ENGLISH The apiru who crucified Russia are in America now

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A beautiful Russian-American lady comrade (some of the most gorgeous women in the white world are found in mighty Russia) wrote me the following deeply moving letter:

* * *

You know, John, growing up in the States, I never came across people that were able to understand what the communist blosheviks jews did to Russia.

A White Russian painting depicting how the Russiain people felt about the ju Lev Bronstein, founder of the Red Army, who changed his name to Leon Trotsky. Trotsky would round up and shoot tens of thousands of Russian women and children to force the men to put down their arms and come ouf the forest, where they had been battling the Soviet takeover. (Later, these men who had surrendered were rounded up anyway.)

In schools, we were taught tons of lies about the communist bolsheviks. No word was ever mentioned about the notorious jew leaders and their followers. And as for any crime committed by these gangsters, the fingers would point out to the white Russian people!

These jews in America have known how to protect themselves from the masses. They have had their hands on most major publishing companies and media and can control what goes in and what goes out. Domination, control and defeat are their games.

My paternal grandfather was a Russian Orthodox priest. [JdN: In Eastern Orthodoxy priests CAN and usually DO marry and have a family, as with Protestant Christianity, but unlike the dysgenic and homosexuality-plagued Roman Catholic church. Only from bishop on up is the clergy celibate.]

My grandfather was executed in front of his church with his fellow clergymen. After the execution, these jew gangsters entered the church stealing whatever they could carry in their filthy hands. then, they set the church on fire until there was nothing but ashes.

My maternal grandfather was a lieutenant colonel in the White Army [JdN: the anti-communist army that fought against the Bolshevik putsch 1917-1921] and the mayor of his city.

The great Peter Stolypin, prime minister of Russia 1906-1911, murdered by a vicious apiru in the Tsar’s very presence at the Kiev Opera House in 1911. Marxist terrorists already had murdered four thousand officials and policemen, and had killed 33 innocent people while dynamiting Stolypin’s home in a previous murder attempt. Stolypin was both hanging revolutionaries and reforming Russian society to give the peasants a better life. The marxist apiru knew that under Stolypin, Russia’s social problems would be solved and thus no revolution and juish reign of terror could ever be possible. This was the most catastrophic murder in Russian history. As Thomas Carlyle wrote: “History is the biography of great men” — and it is also the history of great men murdered by juze before they could save their country.

Well, I’m sure you know, John, exactly what these wonderful communist bolshevik jews did to the White Army soldiers and officers????? In his case, my grandfather was sent to Siberia for the rest of his miserable life. And we know exactly who were in charge of those death camps. [JdN: As Solzhenitsyn pointed out, eight of the eleven death camps in the gulag were run by juze, by these apiru who were only two percnt of the Russian population.]

My maternal grandmother was awakened at 2 o’clock in the morning by the bolsheviks jews, and tortured on the kitchen floor while her children were forced to watch.

Some of my family survived by walking toward the Germans in WWII, and the SS put them in a labor camp near Nuremberg.

My story is not unique. There are millions of people that walked on the same path of horror as my family.

America has become the land of the jews and muslims. My dear late parents warned me about that in the Sixties. Their predictions were correct.

* * *

I answered:

* * *

Dear lady comrade,

I was extraordinarily moved by your story and I intend to use parts of it (not using your name or any identity) in my major public speeches.

I would like very much to talk with you because Russia ia a very important part of my Solutrean plans. We must unite all the Aryans of east and west against their mortal and psychopathic enemy, who is also the enemy of all races and of all decency, kindness and beauty.

Please call me sometime soon at (724) 353-0154

I translated 90 percent of the material in this huge special article on Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together.

http://johndenugent.com/jdn/articles (Look down for the issue “Russia and the Jews”.) But this was so depressing and dismaying that it took me nine months to work through this. Absolutely horrifying!!!

I was molested as a child and while reading this Solzhenitsyn material the feelings I once had myself of feeling dread and almost paralyzing fear came back that I felt as a child, because really the juze were molesting, savaging and torturing an entire nation, and killing millions of innocent and kind Russian and other Slavic people. All of Russia became a gulag.

I will be highlighting this in all my public work very soon.

Btw, I was just driving with a friend last night in downtown Pittsburgh and we ended up in the juish section, Squirrel Hill, and sure enough, I saw a Lubavitch Yeshiva and two black-haired Russian juze walking around. I asked them for directions on how to get OUT of Squirrel Hill and back on the highway.

The same exact tribe of people who once crucified Mother Russia are now here in America.

