Even NBC News reports Hillary’s State Department rife with pedophiles! Are we numbly “okay” now with a GOVERNMENT of PROVEN c-h-i-l-d m-o-l-e-s-t-e-r-s?

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The real issue is that there is no violent outrage as our kids are being raped and murdered by the VIPs. Small-fry pedos may be being rounded up, and more under Trump, but still not the big boys. The arrests of the little pedos serves only to keep the big pedos in line.

I issued an appeal for some video help here:

I urgently need two video clips from Norman Cantor on the Jews and the fall of Rome — and the Jews and the white slave trade

A comrade responded and offered to create those clips. I thanked him and responded:

“This is not one of “us” saying it, but a highly respected Jewish expert on the end of Rome and the Dark and Middle Ages. And he clearly is aware of the sensitive nature of his admissions. He is assuming the goyim will never get worked up to the point of doing anything about them destroying one of the greatest civilizations in world history, or selling white women into muslim harems and white men into galleys as rowers, and into silver mines, in order to be worked to death.

It is my mission to trigger this outrage, get it out of the mere cybersphere, and into the REAL WORLD OF POWER.


……President Harry Truman on the Jews

This is an excellent meme, because first, it contains no misspellings like so much meme-crap that so many slap together.

Second, Truman was very”anti-Nazi,” and the bogus Nuremberg War Crimes Trials happened while he was in office, and many Germans were hanged after other trials as well. So Truman was no Nazi.
Third, this meme gives the actual date and source of the quotation. Credibility is everything, and this meme has it on three counts.
This Elite Jew Pig is an Israeli professor and a member of the World Zionist Organization.

(I found these two memes on vk.com, btw, and why are YOU not on there too?)



….NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Department

An NBC news report claims that Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks in order to avoid scandal and protect the careers of high ranking officials and an ambassador. 

[source: http://yournewswire.com/hillary-clinton-pedophile-ring-state-department/]

[Photos added to this article by me, JdN]

The NBC investigation was broadcast at a time when they were a real news organization rather than a branch of the Democratic Party’s PR department, and provided internal State Department memos to back up claims of a massive Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.

“Serious allegations concerning the State Department,” the NBC anchor announced, before launching into the disturbing details that mainstream media would be unable to report on in 2017.

“According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within its ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals. This concerns a time when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.”

“There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime. But in this case both parts of it are disturbing,” Chuck Todd continued.

“Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into.
So the State Department this morning is having to respond to those claims, and those investigations involve misconduct by State Department officials, including an Ambassador and security agents attached to then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

“The allegations are that these investigations were whitewashed, quashed altogether, and that those orders came from high up.”

British cartoon – it is all too true

“NBC has obtained documents relating to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador. A State Department memo says, quote, “the Ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children. 

“The memo also says a top State Department official directed State Department investigators to “cease the investigation” into the ambassador’s conduct.” It’s just one of what another document describes as “several examples of undue influence” from top State Department officials.”

Elite pedophile ring

In contrast to Clinton’s cover-up, President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking earlier this month and promised to help put an end to the “horrific, really horrific crimes taking place.”

The president held a short, dramatic press conference after meeting with human trafficking experts to announce that he will direct “the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies” to devote more resources and personnel to the investigation.

Appearing at the press conference for less than two minutes, President Trump said that the issue has been on the radar of federal government “for some time” but since taking office in January the investigation has become “much more focused.”

“It has been much more focused over the last four weeks, I can tell you that.”




……Sibel Edmonds asks the hard question


Sibel Edmonds is a heroic, Iranian-born whistleblower. She was hired by the FBI in connection with September 11, and became outraged at what she then saw. Her roman à clef novel’s website is:  http://www.thelonegladio.com/about-the-author/ Her main website is: http://www.justacitizen.com

On the Dennis Hastert case: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/hastert-sentenced-to-15-months-in-prison-222538



All four participants in this show are reputable and reliable sources of information.

I found the Sibel Edmonds outrage the most gripping of all.

Edmonds is actually an Iranian woman and one of the many females from that country that are quite attractive and fiery.

