabal.

CD: I know that you have been talking about the Bible and you have been talking about history, but almost everything you say sounds to me like exactly what is happening right now. How many Americans have died this century from, let’s see, cancer, heart disease, war, and of course, police action? I believe that we have more Americans that have died in this last century that we could probably qualify for Armageddon itself. The newspaper does not tell you where the cancer came from, why our hearts our giving out on us, you know. In the book of Esther, wasn’t she talking about poisoning all of these people and what are they doing with fluoride? If a truck hauling fluoride turned over in the highway, they would rope off a city block.

JDN: They certainly would. I have for about 8 years in the Pittsburgh area. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is the location of Alcoa Aluminum. One of the byproducts of the aluminum is fluoride. It is a deadly poison. How do we make money off that? It is very typical of the Jews to have a twofer. Let’s get 2 benefits out of everything we do. First of all, we will sell the poison to the American people and the poison will make people dull and stupid and will-less. They will have a weak will. Back in the 1960s, they starting really putting the fluoride into everybody’s drinking water. That was the time of sex, drugs, rock and roll, the Vietnam protests, the murder of John Kennedy, and the American people took that sitting down. The polls as early as beginning of 1965 showed that the murder of President Kennedy at the end of 1963 had been met with tremendous skepticism. People suspected it was a conspiracy. Many people rightfully suspected Lyndon Johnson was part of murdering his boss because he was the vice president. Kennedy died and he would become president, and he did. He was not liked. He was not popular. The only way he could become president was to kill his boss and commit treason, high treason.

CD: Remember LBJ is also the one that ordered the attack of the USS Liberty and covered it up.

JDN: The American people, because they had fluoride in their drinking water – oh well, what are you gonna do? Stuff that 100 years ago no one person would have put up with, or today we are putting up with gay marriage, and they are not stopping with the gay marriage. They are pushing to legalize child molestation. They are already calling it minor attraction. There is already a move afoot to take child molesting out as a psychiatric disorder. This is just another form of sexual “orientation.” We will see within not just our lifetime Clay, unless you and I drop dead tomorrow, but I think really within the next few years major moves to legalize sex between adults and small children. I was talking with a key researcher on the internet who does a lot of great videos on 9/11, chemtrails, and also the child molesting issue, and we were discussing this horrifying set of videos from England. England is just awash with pedophilia. In fact, the home secretary of England just admitted there are pedophiles all up and down, all throughout, British society. They are everywhere at every level of the government, the police, and the child protective services agencies ironically – full of pedophiles and full of child molesters. There is this beautiful little blond girl and boy, Alyssa and Gabriel, and the stuff they describe is beyond horrifying. Okay, so they had some cop who was trying to debunk stuff. Well a doctor who examined the children who is an expert on sexual abuse of children came out with a medical report graphic details of the children, they were inspected, their genital and anal area. It is sickening. It just makes me nauseous. Of course, what they love, the Satan worshipers love to molest and rape, will even kill and drain the blood out of little blond, blue-eyed children. They seem hate blue-eyed kids even more than kids in general. It is like some special voodoo if you murder a little Nordic looking kid. I have talked about the fact that I was molested as a kid, so I guess I fit that profile that they were looking for, and I have blogged extensively on this. You talk about the end times – the story of child molestating is America is that these child molesters want these Anglo-Saxon looking kids with the fair hair and the light eyes. That is who they really want to screw up, to screw and screw up. They want to mentally waste these kids so they are screwed up for the rest of their lives.

CD: Jon Benet Ramsey, for instance.

JDN: Yea, perfect example. I tend to think that our suspicious about that family are absolutely accurate. He fits the profile – I hope I am wrong – a high level child molester with huge connections to the police chief and to the political establishment in Colorado. Somebody did an analysis of the handwriting of the mother of the child because they found supposedly the kidnapper’s note, and the kidnapper’s note was written with the wrong hand by the mother herself. A criminal graphologist, who analyzes handwriting of people for the police department, said it was clearly the mother who wrote it and that the mother was very distraught by what was going on because she understood that her husband had murdered their child, raped and murdered their child. She was probably terrified of her husband and of her husband’s friends. That is the thing. If you find out your husband is a serial killer or a child molester, that is a very scary thing.

CD: Alright, we are coming up on here on a break to let you know about Truth Radio, and of course, the Free American. We need some donations. Thank you LW for sending that donation. That certainly helps. Hang on a minute, and we will be right back.

CD: John DeNugent is my guest today. John, I have a theory, and I would like to get your opinion on it. I think at the Council of Nicea, where they took a lot of the books out of the Bible that we probably should have read, I think that they promoted Jesus the God to keep men like you and I from following Jesus’ advice when he told us – You can be do what I do and more. I think they promoted him to God to put him out of reach of men like you and I.

JDN: Yea. One of the things that are critiqued by Dietrich Eckart and Adolf Hitler in this booklet, it is about a 35-page short – like a long pamphlet, a little tract you could call it, called Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin – of course, Lenin was still alive around that time in the Soviet Union next door to Germany, a major scary figure. Now we know that he was a quarter Jewish and all his staff, who were the key murderers that he used to crush the Russian people. So anyways, in this here, what comes out very clearly is this reverence for Jesus as indeed the incarnation of some very, very high being, and the tremendous respect for him in his fight against Judaism, against greed, hatred, materialism, enslavement, parasitical lifestyle, living off others, crushing the spirits of the common people instead of lifting them up to a higher life, and just basically the whole guilt trip that is used to paralyze people’s will. Many people feel rotten about themselves so you can steal from them, dominate them mentally, dominate them physically, and keep them as your slaves and use them.

