ENGLISH Sinister Jewish music makes a white man a monster; Stormfront thread still growing after ban

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More feedback on the Discovery Channel’s BIG LIE documen-dacity called “Hitler’s Mummies” of Feb. 24. 2010. A lady comrade wrote me:

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I saw your interview with Olly “Whoops! I just found out I’m somewhat Jewish” Steeds. LOVED IT!!! He did wince at [your] cold steel….

….but I think it was WHO WAS HOLDING IT that concerned him more.

It is about time we raise the Banner of Racial Realization, and I would be very honored to have you as a friend on [a major Internet social networking site].

The ONLY reason my daughter and I tuned in to it was because in the commercial just prior to the episode, Steeds said we would be introduced to a “Real Aryan Man” and WE WERE!

Now John, we know he did not “fib” about that. Sure,he lied or “fibbed” about everything else. He can’t help it — IT’S IN HIS GENES! His DNA test came back DIRTY, remember? 😉

Turns out the little “woodpile” remark you made was correct. LOL!

Keep Up The Good Work!

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I replied:

* * *


Gee-whillikers 😉 I never knew juze could fib! 😉

Actually, it was forty straight minutes of lies — and most people said they learned nothing at all from that entire documentary. ( I did like the interior footage of Wewelsburg.)

I had a dark-skinned hispano-mestizo sound man standing three feet from me and my two loaded pistols, just barely off-camera to my left, a 6’3″ ca. age 30 Middle Eastern-looking cameraman (said to be Egyptian) five feet in front of me, a half-ju interviewing me less than one foot away, and a half-ju producer watching me ………………..

………………when not LURKING out of my sight IN MY BASEMENT during the shoot, a man who could have opened the basement entrance door at any time to let in federal marshals, or even installed listening devices.

The half-ju producer Rick had hidden his juishness and also the host’s from me in a phone call despite my direct question to him — until the moment I saw them both hop out of the big gray rented film crew van in my driveway.

I strode right up to this 5’5″ half-ju Rick with his five-man crew gathering behind him in the snow, my Makarov prominently gleaming inside my belt, and I said to him (in extrapolation of the facts of his 1) diminutive stature, 2) hooked nose, 30 film producer position and 4) Los Angeles originating flight, said :


He looked down sheepishly at the snow, saw the glinting steel pistol, his eyebrows popped, and he said defensively, “Well, one of my parents is Episcopalian.” 😉 (He did have nice blue eyes, maybe from that race-traitor parent.)

Reviewing it all, there was also outright dishonesty in the editing of my words as well as in the Ollie Steeds commentary, not to mention the editing to add spooky chime music as I (at Rick’s request) simply stood there under a ceiling fan (See video below at 0:46- 51).

Somehow the music made even the fan seem “industrial,” “efficient” and “mechanical” in a “German” way, and even sort of, shall we say, “decapitational” ….and add to those skin-crawling elements the sinister blond hair of this specimen of the “mahstah race.” ;-).

Add tinkling chimes and a head-chopping ceiling fan, plus kettle drums, and my very niceness itself makes me a diabolically manipulative future mass murderer 😉 Music hath charms to get the Walmart waddlers hyper….

The “alarm drums” really kicked in a 1:31-37 as I displayed my innocent little self-defense devices 😉 and after that Rick the tiny Hollyweird ju put in horror movie music [!] (1:38-on)


The outright dishonest editing of my words was here, at 1:09-1:12:

I had made it crystal-clear to the mendacious half-ju Oliver Steeds, who knows nothing about European anthropology, that he should STOP confounding Solutreans with Aryans.

There are endless distinctions between the two.

The Solutreans were roughly 20,000 to 15,000 BC.

They MAY have been blond. They definitely had white skin and possibly blue eyes. (Lack of melanin lightens both skin and eyes.)

Many of them may have looked winsomely Irish like this actress (in the Discovery Channel documentary “Ice Age Columbus” on the Solutreans) who played the heroine Zia:

They were PEACEFUL hunter-gatherers of the Stone Age living in small clans of 15-25 people, with NO king, no professional warrior class, no tyrant or dictator over them. They were a free people who decided on their clan chieftain and could also remove him — being all ARMED with lethal hunting weapons — at any moment upon decision of the elders if he proved incompetent or evil.

And I explained all this about the Solutreans — that is, that they were NOT Aryans — carefully, slowly and deliberately to the lying and ignorant half-ju Steeds as the cameras rolled.

(Btw, what appalled me right off the bat when he was interviewing me in my office is that he had no idea what my eagle-globe-anchor lapel pin meant, namely US Marine, or what was depicted by the Iwo Jima flag-raising lamp above my desk. Yes, he is a Brit, but the Discovery Channel’s main audience is American. I certainly know what the Coldstream Guards are in Britain [the soldiers in huge black fur hats who guard Buckingham Palace when not in combat or training; my English ancestors from Yorkshire served with them.)

Most Americans know who these British guys are…..

….but Ollie, who got the job by being a half-ju, had NO ideas what either of these meant…..the Marine EGA (eagle, globe and anchor) …..