I will alert this nation effectively to this menace and to my solution.

John de Nugent

Out for a walk in western Pennsylvania with an adviser and my 9-millimeter friend, a Russian Makarov.


A French comrade sent me an news item that the ethnically Russian mayor of a town in Latvia had banned a march by some aging members of the Waffen-SS. (The Baltic countries attracted huge numbers of volunteers to the Waffen-SS to defeat bolshevism.)

I replied:
* * *
As for this Russian-Latvian mayor, one of the most terrible manipulations by the juish psychopath is his gift at getting non-juze involved and implicated in his crimes and carrying them out. Then they must defend the crimes the JU ordered them to carry out.

Those Russian soldiers at the end of WWII and afterward who raped German women were responding to repeated radio appeals and pamphlets by the apiru Ilya Ehrenburg, who made rape the official policy of the bolshevik army. But in this way not only did they commit the crime of rape but they became thus accomplices of the Jews, they became morally compromised, and many of them – under a psychological law – started to hate their victims.

When you hurt another person terribly, either you ask for forgiveness from them and from Him who made them, God, or you justify your crime with some crazy reasoning and then end up hating your victim 1) to justify what you did to him or her and 2) because he or she by their horrible suffering is making you feel guilty, and that irritates you……

But it’s the same with the Americans according to the analysis of your great French compatriot Maurice Bardche. [JdN: Bardche (1907-1998) was a courageous French writer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Bard%C3%A8che) and instructor at the great Sorbonne university in Paris who was the FIRST HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST ….. and composed in his Nuremberg, or The Promised Land in 1948 the first great expos on the fraud of the Nuremberg Trials. He was in prison when I was born, on July 14, 1954.]

Once the GIs had crossed over the border onto German soil in 1944-45 they could see first-hand for themselves the annihilated cities of once-beautiful Germany … and the massive numbers of dead civilians everywhere. These were definite and clear WAR CRIMES UNDER THE HAGUE CONVENTION OF LAND WARFARE SIGNED BY THE UNITED STATES. Over ONE MILLION German noncombattants were deliberately and illegally killed by the Royal Air Force and the US Army Air Corps.

A Mannheim mother is helped out of the ruins by her son and a young civil defense aide.

Eisenhower (below left), with his usual icy glint and steely grin, rained bombing terror down on German civilians and then murdered two million more by deliberate starvation after the war, both in the Rhine meadow camps (where surrendered German soldiers died en masse, as reported by Canadian bestselling author James Bacque) and by implementing the civilian starvation plan of Henry Morgenthau. Ninety percent of the Berlin babies born in August 1945 died of starvation and disease by Eisenhower’s decision. Germany’s foodstuffs were literally shipped out of the country to the rest of Europe and starving Germans were shot at who tried to eat garbage from the GI mess halls. It was called “non-fraternization.”

The part-negro FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (right), a practising homosexual who lived with a male FBI official for decades, crushed all wartime opposition to the juish-run Roosevelt White House as sedition.

So now the GI faces a moral dilemma.

And as Solzhenitsyn said, the line between good and bad is not between countries and parties — it runs across every individual human’s heart. The awful moment of moral decision arrives. Will you risk getting into hot water by disobeying a direct order to join in the evil? And torture and kill the innocent, or look away as others do it?

For any GI entering the crucified Germany, with many beautiful and historic old cities up to 80 percent annihilated……and their women and children and old people ripped to pieces or burned alive to clumps of carbon, a Germany battered by bombs of his own Army Air Corps……

Dresden, February 1945. As Maurice Bardche pointed out, after a GI saw this he had to either disobey orders or embrace the juish Holocaust stories to justify what he was doing.

…..he had to either rebel against his superior officers – or decide to CHOOSE to believe in the Holocaust and in this way “justify” the Army’s crimes, reasoning “But look at what the Nazis did! They deserved whatever they got! ”

And by thinking about supposed GERMAN death camps he could excuse standing there on guard duty at a Rhine meadows camp and watching 900,000 German soldiers starve to death.


(I knew a Jew bitten by bad conscience over certain events, a David Edovitz of Winthrop, Massachusetts. He would never fully open up to me but he said “I could not believe the things I saw done by Americans.”)

We must never forget that saving our race is NOT a question of providing factoids about race, or juze, or the Holocaust. It is about awakening their conscience and stimulating their love, rebuilding their compassion and stoking their feelings toward our own suffering people …..a people facing gradual or even rapid genocide.