So, there is a pro-Jesus, Hitler was pro-Jesus and he was convinced that Jesus was a real being. I know some people that say, well, how do you know Jesus even existed? He was just an invention of this group or that group. Wait a minute – the Talmud says Jesus existed. They hated his guts. The Talmud also says he performed miracles, but they said it was black magic. But they admit he performed miracles. Now, if Jesus had never existed, why would the Talmud say, boy look at these (47.21.3) masigina? Gentiles – these goyim – they are worshipping a man who never existed – it just proves how stupid the Gentiles are – that is what they would have written if Jesus had never existed. No, they admit he existed and they said he was a traitor to Judaism, and he turned against the Jewish people. There is a book by a German who teaches at Princeton University called “Jesus in the Talmud” and one of the things he indicates is that at some point the Jews took out about half of the material in the Talmud blasting and attacking Jesus. One section told __(47:58.7) __Yeshu which is you know, Yeshu meaning Jesus, and they decided to take out half, I guess it was so bad, it is not enough to say his mother Mary was a whore who slept with Roman soldiers, or a hair dresser and she slept around, they have this story in here – I feel unclean even telling it – here is the story of how Jesus performed miracles. Again, the Talmud says Jesus existed. They hated his guts but they admit he performed miracles. They admitted he performed miracles. Therefore, he existed. I get very impatient when people say Jesus never existed. That is the first thing the Jews would have said – We have no record of this Jesus, we were there at the temple, we are the Pharisees, we were the Sanhedrin, there was no Jesus at that time, no record of the man – no, they admit he existed and they describe why they hated him.

So here is the story in the Talmud of how Jesus got his magic powers. Mary is working in the household. The evil boy Jesus he sees her as she is bending over a trunk full of clothes looking for sheets or something. So he runs over and he slams the trunk lid on his mother’s breasts. He jumps up on the lid and she screams in agony and says, son, why are you doing this to me? How can you do this to your own mother? He says, reveal to me all the black magic secrets of Egypt. I will not get off this trunk lid until you tell me them. So, she tells him all her black magic secrets and that is how Jesus was able to walk on water, heal the dead, heal the blind, and so forth and so on, and cast out demons, through black magic.

CD: This is the way the Jews do it even today, you know, Clay is selling that book Mystery Babylon, The New World Order Unveiled just to raise money for _(50:03.3) ?.

JDN: I cannot imagine something more sick and so typically Talmudic Jewish to have a sicko sexually perverse story – like slam down a trunk lid on your mother’s breasts – I mean, only a Jew could come up with something like that. It makes me (50:24.7) fizz? even talking about it.

Dietrich Eckhart and Adolf Hitler, as I have explained in by blog many times, were very pro-Jesus. Jesus was real. Jesus was divine. Jesus was send down by God to uplift mankind, and he was born into the Jewish culture because that was the greatest threat to mankind. So he confronted Judaism from within as an expert because he grew up in that culture. He knew what it was really all about, and so it was not an accident that this great being was raised in the Jewish culture because that was his mission, to expose it from within. You and I are Gentiles. We expose the evils of Talmudic Judaism. But you know who is really very effective is somebody like Gilad Atzmon, the Israeli, and of course a great saxophonist, a great musician, like my grandfather who was a saxophonist. But the fact that he is a full blooded Jew, his criticism has more weight. It is more convincing in some ways because he speaks of something he knows about personally. He knows how the Jews spew hatred at Gentiles around the dining room table. Or Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Jew who grew up in the Jewish section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These guys, they know what they are talking about when they say – “Gentiles, wake up to how much the Jews hate you! They want to slit you throat and take everything you have. I grew up as a Jew, I am telling you this is what they talk about around the dinner table.” You and I can claim that, but these two guys are Jews, so for Jesus to attack Judaism from within he was as an expert on that culture, so it was God’s will that he grow up in that culture, this great divine being that was Jesus Christ.

CD: Talking about Hitler, this is from a speech on April 12, 1922 published in his book “My New Order,” Adolf Hitler explains his perspective on Jesus Christ — My feelings as a Christian push me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points to me to me as a man who once in loneliness surrounded by a few followers recognized these Jews for what they are and then summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth, was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter.

JDN: Exactly. I have a blog at johnnugent.com. right now and somebody who I guess is into Odinism produced some little graphic, and FB has a lot of nifty graphics sometimes, and this one has the Odinistic three triangle symbol, it is a beautiful symbol. It says something, I am not an Odinist, but I am sympathetic with the values of Odinism. Hitler believed that a dead religion could be revived. You just have to form of the values of that religion. You cannot go back.

What it says here is the heart of Odinism – we do not bend our knee in supplication to the gods and goddesses, nor do we beg them to do for us, rather we ask them to empower us to do for ourselves. We neither need nor ask for our gods’ forgiveness. We are not born into sin. We were born to be the best that we can be.

CD: That is one of my ticked off points – born in sin. No. A child, a baby knows the difference between good and evil, and I do not believe he has been born into sin. We do not need forgiveness for anything and I sure agree with the principles of Odinism. Now you talk about creating a new religion.

JDN: Yes.

CD: It may be that is what is needed now. That does not mean throwing out Jesus or denying Jesus because I have met people and been pretty close with a man by the name of Ron Wyatt who supposedly found the ark upon Mount Ararat, the remains of the ark. He also found the ark of the covenant which was buried by Jeremiah under where Jesus was crucified. When Jesus was crucified, the blood ran down the cross and into a crack in the earth, it went down for about 15 feet, and a few drops landed on the ark of the covenant that Ron Wyatt found. He took scrapings of that blood to a lab there in Israel. They said there is nothing we can do with this because blood is dead after a week or 2 weeks, whatever. He said test it anyway. They tried. They reconstituted it and took a look at it. The next morning he came back and they put it under the microscope and the tech started screaming – This blood is alive! This blood is alive! It had one unique characteristic. Instead of 46 chromosomes it had 24 – 23 from his mother and 1 from somewhere else. The only blood ever found like that and still alive after 2000 years, but that does not mean in my mind that the whole attempt to take over the Christian religion, and I do not believe Jesus wanted to be worshipped. He wanted to be followed. He wanted to be listened to.

