ENGLISH The economic stimulus has failed; Marine Colonel Sabow

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[being composed and edited]

Eighty percent of American juze voted for Barack Obama. But now they are getting worried…..

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Irwin Kellner

Irwin Kellner

March 2, 2010, 1:34 p.m. EST
Running on empty
Commentary: Recent data show economy slowing — sharply

By Irwin Kellner, MarketWatch

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (MarketWatch) — The fledgling economic recovery appears to be running out of gas.

The fuel for this or any other recovery has to come from the consumer. Purchases of goods and services by people like you and me account for about 70% of gross domestic product, so without our help a recovery could not last too long.

Guess what? This is exactly what seems to be happening. Retailers report that, for the most part, shoppers are few and far between.

The recent run of economic data is most compelling. Just about all of the reports paint a picture of an economy slowing — and sharply, at that.

Here are just a few:


Both consumer confidence and sentiment have fallen unexpectedly.

After-tax personal incomes adjusted for inflation have flattened.

Sales of both new and existing homes took a surprising stumble.

Orders for most durable goods are down.

Manufacturing has slowed.

Jobless claims are up.

Fourth-quarter GDP growth came largely from a slower pace of inventory liquidation, not from an increase in consumer spending.

And, as a matter of fact, consumer spending weakened last quarter.

Understand that the changes in the data above were not insignificant:


Consumer confidence fell to a 27-year low.

New-home sales fell to record lows, and they are likely to fall even further, since mortgage applications are down to 13-year lows.

Existing-home sales are down two months in a row to a seven-month low.

First-time claims for unemployment benefits have risen in six of this year’s first eight weeks.

And new orders excluding transportation fell 0.6%; orders for capital goods fell 2.5%, and capital spending itself was down a thumping 3.5%.

Are all these declines due to the weather or to the economy? I would say that it’s probably a combination, since this has been a wicked winter in most parts of the country.

That said, most of these data are seasonally adjusted — that is, they take into account the fact that during the winter things tend to slow down. So this year’s unusually harsh conditions by no means account for all of the weakness portrayed by these numbers.

In addition, the magnitude of the declines suggests a message that should not be ignored.

There is little doubt that this economy is being hurt by insufficient consumer spending. This is not surprising, since people are telling the pollsters that they are worried about their jobs, or lack of them; the declining value of their homes and investments; and their buying power, which is falling.

Fed head Ben Bernanke thinks the answer is low interest rates and lots of liquidity. But this ignores inflation ( see last week’s column), plus the fact that easy money can’t create jobs. Remember “pushing on a string”?

Fiscal policy can usually be relied on to push the economy along, but it is hamstrung this time around by Washington’s humongous budget deficits.

In my view, the best solution is a cost-free one: remove the uncertainties facing business, such as regulations, costs for health care, energy and the environment, not to mention what their own tax rates will be ( see Dec. 15 column).

You’d be surprised what this will do for hiring and thus for the economy.

In addition, the administration should use the funds that are left from last year’s stimulus package to create jobs through tax breaks, direct hiring and gift cards ( see Nov. 10 column).

Finally, the regulators need to stop discouraging the banks from lending by overzealously scrutinizing their loans, reserves and capital.

Do I hear any better ideas?

=============MY COMMENTARY

Yes, here IS a better idea: follow the John de Nugent for President 2008 plan here (from my earlier website, found here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn4pres.html (all photos were hacked away by juze):

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Obongo, speaking in terms of realpolitik, should have done his false-flag attack back in March or April 2009, when he was still riding high in the polls, and declared martial law and rounded up guns and critics THEN.

Now, however, he is loathed and despised by the very white males who would have had to carry out his gun-grabbing, dissident-arresting, martial-law plans.

The Joe Stack crash by plane into the Austin, Texas IRS building and the recent shooting at the Pentagon, as well as the June 2009 James von Brunn incident, all are indicative of the fact that older white men are building an explosive head of steam at this tyrannical, illegal, unconstitutional regime headed by an illegal alien from Kenya with close communist friends!

(What adds fuel to this fire is that white males in their fifties are being laid off in huge numbers. They have lots of time to sit around and get very, very, VERY angry, to get online and to educate themselves about WHO is destroying OUR once virtually all-white and free nation. And large numbers of them have military experience and/or are armed, and not in any sort of meek mood to be arrrested on any trumped-up charge.)

Eternal Solutrea is needed to channel this rage into something productive, and away from futile “statements” using scattered violence against the system as these three white men did.

Also, a number of innocent bystanders were killed. Worst of all, all three individuals considered themselves as patriots, and even their enemies have to admit they decided to give their very lives for their values and beliefs. But our race lost three valuable minds and men of courageous character who could have done something better, who could have been BUILDING a new and free world for Whites, not lashing out blindly at the nearest federal building and creating sympathy for the government.

