ENGLISH Solutrea means OUR sacred stories, not the Old Testament

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On this video below (part two), at 0:52 you can see this fish-eyed psychopath of a reporter totally evade these young men’s question, which was why he and the media do not do their investigative job! Look at his dead, icy face….which betrays NO conscience whatsoever…..just maneuvering for another way to character-assassinate them. But these two brave young white men, one a combat veteran with the combat mindset, saw right through his game.

It is as I said in my “No More Wars for Israel” speech on my YouTube channel (2:02-3:55 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nknm_zxxX8I):

This scumsucking reporter works for juze who are liars and defamers as well as MURDERERS, and the word for defamer in Greek is diabolos, meaning DEVIL.

A DEFAMER PIERCES YOUR REPUTATION; HE MURDERS YOUR HONOR. In German, in fact, they have the word Rufmoerder, which means “reputation murderer.”

And Jesus said in John 8:44 to the juish leaders: “You are from your father, the Devil.” The number-one characteristic of the apiru and their minions, even those infiltrated into or “turned” by blackmail in our own white nationalist movement, is LIES AND DEFAMATIONS.

Now look at this radio message from the Zio-British goverment. If you pay with cash, close your curtains and keep to yourself, your neighbors are being encouraged to report you as a possible terrorist….


THANKS to a single working mom who sent me $25 dollars today. That is really touching and motivating; that is a sacred responsibility she is giving me. And I thank a deaf man from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, who gave $125. I promise to do more written transcripts of my radio and TV appearances for him.


A comrade wrote me a nice comment on a recent blogpost, but referred to the Stormfront leaders as a “nemesis” and suggested that the ancient Hebrews, far from being roving, thieving apiru (as per my blogpost here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/03/05/english-introducing-the-apiru-the-ancient-and-modern-nomadic-crime-family) were in fact our keltic and Aryan cousins.

I responded:

* * *

Thank you for this email, white brother. Two thoughts:

1) NEMESIS. Forgive me, but I have studied Classical Greek on the university level, I read the entire New Testament in koin Greek, and SF is not my “nemesis,” for I have not displayed “hubris.”

I have been supportive, respectful and full of praise for other white nationalist leaders — from Koehl to Pierce to Carto, and from Duke, to Schmidt, to Black, to Butler and Matthews — all men I have met and come to know, some very well, for thirty solid years.

The nemesis in Greek is raised up by the gods to strike down an arrogant human who thinks he is godlike.

Athena holding her pet owl, symbol of wisdom, in her right hand. (Luxemburg Garden, Paris)

Would a godlike person ever be molested as a child and have several failed marriages and a suicide attempt? I was, I did, and I openly admit and discuss it all.

I come clean about who I am, unlike others. One reason why Wikipedia deleted the entire article on me, I surmise, was the painful and unique HONESTY of my self-revelations. My life has been scarred, troubled and wracked by the pain that was dealt out to me — and that I have also had to overcome. I have had to pull myself out of the mud that would have — and in fact has — broken many other molested kids forever.

Photo around 1962

Molested kids, as adults, have divorce, suicide, bankruptcy and crime rates that are staggering. The movie “Mystic River” is about one of them, who after a teenage girl is found killed is targeted by the police as the murder suspect ….because he was molested as a child….when in reality he is anything but a child killer, and in fact is a spontaneous adult pedophile-killer. He had found a molester in flagrante delicto with another boy victim.

I thank God that what happened to me did not make me into a monster but instead a more compassionate person, and I was often actually super-popular as a substitute high school teacher because I could relate to down-and-out kids… and to regular kids too.

From Swampscott Junior High School, on the coast of Massachusetts Bay, I got this little testimonial left on my desk (below). I was an extremely popular substitute teacher in both New England and Virginia; sometimes three school districts would call me on a given morning. I felt the pain of that majority of the young white American pupils who were growing up — or down — or sideways — in broken homes just as I had. Some kids would miss their afternoon school bus home — and chose therefore to walk a long, long way back to their house — just to come to my homeroom after school and sit down and chat with me. I could see by their craving for an adult male authority figure that they had no father, at least none that was interested in them. They asked about my time in the Marines; they asked about the questions of life, or what they should study. I asked them how they were doing. They knew I would listen and respect them, for they all had young bodies, but many were old souls, learning, like me, on the painful path.

