Envy, hate, dismissal, ridicule and rejection by other WNs — Hitler suffered it too

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Maybe I will name my new book:




…..Why I have not had one single speaking invitation since 2009

Why not? Character defamation by government agents and jealous, hate-filled fellow WNs….inside our own Cause:


  • John D. Nugent This creature, married to “former” Scientologist Jamie Kelso, is actively spreading on Zuckerbook that I am a homosexual and pedophile. http://johndenugent.com/images/linda-falla-kelso-3.jpg

  • Randy Young and this is why this movement isn’t going anywhere. STOP THE FUCKING INFIGHTING. We say “no more brother wars” well it’s time we actually started living by that statement,
  • John D. Nugent You can’t tell that to Linda. She probably gets $250 a month from the FBI to attack me. That is not infighting — I never heard of this creature before she attacked me. That is the FBI COINTELPRO program.
  • John D. Nugent Edward Snowden revealed how systematic this is: 

  • Jim Walker That thing is bat-shit crazy…was friends briefly with it here on FB and you could tell by her posts she was one step from the edge, lol


  • John D. Nugent And she is struggling financially to keep her baby by Kelso, so she takes the $250 a month from the FBI. When people of the lowest character live on the edge, $250 a month is a lot of money.
  • John D. Nugent I knew a guy in Apollo, Pa,. a small town where I lived and was active, who told me he was sort of dating a gal, he thought she liked him, and then she just up and asked him for “$40.”
    He said, “What do you mean, $40?” She said “That is the rate around here.” He could not believe his ears.
    This was a divorcee who was offering her body to him — not a junkie — just to pay the rent or utilities, and this is in fact the going rate in 96% white Apollo, Pa, pop. 1,600.
    So, yes, the FBI does pay WNs of the lowest caliber to defame others. Or maybe they are blackmailing her and will drop certain charges if she does their bidding.

    …..Someone said I should not publicize death threats and that ZOG is not really worried about me.

    I replied:

    I totally disagree. The harassment I have suffered since March 2009 has been in no comparison to that others have undergone, which may really bother the hell out of them. 😉

    1) Has Homeland Security come with three squad cars and GPS to arrest your assistant, put him in isolation for 87 days, and offered to drop all three charges if he attacks me? Yes or no?

    http://johndenugent.com/english/english-the-henrik-holappa-saga/ (March 8, 2009)


    Buffalo Federal Detention Facility, Batavia, NY, where Holappa was held in isolation for 87 days, then came out transformed into a total Dukie (http://johndenugent.com/accusations-against-jdn/david-duke-and-mk-ultra and http://johndenugent.com/english/blindlight-eustace-mullins-tears-into-david-duke-a-bodyguard-into-don-black) and attacked me. NO OTHER WN ACTIVIST HAS SUFFERED ANYTHING LIKE THE FEDERAL ATTENTION I HAVE.

    Slug: NA/DETAINEE       Date: 3/10/2998      Photographer: Sharon Cantillon/The Buffalo News    Location: Batavia, NY     Caption:   INS Buffalo Federal District Detention Center.

    We paid $2,000 for his asylum lawyer.


    I wrote him three letters a week in prison. As soon as he was released, he broke off contact.

    Henrik POSTER

    2) Were you the first American blogger to run the nude pics of Obama’s mother?



    And I know my own readers, and publicizing death threats does aid in my fundraising as well as enhance my safety.

    Finally, I consider this to be a genuine death threat, as was the recent surreptitious FBI entry into my home, which was a kind of repeat of the 2007 entry: http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/about-john/two-bushes-and-obama-against-jdn/

    I get the sense someone is talking shit against me to you.

    I am the only WN activist with anything even approaching a presidential-level resumé (I believe I won the Republican primary for Congress in 1990, but it was stolen by electronic vote fraud), and this causes others, as a major supporter has convinced me, to deep-down hate and envy me, and yet not acknowledge their real motive, personal jealousy. I just have to live with that; I cannot change my looks, education or family background.http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/about-john/wikipedia-biography-john-de-nugent/ And I must overcome it.

    McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville

    Hitler was also called an egomaniac, as well as coward, homosexual, agent, occultist, satan worshipper, etc.