JDN: Well, the whole concept of Judaism is you have this tyrannical, jealous God and the Old Testament says, “I am a jealous God,” “Thou shalt have no gods before me” and so forth. It is kind of like an insecure woman that keeps yelling at her husband – you are looking at that other woman. She is accusing you all the time of something because she is distrustful. This God is a massacring God. He is a genocidal God. He is an evil God, but He brought them out of Egypt so He owns them and they have to do exactly as He tells them or He will send plagues and disasters and enemy armies and so forth. So He is constantly punishing His people and expressing hatred for them. He calls them a stiff necked and wicked people, I will blast you and your babies, their brains will be bashed against the wall, unbelievable stuff here. This is like a psychopathic God.

CD: Yep, and you know, let’s see, maybe Satan was just posing as God. Do you think that could have happened guys? He did promise Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth. Jesus turned him down. I guess the Jews accepted.

(commercial break)

CD: The chat room likes our conversation here. Phil from Canada said Judaism was dead 2000 years. Jesus did not start a religion. He started a faith. Religion is an illness and faith is its cure.

JDN: It is interesting to get that feedback Clay because when I say I am starting a new religion, I get negative feedback. They say why don’t you just talk about a spiritual movement, and sometimes I feel they are right. It is easier to “sell” if you do not use the word religion because religion is such a dirty word for people now. It is just basically like an organized scam and a con game to extract money from people. The Catholic church is of course a terrible example now with all the child molesting priests and cardinals, bishops, and popes as far as I am concerned as well. There are scandals with Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, and other religions, especially these smaller sects that say we do not want to wash our laundry in public. We will just keep this scandal. We will settle this within the disciplinary committee within the church. Do not go to the authorities because that will bring shame on the Lord and our community. That is the recipe for disaster. In fact, more and more states now say that it is a felony if you do not report child molesting. You must report it, especially in the wake of this Jerry Sandusky thing in Pennsylvania they strengthened the law. In Pennsylvania you must if you have suspicions of child molesting you must report it or you go to prison. On my blog at johndenugent.com I have this horrific story, it is the last part of the blog, it went up in English, French, and German, but the English one is talking about the pedophiles in England and then Robert Morel, in incredible researcher from Austin, Texas . . .

CD: Yea, I have met Robert. He has been on my show.

JDN: Oh really? Oh good. He is an expert on the JFK assassination which of course was done by Texans and in Texas, on the Clintons – Bill and Hillary Clinton and their sex crimes and their drug crimes- I’m talking about rape and murder here, not just fooling around but much worse, lesbianism, there is not much worse things than that. He also talks about pedophiles in high places, and it is just horrifying the stuff he brings out about former very well known Pennsylvania governor and later U.S. Attorney General under Ronald Reagan, Dick Thornburgh, a very good looking guy, the model and upstanding WASP, Yale law school, from Pittsburgh, you know, very much middle American, upper class, upper crust, bowtie type of guy, and oh my god the stories, unbelievable. It makes you almost paranoid because if these people who seem so pristine and pure are really pedophiles, then where does it end? Can you trust anybody? So, I think we are in some kind of end times, the end of an age certainly. I do no think the planet is going to be burnt to a crisp, maybe it will if Obama gets into a nuclear war with Russia and China we will be burned up, but certainly we are heading towards a crisis and it is time for a new religion. Now, let me go back to that word religion. Religion is coming through a Latin word, religio, which means to re-link, link people back up, because we tend to be individuals, lonely, isolated, and we all have selfish tendencies. A religion’s purpose is common ideas and common ceremonies, very important rituals of passage such as in Christianity you have confirmation, baptism of the child, confirmation into the church, marriage before God in His house, then you have, of course, the funeral and so forth, and then your children are born and then the rituals, the rites of passage such as that. These rituals and ceremonies are very important. In the old days, we thought it was important to impress upon a young man marrying a woman. You are going to be allowed to have sex with this woman, you may impregnate her, you can be saddling her with children, you are married to her until death do you part, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live, and to impress upon the young man you are entering into great, grave responsibilities for the life of your wife and the life of your future children, and so this ceremony of marriage in the church and the ring, the bridesmaids, who gives this woman and the father stands up and does so or some other male relative, it was all to make it solemn. So religion, unlike spirituality, is about customs and rituals, and clearly defined doctrines which keep everybody on the same page about what is right and what is wrong, where everybody agrees on what the meaning of life is which is we are there to help others, to apply moral principles to real world relationships with another individual, such as our spouse, our children, or our friends or at work.

So, spirituality is you are sitting there alone reading a book or you are praying to God or meditating. Well, that is fine, that does not bind people together. You can be a hermit and go off and meditate in a cave and study your table. How does that make the world a better place? So I love spirituality, but spirituality is not going to straighten out our society. I am for religion. The problem is religion can be used to rip people off financially and it can be used for the minister or the clergyman to sleep with the female parishioners or with the male parishioners if he is a homosexual.