The leader for our times must make us believe, love, freely obey him — and fight with all we have, ready for any sacrifice, for our folk.


  1. John, i think you should think twice about the “dysgenic and homosexuality-plagued Roman Catholic church”.
    If you don’t accept most of the jewish propaganda, why do you accept this?
    I don’t mean that there isn’t any homosexual or pedophile catholic priests, but you should know why the media talk about it so much – and check what is the situation among the rabbis !

  2. Well, if pedophilic priests were only apiru propaganda, I would not accept it. I remember clearly the pedophile priest scandal erupting in Boston around ten years ago. That is, the problem existed, but it was only when the juish-owned “New York Times” bought out the local “Boston Globe” newspaper that the scandal was actually revealed in the “Boston Globe.”

    Clearly, the juze wish to destroy the Catholic Church, and they are using this scandal to do so.

    I am Catholic myself and I talked once 30 years ago with a priest about the pedophile priest scandal. He said that the celibacy rule meant that homosexuals and pedophiles were attracted to the priesthood as a way to be around men and boys without any questions being asked. It puts a man in a position of great authority over trusting boys…..

    And psychopaths can misuse this.

    As for pedophilia, yes, the rabbis have a gigantic problem with that, and I have discussed that on my blog.

  3. To put the CHANGES that were ORCHESTRATED by juze (via Vatican II) into proper perspective, one must first read that the ju advisors to the Periti of the Second Vatican Council, was the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY that Christians were ‘advised’ by juze. WHich goes against Scripture, the Canons and the praxis of 20 CENTURIES of Deicide disgust.

    Read the book, ‘Goodbye, Good Men’- http://www.amazon.com/Goodbye-Good-Men-Liberals-Corruption/dp/0895261448
    It’s all true. I know a man who lived in So. Cal. during the entire events of this book, and he verified it all as trustworthy.

    One small quibble in an otherwise EXCELLENT artice, Mr. DeN. The use of the term ‘apiru’ for the juze. There are those (Yes, the CI types) who show that linguistically ‘apiru’ beomes ‘Habiru,’ ‘Heber, ‘Hebrew,’ but also is the derivation of ‘Iber’ which beomes ‘Iberia’ [Spain] AND ‘Hibernia’ [Ireland].

    Please note that calvinist Christians are even noting the racial affinity they have to the O.T. peoples, via your old nemesis, SF. -http://spiritwaterblood.com/2010/02/give-me-christ-or-give-me-hiroshima/

    But to call those ‘who say they are Juze, and are not’ [Rev. 2:8,9] relatives of the ‘apiru’ or ‘Hebrews’ of the O. T., is to merely LEGITIMIZE their fallacious claims to ‘chosenite’ status. Better to note that it appears that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, et al. are more ethnically related to the Celt, than they are to the Juze.

    • Thank you for this email, white brother. Two things:

      1) Forgive me, but I have studied Classical Greek on the university level, I read the entire New Testament in koiné Greek, and SF is not my “nemesis,” for I have not displayed “hubris.” I have been supportive, respectful and full of praise for other white nationalist leaders — from Koehl to Pierce to Carto, and from Duke, to Schmidt, to Black, to Butler and Matthews — all men I have met and come to know, some very well, for thirty solid years.

      The nemesis in Greek is raised up by the gods to strike down an arrogant human who thinks he is godlike. Would a godlike person ever be molested as a child and have several failed marriages and a suicide attempt? I was, I did, and I openly admit and discuss it all. I come clean about who I am, unlike others. One reason why Wikipedia deleted the entire article on me, I surmise, was the painful and unique HONESTY of my self-revelations. My life has been scarred, troubled and wracked by the pain dealt out to me that I have had to overcome. I have had to pull myself out of the mud that would have and in fact has broken many other molested kids forever. (Their divorce, suicide and violence rates are staggering.) That is anything but godlike; it is a human story and I tell it to give courage to others, to unburden THEMSELVES and seek counseling, because we ALL who live in juworld have our own tragedies and our own cross to bear. Just as we must repair and maintain our cars, so must we repair and maintain our minds, and if that means seeing a counselor, as my brave dad did after the horrors of the Korean War, that is a sign of courage and strength and a desire to improve who one is. No trauma should be buried in denial — but processed and THEN disposed of. (And many of my supporters have told me their own story of childhood tragedy; all this has gained me far more true supporters than the fair-weather friends I have lost through my honesty.)

