ENGLISH White stars who race-mix and young souls who think it’s great; German antifa attack businesses, cops and patriots

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New NBC Show “State of Affairs” Features Race-Mixing, Empowered White Female CIA Officer and Black Female as American President

Daily Slave  (from Andrew Anglin)
November 16, 2014

Two comments on this article were made by me,  JdN, and are found below.]



I’ve pulled the plug on my television years ago, but every now and then I come across some new garbage the Jew media companies are broadcasting.

Apparently NBC is about to air a new show called “State of Affairs” starring Katherine Heigl.  It features Heigl as the stereotypical empowered female CIA officer involved in a sexual relationship with a Black guy along with a Black female as the President of the United States.

Although I’m not sure if I was able to follow the initial plot concept entirely, it appears as if the Black guy she is having sex with is the President’s son who ends up getting killed by some bad guy Muslims.  The rest of the show focuses around her trying to find the killers of her Negro boyfriend.

After the death of her Black boyfriend she gets drunk and sleeps around with White guys she finds at bars.  They cannot compare to the wild buck who tamed her down and taught her the meaning of true love.

The amount of Cultural Marxist propaganda shown in just the trailer alone is ridiculous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlPJVmeA3t8#t=188


More: http://www.dailystormer.com/new-nbc-show-state-of-affairs-features-race-mixing-empowered-white-female-cia-officer-and-black-female-as-american-president/comment-page-1/#comment-1560297

  1. I nominate this stupid Jew mind-fuck procedural for a Demented Bagel. It should win across the board in every vomit-inducing category for nominations.

  2. Sounds like a legit (jewish) hollywood plot lol

  3. Katherine Heigl has two adopted babies -one fully Korean, and one racially ambiguous that looks partially black.

    • John de Nugent

      Maybe being both attractive and having an unchanged German name (Heigl) was giving her heat with the J-Team, so she did what her Jew agent advised, race mix. 90% of show biz agents are Jews, and I had dealings with them in 2002, such as the huge William Morris Agency — one Jew after another. 🙂

      After Sandra Bullock (whose mother was German from Germany, and my fiancee Margi http://johndenugent.com/english/english-happy-birthday-margi-great-show-marvelous-music-third-reich/ knew her, her father, and actually Sandra too a bit) was facing total movie-career doom in Hebrewwood over her boyfriend being a “Nazi” skinhead, she went out, dumped her man and adopted black babies. Problem solved. Still gets work in Hollyweird and remains a star.

      In the ancient Aryan scriptures in India the racial corruption of women is seen as the beginning of the end.

      I remember, when Brad Pitt was married still to Jennifer Aniston, thinking what fabulous-looking nordic children they could have. But no…. I swear the Hollywood Jews were against that dread image of blond, blue-eyed babies in the most prominent showbiz couple on earth….


      ….so in barged the raven-haired, mongol-cheekboned (Khazar?) Angelina Jolie (she had met Brad Pitt while they were doing a wholesome hitman-hitwoman-couple movie ;-) ) and this swarthy female soon had Brad wrapped around her little finger.


      Then THEY began adopting Third World kids. (I suspect that Jolie is Jewish via her “French” mother… and I do NOT find her beautiful, no matter what People magazine gushes.

      Finally I am tired of women with dark-brown eyes having light peroxide hair. They look like Brazilian whores! On FOX News Channel (Megyn Kelly, and 20 other examples) this combo seems to be the regulation uniform. :-)


      If a women wants to lighten her hair, do it to the shade she had in third grade, say a dark blonde; that at least would look natural.

      The Hebrew goal is of course to exterminate nordic genes.

      I also agree with the other posters to not watch any more jew tv. Since we moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to Ontonagon (Mike Delaney/TruTube country!) to save money we just never called the cable company and life has been cheaper, more serene and less infuriating. http://johndenugent.com/english/english-month-ontonagon-a-new-religion-is-coming/

  4. What stood out to me even more than this Jewish production’s glaring promotion of having a Black woman in the highest office of the land is the vengeful spirit and immoral character the Jews gave to “Charlie Whitney Tucker,” the role played by Katherine Heigl. In this trailer she says, “I’m going to find every last person who had anything to do with the death of your son [her Black lover], and I’m going to end every single one of their lives.” What she promised here was essentially what the Jews had us do to Germany and her allies immediately after WWII ended, and what we continue to do to everyone they want us to think is our enemy as well.

