ENGLISH Why did the gods choose Germany over Scandinavia? … and Google embarrasses itself again

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A comrade wrote me an email:
Hi, John!
I have been reading a lot of info on your website and it’s all very interesting. I don’t know how much of it is actually true, but assuming for a moment it is, that would clearly make Germany a very important part of the world for the fate of civilisation.
But why Germany though? What about Germany is different from the many other European countries? Countries like Sweden, for example, where the people are quite a bit more Nordic both in character (i.e. their regard for nature, their sense of altruism) and genetics (they look a lot more “Aryan” than most Germans).
Swedish athlete Carolina Kluft
Yet the Swedes for the most part disliked Nazi Germany as did the Dutch.
I’m very curious as to what your view is on the subject. Thanks.


A comrade and former US Marine in Chicago responded on Facebook to your question:

I read that question to you, John. First things first, let’s not use their words of ‘nazi’ when describing our heroic Germanic warriors!

Now the Swedes and Dutch have very small populations and don’t have the military industrial capability and they don’t have Krupp Steel.

Prussia has been the leader for centuries of military genius and nobility, while the 70 million plus German populations have always put their nation and its interest first and foremost.

Golden spiked helmet of a Prussian general under the Kaiser Reich 1870-1918

imperial-german general-s-helmet

It is true that no nation wants to be ruled or told what to do by another nation, but many Swedes, Norwegians and Dutch did not hate the Germans occupying or dominating them. In fact, many young men volunteered for service in the Waffen-SS!

Finnish Waffen-SS



I also replied:

Dear Jan,

Why Germany? Good question…. and I agree with the comrade above. Anyone who says “Nazi” does NOT SEE! 😉

Great soulsreincarnatethereover and over again out of love of that folk, out of karmic attachments (see my reincarnation/God videos herehttp://johndenugent.com/about-john/videos-of-jdn-speakingand this link to a major article herehttp://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/important-info/reincarnation-evidence) but also out of practicality.

Carl Edon of England and (in the black-and-white photo) the double Iron-Cross winner, Luftwaffe pilot Heinrich Richter, who died exactly where Edon was later born.

This is a new update on the famous James Leininger reincarnation case, the USA Navy pilot shot down over Iwo Jima (where my dad fought too in 1945) — and who then became a traumatized little kid in Iowa with flashbacks to drowning when he could not kick out his cockpit and escape his sinking plane!!


While it is indeed very, very true that the Germans are FAR less nordic than pure Scandinavians,there are only 20 million “Scandihoovians” ( this is affectionate American slang), whereas Germany, Austria and the German two-thirds of Switzerlandrepresent70 million; Germany means the industrial, scientific and military POWER to get BIG things done for our race…. Hitler could never have changed the world from Denmark with its four million people.


The Germans also have a very nordic personality, aHaltung,an honesty, hard work, diligence and self-discipline which shows that many of them (25%) are quite old and advanced souls.

An American, at the other extreme, might be far more nordic-looking —

Vice President of the US 1989-1993 Dan Quayle, a laughing stock



…but they are in fact 95% young souls, utterly infatuated with GADGETS and the latest skim-the-surface, clever, pop-psychology, self-help books, tapes, videos, exercise-and-weight-loss crazes (pig out, then do a crash diet ;-)), etc., and as the Germans have often remarked, childlike.


Die Amerikaner sind gro?e Kinder — “The Americans are big kids” —

How often have I heard Germans make this observation! And the Germans have been intensely involved with them, even very up-close, since 1917…. America is like an overgrown teenager that dominates its culturally far superior parents, which means Europe.

No blond Scandinavian or American has ever equalled the culture of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.… an extremely old soul with brown eyes and dark hair who wrote Faust.…about the brilliant man who sells to the Devil his soul so he can enjoy this material world and have great adventures with women, power, and achievements. (An actual Dr. Faust did live in medieval Germany…)

Goethe… He spent 60 years perfecting Faust


….and no blondie has ever matched Adolf Hitler.


Race is important,and I have been a hard-core WN for 35 years now (http://johndenugent.com/about-john/wn-biography-of-jdn), but race is the physical carrier of the real person, the soul. Hitler was an ancient soul from Atlantis and back far beyond Atlantis. (See below.)