One of the most gorgeous women I ever met (I taught her American accent in the 1990s in Boston) was an Iranian women, and believe, me, she was a ”ten.” 🙂

She looked a bit like this and with a perfect figure to boot:


Sibel has those almond eyes at a tilt that are an Iranian ”specialty.”

Now while it is true that the Mongols did devastate Iran (as well as many other countries), and massacred huge numbers of people in terrible atrocities, and probably raped a lot too, the Iranian eyes are not mongoloid — with the inner eye fold.

The eyes themselves are set at a slight angle, like an almost flat ”v.”

I will engage in some totally wild speculation here. We know the true, ancient white Iranians descended from some group of eastern Aryans, a branch of the Indo-Europeans. About ten percent of Iranians to this day are fully white, some with blue eyes, and many kids in northwestern Iran have blond hair. (Iranians do NOT speak Arabic. Their language, Farsi ( = ”Persian”), is related to English, German, Latin and Russian.)


Anyway, some of the nordic aliens –there are many kinds — have eyes that are almond-shaped and set at a v-angle. So  is that perhaps the origin of the Iranians (and their cousins who conquered ancient India? I know it not. 🙂


(from my essay https://www.johndenugent.com/ufos-the-third-reich-after-1945-and-the-pleiadians/)


I have occasionally touched on my own unusual physical case….

I have a very large head (and, well, the truth is, a very large IQ to boot  🙂 according to the Stanford Binet-Wechsler IQ test I took in 1964 at age ten, though I have been a damn fool helping ingrates all my life, for all my vaunted IQ), and this ”noggin” of mine goes a long way from front to back.

This head size and shape was just one of the many jarring things that made me realize I was really profoundly different from most people, and was, basically, as I realized with some dread, was ”sent here on a mission”…………… a very dangerous mission, and that I was sent to a public that is both incredibly ignorant and disgustingly apathetic — and never more so than right now.

The only time they feel real anger is when you tell them the truth, and want them to act. 😉




Going back now to the subject of the video, the Dennis Hastert pedophile case, Edmonds complains very vociferously that, basically, after all this whistleblowing — and people risking their very lives — to expose pedophiles in high places in ”our” government, the rat’s nest of these child molesters is still very intact.

At most, as with Dennis Hastert, they indict ONE of the many powerful pedos– and then given him a relatively light sentence. As one of the other guests says, the problem is ”contained.” In other words, after ONE prosecution, now the public is satisfied that ”they got one.”

But suppose our entire government is run by blackmailed pedophiles whom the the Jews totally control with the threat of prosecution?

The Jeffrey Epstein case is a perfect illustration of all this. The guy molested both prepubescent kids and young teens at various mansions in the US Virgin Islands, Palm Beach and in Manhattan, yet got off with a two-year sentence to a halfway house, most of which time he did not even bother to  serve!


With Prince Andrew in Central Park


Basically, Epstein has blackmail footage — through the cameras he set up everywhere — on some of the most powerful men in America.


As the video shows, one of them is Donald Trump himself, though I do not believe he molested kids. I do know that despite what Joe Scarborough of MSNBC predicted, Trump never brought Epstein up at all against the Clintons………….. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


It is certainly a proven fact that he and Trump were buddies and Trump went to a number of his parties (it was all reported in full in the then Trump-friendly media at the time and confirmed by Trump in a 2005 Vanity Fair article), and Trump flew once in Epstein’s infamous Boeing 727 — but not to the ”Orgy Island” that the vile Bill Clinton visited 26 times, five of them unaccompanied by the Secret Service.


flight log listing Bill Clinton



To return to Sibel Edmonds’ righteous rage, the real problem IMO is the human race itself, and what reincarnation teaches.

Most of us are young souls just out of the animal stage, followers and herd animals. We do what our friends do. If they do nothing, we do nothing. If they are brave and outraged, so are we. and that is how animals, not real humans, are.

Most humans are just herd animals (or in some cases reincarnated predators).

My Jewish landlord in Winthrop, Massachusetts 1996-2001, Ted Weiner, once spat out: ”Most people are animals,” and, you know, sadly, he was literally right.

Hey, if anyone knew about humananimals, it was this guy who manipulated his fellow humanimals to the max.