    By constant indoctrinating through their movies, and everything we see on our TV’s and what we read in their newspapers, our race has been cleverly inculcated with the Judaic mindset that Louis Marschalko, in his book, The World Conquerors, refers to as “the revenge of Jehovah.” Regarding the period that followed WWII, and I believe it applies to the periods following all of the wars we have fought for our Jewish masters, Marschalko wrote, “It was not Washington’s America nor England of Magna Carta fame nor the France of Descartes which carried out this revenge. It was the spirit of Purim.” Shortly before he was hung, Julius Streicher “regarding the spectators with contempt sarcastically announced the whole truth about Nuremberg: ‘It is the feast of Purim of 1946!’ [. . . ] Jewry’s greatest holiday is Purim: the feast of hatred.”

    It’s interesting that Katherine Marie Heigl is of German descent, of the people that Jews hate the most. Elie Wiesel, the phony “Holocaust” survivor, wrote in his book, Legends of our Time, “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate, for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.”

    • White Genocide is a Crime

      The blind hatred many Jews have for us will serve them no good in the end. As the saying goes: If you’re out for revenge don’t dig one grave. Dig two.

  5. “Entertainment” in the formerly White world has one purpose only: to prepare us for our genocide. It gets us used to seeing blacks, feminists, homosexuals, “latinos” and asians as powerful and competent, and as legitimate authority figures for White men. Story lines and characters are secondary to this purpose.

    It is rare to see a television program or movie without some form of Cultural Marxist message, even if it’s just in passing. These jews are absolutely obsessed with it. Their furious hatred of us will be their undoing. It’s only a matter of time.

  6. White Genocide is a Crime

    Yes, the White Genocide cult has really been pushing the White/non White racial “assimilation” into high gear lately. I hope I’m right in thinking that, despite all the anti-White propaganda promoting it, it’s going to be an awfully hard sell for most of our race.

  7. 99 percent of the white women officers in the CIA are worthless, always have been. Just one little piece of this Jew propaganda garbage.

  8. There’s this other show on ABC called Scandal where the president is having an affair with his black female…I dunno what her official job is, but she’s a high-up agent in some intelligence or security capacity, as well as an expert political stategist. I saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago (sans a couple seconds of Mexican guy-white girl interracial sex in a parking lot I saw flipping through the channels once before). Sometimes I feel inclined to sample the propaganda. When I watched a couple min. and realized the insane premise of the show, I decided to watch the episode.

    I saw this black female character interrogating some white guy who was revering her “beauty” like he’d never seen a woman before, and they went full-absurdity by having him repeatedly say to her in awestruck tone: “Helen of Troy, the face that sailed a thousand ships.” Simply amazing.

    Also in the episode, the aforementioned Mexican guy was found by his estranged, pre-teen black son that he would play games with over the internet. He agreed to meet the kid at an arcade, but when he showed up and chickened out of meeting, the kid went home and hacked servers to find the IP address of the guy he was gaming with. He used this to discover the guy’s identity and then the fact that this was his father, showing up at his house the next day or maybe even the same night.

    Black Helen of Troy and a pre-teen black revealed to be a computer hacking genius in just one episode, lol. These Jews are certifiably insane.

    • ““Helen of Troy, the face that sailed a thousand ships.” Simply amazing.”

      Words cannot describe.

    • Interesting comment and details.

      You wonder about the goyim who do not see any pattern in this. At age five, and that was in the Fifties, far less degenerate than now! — I for one sensed something was seriously WRONG in America.

      I will add that I believe that reincarnation is not a theory but a fact, it is the original Aryan view of life after death (not the Judeo-Christian “you have just one life and then you go to heaven or hell”), and that many WNs in America today were literally German National Socialists in their last life.




      And this is why even as kids they “sense” strongly that something is wrong and when they first hear the truth about Hitler and the Third Reich, as with me myself,

      As a Georgetown college student,  when I heard about NS, I joined — and began demonstrating on my own campus! Here “Get the Faggots OUT!”



      ….they do NOT fight it tooth and nail as do “young souls,” who really do act as the Jews say, like “cattle ” (goyim) that can be led around by the nose.




…..Antifa in Germany





The big new counter-force in Germany is the soccer hooligans, called HoGeSa, “Hooligans Gegen [against] Salafismus” (a radical muslim sect among the Turks in Germany).

Not as good as stormtroopers, though…..


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