That life story of mine is anything but glorious and anything but godlike; it is a very human story, and I tell it only to give courage to others, so they can unburden THEMSELVES and seek counseling, because we ALL who live in juworld have our own tragedies and our own cross to bear.

(And whereas for some it is

–1) the childhood from hell, for others –2) it is a soldier, sailor, airman or marine losing so many buddies in war, sacrificing so much, suffering so much, and seeing our fighting men betrayed by our government in YET ANOTHER no-win conflict;

–3) having a ju destroy your business and steal your every last penny, as happened to a liberal French filmmaker friend of mine. The apiru in that case then safely parked the 70,000 euros in his mother’s bank account, no judge would help my goyish friend, and he was too liberal to take direct action — which this ju knew, predator and con-man that he was. All I can say is: Viva Sicilia! That juboy never would have pulled that on one of my Rhode Island Italians…… They all have an “Uncle Tony” who can go and, ahem, talk to anyone giving you undeserved trouble.)

And so just as we must repair and maintain our cars, so must we repair and maintain our minds, and if that means seeing a counselor, as my ultra-brave dad did after the horrors of the Korean War began causing him endless nightmares (flashbacks), that is a sign of courage and strength and a desire to improve or repair our minds when they have been harmed.

No trauma should be buried in denial — but it must be processed — and THEN ONLY can it be disposed of. And many of my supporters have told me their own story of childhood tragedy due to my own honest revelations; all this has gained me far more true supporters than the fair-weather friends I have lost. I believe seriously that 10% of all the white men in this country have been molested and 20% of white women, not to mention rape of adult women later in life. Looking back at my Parris Island (Marine boot camp) graduation book, I can see again faces from 30 years ago that looked and acted just as I did: both angry at life and at the same time deadened by the loss of innocence, childhood, and faith in adults.)

Here is the article Wikipedia deleted because it showed I am NOT “godlike,” but merely an overcomer. http://johndenugent.com/jdn/wikipedia_biography_john_de_nugent

Let me recall, too, comrade, that I NEVER attacked SF; I supported it; I had, I believe, the largest individually written thread EVER there, which enhanced that forum, and incredibly it is STILL growing, now to 156,000 views. SF’s leaders attacked ME and they did so on the very day after the federal government seized my vital assistant, Henrik Holappa, and tortured him mentally for 86 days in solitary.

2) CHRISTIAN IDENTITY. I am very supportive of the motivations and faith of the Christian Identity white activists. And I, like Adolf Hitler and Houston Stewart Chamberlain, sense that Jesus of Galilee was in fact a divine person and probably a Keltic white man on his father’s side, with a Roman officer possibly as his physical father.

However, despite my best efforts to try to understand the logic and their interpretation of the genetics, I do remain skeptical about the premise behind Christian Identity that the juze or hebrews in the Old Testament were Aryans.

I must be honest: I see the Old Testament as not something to be salvaged and Aryanized, but a document that must be replaced (partly through, God willing, my efforts) with OUR history and OUR Solutrean heroes, by OUR story of OUR challenges, and filed with the accounts of the tragedies, triumphs and redemptions our race has earned.

I have no interest in that which I just cannot help but see as being a bunch of wandering semitic desert tribes. As a child in Sunday School I already wondered why I, as a white boy, had to learn about these hook-nosed sand-traipsing shepherds ….especially after reading about them psychopathically throwing their own brother Joseph into a pit and then, motivated by greed even more than desire to murder, selling him to passing Egyptians as a slave!! Then this same Joseph makes himself finance minister of Egypt and corners the regional grain market, and finally makes the whole world starve and pay double for grain so as to survive!


