Evalion — heart-rending video of savage attacks by “Rabbi Picklestein,” the fat, fake-tattooed, fake-ex-skinhead “Christian Picciolini”

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Email of this obese and repulsive monster who sadistically attacks WN kids, who looks, not northern Italian at all, as the last name would suggest, but like THE GENETIC ARCHETYPE OF A TURKISH JEW.


I’ll just call him Rabbi Picklestein…nice tefillin 😉




In fact, Picciolini looks a bit like this beaver-faced Jew, Leonard Dinerstein, who wrote a lying tome defending the Jewish child molester and toilet strangler of the beautiful little Mary Phagan, Leo Max Frank, WHO ALSO PREYED ON WHITE TEENAGED GIRLS.….




Mary Phagan, 13, was raped and killed by Frank in 1913. (This is an older girl in our day who resembles her in the face, but especially in the eye color and unique golden-auburn hair)


Leo Max Frank, head of B’nai B’rith and convicted murderer


Nineteen girls and women said under oath at his murder trial that Frank, a married man, and their boss, sexually harassed them.


Five levels of the court system had already found this Jewish predator on white female teens guilty, including twice the US Supreme Court, but his friends were busy bribing politicians to get him off. Eventually he was grabbed at his prison by two sheriffs with drawn guns, by the ex-governor and the by Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, he was driven back to a tree facing Mary’s childhood farm, and the Jew who attacked teenage girls was hanged until dead.




See my video on the Frank case here (51,000 views on all platforms):


…This is the Chicago-area pond scum…


Evalion’s video:


Video of him without any tattoos, this supposed ex-skinhead whose arms are supposed to be all covered with them.



Pic of his jewy-looking wife (https://twitter.com/brittonp)



You know, it is funny how people are…. I read about the jews ritually murdering babies, raping women, taking organs from kids, and incinerating Dresden. It bothers me so much, but after 38 years, still I get jaded.



Then I see this girl. I have two daughters myself…. and the rage wells back up, just like the first day that I woke up.



…..I wrote Evalion:


Sometimes it is a blessing in disguise to see that the stuff we read about the Talmud online is really going on in their heads and hearts: the will to torture, rape and genocide the innocent.


See also…..

Canadian NS activist Evalion, 18, detained for eight hours, computer seized, personal journals read by regime thugs

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