Religion has observedly a bad name, but all our ancestors and all peoples on earth have a religion. I have had many experiences of the supernatural and many other people have, and when I tell them one of my experiences people will open up and tell me a weird experience they had. This one night, I may have mentioned on the air before but if you will forgive me I will say it again, I do no think I said it recently, but I was in a speaking tour of Germany. I speak German and I was given speeches over there and Margie was singing. Oh she did a wonderful job. She is a professional opera singer. We were in Frankfurt, Germany train station and we were about 10 seconds late for our first train. The German trains just take off on the second. So we were 10 seconds late and it pulled out exactly on the second. I was so angry. American trains are not that punctual, you know. So we had an hour to kill. It was a nice train station. It was not bombed in the war, thank God. It was a beautiful old, Kaiser Wilhelm architecture, a nice train station with a glass roof. There was a café/bar in there. You could both get alcoholic drinks or have some pastry and coffee. So I went in there and sat down at one of the little round marble tables and was sipping an expresso and enjoying myself and a woman came in, sort of an attractive woman. She was German, reddish blond hair, big blue eyes, nice figure, a little bit attractive woman really, about maybe 50 years old. I had eye contact with her and she came over. There were not many chairs so she asked if she could sit at my table and I said sure. She had to sit somewhere and she seemed like a nice lady. Maybe I would get into a conversation with her and talk with her. I think she was a little bit interested in me, but I made it clear I was already involved with someone else. But the conversation then proceeded and took a very interesting turn at that point. This is what happened Clay, she said she had just gotten off the plane from South Africa. Okay, of course, I know what has been happening to the white people in South Africa since the black majority takeover in 1994, mass murder, over 50,000 have been murdered. There are incredible numbers of rapes, white people being burned alive and chopped up in their isolated farmhouses out in the boonies. This is genocide going on of the white people of South Africa. The country is now only 7% white. Illegal aliens from other black countries are flooding in to really make the whites into a tiny minority in their own country that they built up. South Africa was the richest country in Africa, and today it is a shambles. It leads the world in rape, murder, and AIDs. South Africa leads the world in rape, murder, and AIDs, so it is simply going to hell. It is a hell for the blacks under the ANC and especially for the whites. Anyway, so she had said she had just come back from burying her daughter. So, I am thinking, wow, this is kind of interesting. I mean because this woman was like 50 so maybe her daughter was 30 or 25. How did her daughter die? We did get into that actually, but I thought it was sort of significant because I am a white civil rights activist and she is telling me that her white South African daughter, that she had just been to her funeral, so something happened for her to die that young. Maybe she was murdered, I do no know. But she was shaken up of course. Something really had shaken her up about it. She said, you know, one year ago my husband died and she was looking at me like maybe I was a person who could say something to comfort her. She said, can I tell you what happened with my husband? I said sure. She said he was diagnosed with cancer and they said it was spread all throughout his body and there was nothing to do. He was in the hospice system and they said he can go home. If you can take care of him, he can go home with you to die. So, he went home, and she said, but you know, the thing is you still have to go out and buy groceries now and then. You cannot be home all the time. So, she had gone to one of these big department stores, kind of like a Walmart type store that they have over in Germany. There is hardware, groceries, sofas, and TVs you can buy. It is one of these giant stores that has everything like the Super Walmart. She was in there and did a huge amount of shopping and she was preparing to head back to her husband and suddenly – now this is a complete stranger telling me this story and she is one of the many people who have had a supernatural experience, so here is what happened – she had several bags in each hand. She is standing at the checkout counter to pay and suddenly she feels like this searing pain, like somebody had taken a magnifying glass and focused the rays of the sun in the hot dot right between her shoulder blades. She was like – whew—this tremendous burning feeling. It just shook her up completely. She was like, huh, what is that? She started thinking and it faded away a little bit and then the next thing that happened is she felt a huge punch right between her shoulder blades, like somebody had physically punched her from behind. She said, oh my God, it is my husband. She spent hours getting all the groceries and doing all the errands, and she just put those bags down Clay and she ran out of that store and she ran down the block and she ran up into the apartment building, went up 3 or 4 flights, and she faced out her key and she jammed it into the lock and got the door open, and her husband had just slumped over. He had written her a note saying how much he loved her and thanked her for the wonderful marriage they had together and she says I ran over and I held him in my arms and he looked at me as he died. She says so what do you think that was? And I say an angel was watching out for you and knowing how important it would be for you to be with your husband at his last moments. She says, well that is what I think too. I said, yea, a lot of people have these experiences but they are afraid to tell someone else about it because they will seem kooky, but this is the pernicious effect, Clay, of the enlightenment. We do not believe in anything supernatural. Oh, you don’t believe in angels, do you? Do you really believe in a literal devil? Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe Jesus could actually walk on water? I say, I absolutely do. Yes, I believe in angels, I believe in devils, I believe in heaven, I believe in hell, I believe in the immortality of the soul, and I do not want some snotty fanatic about science and a materialist to tell me these things are not real because I have experienced things, and this woman experienced things. I mean, it is not everyday that you feel this sudden burning pain between your shoulder blades and a punch by an invisible man that forces you to run home so you can be with your husband in his last seconds of life. It is clearly a miracle, and it is not a miracle that means she will not grow old and die herself. She might get cancer herself. It is not freeing us from the challenges of life, but it gives us strength. I mean, a true angelic experience will give you strength to deal with the challenges of life.

CD: To me, one of the criticisms I have of our Judeo Christian religions is they want to be afraid. They do not try to empower you. It is like the Alex Joneses out there. Be afraid! Be very, very afraid. The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Be afraid! We gotta fight! We gotta fight! It is fear and the old idea of divide and conquer is what they want, and they do not want us white people . . . let’s talk about that because white people, it is not just about being Caucasian. Many of the Christian Identity people say hey, we escaped slavery out of the Middle East, and we crossed the Caucacus Mountains. Some of us turned right, some of us turned left, and they started calling us Caucasians and like the Bible says we forgot who we were. But you are focus or sole on Solutreanism goes back before the Bible, what 10,000 years, white men up in Europe, up in the Alps, Switzerland, and Germany were making sophisticated weapons out of stones that were found thousands of miles away across oceans.