The Old Testament seemed and it still seems to me to be irremediably foreign. It must be replaced by OUR story, our Solutrean and Aryan sagas! For this I was born, to help as I can, to return our own people to our own roots, to OUR glory, to OUR sacred and heroic stories.

This “Viking Death Prayer” is based on actual sacred Viking prayer phrases.


My judgment as a person who has studied the Old Testament very carefully, and who has read it three times from cover to cover (in my Jehovah’s Witness days 1970-76) is that it is a profoundly semitic, neanderthalic (read this! http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2008/11/04/anti-semitism-and-prehistoric-war) and psychopathic document, invented by the head psychopaths and manipulators of a roving semito-negroid band of murderers and thieves. And why? To indoctrinate these apiru thieves to see themselves as some twisted kind of elite, and to become fanatical followers and implementers in their leaders’ conspiracy of sadistic world enslavement.

Despite some very noble sentiments thrown in as appetizers, as comrade Klaus Weichhaus points out, the OT is dripping with hatred, trickery, thievery, savagery and blood, blood, blood. This is what the national socialist and also Christian Adrien Arcand, the French Canadian mentor of the great Ernst Zundel in his Montreal days, said in his L’appel du sang (“The call of the blood”):

A young, full-haired Ernst Zundel in 1963 with his beloved mentor, the French Canadian Adrien Arcand, a true national socialist

* * *

travers les sicles, le culte des Juifs fut toujours un culte sanglant. Le massacre sous toutes formes accompagne leurs prgrinations dans lAncien Testament : circoncision = sang; sacrifice dans le temple = du sang; massacre de soixante-dix mille Assyriens de diffrentes tribus en marche vers la Palestine = du sang; massacre de tous les premiers-ns des familles gyptiennes = du sang; massacre de millions dtres humains dans les guerres et les rvolutions marxistes = du sang !…Encore du sang ! Toujours du sang !…


* * *

Through the centuries, the worship of the [Old Testament] Jews [before their temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70] was always a bloody cult. Massacres in all forms accompanied their wanderings in the Old Testament. Circumcision = blood; sacrifices in the temple = blood; killing seventy thousand Persians [in the vengeance-dripping book of Esther] = blood; massacring different tribes in Palestine = blood; massacre of all the firstborn baby boys of Egypt = blood; the massacre of millions of human beings in world wars, in middle-eastern wars and in marxist revolutions = blood! …

More blood! Always blood!

Abraham gets ready to stab his son Isaac to death in obedience to Yahweh….

1940 poster saying in French Quebec “Vote for Adrien Arcand” and below, “Canada for the Canadians!” It was put out by Arcand’s National Socialist Christian Party, which was very successful until banned by the pro-apiru Ottawa government. (Canadian passports then still stated that their bearer was “a British subject.”) Arcand famously said “The Jews are like roaches. Too bad we cannot get them with bug spray!” 🙂

* * *

Solutrea means we accept what the two juze Michael Bradley and Stan Gooch say: the apiru are part-neanderthals, they hate us as the descendants of the Cro Magnons — and never the twain shall meet.

Solutrea is accepting what Bishop Marcion said: the religion of Christ is a new and totally separate religion and the opposite god from that of the Old Testament, a book of what Marcion called Satan worship. Our god is a god of health, life, love, freedom and strength, not treachery, greed and hatred.

Solutrea is our own glorious, heroic and dramatic story — and it makes us a race of 20,000 years of achievement, able to stand up to the apiru psychologically, religiously, and then politically and economically ….and, if need be, in military self-defense as well.

Our near-term goal is to ensure the survival of our race and a future for white children, and our long-term goal is a Solutrean Ryk, uniting all Aryans. We will liberate each and every square inch of our now-invaded homelands — and we will spread out further, soaring to the stars.


  1. Hi, John.

    This is a Hell of a good article. I enjoyed it a lot.

