Evalion’s 100 reasons why Leo the Jew Frank was GUILTY of raping and murdering Mary Phagan; 55K views of my tragicomic Frank video

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“Evalion” is a pretty Canadian girl and national socialist with a luscious female voice.

The audiobook:



Mary Phagan was an unbelievably good girl, very pretty but not at all stuck up, dutiful, an ideal worker (55 hours a week at age 13!), very popular and yet no fool either.



She had been getting boys to escort her to and from the pencil factory where she worked in order to fend her lecherous boss Leo Frank off. Mary Phagan was one of many southern girls who were paid peanuts in a Jew-owned southern sweatshop, and who were pressured to put out sexually for their hook-nosed boss or be fired.

She resembled this modern girl with hair an unbelievable reddish-golden-auburn and sparkling blue eyes.


Her horrific beating, violent rape and slow-strangulation murder on April 26, 1913 by the Jew Leo Max Frank, president of B’Nai B’rith in Georgia, made Georgians go ballistic when the Jews claimed Frank was on trial only for being a Jew. (Actually, there had been little or no antisemitism in Georgia before the Jews began braying about it.)

Three juries and five levels of the court system, from the county to the US Supreme Court (photo), found him GUILTY OF MURDER despite Frank getting the finest legal services of a “dream team” of Atlanta lawyers.


Leo Frank, Ivy League graduate



Los Angeles whore-historian Steve Olney, who says Frank was innocent, never discloses his wife is a Jewess.






Leo Frank, like Shylock in the Shakespeare play, was truly an Eternal Jew, a man of gold, greed, lies and murder


This Frank case was the Trial of the Decade in the 1910s — because the Jews foolishly turned an open-and-shut murder case into “ugly antisemitism.”


Frankie Boy was way too confident of getting off after the proto-ADL rallied to him. But initially he had asked his wife Lucille to get his pistol so he could shoot himself, as the black maid testified to Atlanta police. He knew he had botched the coverup of his guilt.



Mrs Frank finally was persuaded to publish emotional appeals like the one below to the world, after the Big Jews leaned on her that the idea in claiming her Jew husband was innocent was to scream “Southern bigotry” and then vilify and crush antisemitism, as was successfully done in the French Captain Dreyfus case).


But her initial reaction was disgust and rage at her adulterous and murderous mate, and, most tellingly, to boycott visiting him for his first two weeks in the Atlanta jail. As crusading publisher Tom Watson noted: “A wife knows.”



Tom Watson, a former Congressman (who got the nation rural free mail delivery, “RFD”!), a brilliant murder-trial lawyer, and future US senator, was made into an antisemite only by the Jews raising a hullaballoo about antisemitism. His newspaper and magazine began bashing the Jews fiercely and laying the the full facts of the Frank murder case out.






Watson and other Southerners in 1913 were shocked as it came out how much Frank, like many Jews, was into anal sex. Mary’s corpse showed great damage to both her vaginal and anal tissues.





The virtuous Mary fought Frank off to the last. Her arms were actually frozen in rigor mortis in the upright, fending-off position when her body was first found by a factory employee. The vile Jewspapers defamed the dead girl as having been “loose” and having “wanted him.” In fact, she had been a virgin until her rape, as the autopsy proved, she had never had any boyfriend despite many young admirers, and had just ironed and laid out her white dress for church the next day when she went to the factory to pick up her meager pay.



This 1915 flick, done when Frank was still alive but had not yet been lynched, is the first of so far FIVE Hollywood movies claiming the anal-sex fiend, toilet rapist, sexually harassing employer, sweat shop manager, and child killer was just a poor victim of the antisemites.




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  1. http://www.dailystormer.com/podesta-emails-reptilian-overlords-confirmed/

    Anglin hits the nail on the head with this comment, and I agree 100%:

    “I have myself postulated that the elite are being sold a fake alien conspiracy as an explanation for why the earth needs total globalism.

    Earlier this year, Jean-Claude Juncker said in the EU parliament that he is in contact with alien leaders.

    I believe that there is a very real possibility that the Jews are telling these people that aliens are real, as an excuse for the global takeover and racial integration. I don’t think there is an especially real possibility that aliens are actually telling global leaders to invade Europe with Moslems to stop wars. Aliens probably do exist, I guess (just based on math), but there is no reason they would try to trick us into exterminating the White race.

    There is only one alien that would trick us into that: the Jew.”

  2. Not sure why you would agree “100% with Anglin” unless you are into blind hero-worship; Anglin is talented but clearly specialized in the here-and-now, and in memes and PR; he is simply not an expert on aliens.