    This is part of life. 75% of the criticism is 1) agents and 2) the jealous. The proof is they never read my point-by-point refutations of their slanders.



    In fact, Hitler was massively rejected by the other WNs of his time, and that is why he got 2.6% of the vote in March 1928.

    Yes, the great Hitler


    was rejected


    by 97.4%


    of the German people.




    The masses (unlike individuals) do NOT recognize their saviors, ever, until they have undergone staggering amounts of physical and emotional suffering. They have to hit rock-bottom, the stinking mud at the bottom of the swamp, and then push off and up from the disgusting slime.

    Those who delude themselves with “If I saw the Hitler of our times, I would instantly support him.” No, you would not, no more than the German people as a whole, or the WNs of that time, instantly supported Hitler. He spun his wheels for ten solid years, 1919-1929 (when the Great Depression began and forced more and more Germans via suffering to awaken.)

    “Our last hope”


    In the same way, I have spun my wheels 2005-15.

    Hitler was a household word, so it is not that people had no idea who he was. He was infamous for having tried to overthrow the government in 1923 (the Beerhall Putsch, which HE botched) and for being sent to prison.

    He was infamous for being a rightwinger with a shocking red flag and the words “socialist worker” in his party name (“National Socialist German Workers Party”); he was also infamous for using the swastika, a seemingly Hindu or even, God forbid, OCCULT symbol that was very strange to most Germans — and especially to German Christians.


    He was strange for his Charlie Chaplin mustache 😉 and for not even being a German, but an Austrian! (He forgot to even apply for German citizenship until 1930! He got it automatically by the subterfuge of being made on paper a civil servant in Thuringia.)

    Not only did the Germans reject him as a nut — but so did “the movement.” There were lots of other nationalist and antisemitic groups, such as those who assassinated the Jew Walther Rathenau, and they all rejected Hitler.


    And I am now rejected, dismissed, ignored, ridiculed or hated as well, and by most in the WN movement. And this is also part of life.

    I just wonder what these WNs think will happen to them personally, because as Andrew Anglin himself said recently, “There is no Hitler now.” If there never is, then they all eventually will quit, or be arrested, and either die in prison or be killed. Or, like Holappa, make a deal with the enemy of mankind.

    But I cannot ever expect other WNs to welcome me. My only hope must be the best of the folk.



    https://trutube.tv/video/32194/JdN-German-subtitles-Kill-Them-All-Kinderschaender-alle-ausrotten (30,000 views)



    I am out there with my real name, address and phone number every day and have been since 2008.




    Always ready to die or kill since 1978.


    Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi




    Not one other WN tells you where he lives! The rest are all post-office box Nazis!


    No, the danger is no more artificial than Homeland Security coming on March 7, 2009 with three squads cars (one state police, two DHS), or keeping Holappa in isolation for 76 days was artificial. :- ( Or detaining and expelling SB at Chicago O’Hare airport on February 25th was artificial. http://johndenugent.com/english/homeland-security-breaks-promise-detains-interrogates-and-sends-young-german-back-moochers-and-nobility-brain-dead-us-army-off-to-fight-russkies/
    Or being thrown on the street thrice last year was artificial.

    Or the government stealing my mail was artificial.

    We did not move 587 miles here because everything was hunky-dory in Apollo, Pa. 😉

    Nor has the vast campaign to call me a homosexual, or a con man, been made-up. All this was, and is, very, very real. I never lie, especially not to comrades. All I have is the truth.

    I wish these threats WERE artificial. 😉

    william-luther-pierceAnd I do believe that the enemy murdered Dr. Pierce by poisoning his food, because he died within a month of his cancer, and his loss devastated the NA. Ted Gunderson, the high-level FBI whistleblower, told me the FBI has a kind of radioactive CD they put under the floorboards of your bedroom to radiate you to cause a fast-spreading form of cancer.

    So to protect myself, I scream bloody-murder every time something suspicious happens. If they refuse to believe it and scoff, let them examine their motives in doing so.




–May 23, 2015 $10 in cash from K. in South Carolina

–May 20, 2015 $25 via PayPal from Glastonbury, Connecticut

–April 17, 2015 5 Euros from Germany and stamps, and 40 Euro from Finland




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