ENGLISH Talmud The best gentiles must die

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My comment underneath:

Thanks for posting this video. What a loss due to a negro psychopath who truly was a subhuman. What handsome Nordic features White had, what achievements, what intelligence — working on his second master’s degree.

It all fits in with the Talmudic slogan “the best of the gentiles must die.” it is this reality that caused James von Brunn to write his book on this theme and then go ballistic at the Holocaust Museum — a conspiracy to kill off the best whites.

* * *

You can download von Brunn’s book here: http://rapidshare.com/files/244693172/killthebestgentiles.pdf

While I condemn what von Brunn did — killing an innocent guard (and harming our Cause’s image also) — he saw clearly that the juze do believe and preach in their Talmud, which Martin Luther read in Hebrew (he was translating the Bible into German) and found so horrifying he demanded that all Talmuds be burned and all juze expelled from Germany: Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog (Kill The Best Gentiles).


A young Christian girl wrote me:

* * *

Hi I was wondering, where you get your facts and how you can support them? I’m a Christian so I know a lot about the bible, and I was wondering how a Christian could believe that one race is better than the other.

Please read Genesis 11 which clearly states that all races are equal. Maybe god placed white people everywhere, and races diminished with the amount of races in the population.

Please read this with an open mind, the bible says we were placed where we were. So why do you depend on science? I want to know your side, I’m curious. I like to know peoples opinions on things, please be open minded about my request.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Your query sounds rather sincere so I assume I am not wasting my time. I am extremely busy today but still you get a reply.

A juish book telling you the juze are God’s chosen people and all races are the same is credible proof really of nothing — except the juze know how to promote themselves and their superiority.

Yes, there are some beautiful thiings in the Old Testament and also in Saul (Paul) but every trap needs a good bait.

Jesus came to promote a totally new religion not based on juish supremacism, and made it crystal-clear that if they murdered him any special relationship with God was over.

http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/02/04/the-holocausts-true-and-false/ (scroll down or read the whole thing)

My inspiration comes from our own people and their own religion:


I wish I had more time to talk with you.

If you are sincerely interested, know that I was a totally devout Christian for seven years and I know the OT and NT backward and forward. I still view Christ as a divine person sent by God.

But the tribe that murdered Christ — see Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” — cannot be trusted with anything, nor can the Sanhedrin agent Saul.

John 8:44: Jesus says to the juish leaders: “You are from your father, the DEVIL!”

A ju “wrldeye12” (http://www.youtube.com/user/wrldeye12) attacking David Duke on one of his Youtube sites also wrote, attacking me:

The founding fathers chose a verse to be inscribed on the liberty bell from Leviticus for a reason mr magna cum laude. Why? Because they venerated that pesky groups code of law that you hate, genius.

I replied (ignoring that his keyboard does not allow capital letters ;-)):

The Founding Fathers were Deists and did NOT believe in the Old Testament. Nor did they like the juze. (That is especially clear in Thomas Jefferson’s correspondence with John Adams.) The common people venerated the Old Testament ONLY. Christian doctrine (Matthew 21:28-46) taught that the juze had lost God’s favor by murdering His only-begotten Son.

What is YOUR position, ju, on the torture-murder of Jesus Christ? Do you condemn the Sanhedrin and your fellow juze for railroading this kind and loving man? Btw, Jesus and His disciples were Galileans — not juze by your standards — and he was at most half-juish.

If you are really sincere, and not a time-waster, you can call me at (724) 353-0154. We now live in a world of lies. Almost everything you are told is a lie, but the truth can be found if you pray for the courage to face it. And the truth WILL make you free.


A German comrade sent this:

* * *

I have a beautiful story.

The gods were sitting together and took counsel how they could hide the biggest secrets from people so they could not cause mischief with them.

The first said that we should put them on the highest mountain. Opposition from the others: people are now into rock climbing; they will find them there.

The second said: Send the secrets to the deepest seafloor. Again opposition: because people are already good at diving.

Then said the third: The matter is quite simple. The biggest secrets should be put right into the people themselves, because the idea that they already have it all…. right inside themselves …. will never occur to them!

* * *

[He then sent observations about true meditation, which in the ancient Aryan practice in India has meant for three thousand years to clear your mind, wipe it free of ALL thoughts, images, feelings, mental clutter and chatter. Don’t even concentrate, just have NO thoughts.