JDN: The ancient Solutreans, named after a town in what is now called France, Solutre. They were incredibly skilled people when people lived in the Ice Age, which lasted for 20,000 years. White people were Eskimos far longer than the current lifestyle where we have a little bit of snow in the winter. We had 6 months of snow and ice in the Ice Age. It was a very tough life because the animals that we hunted at that time were wild horses, woolly mammoths – 8 tons of fury, did not particularly want to be killed and eaten by a bunch of little humans throwing spears at it. We had very scary cave bears and huge cave lions. Europe had rhinoceroses, lions and hyenas. It was a very dangerous time. It was a tough time.

CD: Getting stepped by a mastodon was pretty painful.

JDN: Could ruin your whole day to have 8 tons come down on your skull. So only the fittest survived, and the white race developed into a race which absolutely was capable and had to plan. You had to plan strategies and plan ambushes. If you take down a woolly mammoth, you have to dig a tremendous pit in the cold ground. You get to lie there in absolute silence until it comes and then once it falls into the pit you still gotta kill it. He is not going to just keel over and die because it fell in a pit. He will be trying to get out of that pit, and you’ve got to subdue him. You can’t drop a bomb on him in the Stone Age or spray him with a machine gun. We didn’t have that. The white race invented those things, but at that time it was spears. The Solutreans invented a whole new kind of spearhead based on flint, razor sharp. People should not look down on the Stone Age. If you know what you are doing with stone, you can make a scalpel sharper than modern surgical steel. If you look at – a great movie, not enough people have seen it because the Jews are very opposed to Mel Gibson . . .

CD: Break coming up here.

(commercial break)

CD: You know, John, I have always been into marketing from the time I was about 10 years old and selling donuts door to door.

JDN: Selling donuts door to door?

CD: Yea, I would go buy 5 dozen or 10 dozen donuts and my mother would drop me off on Vaughn Boulevard in Fort Worth and I would walk down the street to all the beauty shops. Hey, how about some hot, fresh donuts here ladies? I kind of got my own spending money, but what you are talking about here and I have had other people on who that talk about this civilization, this Solutrean, I call it the Solutrean solution. You’ve got the Solutrean solution. These white people 10,000 years ago, I believe, were flying around in what you call UFOs today and building pyramids that we can’t build today. I’ve got an architect by the name of Jonathan Gray that has written several books about the Flood wiping out a worldwide civilization.

JDN: Well, it’s murky. We don’t know the facts, but we do know something like this happened, exactly when, all the details, but all the ancient peoples, white and nonwhite talk about a vast flood. Civilization become wicked and the god or the gods wiped out the evils. It was full of high technology, rich, powerful, greedy, and evil, kind of like today Clay, kind of like today. God said in the end of the story of the flood in Genesis that he would not wipe out the world by water again, but it could be by fire. We are not off the hook here. There is no question in my mind that if you look at the stories of these Vimanas in the Hindu scriptures they are talking about spacecraft and clearly describing nuclear war. They have found traces of green glass on the ground which is a classic sign of nuclear bombs going off. They found it in Iraq, in the savannah of central Africa, they found it in the Gobi desert, and they found it in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It is clear that there was some sort of civilization. It was worldwide. One of the things they did was build pyramids. These pyramids – it is a lot of trouble to build a pyramid, a zillion tons of rock – but these pyramids focus the energies of the earth up into the point and then it became a weapon and you could fire a beam out of the top of these pyramids and direct it, and you could destroy, the stories go, you could destroy other space ships flying through space, through the sky, or you could even aim it across the solar system and blast another planet. If you read the books, they are absolutely incredible.

I think the most prestigious man out there writing along these lines is Dr. Joseph Farrell, PhD from Oxford University – that ain’t a podunk community college. Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, these are the top universities in the planet earth. Oxford is one of the top. He has a PhD from Oxford, the Harvard of England. He has written extensively. One of his books is called The Giza Death Star – because you know the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. It is an incredible story and he repeats it in some of his other books by the way. You can see all his stuff on Amazon.com. He is also on Facebook, Joseph Farrell, a nice looking guy. Brilliant. Everything he writes checks out. I have gone through his footnotes and actually gone to the books that he cites. All his footnotes are in order. He is not inventing stuff or throwing junk in there hoping nobody will try to verify, because I have gone and checked his stuff. Apparently, there was a huge war and the Giza pyramid at that point which had a sheath of like white marble or something, it was this beautiful gleaming, the rough stones that you see today, that was all stripped off and used to build modern Cairo after the original purpose of the pyramid was lost. But it was this huge weapon and apparently this is what he claims – I am not this in my religion because I do not know if it is true or not – but there is a lot of evidence pointing in that direction that it is. I just talk about the spiritual experiences I have had and then other people have had indicate to me there is a higher world and we will be judged on whether we lead a moral life or a selfish life. My religion is sticking to things I know to be true. I do not speculate about the past, but so many different ancient peoples report the same thing that I know these things happened. Anyways, what Joseph Farrell says is that there was a war between earth and a planet which no longer exists and you know what happened to the planet . . .

CD: It became the asteroid belt.

JDN: It chunked the rock in the asteroid belt. It got blasted to smithereens by the Giza pyramid. Here is another thing which is fascinating – if you look at the planet Mars there is something you just do not see in any other planet . . .

CD: Electrical dischargers.

