Europe: White men forming street patrols & self-defense classes to protect white women and elderly

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 …..Britain’s Paul Joseph Watson on the imported muslim rape culture


One healthy male reaction on YouTube:

What the fuck is wrong with these people ? If I invite you to my house and you eat my food, piss on my floor, kick my dog, and slap my girlfriend, how do you expect me not to kick your ass ?

 …..This is my translation of an email from France

-generation identity-logo-banner

Sexual assaults by illegals throughout Europe: We choose to act and no longer suffer!

Daily more information is accumulating on the mass sexual assaults by alleged refugees during the celebrations of New Year in Germany and in other European countries (Sweden, Austria, Finland, Switzerland). Some German ministers spoke of premeditated and organized assaults. In Cologne, there were more than 1000 immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries who attacked sometimes very young women. To date, nearly a thousand complaints of violence, half for sexual assault, have been registered in Germany alone.

In France, under the pressure of these events, the media have revealed that an attempted rape took place on December 9 in a train [from Paris] to Versailles. Three illegal Afghans (one still remaining at large) attacked a French woman, 28 years old.

The irresponsible policy of Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and the majority of other European leaders has led to this disaster, and encouraged Islamist attacks in Paris. Here just a few days ago, an Islamist who passed through a reception center for refugees in Germany  tried to attack — with a meat cleaver — policemen in Paris standing on guard outside a police station.

Faced with this suicidal policy, Generation Identitaire is firmly determined to not to let the EU become victims of violence by illegals [ in French, “clandestins”]. Since last Thursday, demonstrations have been organized throughout France with a clear message:



In Lille


In Nice


In Lyons



In the aftermath, Generation Identitaire has brought back and strengthened its introductory program in self-defense training for women and its members stand ready to start up new security practice events.


Male security patrol 


Support us – help us strengthen and develop our actions.

Service, Identity and Safety!

[I make a donation]

….Patrols in Germany and Finland


Police Crack Down [of course…] As 13,000-Strong Anti-Rape Vigilante Groups Emerge Across Europe




…..My comment

As a French officer once said after viewing a glorious defeat, “It was beautiful, but it’s not war.”

This seems like the beginnings of a foolish racial war between Muslims and white people that is wanted, of course, by the Jew. But just who imported these Muslims into France and other white countries?

jew-toreador-waves-Islam-banner-white bull

Female circumcision; whites – from right (nativist) to left (feminist) — will never accept the barbarism of Islam



Well, here is the criminal who collaborates with the Muslims and blocks their expulsion :




Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


I applaud the re-masculinization of some white men which this muslim crisis is causing.

But the enemy is the Jew.


The coming religion of Virtus is the answer.


What Virtus means




  1. The communist leaders of the EU countries are to blame for this disaster. Just like the Black communist government in South Africa is to blame for the genocide on whites. I do agree that Soros started the problems in SA but now it is just taken over by the ANC and perfected. Soros and Kie may have started the force of democracy in the world, but the leaders of the EU countries are supposed to be responsible and fight for their own people, but they rather chose to sell out their own people. I truly feel for all the European people and I wish there is something I can do to help, since I am also a decendant from the Netherlands. I really feel for all of you and hope that Europe can be saved, since it is to late for South Africa.

  2. White females are probably appalled of Arabic males but it’s White females very nature to desire and want black males. In the U.S. 10s of millions of white females without the decades have birth black babies by black men. Even our president is evident of a white woman’s desire for black meat and the same can be said of white females in Europe.

    That’s why one would find African males dominating European females producing millions of black babies and black people. So, if white males feel they have to defend white females from Arabs and their little rigid religion, then so be it, but that don’t apply to black males, because white females would kill white males in order to get to black males.

    They are our women too, so if white males need help protecting white females, many, many, many black males will assist.

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