This is why we need a true Aryan (noble) religion, and I specifically must found it. As William Dudley Pelley said, ”until we fundamentally change human nature, it is pointless for a handful of heroes to try to stop the Jews.”

Little white boy tears up at Beethoven’s ”Moonlight Sonata” (4.8 mio views), another likely indication of reincarnation; WHO REALLY THEN IS “JOHN DE NUGENT”? & Trump, the thin reed


Your support will make this religion possible. Or not possible. 🙂

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……See also

My 54,000-view video on “VIP Pedophiles: KILL THEM ALL”


Elizabeth Yore — go all the way in protecting the children and Name the Jews who are annihilating them!


……Dr Phil exposes pedophile network

In an exclusive interview seen by millions across the United States, Dr. Phil exposed the deadly secretive, and the highly organized world of elite pedophilia — with a former child sex slave going by the name of “Kendall” describing being literally born into, and growing up in, the world of elite sexual slavery.


Kendall explains that she was born to be a sex slave, as her parents intentionally had her for the trafficker she calls her “owner.” Kendall says that her parents sold her at birth to an elite pedophile ring that serviced some of the world’s power elite, describing her first memories as being passed around groups of rich and prominent men and women for them to “take turns” with her for sadistic sexual pleasure.


Making her first public appearance after escaping from the man she calls her “owner,” Kendall describes being forced to participate in actions that shock the conscience. She explains that she was forced to rape children as young as 5- years-old, and even admits to having been forced to kill a baby by the human trafficker she describes as her “owner.”

Kendall says that she can tell the difference between kids born into sexual slavery and ones that have been kidnapped, as the ones born into it are more docile and less upset as it is the only reality they have ever known. When Dr. Phil asks how old she thinks she was when she was first raped, Kendall explains that it was “before I could talk – I was used to it by the time I was 2.”


She says she doesn’t even know her actual age, as she has been a sex slave her entire life, being trafficked around the globe to be molested and raped by the societal elites – including high ranking law enforcement official, major sports franchise owners and even high level U.S. politicians.

She describes having birthed 3 children while in captivity, all of which have been taken from her by her owner/trafficker, and are believed by Kendall to now be child sex slaves themselves.

“I was allowed to get pregnant, because men paid for that,” Kendall said.


Kendall notes that the pedophiles she came into contact with over the years were extremely wealthy – often “pillars of the community” – with some even owning private islands or large pieces of land.

“They would buy us just to hunt us,” she said.

She recalls one of her most fearful memories was that of the pedophiles hosting a “hunting party” on one of their large private plots of lands, making numerous children run and hide in fear, as they were the “prey” to be hunted. The pedophiles would then hunt the children as they ran and hid in fear – raping and torturing them when they were captured.



JdN: A quote from Kendall; I have put in red the occupational groups that are mostly jewish, and in orange those that are often jewish.

“The clients I was forced to have sex with were very rich and powerful, very important VIPs. They were in law enforcement, doctors, psychiatrists, judges, politicians, even people who owned sports teams.”



There are only three Jewish players in the NBA, and no Jewish head coaches. Yet nearly half the principal owners of NBA teams are Jewish, as are the league’s current commissioner and its immediate past commissioner.

No other major pro league in the United States has such a high proportion of Jewish owners. The NFL comes closest: Roughly a third of that league’s owners are Jewish. Just a handful of pro baseball and hockey owners are Jews.


The 14 Jewish principal owners of NBA teams are a diverse group. Some have been in the league for decades, others for just a few years. Herbert Simon has co-owned the Indiana Pacers since 1983. Joe Lacob and his partners bought the Golden State Warriors in 2010. Perennially strong teams, like Micky Arison’s Miami Heat, are owned by Jews, as are longtime losers like the Milwaukee Bucks, which Jewish owner Herbert Kohl is preparing to sell to a group co-led by Jewish hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry.

Also Jews: former NBA commissioner David Stern, current commissioner Silver, legendary basketball broadcaster Marv Albert and Arn Tellem, the league’s leading agent, who represents 44 NBA players with combined salaries of $301 million.