JDN: But there is a gouge along the equator. It is a thousand mile long gouge. There are two really. It is like some being, like some death beam blasted Mars and maybe it wiped out 10 different cities or something. There is this huge gouge on the side of the planet, like what the heck? You can tell when a meteorite, a meteor, or a comet hits a planet because it makes a crater or roundish crater. This is not a round crater. This is a gouge like some sort of laser beam hit it and just annihilated everything, it is like it was trained, just like you take a laser and you know you are cutting a piece of wood, it went from left to right and then it made a notch and went downward too, sort of a T shape a little bit. It was like somebody was blasting the planet Mars and wiping somebody out with it. It is absolutely fascinating, Joseph Farrell, Giza Death Star. So, we do not know. One thing we do know is that there is water damage on the Sphinx, but the last flood in Egypt was in 8000 B.C. Wait a minute, so the Sphinx suffered flood damage and the last flood was 8000 B.C., which is 10,000 years ago, this pyramid and the Sphinx is a lot older than we have been taught. According to Joseph Farrell, the pyramids and the Sphinx are just incredibly old. They were not built in 2000 B.C. This stuff is way older than that, and basically civilizations have been rising and falling on this planet, he says, for millions of years.

By the way, another person who says that is Rudolph Steiner, who was the founder of an interesting religion called anthroposophy and is sort of a split of Madame Blavatsky. He thought Madame Blavatsky played fast and loose with the truth. He was a mathematician, a very interesting guy, an Austrian, brilliant guy, unusually dark hair and black eyes, black eyes like 2 chunks of coal, an unusual looking guy in that sense with such black eyes. Striking because Austrians don’t normally look that way, but he had white skin. He was a gifted mathematician. Anyways, he talks about ancient civilizations a million, 2 million years ago on this planet. So, the history of this planet is exactly what the ancient Aryan people said, an eternal cycle of rise and fall, and then it rises again, and then they get arrogant, stuck up, and greedy and wicked, and all they care about is money, sex, and power. They don’t care about brotherhood or helping their fellow man. Every man for himself. They get corrupted. They start a foolhardy war against some other people who resent their attempt to enslave and conquer them. They fight back and then everybody gets annihilated. So this planet has suffered through several nuclear wars, several all out wars, and they just throw the human race right back into the Stone Age and we start it all over again.

It sounds grim, but if you believe in reincarnation, we, you and I Clay and some of our listeners, we may have been in Atlantis. We may have had a life in Atlantis during the rise of Atlantis, when it was virtuous, like the young America, the pioneer days, a virtuous brave country, freedom loving country, full of morality and good family life.

We could have had a life in the latter days of Atlantis when it was going to hell, literally. If you listen to the Edgar Cayce material from the great seer, Edgar Cayce, who used to be very famous in America. He talks about the last days of Atlantis and how the sons of Baal took over and they worshipped Satan, they worshipped sex, they worshipped money, they worshipped power, they sacrificed children. They said there is no God; there is only Satan. The only God of the universe is Satan, and we serve Satan. They were drilling deep into the crust of the earth looking for gold and diamonds and other ways to get rich quick and make a quick buck. They were endangering the safety of Atlantis which was a huge island continent in the middle of apparently the Atlantic Ocean, hence the word Atlantis, the Atlantic Ocean. Despite all the warnings, they kept drilling and digging and mining and fiddling with Mother Nature. They were attacking other civilizations. So, ancient Athens and ancient Egypt, these people had left Atlantis in disgust to found new countries. They hated what Atlantis turned into, kind of like we hate what our country, America, has turned into, an evil, aggressive, ugly, nasty, miserable place for most of us to live in. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer, which is 90% of us, child molesting, all of these things were going on in Atlantis. People left Atlantis to create new countries, to get away from it. Ancient Egypt was one of them and ancient Athens was a great civilization and actually Atlantis had launched an unprovoked war to conquer ancient Egypt and were defeating them. But when they took on the ancient Athenians they got their clock cleaned, and the Athenians were wiping out the armies of Atlantis who were fighting for evil, for conquest and enslavement, and then of course the great catastrophe happened because the Atlanteans had been digging deep into the crust of the earth, actually the outlying areas of Atlantis were already sinking under the water. There were inundations in the coastal areas, as Edgar Cayce says, and they ignored all the warning and kept drilling, digging, mining, and ignoring the warning signs from Mother Nature. So finally in one day and one night the whole continent disappeared into the ocean. But the flood waters as it went under swept across the Mediterranean and drowned most of the people in ancient Egypt and most of people in ancient Athens.

CD: I wrote about that 45 yrs ago, sitting on a bunk in a prison cell in Texas with a little portable typewriter, and I called it the Future Past, today it is The Legends of Lucifer. I termed it in my short story the conjunction when Mars and Venus passed too close to Earth some of the collisions in the asteroid belt sent things like our moon here and created a few other moons for other planets I believe.

JDN: Yea, there may have been several moons.

CD: I don’t know. I have said, I don’t know if I just have a vivid imagination or if I have a really good memory.

JDN: Memory. The thing is if you get a funny feeling and you do not know where it is coming from, it is because it is a good policy to not rehash previous lives. Previous lives had their tragedies, their heartbreaks, and pain and whatnot. The basic policy is to start each life fresh. Each reincarnation gives you a new start. We do have a feeling we cannot explain where it comes from and a fascination or we have a wisdom. You can have a 5-year-old kid who said something like super wise and intelligent and you are like, where did that kid get that? The kid is talking like a 50-year-old man, you know, or a CEO. He just said something very practical, wise, and perceptive that comes out of the mouth of a 5 year old. That can be an old soul who has had 100 lives and maybe been a great general.

CD: I can remember watching them build the pyramids, and by the way they did not do it with slaves guys. I mean at times I have gone into a trance, but I can’t be hypnotized. I even paid a professional to try to do that and they said they couldn’t.

JDN: I can’t be hypnotized either. Huh, that is interesting.