      Here is the article Wikipedia deleted because it showed I am NOT “godlike,” but merely dogged.http://democratic-republicans.us/jdn/wikipedia_biography_john_de_nugent

      Let me recall, too, that I NEVER attacked SF; I supported it; I had, I believe, the largest individually written thread EVER there, and it is STILL growing, to 156,000 views. SF’s leaders attacked ME and they did so on the very day after the federal government seized my vital assistant, Henrik Holappa, and tortured him mentally for 86 days in solitary.

      2) I am supportive of the motivations and faith of the Christian Identity white activists. However, despite my best efforts to try to understand their logic, I do remain skeptical about the premise behind Christian Identity that the juze or hebrews in the Old Testament were Aryans.

      I must be honest: I see the Old Testament as not something to be salvaged and Aryanized, but a document that must be replaced (partly through my efforts) with OUR history and OUR heroes and OUR story of OUR Solutrean challenges, tragedies, triumphs and redemption.

      I have no interest in a bunch of wandering semitic desert tribes. As a child in sunday school I already wondered why I as a white boy had to learn about these hook-nosed shepherds and about them psychopathically throwing their own brother (Joseph) into a pit and then selling him as a slave!! It all seemed and seems to me to be irremediably foreign. It must be replaced by OUR story, our Solutrean and Aryan story! For this I was born, to return our people to their own roots.

      My judgment as a person who has studied the Old Testament very carefully and who has read it three times from cover to cover is that it is a profoundly semitic, neanderthalic and psychopathic document, invented by the head psychopaths and manipulators of a roving semito-negroid band of murderers and thieves to indoctrinate them to be fanatical followers of a world enslavement conspiracy.

      Everything about the OT is blood, blood, blood, as Adrien Arcand, the Quebec mentor of the great Ernst Zundel in his Montreal days, said in his L’appel du sang (“The call of the blood”):

      A young, full-haired Ernst Zundel in 1963 with his beloved mentor, the French Canadian Adrien Arcand, a true national socialist

      * * *

      À travers les siècles, le culte des Juifs fut toujours un culte sanglant. Le massacre sous toutes formes accompagne leurs pérégrinations dans l’Ancien Testament : circoncision = sang; sacrifice dans le temple = du sang; massacre de soixante-dix mille Assyriens de différentes tribus en marche vers la Palestine = du sang; massacre de tous les premiers-nés des familles égyptiennes = du sang; massacre de millions d’êtres humains dans les guerres et les révolutions marxistes = du sang !…Encore du sang ! Toujours du sang !…


      * * *

      Through the centuries, the worship of the [Old Testament] Jews [before their temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70] was always a bloody cult. Massacres in all forms accompanied their wanderings in the Old Testament. Circumcision = blood; sacrifices in the temple = blood; killing seventy thousand Persians [in the vengeance-dripping book of Esther] = blood; massacring different tribes in Palestine = blood; massacre of all the firstborn baby boys of Egypt = blood; the massacre of millions of human beings in world wars, in middle-eastern wars and in marxist revolutions = blood! …

      More blood! Always blood!

      1940 poster of the Arcand’s National Socialist Christian Party, which was very successful until banned by the pro-apiru government. Arcand famously said “The Jews are like roaches. Too bad we cannot get them with bug spray.”

      * * *

      Solutrea means we accept what the two juze Michael Bradley and Stan Gooch say: the apiru are part-neanderthals, they hate us as the descendants of the Cro magnons and never the twain shall meet.

      Solutrea is accepting what Bishop Marcion said: the religion of Christ is a new and totally separate religion and god from the Old Testament, which Marcion called satan worship.

      Solutrea is our own glorious, heroic and dramatic story — and it makes us a race of 20,000 years of achievement, able to stand up to the apiru psychologically, religiously, and then politically, economically and, if need be, in military self-defense as well.

  4. I would like to give a very brief reply because I see that John is referring to “corrupted” sources.
    Although i do agree that the OT is definitely semitic, one cannot dismiss the actions of the Jews by referring to the fact that everything is bloody.
    The question of the blood is even more present in the NT. Every catholic mass is a sacrifice, and we are saved through the blood of Jesus dying on the Cross.

    Paul has this incredible sentence: “whitout blood, there is no remission of sins”.

    Now accepting what Marcion claimed would mean that christianity isn’t related to the OT, which is fundamentally wrong. Why does Jesus incarnates among the jews (actually, where the evil is)? Why does He refers to the OT so many times? He never denies that it is inspired by God. He just says that he accomplishes the propheties written in it.