PS. Finally, I wrote this to an American:

You were a great supporter back in the day, but when I had a real, do-able political project, the sheriff race of this spring, ironically, then your support ended, except for endless …………..emails.

I had aviable sheriff racethat could have been abreakthrough,Armstrong was an ideal county for such a race, and it was the ideal moment in time after the gun control attempts by Obamafailed in the wake of theNewtown school massacre.

John de Nugent for Sheriff-guns-and-gold-300-dpi

I gave it everything I could while biting my nails every second about how to keep the lights on and the rent paid, and both you and your fellow critics cut back your support by 80%. Both my other major donors were gone, AS YOU KNEW. And so a promising new jet fighter literally had no fuel to even go on a test flight. This was areal and doable project, not a blog.

In fact, it was once again the GERMANS who sent me the most money, but legally, since they were foreigners, I could not use it to run for sheriff, just pay the household bills! A German even designed for free the poster above!


But instead of us making headlines, having happy times, and basking in progress, we and I are right back where we started.

Except not really. We have been walking for six months, our storage was seized with hundreds of dollars in beautiful used furniture (all donated by supporters!!) and wonderful and valuable WN books. Basically, everything that was in the basement AND MASTER BEDROOM in the Sarver house is GONE.

In fact, we are far worse off than in February when I announced for sheriff AT YOUR URGING — and you and your fellow critic then cut back your support by 80%.

I feel deeply, personally disappointed.

I should have listened to myself and gone ahead with starting the founding of my religion in February,and today it would be ready.



Instead I wasted four agonizing months of my life — March, April, May and June — and it barely, barely missed getting off the ground when it could have.

Messerschmidt 262 — literally no fuel to use them. The Germans had to haul them on to the runway in the spring of 1945 using oxen!



And I am blamed — I should done this or that — when it is WHITES who are lethargic and inert.

Only American WNs could be so fantastical as to imagine that I can run for a political office without donations or even a car!

You WERE a great supporter in 2010, but when I had a real chance to DO something, you were gone. We all make our karmic bed.


==========Aryans and Atlantis


‘Most humans devolved into being merely hunter-gatherers. In order to jump-start a new civilization, an amazing race of beings appeared on Earth. Known as the Shemsu Hor, (meaning disciples of Horus) noted Egyptologists such as the lateSchwaller de Lubicz (1891- 1951) found that pre-dynastic Egypt had no evolutionary development, but rather received its civilization intact from elsewhere. Ancient texts have revealed that these great civilizers were the Shemsu Hor, some of whose skeletons have been discovered at Saqquara, in Egypt. The Shemsu Hor were a fair-haired, blue-eyed race and taller than the indigenous Egyptians.’

See also myhttp://johndenugent.com/english/english-afraid-to-get-your-hopes-up-and-abandon-old-ideas

Statue of Pharaoh Awybre Hor, blue-eyed Egyptian king of the 13th Dynasty (1760 BC), on display at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.



============MY LATE MOTHER
My late mother, Constance Colwell Nugent… as a Rhode Island School of Design art student…
I have many features from her, and also from my father…. They both descend — through different branches — from the intrepid Thomas Angell (Norman name) ofEngland, who co-founded Rhode Island in 1636.

Both my parents had nice looks….. and back then, White people with college degrees actually had children. ;-) My mother was a stay-at-home, full-time mom and housewife (when not pursuing ballet dancing and painting in her leisure time) and a gourmet cook who made beef stroganoff to die for, and Spanish rice ;- ) Miss you, mom. Will see you someday again. 🙂