Back at the beginning of the professional game, the league also had prominent Jewish players and coaches. Four of the five starters on the New York Knicks were Jewish in 1946, the first season for both the team and the NBA. “For much of the first half of the 20th century, Jews were very involved in basketball as players,” Leonard said. “Especially among second-generation Jewish immigrants, this became a means of asserting one’s American identity, one’s physical prowess.”


Beyond being fun, owning an NBA team has turned out to be a pretty good investment. In the 1980s, basketball teams could be bought for a few million dollars. That’s changed dramatically in recent years. Jewish owners like Sterling and Simon, who snatched up the teams decades ago, have made out extraordinarily well. Kohl, who bought the Bucks for $19 million in 1985, is selling to Lasry and his partners for a reported $550 million.

“NBA teams have been an extremely good investment,” Friedman said. “The idea of owning a basketball team is bringing together these two [Jewish] cultural traditions of basketball and being good at business.”

Read more: http://forward.com/news/israel/197643/why-are-so-many-pro-basketball-owners-jewish-like/

Read more: http://forward.com/news/israel/197643/why-are-so-many-pro-basketball-owners-jewish-like/


The activities described by this woman are so profoundly disturbing they can be almost hard to believe, but Dr. Phil confirms that his team not only investigated Kendall’s case for four months, but also consulted with law enforcement experts who confirmed her story. Dr. Phil said he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.

In a damning indictment of the power-elite, Kendall described how the pedophile politicians would adorn her in designer clothes, well-groomed hair and makeup to give the appearance of class and sophistication. She explains that she and other children were often hung from cages suspended from the ceiling, and that they were often drugged before being transported in the darkness of night.

She claims that she was trafficked to pedophile politicians, and taken to political parties attended by high-level politicians who used her for their personal pleasure. The politicians always took great care to hide what they were doing, according to Kendall, who confirmed that there are many elite U.S. politicians that have been engaged in raping children for many years — a reality that has consistently been covered up and completely hidden from voters.

Perhaps the reason these crimes have been so steadfastly hidden from public view, is that high-level law enforcement officials have also been implicated as being part of the elite pedophile network.

This is just the latest case to emerge in what is now being called #PedoGate. #PedoGate refers to an international pedophile ring composed of politicians and other high profile societal elites.

After President Trump held a press conference last month, in which he detailed his plans to go after the victims of the “human trafficking epidemic,” former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney weighed in on the subject, noting that going after child predators will lead to the downfall of both Republicans and Democrats in the United States — as this problem goes all the way to the top.

As the Free Thought Project has consistently pointed out, pedophilia among the global elite is rampant.

READ MORE:  Why is Pizzagate so Far-fetched? Proven Pedophilia Disgustingly Widespread Among Those in Power

In December, we reported on the massive child sex ring that was exposed in Norway. That investigation quickly led to arrests of “51 people, all men, (who) are so far involved in the case. 24 of them come from Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. Twenty-six come from other areas of Norway, from Southeast to Finnmark in the north. Among the accused offenders, there is also one Swedish national. Two politicians, one Labor politician from Oslo and a former national Progress Party (FrP) politician from Eastern Norway are involved in the case.” One is also a kindergarten teacher, and four of the 51 arrested were perpetrators in the video evidence collected.

In February, the Free Thought Project reported on the fact that the police chief recently came forward and confirmed that the former Prime Minister of England, Sir Edward Heath, had raped dozens of children. The department also noted how those within the government helped cover up these crimes.

We previously reported on the high-profile elite pedophilia scandal that gripped the U.K. – with its thousands of victims – being unceremoniously swept under the rug, which is indicative of the scope and breadth of the actual problem. In fact, the problem is so rampant in England that officials issued an order last month to stop naming streets and landmarks after local heroes and politicians because they could later be exposed as pedophiles.

In the case of the U.K. Inquiry, historical abuse by politically connected elites, celebrities, and politicians was brought to light — with an official inquiry being started — only to have the inquiry “crumble” after heavy pressure was exerted by highly placed power brokers within the U.K. establishment.