    And IMO he is very dangerously wrong that all aliens are neutral or indifferent toward earth affairs.

    Would you consult a bartender on brain surgery you need? 😉

    I have been researching, modifying and adding to this essay for six years now, while Anglin was still an anti-WN and a racial liberal dating Asian chicks:


    And yes, I and a client actually SAW a huge, silent, gliding Grey freighter, in July 1989 in McMinnville, Oregon.

    It looked a lot like this:

    I left on that DS thread this comment: http://bbs.dailystormer.com/t/podesta-emails-reptilian-overlords-confirmed/58470/54?u=johndenugentesa

    To wit:

    […] On my site I go extensively into all this in serious detail in an essay entitled “UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians,” and feature right around the beginning a major rabbi, Michael Laitman of both Moscow and Tel Aviv, who on Israeli Memorial Day directly stated that Jews ARE aliens sent here to conquer the earth.

    Or look up the YouTube video “ISRAELI NATION (Lesson) with Rav Michael Laitman” ” on the “david carson” channel.

    “Hello, today we are on [Israeli] Memorial Day, honoring those who died for the nation. You [listeners and attendees] can ask questions [of the guest speaker] on kav.tv.[And now,] Rav [Rabbi] Laitman.”

    [He then talks about Jews being like a squad of commandos (a small number of warriors) on a mission to learn about and conquer a new place.]

    03:41 “They are like those reincarnating souls who follow their instructions, cycle after cycle, and when they come to the right place, they need to set themselves up, and align themselves for the Last Battle.”

    ***** Reincarnation is the key doctrine of the Hasidic Jews

    Many Orthodox Jews, especially Hasidim and Lubavitchers, believe in reincarnation, an idea “borrowed” from Aryans.

    The Orthodox Jews are about 10% of Jewry, but are the most fanatic and committed and therefore have huge power in the Jewish organizations, whereas many other Jews just worry about making money and daily life, and only go to synagogue on the “High Holy Days,” not unlike Christians who only go to church around Easter and Christmas, and to weddings, baptisms and funerals.

    At my “Reincarnation Evidence” essay (https://www.johndenugent.com/reincarnation-evidence/#comment-614975), please scroll way, way down to this comment by a Jew where he writes:

    “Reincarnation – the “revolving” of souls through a succession of lives, or “gilgulim” – is an integral part of Jewish belief.”


    ****5:53-6:53 “We have to succeed in the inner war….. If we win over ourselves, then the external enemy disappears. If not, then we must also fight the external enemy. … We are entering the time zone now [of the Final Battle].”

    He then says that Jews are corrected more and more in each incarnation, and if they are corrected internally the external difficulties [in conquering the earth] will be shortened.

    09:20 [A student asks] “You said that Israel is like a commando unit spent [sic — it says “spent”; well, the lives of soldiers can, in fact, be “spent” by their commander to achieve an objective…] on a special mission.”

    Laitman answered “yes, inside a hostile country” [ = the Gentile world].

    11:18 Laitman makes a drawing, visible on a screen to his audience, showing Israel (the Jewish people) coming from an outside world into a hostile gentile world.

    [This does not refer merely, as one might expect, to the well-known historical fact of European and American Jews moving to Palestine. He will develop this idea further shortly.]

    13:24 “He [Yahweh] gave them [Jews] the same [outer] form [to look human?] as that hostile land.”

    JdN: Does he mean this?

    15:33-53: “So from this entire planet we are the aliens. We’re coming [= the ancestors of the Jews] from a different galaxy.

    We receive this ray of light, this awakening, individually, and now we’re gathering as groups and starting to prep[are] ourselves to conquer Earth.That’s the mission.[Sees a quizzical expression on a student.] “What, you don’t see it?” [Student] “How do we conquer it? ”How do we conquer it? We’re also sent the method. We’re being shown everything, gradually; we’re being taught — or not taught — being trained, being activated, and then that emotion, in our mind, awakens us.

    It’s new for us [right now] but in fact it is coming from our original planet. And thanks to that original, natural force that we have, we’ll take over those living on Earth.

    [Sees again a quizzical expression in this student.] Why are you looking at me like that? I am telling you that.

    16:42 “Having that energy from that planet, we will take over those living on this earth.”

    At 20:42 he refers to “the people of earth” that the Jews must conquer and lead….

    21:39 “Maybe we will throw something into [the goyim’s] water.”

    23:05 “The hard drive with the data is being revealed in you.”

    25:28 Jews at one time were almost dissolved into the “earthlings.”

    25:34-48 “Jews aren’t from this world; they are from another planet. I agree with that.”

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