Angell Street, commemorating this ancestor, is on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island, and is the location of the Ivy League school Brown University. George Lincoln Rockwell attended Brown….
….and many of the personal papers of ADOLF HITLER and books in his personal library are kept at the John Hay Library at Brown, on the corner of Angell Street….
A nasty Jew wrote a whole book (http://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-Private-Library-Shaped-ebook/dp/product-description/B003QXMYUW) about Hitler’s personal library, of which 1,200 key books are kept partly at Brown and partly at the Library of Congress……..
And the one good thing about the book is that it reveals how, for all you Jesus-bashers, Hitler was fascinated with, and reverent toward, JESUS CHRIST.
Amazon quote:
Among the authors and works Hitler was most interested in were Shakespeare (in translation), whose grand historical subjects, Hitler felt, made him superior to Schiller and Goethe; Henry Ford’s anti-SemiticThe International Jew; adventure novelist Karl May; Dietrich Eckart’s interpretation of Ibsen’sPeer Gynt;
works of the occult and esoterica [YES, AND NOTA BENE, YOU ATHEISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!];
and Thomas Carlyle, particularly his biography of Frederick the Great. Ryback (The Last Survivor: Legacies of Dachau) offers a unique view of Hitler’s intellectual life. 47 photos.

Google and Bing get frustrated when views of this WN soar. Hits on the term “John de Nugent” in quotation marks hit 2.48 million Saturday (http://johndenugent.com/images/jdn-google-aug-31-20131.jpg),

….then went back down to 434,000 for me, a ludicrous drop of 80% in one day, which only shows that Google has an artificial logorithm to suppress the number of hits on my name.

It was over 3 million in 2010 on Google and on Bing:


and overnight they both dropped it to 38,000!http://johndenugent.com/images/Google-JdN-Sept-27-2010.jpg

Thank you, Sergei Brin and Larry Page, the Jew-gles….


It hovered at 130,000 for a year…. and then suddenly hits “took off” in mid-June of this year:


and hit 968,000 days later:


….but suddenly the Jews dropped it to 396,000….


Note that I did nothing except my usual work to warrant this “rise-and-fall.”

As my video editor said, they are under orders to keep changing the “John de Nugent logorithm” so whenever my hits soar, they recalibrate them to put me back down.

Then comes an actual event I create like the Leo Frank video….434,000 the day it came out….


and Saturday, in the USA, 2.5 million.


….and by the evening of the same day, back to 434,000….

I discussed this rampant fraud with the editor of the superb http://www.TheRebel.orgin Australia, and he wrote me:

[Google] has been doing this [to dissidents] for yonks [British English = for ages]. The rebel site (therebel.org), and its pedecessor site ziopedia.org and rebelnews.org , which are now parked on the therebel.org site, has been stuck on a google rank of 4/10 ever since the site started eightyears ago with a few hundred readers per day and only a couple of sites linking to it.


Banner of http://www.TheRebel.orgtherebel-org-banner-sept-2013

Since then therebel.org has been hovering around 2000-5000 readers for a few years and, after I had to rebuild it last year, has been climbing up to 10,000 to 15,000 unique visitors per day and my site is being linked to by over 1500 other sites, without having any effect on the Google rank.


How did the Jews take over the Net with Facebook, Microsoft and Google? First, they charged absolutely NOTHING at first to get market dominance. Then they rolled out their paid products or services AFTER they had 90% market share.
It is the continuation of an age-old strategy of price war, but taken to the extreme. IF you and your friends have “deep pockets,” then when you start up your company,charge absolutely NOTHING for your product or service for YEARS, and only then, after you have wiped the floor with your competitors, start charging. 100 years ago Jews would open a bakery in a small town, start a price war, drive out the established Goy family bakeries, then jack up the price once they owned every bakery in town. The son of a Flemish Waffen-SS vet told me this; he saw it happen in his town……


But this is different — This is charging ZERO for YEARS….and only Jews with Jew banker friends can afford such a strategy of zero revenue for years on end…………….

This is good JEW business! It is still illegal in Germany, and it should be illegal everywhere, to engage in price wars. Under German law since Bismarck, one may not charge a price that is “below cost.” This is to prevent JEWS from taking over everything and then GOUGING THE PEOPLE ONCE THEY HAVE A MONOPOLY!!!



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Washington Post article of June 13, 2013: “Whites’ death outpaces births”. For the first time ever, more Whites died than were born in the USA. the average White age is a staggering 42, for Asians 34, for Blacks 32, and for Hispanics 28.

We are a dying race because our soul has died.


Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?

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