It is amazing to see what debris wells up and how the mind, the LOWER mind, wants to chit-chat about something, ANYTHING, and really INSIST ON MOTOR-MOUTH TALKING — instead of being for once just plain empty, clear, calm, open, obedient and LISTENING to your intuition and to the gods, good spirits/angels or to the Great Spirit, God Himself.]

Those who block out all negative news delight me as being particularly stupid. Maybe they are like these gawkers at the surfing competition.

I stand on the beach and hear a rumble, then I think maybe a huge wave will come and I need to run inland as fast as I can. But the person who is a blocker-out-of-the-negative says there appears to be an unpleasant sound, but it is not what I want to hear, so I have decided to pretend as if there were no roaring and no huge wave coming, however cold or violently dangerous it could be.

Then they are completely buried beneath it. Such people are not viable as life forms — because they cannot deal with negativity. But we are in a dimension, a world, where polarity exists — opposing forces — and we must be able to handle it.

With so much negativity it is good to be able to face it while also de-emotionalizing, so you can cope better with it and it cannot overwhelm or kill you. By this I do not mean to have NO feelings, but rule your emotions and do not let them rule YOU. The Roman/Latin word “information” is heard constantly. Well, just remember that the way psychopaths churn out lies, and half-truths, and manipulative coverage of events past and present, these are meant to get you like a soldier to stand for them IN FORMATION.

Marines in formation listen to Donald Rumsfeld LIE in 2004.

John de Nugent


Many comrades wrote me approving of my decision to interrogate any overly-eager-seeming would-be volunteers by videoconference.

I wrote back to one:

* * *

His pure-blood talk may be sincere — or just what a ju would like to stick me with. The juze are obsessed with Aryans being pure-blooded, because mongrels is what they are, and they want desperately to mongrelize us.

On the Discovery Channel show (I just got this comment from a Finnish-American: “Hi John. Your performance was super”), I could tell every time the half-ju Oliver Steeds was about to lay out a trick or trap question. He would get silent, like he was winding up to throw a baseball pitch, and I felt a radiating (and mistaken) oh-so-juish contempt within him for my intelligence. (In point of fact, he got the job not based on looks or brains, but on his juish background, like other mediocre juze such as actor Brendan Fraser, lame comedian Ben Stiller, so-so singer Paula Abdul, the (especially in “Star Wars”) wooden actor Harrison Ford (and on and on and on).

One verbal trap by half-ju Ollie was to say to me:

“And so your website is getting an enormous number of hits, millions of hits…”

Out of both honesty and the sure knowledge that ANYONE can determine via “Alexa” or other website-visitor-tracking websites that I do NOT yet get millions of hits daily on my website (which Steeds would have gloated about had I let his remark slide, that is, go unchallenged), I immediately said:

“No, my website is not big yet. Once my book appears and I launch my movement, and really confront my enemies in public, then I expect views to soar.”

Another trap by this juboy — asking me on-camera (shown on the DC episode) if he looked Aryan — was similar to what I experienced in 1979 when I did my uniformed four-man NS stormtrooper demonstration against homosexuality on my college campus, Georgetown.

(Georgetown being a Catholic/Jesuit school, and knowing what we know now about “the Church,” my protest against penis-suckers and anal-sexers surely did not make me any friends among the corrupted holy fathers there. ;-))

A student reporter for the Georgetown Hoya student newspaper, with an Italian name, Lorenzo Ascoli (see his report below), with bright blond hair and blue eyes, but a VERY curved nose, suddenly asked me out out of the blue if I looked like a pure Aryan to him.

I replied that he looked like a mixture of Nordic and Mediterranean, maybe eastern Mediterranean (semitic).

Then this ju admitted that I had seen through him and that his father was juish [I learned today from an Italian-American comrade that Ascoli is a classic italian-juish name] and his mother (if I recall) regular Italian.

I want to add this little poem by Bob Hauser:

How odd of God
To choose the juze
But what is yet more odd,
How odd of those who
Loathe the juze
To choose the juish “god”…

I had done a full-blown stormtroop protest — four men –on my campus and in front of my own studies building (Walsh) where all my professors and fellow students could see me. I deliberately crossed the Rubicon into outlaw status, in total and lifelong opposition to the tyranny exterminating our people.

Georgetown student newspaper The Hoya, February 15, 1979

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