CD: I got up on stage. It was 40 some odd years ago. I got up on stage in Phoenix with this hypnotist and 5 other people. The guy did his thing, which by the way I learned to do, and he ordered me off stage. He kept 5 people and “Get off the stage, get off the stage.”

JDN: Exactly. You were unaffected by all his arts. Interesting.

CD: I got real good at it. I mean I had a friend who was real susceptible and I hypnotized him and gave him a hypnotic suggestion and used my character’s name Solomon in some of my novels and all I had to do was look at him and say, “Hey Ron, Solomon” and he was out, he was out like a light. “I gotta go Clay, my wife . . .” “Solomon” . .. . “You’ll be stuck to that chair here until I touch you Ron.” “Okay, wake up.”


CD: The chat room is heating up a little bit talking about Paul being a Beezlebub and talking about the Harry Potter phenomenon with all the magic, dragons, witchery.

JDN: Don’t forget the gay hero. You gotta have the gays in there. Harry Potter comes out of the closet. He’s gay. The actor is gay. They are all gay. Dabble in your black magic. I have to say one thing, I broke free from the Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was 21. It is hard to leave a sect if you have ever been in one, but I did. There were a few good things I learned in there. I never got clap, never got VD, never slept around, didn’t do any dangerous drugs, kept my nose clean. It was good in some ways, but one of the things Jehovah’s Witnesses said that I also agree with was — Don’t dabble in the occult. Don’t play with Ouija boards. Don’t summon the devil. Don’t fool around with the black arts at all. I mean, the Jehovah Witness view and it’s my view to this day is to pray, work hard, and help your fellow man. When you die you are going to see the Lord, you are going to see the angels. They want to help us now in this life, but I am here with both feet firmly planted in this dimension, on this physical world, and I am here to help my loved ones, my friends, my race, and my country. I do not spend all my time thinking about other dimensions or thinking overly about what happened 20 thousand or 20 million yrs ago because I have responsibilities now. The white race is facing genocide. My responsibilities of today, sure, I need all the help I can get, but I don’t plan to crawl off into a cave and meditate and study my navel for 25 years, not when my race is going down the tubes, not when white women and children are being raped and molested.

Here in this town, maybe I mentioned this the last time I was on your show Clay, this town was absolutely, economically raped. Ontonagon, Michigan, the upper peninsula of Michigan, right on Lake Superior, it is just one example of the suffering of working class people all over America. They had a flourishing paper mill. The whole area is lumbar. There are trees everywhere. There are only 6 thousand people in the whole county. It is also the last county in the Eastern time zone in the United States. We are 100 miles technically west of Chicago, northwest of Chicago, but we are still in the Eastern time zone. It is a beautiful area. There are mountains here. The lake is like an ocean. You can hear the surf at night, it is just beautiful, except you know when it is frozen over, seagulls, beautiful beaches, mountains, parks, and lots of lumber, so this is a perfect area. There was ship building in the old days until the Asian carp killed all the good fish in Lake Superior, there was ship building and fishing. There was a paper mill, there was copper mining, but now we bring in copper from Chile instead of giving jobs to the people here in un the upper peninsula. All the copper lying around and we are not mining it anymore, importing copper from Chile. They closed the one paper mill that we had. This paper mill was making a juice profit every year. It was highly modern. They received many awards from the state of Michigan for excellence. They were making high quality paper, not newspaper, but for beautiful books, art books, you know coffee table books, and just amazing quality, making a profit, and Wall Street, I bet the Jews, I don’t know, they decided they were going to buy up these paper mills in small towns all around our country, shut them down, so they could reduce the production of paper and jack up artificially the price to make even more obscene profits for Wall Street, so this town has been destroyed. It was its only employer left. I talked with people who have said to me, I talked with an accountant, a guy named Bob who worked there, and he said they were making a profit every year. I talked with another guy at a little bar called Eagles, the Eagles Club, they are all over America, a fraternal organization, a nice little bar, you can get a beer cheap and meet the locals, and he was saying he helped to scrap the million dollar antipollution system, almost a brand new system. They did not dismantle it carefully, box it up and sell it to somebody else. No, they just came in with sledgehammers and welding tools and chopped it up, a million dollar system, just smashed and hauled away. They blew up the foundations and ripped out the railroad tracks so nothing can go in there now. Why would you do that to a town? Hundreds of people had high paying jobs. The town is devastated now. Half the businesses have closed. The good thing is there is no McDonalds or Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken and nobody is obese up here, between that and shoveling show for an hour every day, but every other store front is closed. It is empty. There are no jobs. The average age is now 54. There are almost no young people in this town. Why? It was a profitable paper mill. That is sickening.

As I say, I care about spirituality to help make better lives for our people in the here and now. I am on planet Earth in the year 2015. So the religion that I am creating is about helping people with their daily lives and organizing so we can get jobs back again.

CD: Let me talk about that because I had a guy by the name of Roger Christio on my show 4 or 5 years ago. He started THE Ministries over in Hawaii. My son had a little ID card. I called it his get out of jail free card. This is my religion. I got this pot because this is my religion. After he was on my show the feds grabbed him and held him for about 4 years. But we have seen at least one state and five more, I am not sure if Michigan is one of them, but I think Washington is, Washington DC, and a few other places have legalized or decriminalized I guess marijuana or hemp. Our Founding Father, George Washington said and Thomas Jefferson, but George Washington said sow it everywhere. It was a billion dollar crop, and if they went up to the Yooper Land, and it grows everywhere, you could plant hemp on the old family farms and restart it, and 700 million dollars in taxes have gone into Colorado’s coffers since legalizing this. You can rent a house, set up a little garden in your backroom, and make a living.