    I like your position that Christianity has to get rid of that blood-thirsty Old Testament. The OT is a document of racism, hatred, bigotry and pornography of the ancient Jews. Lots of passages depict their sickening obsessions. They were and still are psychopaths/sociopaths who never hesitate to act out and spread their disease in order to turn the world into a mental institution that is managed by its sickest residents. Obviously, it is time to get rid of the OT and teach it only at the Universities as an example of bad influence to the youth, a spiritual disease to humanity. Moreover, we have to trash the writings of Paul the Apostle along with it; as he was an under-cover agent of the Jewish clergy inside the first Christian communities, a master in provocations who’s men burned the city of Rome and later on blamed Nero about it; just like the 9/11 criminal disastrous attack against the USA and the World. Agent Paul was a pathological liar, hypocrite, defamer, devilish and murderer (he killed many Christians and others in his path). His writings contradict both the Apostle Evangelists’ writings; and even his own ones from letter to letter. His ‘theology’ is apocalyptic extracted from his dreams and the writings in the OT, instead of been based in the events that the Apostles describe. Paul is a classic example of a pathological liar, a successful pretender Saint, a suppressive predator who misleads the Christian spirituality. To discern him from the real Christians you have to read his writings with a researcher-revisionist’s eye and not with the believer’s. And that’s tough, as you know, for it requires lots and lots of suffering. But this is how a genuine journey to Truth is; it is not a rosary path.

    So, the Christians need Herculean courage and strength to wash up ‘The Stables of the King Augeios” in the depths of their hearts and ditch all of the Jewish poison that they treasured for so long like drug addicts. In this effort they can use the saved teachings of ancient philosophy and the remaining traditions of ancient religions and cultures as their tools. I see this amalgamation as the only path to freedom for the white race; for the survival of the Christian Churches in the 21st Century, and eventually for a huge and unimaginable benefit for all humanity. Only then will the Christians realise that they cannot change/save the Jew or anybody else, that they can only change/save themselves as individuals, and only then will they have the wisdom to approach mother Nature in love, without damaging it. And then the mysterious Universe will open to them like a book of sacred knowledge meant only for the initiates. But the Christians have to trust first in God before letting go.

    Spirituality is a primal instinct as old as sexuality, hanger, fear, anger, possession, need for power, etc. It is there because it serves the survival of our species and keeps the tribal/social life in an orderly and Just manner. Many advanced species in the animal kingdom have got this culture in their behaviour. Actually the more the advancement of the physical specie the more its cultivation and the vice versa. Through ideological infiltration the Jewish influence of greed exists in the spirits of both the Christian and the Muslim like a parasite. In my understanding this Jewish influence is not spiritual. It acts as a greedy force that infuses and distorts all other instincts as well: spirituality, possessing, eating, drinking, anger, sex and so on. Yet, it can exist apart from the other instincts as well, and it seems as strong and legitimate as any human instinct can be. Being non-spiritual the influence of greed crosses all lines, including the spiritual one. When it get to one instinct it wants to infect all other instincts as well. And when the spiritual instinct gets energised by greed it can go in any direction and may take the form that suits to the experience of any circumstances. Thus, the more the Christian or the Muslim indulges in Jewish teachings the less truly spiritual s/he becomes. So, the problem of the spiritually recovering human is to live free from the Jewish influence just like a junky. When he or she entertains it in any form, sooner or later it tries to express itself in any other form. And greed becomes the indicator of not only what s/he does, but what s/he is. It kills both physically and spiritually.

    The only hope is to surrender the Jewish influence for greed each time we are tempted by it. Then we experience God’s life-giving deliverance from its power, a healing takes place, and wholeness gets restored. Then we experience a true union with ourselves initially, then with our immediate social and physical environment, and finally the Source of our life.

    Warm regards,

    • Dear white brother,

      I loved and appreciated your courageous and deep thoughts above and also your support. I will put this right into my blog for Saturday, where many will read it now and many more will read it in the future, God willing.

  2. Many thanks, John.
    It is a great honour and pleasure to be posted in your blog. Your fine writing inspired me to write down a few of my ideas in relation to the same topic also. All in service to the search for Truth.

    Kind and warm regards,

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