ENGLISH The Normans — Britain's curse and blessing

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I got a sarcastic email from a supporter who means well and has sent some small amount of money and other useful things, but lashes out when frustrated. I replied:

* * *

Sorry, but your notions are a bit romantic, comrade, about both people and politics.

Remember that Adolf Hitler was ignored and bashed too by the other “leaders.”

Adolf in 1917.

He got 2.6 % of the vote in 1928 after eight years of work.

WNs dream that “if only we had a Hitler today…” Well, suppose they did? In reality, they would reject him as the vast majority of German antisemites rejected Hitler. (In fact, the whole country was somewhat antisemitic and yet it rejected Hitler!)

Both the WNs and the general population scorned Hitler in 1928. He was very well known after the 1923 putsch attempt — which he botched by naively — blue-eyedly — letting his enemies leave captivity, the very ones he had just overthrown, on their word of honor to not oppose him!!!). And the masses ignored Hitler as an odd, funny little man with a strange mustache throughout the entire decade of the 1920s.

Hitler’s MISERABLE AND DISHEARTENING election result in 1928 — TWO-POINT-SIX PERCENT! — clearly proved that he was not attracting the masses. Yes, the GREAT HITLER was at that time a DOUBLE FAILURE.

In fact, Chancellor von Paper wanted Hitler made chancellor so he would make a fool of himself in office and then German politics would be rid of him for good.

A NSDAP meeting just before the 1923 putsch in the famous Brgerbraukeller. Hyper-inflation then wracked the country. In the putsch of November 9 at 8:30 pm, Hitler arrested the goverment, but released it, and failed to secure the telephone network and the railroad stations. 16 followers were killed in the abortive coup; Hitler was shot but survived. He was released after 14 months in prison but was banned from public speaking for four years (until 1927) and from even visiting Prussia (which was most of northern Germany and the location of the capital, Berlin) until 1928. But his pure motives, energy, courage and charisma were recognized by the court and public.

Yes, that is how SURE people were that Hitler was a NUT!

And the Second Book, written in 1928 after the debacle, reflected Hitler’s intense frustration at his lack of support. (He wrote it partly because he was being accused of being an agent of Mussolini for abandoning the South Tyrol issue, just as I am accused of all sorts of defamatory things.)

ONLY the Great Depression and the terrifying rise of the German Communist Party (remember, the USSR, SLAUGHTERING MILLIONS IN THE GULAG, was right next door to German East Prussia) forced the Hitler-ridiculers to fall in step with the NSDAP and cast aside their doubts and excuses.

Well, “if only we had a George Washington” ….Washington won only three of the seven battles where he actually fought the British. Mostly, he spent his time literally retreating from them, and writing letters to Congress and various state legislatures begging for funds so his troops did not desert.

He did not “win” the climactic battle at Yorktown — the French fleet offshore crushed the British fleet (yes, the French do sometimes beat the British, and they beat them in the Hundred Years War too) and French troops, plus the Prussian volunteer, Baron von Steuben, and the French volunteer, the Marquis de Lafayette, sealed the deal. Once the British fleet had fled, the British forces were afraid of being bombarded to death BY THE FRENCH FLEET, cooped up as the “Redcoats” were by the American forces.

Washington modestly asked that General Richard Butler or one of his five sons accept British commander Lord Cornwallis’ sword. (Butler, PA., right up the road from us, is named after Butler, another Norman, who tragically was killed and scalped ten years later fighting the Indians in Ohio. Almost all the 600 American soldiers he led into an ambush were killed. It was a far greater disaster than Custer’s Last Stand at Little Big Horn.)

Well, “if we only had a Thomas Jefferson…” I love TJ, but this fine man also had sex with another man’s wife (which he admitted, bravely enough — yet if I admit things I am told I am “saying way too much“)…. and was so incompetent as governor of Virginia during the British invasion that he left Virginia politics for good after his one term, and only ran after that for the presidency of the US, based solely on his national fame — as the composer of the Declaration of Independence and ambassador to France at a critical time. (In fact, he was in France while the Constitution was being written and had no part in it, unfortunately. He would definitely have strengthened states’ rights and gun rights even more.)

In sum, failing to support a person of great potential is what most people do — and most WNs as well.

And remember, out of the three million people in the American colonies in 1777, exactly six thousand were with George Washington in that terrible winter of 1776-77 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

The vast majority of us are the spiritual descendants of those 2,994,000. Generous to a fault with the critique. 😉

The great men of history are not out for applause; they are on a mission. They just appreciate the support if and when it comes. What others do is THEIR karma…. It’s called being “other-directed.”


An English comrade of Anglo-Saxon ancestry wrote me:

* * *

It was a few weeks ago when you sent me the PDF regarding the Norman invasion of England and I thought I would thank you very much for doing so. The article was well written and, most importantly, balanced.

From reading the pdf I can tell that you feel empathy with what happened to our Saxon ancestors, I know you carry the name of a Norman but no doubt you are of Saxon blood. And as you said the Normans had Viking blood who settled in England during various invasions and in fact the original Germanic tribes that invaded England were from a similar area anyway.

I was pleased to see you mention the Jews who did indeed first settle in England in 1066. I was also shocked to discover the death toll of the “Harrowing of the North” could be as high as 100,000. This I found truly shocking.

The book that origInally put me on the path to try to discover more about the Norman conquest was, in fact, a fiction. Julian Rathbone’s Last English King is a good read and I would recommend it. Even if the it’s not totally factual it’s a good story. Julian Rathbone’s other works are, I find, a mixed bag.

* * *
I replied:

* * *

I can say this about the Normans from whom I descend on both sides (Nugent and Angell):

All societies are ruled by psychopaths today, as my (I believe) extremely important article here shows: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/psychopaths-in-power

And…well, it ain’t much — but it might as well be a Nordic Viking psychopath! 😉 The Normans did make England into an incredibly powerful country, a little island that has changed the whole world. No surprise here that these Vikings transformed agricultural Saxon England into a supreme sea power! The Brits also have a desire to win that the ruthless Normans gave them, and that has made them a valiant and conquering race.

If societies are ruled, on the other hand, by black psychopaths, or mexican or chinese, then the result is a very stagnant society indeed. (China prospers only by MASSIVELY stealing white ideas in every domain.)

Through eugenics we can exclude these psychopathic genes from the British and other white gene pools.

(Btw, psychopathy runs through the mother….and interestingly, juish ancestry is counted only through the mother………………..And now you know, as radio host Paul Harvey used to say, THE REST OF THE STORY.)

We can restore the English-speaking white peoples to all their former greatness — by eugenics and Solutreanism.

Here now is the pdf of The Normans — England’s Blessing and Curse:

CLICK HERE: Normans Nov 18 09 to friends (1.7 meg upload but with typoes)

CLICK HERE: NORMANS – Dec 12 2009 (10 meg upload and nearly ready for publication. The final version is being prepared now, but I’d really appreciate your feedback on the content before I finalize it.)

There are very important ideas in here and I hope you enjoy the read. Thank you, comrades! These key ideas are at the core of Solutreanism.

(From a scan of a jocular book on the Brits by a Brit. Note the blond hunter finishing his tea before finishing the elephant.)

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