This was almost the exact same scenario as what took place in the United States in what became known as the Franklin child sex ring coverup — which involved high level Republicans during the George H.W. Bush administration. Once the FBI took over the investigation from state authorities, it turned into a witch hunt to persecute the child victims – going so far as to charge them with perjury in a successful attempt to scare the other 70+ victims to recant their testimony regarding the child sex ring.

READ MORE:  Army Colonel, Politicians, and State Employees Arrested in High-Profile Child Sex Sting http://thefreethoughtproject.com/army-colonel-politicians-and-state-workers-arrested-in-high-profile-child-sex-sting/

While the story received a small measure of newspaper coverage, there was a complete blackout of the scandal by the mass media, thus most Americans have never heard about this scandal that reached all the way to the White House.

Domestically, there are relatively few high-level arrests, as anytime ‘the elite’ are mentioned alongside the term ‘pedophile,’ the Praetorian guard, aka the corporate media, shout down all those who dare pose any questions about those in power abusing the most vulnerable among us.

For example former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert, a known serial child rapist, was never charged for his numerous crimes against children, which the FBI knew about, and had evidence of, for over a decade.

According to FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds:

Since 1996 the FBI has had tons of information on Hastert which was gathered in Chicago by the FBI’s Chicago Field Office. The incriminating criminal evidence in those files range from bribery, extortion, fraud, money laundering and embezzlement, to sexual crimes against minors and participation in foreign-operated drug operations.

Since 1997 the FBI has had much hard evidence on Hastert gathered by the FBI’s Washington Field Office. The documented deeds range from espionage to foreign bribery.

But that’s not all. The FBI also has had hard data on Hastert’s sexual violations outside the United States. The involved countries include Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Morocco, among others. This also included sexual favors as means of foreign bribery. Interestingly, the CIA had been documenting those sexual activities for many years, and not only on Hastert but on many others; elected and appointed.

So, when corporate media tells you #PizzaGate is fake news and that investigating whether Denny Hastert’s good friend, John Podesta, is involved in some way with pedophilia – given his close friendship with Hastert, proclivity for strange art featuring nude children and strange code words found in his leaked emails — it shouldn’t be shouted down as “fake news,” but investigated instead.

It seems that American politicians and their political cronies are virtually untouchable in the ivory towers of government. Since January of 2017 over 1,500 pedophiles and human traffickers have been arrested. However, the power-elite operating these child sexual slavery rings have not been among them… yet. [end]

[source: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/elite-pedophile-ring-exposed-dr-phil/]


……As I explained recently to a law enforcement official….

I was a victim myself as a child but of a far more evil program, one designed for the kids of the elite.

I ran away at ten, and whether through angels protecting me or my family being far too famous in Rhode Island society, I was not murdered when I left the program.

The third explanation is that since I was repressing the details, and I still do not know what they did to me, or who did it, I literally cannot point the finger at anyone, and they know that.

This, to me, this total repression, suggests it was the most horrible program of them all, the Manchurian program.

The girl above, “Kendall,” has a “wealth” of memories. But she was designed to be “only a sex slave.” 🙁

In the Manchurian program, kids are designed to be puppet presidents of the United States.

The Manchurian individual programmed by the Army at a secret base to be a puppet US president runs into his ex-girlfriend at at Washington DC party, who tells him that he has radically changed in some strange way…. She cannot ever get back with him, because he is no longer the man she once fell in love with.

And senators, judges, generals and admirals round out the list of Manchurians.

It is ESSENTIAL that said victims NOT know that they were raped, tortured, degraded, given multiple-personality disorder (dissociation) and then were programmed to obey every order of the most evil men on earth.

If they ever recalled what was done to them, THEN these powerful men (and women), utterly enraged and outraged, would use their great power, fame and influence to expose the pedophile network to the whole American people and mercilessly destroy it.

But then the Jews’ secret grip of steel on the government would be shattered –and that weapon is child molestation blackmail.  

So Manchurians must never be able to realize and recall that they were raped and tortured.

They must have no conscious memories of seeing their own friends raped, tortured and killed before their eyes.