JDN: Well, you sure can. I had a friend who was one of my big financial donors actually, a farmer from Washington state. When he would come out and visit me he would wear hemp clothing. It was from Canada. It was a beautiful hemp shirt and it had a beautiful little sheen to it. It was a little bit rough to the touch, very sturdy. He loved it. It looked great. It looked like a really nice material to wear. It breathes.

CD: Blue jeans were made out of out. Levi’s made blue jeans out of sail cloth, which is made out hemp. We conquered the world with hemp. By the way, our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence and every edition for almost 100 years of the Encyclopedia Britannica were printed on hemp paper. I won’t even start printing another magazine, solid hard copy magazine, until I can print it on hemp paper. I don’t want to finance Hearst or Dupont or Rockefeller.

JDN: Hemp is absolutely a wonderful crop and there is impressive evidence that the oil in hemp, the marijuana oil, can fight cancer. It can help with nausea, people with cancer. I tried it a little bit because I have a little bit of a problem with glaucoma. They say the problem with it and Margot did some research on that is that it does lower the pressure on your eyeballs but it is temporary, so I am doing other things. Basically I don’t drink beer anymore and I don’t drink coffee normally or very rarely. Instead I do tea. If I want to have a little buzz I just have a bourbon or something and it seems to have better effects, but there is no question that marijuana will lower the ocular pressure, that pressure in your eyes because glaucoma is a very serious disease. You can lose your sight and go blind or your vision becomes narrowed, tunnel vision, and you can only see straight ahead. You can’t see out the side which is dangerous when you are driving a car or operating machinery, and so forth. So marijuana can be good, at least temporarily for excessive pressure in your eyeballs because the eyes, there is the flowing of fluid in and out of your eyes, I did not realize this, now I know a lot more about the problem, so marijuana should be decriminalized. People say to me, I don’t smoke pot, but I know enough to know now it is not dangerous. What is dangerous about pot is if you smoke it all day long you become a lazy piece of you know what, you don’t go to work, and don’t fulfill your responsibilities.

CD: I’ve been smoking it for 45 years. I still got my tonsils, I still got my appendix, I don’t have (1:53.45.2) broncho?, I don’t have COPD, or anything like that. I was kind of excited when we got medical marijuana in Arizona. I said, wow, maybe for the first time in 45 years I won’t be a criminal anymore. It didn’t quite work out because I am too healthy to qualify for medical marijuana. You idiots, the reason I am so healthy is I’ve been smoking it for 50 years, you know.

JDN: Well, you see if you hadn’t smoked it you would be nice and sick and then you could get medical marijuana.

CD: Yea. One other thing, while I’ve got this here, . . . We are talking about religions. When I was asked in Texas 50 years ago – what religion are you? I told them I am a pantheist. Does that ring a bell with you? Does that make sense?

JDN: Yea, it does. Pantheism is a belief that the universe is basically God’s body. We are part of God. It is one big system. It seems to sort of de-emphasize the personal God. I, on the other hand, believe that just as every company has a CEO, a president, and every military unit has a commanding general, and every police department has a police chief, in terms of the supernatural world since there are angels, well there are higher angels, and there is an angel above the higher angels, and I believe that there is a great intelligence at the very top. I don’t believe there is just one big computer or a thing. I believe that God is in some sense real and if you talk to God, you pray to God, an intelligent being will hear you.

CD: I believe that absolutely.

JDN: I don’t believe the universe is just some dull, dumb machine or thing. I also believe that angels in many cases are reincarnated humans who have graduated from this planet, from this dimension. They don’t need to be humans anymore. They have learned life’s lessons, but they have been humans. They have fallen in love, they stolen stuff, they have lied, they have cheated, they have gotten drunk, they’ve been locked up. You know, they know what our human life is like. That is why they don’t grant everything we ask for in our prayers, because like they say, be careful what you ask for, you might just get it and it might ruin you to get the fulfillment of your desires. I absolutely believe in angels, I believe there are archangels above the angels, and I believe there is a supreme being above them called God.

CD: I’ve got a question for you. If you are omniscient and you are the only one of your kind in this part of the universe, what are you?

JDN: Lonely.

CD: Bored! You are bored, so what do you do? You create us with a little spark of your divinity that we call the soul. I think it is a direct connection. There you go. We are here. The world is a stage. We are the actors. We are God’s entertainment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have any intrigue, he wouldn’t have any romance, he wouldn’t have any espionage, and he wouldn’t have to think about how to oppose evil.

JDN: Exactly, so you create beings with free will who can choose good or evil.

CD: Well, this went too quick. We are out of time. John de Nugent. Tell everybody about this show. This is important folks. Go to freeamerican.com, make a donation, and check out truthradio and some other things on here. Stay with me for just a second. Alright, I got about 2 more minutes here. John de Nugent. I think you’ve got the right take on this. If you are black and you can join the NAACP and you’re not racist, then if we want to join the Solutrean Solution or we want the Aryan Nations that does not make us racist. It just means that we want to work and promote a culture and society and a people that are older than the Jews, that are older than the Hebrews, how about that John.

JDN: Absolutely. The history of the white race is like that of all races. There are tragedies, there are shameful episodes, and there are glorious things. We have created wonderful civilizations. Right now, we are facing a parallel struggle like Atlantis toward the end. They say the sons of the Law of One were struggling to restore the original Atlantis. They failed and so Atlantis was destroyed. Now, America is heading down the same path right now, towards destruction. We get in a war with Russia or China, I tell you what, it is not like invading Panama or Grenada or even Iraq and Afghanistan. We couldn’t win there either.

CD: Alright, we are out of time. John de Nugent. I will have you back soon.

JDN: Thank you Clay.

CD: Thank you. God bless.


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