This lashing-out may be understandable but it is not the way. Eternal Solutrea is the way.


The Pentagon shooter, was extremely upset about the bogus “suicide” in 1991 of Marine Corps Colonel James Sabow, who was blowing the whistle what he believed was a rogue element in the CIA flying drugs (by darkened, black-painted, insignia-free C-130 aircraft at 4 am) into El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in southern California.

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Marine Col. James Sabow’s Family on Pentagon Shooter: This Guy was a Nut

[source: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-6270884-504083.html]

(Family Photo)

WASHINGTON (CBS) The death of Marine Col. James Sabow figured heavily in John Patrick Bedell’s anger and frustration with the United States government, according to internet posts linked to Bedell.

Photo: Col. James Sabow

PICTURES: John Patrick Bedell, Pentagon Shooter

On Thursday, Bedell allegedly opened fire on Pentagon police, wounding two and getting himself killed in the process. Soon after, Internet posts and Youtube videos linked to Bedell surfaced. In them he says that he wanted to see “justice served in the death of Col. James Sabow,” and saw getting to the truth about Sabow’s death as a major step forward in getting to the “truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions.”

Col. James Sabow was found by his wife on Jan. 22, 1991 in the backyard of his quarters at the Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro, Calif., south of Los Angeles. The Orange County Coroner ruled the death a suicide. His family believes he was murdered, according to Col. Sabow’s brother, Dr. David Sabow.

Dr. Sabow told Crimesider on Friday that he believes his brother was killed by the military when he found out that the military was trading guns for drugs in Central America and threatened to blow the whistle.

“When he decided to do that he signed his own death warrant,” Dr. Sabow said.

“Apparently [Bedell] attached himself to my brother’s death,” but, Dr. Sabow told Crimesider Friday, there was no connection between the family and Bedell.

“There are some things that drive [people] over the edge,” Dr. Sabow said, before describing Bedell as “a nut.”

* * *

I note that Wikipedia will not touch the Colonel Sabow case, although they have articles on every thing else…..just as they will not touch the name “John de Nugent,” deleting the entire article on me. It is found instead here on my website: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/wikipedia_biography_john_de_nugent/

Here is however an account which to me seems very balanced and factual. (Ignore the cannabis URL….:


My father, Captain James Nugent, fought as an enlisted Marine and NCO in the Pacific in WWII (including at Tinian, Saipan and Iwo Jima). Like Colonel Sabow, he was proud of his country and the Marine Corps.



But he decided after his combat service in the Korean War as a Marine officer (in the especially horrific and stupid trench-warfare phase, which was a return to the idiocy of World War One!) that he would NOT make a full-time career of the Marine Corps. He loved the Corps — and Captain Nugent was photogenic enough even to be depicted in Life magazine, with a .45 pistol on his hip, in an article entitled “A Marine’s View Of Korea”.

(In the 1960s, in dark restaurants, he was occasionally mistaken for John Kennedy based on facial features, because people could not see in the low lighting that his hair was darker than Kennedy’s. [Kennedy was also of Norman ancestry, like the Nugents, through his mother, Rose Fitzgerald, a classic Norman name. “Fitz”‘ was Norman French [like the standard French word fils] for “son of” ….and Gerald was a Norman name.)

Among other things, my father did not understand how the Pentagon could deliberately refuse to win a winnable war — and thus cause so many good Marines (like his dearest friend ever, Lieutenant Ed Flanagan) and also many thousands of brave US Army soldiers to die almost for nothing. And General Douglas Macarthur and Marine General Chesty Puller felt the same way: wars are meant to be won.

But thanks to Truman’s and Eisenhower’s policies, Korea is still divided today and the psychopathic North Koreans still threaten the world, 56 years after a war THEY started but which should have resulted in their annihilating defeat, in their total removal from power and in the reunification of the ancient nation of Korea. How would we as American like it if the Pentagon deliberately let a communist maniac stay in power over all of the United States west of the Mississippi — and then cause the death by starvation of millions of Americans across the border– when the war against that Western US communist regime (in this comparison) could have been WON and at first WAS being won? No wonder the South Koreans hate the US government!

Let us recall that US forces back in 1950 were mostly battle-hardened WWII veterans of 1941-45 and that they were led by geniuses such as generals Macarthur and Puller. And if the Soviets, who were backing North Korea, had the Bomb, well, so did we. The Bomb had no effect either way on the war. Stalin was not going to blow up himself and his country and the world over North Korea.

I mourn the death of Colonel Sabow and of those three men (and their victims) who got themselves killed recently protesting the psychopathic and treasonous system that has infiltrated and taken over our government.

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