And so the torture must be ten times WORSE than what Kendall endured, so the brain mechanism known as repression can function in an airtight manner.#

In my case, it has, and now I say Thank God. Thank God Almighty I do not relive what I saw and went through, or, worse even, perhaps was forced to do to survive. such as kill another child. Having read Unshackled by Kathleen Sullivan led me to this realization. In her book, she describes being ordered to kill other children,and if she refused, then the child would be horribly tortured first, then killed, and then she would be tortured as punishment. In this way, they force children to kill other children as part of the mind-control program of total, instant obedience to any order given.

I have the entire book on my website here:

UPDATED Dylann Storm Roof, MK-Ultra; Unshackled — A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control by Kathleen Sullivan

Speaking about what she saw, suffered and did as a killer using knives, pistols, garrot cords and poisons. Men who fear assassination often let their guard down around women — a big mistake.

This “castle” in eastern Pennsylvania was once a dungeon for the rape and murder of kids.

Sullivan directly accuses this muscular guy in the center, Barry Gilway of Maryland Casualty [insurance], where she worked as a cover for her real activities as 1) a sex slave and 2) a hitwoman:

She also accuses Henry Kissinger of running the MK-ULTRA program and the Luciferian-Satanist religion in America.

My father also ran an insurance business, Davis, Bateman and Nugent, insurance being an ideal cover, and he went on many a trip.

Here he was (r) with Henry Kissinger (l), and (m)  the then mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, who later went to federal prison for five years for extortion. (This little girl, his daughter, Nicole B. Cianci,  was later in life a total mess, and the mother of three died in 2012 of a (heroin?) overdose https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2012/04/20/police-say-nicole-cianci-died-apparent-overdose/NgnLpuREF1c5n3RJ8MsXhP/story.html.)

Nicole B. Cianci 1974-2012

(My father died in 2012 and Cianci in 2016. Kissinger is still around, 94, maybe from drinking the fresh blood of tortured white children. The blood of a tortured person contains a ton of adrenalin.)

Always that arrogant Jewish expression on his face

Crypto-half-Jew Obama with full-Jew Kissinger

……Overcoming hell

Although by the grace of God I have no memories of what specifically was done to me, it is clear that it involved the kinds of things that happened to Kathleen Sullivan, but worse. She, after all, could remember being forced to slit the throat of her own baby. If you ask what can be worse than that, yes, there are things worse than that.

I have so often gone into these issues in this blog site that I have no desire to go over them again.

But I regard it as a kind of divine intervention that a neighbor gave me two books by the bestselling German author Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now and The New Earth. 

If you wallow in the past, it will destroy you. If you dread the future, it will paralyze you.

You cannot ever be happy or excel unless you have the ability to stop incessant, chatter-like thinking, that voice in the head, and see and enjoy the now.

My book must combine Tolle’s wisdom with my own, because he does not address any political, racial or conspiratorial issues at all. His books are for private individuals dealing with and consumed by their personal tragedies. You could read and apply every word of his books and feel 100% better, BUT that would not stop the Jewish march toward world genocide.

And if these Jews can rape and torture little white kids, believe me, they will have no mercy on white adults.


……My video with 54,000 views on VIP Pedophiles



…..Emergency appeal

Please send $85 if you can today. I also just spent $300 to revamp www.resistanceradio.tv, mowing five lawns a week at almost 63. Now  my hip hurts again. I am also doing another audiobook for funds.

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The thought of your going hungry for lack of funds nearly breaks my heart.

[] You could wring the neck of the oldest hen and cook the old girl, but that heartless idea did occur to you too, I should think. 😉

It is sad and also telling that a man of your calibre and education and culture has to live the life of an outcast.

But such is life in Weimarica, courtesy of jews  (I do not capitalize this word, any more than I capitalize the word “criminal”) and white race traitors, who are worse than the aforementioned.

If a mighty wizard were to use his magic wand and say: “jews be gone!” what would you hear next?

A deafening roar, a stampede of filthy white race traitors running to fill the empty shoes and take the place of the jews.

And I am sure of it.

Interesting times indeed.

A brave new world where poverty is the price you pay for integrity and the worst sort of low-life is always on top. Duh!

On this sombre note I bid you adieu for now for now.


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  1. The Norman Cantor stuff has a lot of potential. But many people just shrug and say “what can I do” no matter what you reveal to them.

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