    After his death, the jews actually recognized that what Jesus told made sense, so they changed the meaning of the passages that He and his apostles quoted. The result is that nowadays christians (and the jews for that matter) have a wrong translation of the OT (called the Massoretic text), that is why traditionnal catholic have always protested that we should keep the Vulgate (based on the septuaginta = the scriptures as it was known at the time Jesus lived).
    http://www.israelshamir.net/French/la_Bible.htm (in French)

    So, there is no contradiction. The catholic doctrine has no contradiction in itself. All this is very well explained by St Paul. His writings are so amazing. This is personal, but at the time that i had many questions about judaism, about why the people bringing our world to chaos were jews, i read St Paul, and it was almost a revelation to me, and helped me a lot understand about judaism. And Paul knows what he is talking about !

    I am just sorry that sometimes people speak about christianity without having correct knowledge on it, or rather i should say, when they were mislead by the many people who try to bring this doctrine down. And the worst of them, maybe, are “progressive catholics”. (But this is another debate and it has to do with Vatican II, the grestest jewish victory in centuries).

    I know my english is poor but i hope this is understandable

    • Dear comrade,

      Thanks for your message. Let me refer you to my answer to Fr. John. And your English is actually great!


  5. John- I meant no offense in the SF referrent. I knew that they had terminated you from their site, but that was about all. Secondly, I read with concern your quoting Marcion. He is, (as I am sure you know) a heretic, as far as the Church Fathers are concerned.

    Also, to equate the juze of today with the Hebrew/Apiru of the O.T. is a grave mistake. I believe they have NO ETHNIC. RACIAL, or historical connection- even the Talmudism of the Juze is a perversion of the religion of Moses. Abraham was not a ‘ju’- he was not even a Apiru/Hebrew. Yet it is from HIM we derive our heritage as Europeans of Christendom. You can ‘invent’ a new religion if you like; that is your prerogative. But, if you want adherents, you cannot expect us to give up Truth for a ‘mess of potage’ – whether some warmed-over Odinism, or a Judaized Christianity, or a gnostic variant thereof.

    I don’t mean to ‘rile you’ but I am concerned that while you may have read Holy Writ, you do not understand it. There is no dichotomy between Christ and YHWH. The one is the Son of the other, who is the Father. And both, with the Holy Spirit, as a Trinity of Persons, have a distinct people that is their ‘blood relation’ because of Christ’s Incarnation. And He is Abraham’s seed. [Gal. 3:29] of which I have written on before…. http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/of-what-race-are-abraham’s-seed-gal-329/

    I do not believe that the Deicides have any claim- to election, to chosenite status, to covenantal faithfulness, to ethnic relatedness, or even the right to remain in the apartheid state they have made for themselves. To even THINK of giving them legitimacy by ALLOWING them to claim they are the people mentioned in the pages of the O.T., is to be their willing dupe. I would think better of you, John, than to make that error.

    Fr J+

    • Dear comrade,

      Thanks for your message. I agree with Thomas Carlyle that only when the best of a religion is carried over to a new one does it fade away. For me the key is JESUS, and His message of love, self-sacrifice, truth and the fight against greedy materialism. Bishop Marcion may indeed have been ruled a heretic, but that is the decision of an institution. The personal relationship with Jesus Christ remains. I seriously am convinced that Saul hijacked Christianity — he was unquestionably a Sanhedrin official, and he is the only witness to his supposed vision of Christ on the road to Damascus — and that especially his Epistle to the Romans stands in direct combat with the three-parable message of Jesus in Matthew 21: the juze are utterly rejected by God, and (John 8:44) their true god is Satan.

      The very physical appearance of these people lends credence to the assertions of Marcion that this people is the Devil’s own, which Hitler also said in Mein Kampf.

      I do not expect any man or woman to abandon their current views until such time as I present something better. Then they will haqve a real choice between the old and the new. One thing is certain, my friend: “Traditional” Christianity, that is, Sauline Christianity (Saul wrote much of the New Testament as currently accepted) has failed to stop the juze. In fact, it deifies them. As long as the Old Testament is revered, America will be a judeophile country, and will continue on its march to perdition.

      While we may disagree, I hope at least you will understand my motivations. One definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing but expecting different results. Following Saul has let the ju back in by the back door after he viciously tortured and killed Our Lord. (Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion” was actually a turning point in my life.) Co-opting rising new movements (Zoroastrianism, Hellenism, Christianity, Protestantism, capitalism, human rights, feminism, environmentalism, television, the major political parties, the Internet) has been a ju specialty for three thousand years.

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