…or this……the scene on the base of the commemorative desk lamp my father, an Iwo Jima vet, gave me. (He chipped in funds to help build this monument. Twenty-six thousand Marines died or were wounded in this battle.) I have met Frenchmen, Poles Russians, Germans, Brits and Italians, even civilians their whole life long and females, who all recognized this scene. (The Marines, btw, were erecting a very long, heavy lead pipe as the flag mast, which is why they all gave it a quick boost. They had not carried a wooden flagpole up the embattled Mount Suribachi, then still a battle zone full of caves containing armed and firing Japanese. ;-))

The ARYANS, however, descendants of the Solutreans in a later age, much closer to our time, came TWELVE THOUSAND YEARS AFTER the peaceful (too peaceful) Solutreans, long after the Ice Age was over, and never crossed over to America on the open ocean that we still have today — because the Ice Age ice shelf had long since melted away.

THEY were blond. Aryans were blond or red-haired. So were their gods, such as the sun god that the Greeks later called Apollo, or thier goddess of civilization, “gray-eyed Athena,” or the red-haired god of the Vikings, Thor.

THEY were warlike and conquering. (They would have cleaned the Siberindians’ clock, in fact.)

THEY were Bronze Age people, not Stone Age people. They were warriors with trained war horses, war chariots and bronze swords, spears, arrowheads and body armor.

Achilles was a Mycenean Greek nobleman, he was a latter-day Aryan — and he certainly was NOT a peaceful Stone Age hunter-gatherer clansman of any Solutreans!

And so my words about a blond, warlike and conquering people to Ollie Steeds were NOT about the Solutreans but about the ARYANS who came much later, in historic times. The Solutreans were not nearly warlike enough to survive the Amerindians’ genocide! (And this is because our race is basically peaceful and productive, not destructive, and warrior genes are actually rare in modern whites. After all, how many white Americans today are in the Marines or Army combat forces? ONE IN SIX HUNDRED — 300,000 out of 180 million. War is simply NOT FUN; in fact, it is deadly and traumatic, as my father told me over and over after years at the front in WWII and Korea.)

The Aryans, in fact, were ONE white tribe that conquered OTHER and more peaceful whites and became the “warrior-caste nobility” over them, like my very distant ancestors.)

Brad Pitt as Achilles in the German director Wolfgang Petersen’s excellent “Troy.”

THERE WAS NO WAR IN THE STONE AGE. The planet was uncrowded, and the lack of metal body armor, metal shields, chariots and horses (they were only eaten back then ;-)) made inter-human warfare extremely risky and exhausting.

But this psychopathic ju Ollie Steeds did not care that I had NOT said at all that the Solutreans were blond and warlike. He came into my home with his six-person crew of men, outnumbering me six to one, with a glint in his semitic eye, to tell his Big Lie, just as other juze tell the Holocaust lie and lock up an Ernst Zundel for SEVEN YEARS FOR BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON THEM.

No matter to mongrel Ollie that his every word for forty minutes contradicted his Discovery Channel’s own documentary, “Ice Age Columbus”, which said there is massive evidence (like WHITE SKELETONS AND EUROPEAN STONE WEAPONS) that white people came first to the Americas. (And if, as the documentary says, Amerindians today have white female genes, and if no Solutreans of either gender were found when Columbus arrived, the fate of the Solutreans at the red man’s hands is obvious: PITILESS GENOCIDE of ALL white men and boys, and the white women and girls seized as their “squaws.”)

A photo from Oliver Steeds’ own Flickr/Yahoo account, which I assume, unlike my account, will not be deleted…..

This is why I call them juze. They deserve absolutely no respect. And as I proved, they can be outfoxed even at their own game.

“You are from your father, THE DEVIL!” said Jesus the Galilean, in John chapter 8, verse 44


Over 165K views!

Apocalypse of the Psychopaths (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 … Last Page)
Thread Rating: 16 votes, 4.75 average. John de Nugent

03-20-2009 01:04 [last post]

by nelson1805 Go to last post

1,765 165,872

Look at this amazing phenomenon!

It was just about one year ago that 1) Henrik Holappa, my essential right hand man, was abductd by Fedzog in three squad cars and put literally in chains up and down his body, and then spent 86 days in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT WITH NO BOOKS, MAGAZINES OR TV; 2) a poison thread was started THE VERY NEXT DAY AFTER THAT GOVERNMENT ACTION on Stormfront, insinuating psychopathically that I was a pedophile and WANTED Henrik arrested; 3) I was directly called “delusional” by the forum’s owner; and 4) I was banned from posting on SF.

Even at that time I had built up one of the biggest threads ever by any one individual on that forum, with a whopping 86,000 views.

Since then, mind you, the ju who runs Photobucket deleted my PAID photo storage account and by holocausting two thousand four hundred photos, this annihilation stripped my very popular posts on that Stormfront thread of most or ALL their PHOTOS.

Thus post after post on that now closed thread, with me also banned from it, consisted of of course good text but then all the icons saying “image deleted by Photobucket” and then a caption that referred in detail to a photo that was no longer there.

Under such circumstances, one would expect that the locked and damaged thread would have stopped growing in the number of “views.”

A month ago, however, a comrade who keeps close tabs on Stormfront activity told me to my astonishment that even so the views of my thread had mounted from 86,000 to 156,000!

Today I learn they have gone up almost another ten thousand! To 165,000!

My fans are jewels, or shall I say in a little message to someone, Fanjuls. It’s a bittersweet story, not a sugary one…….of John de Nugent bouncing back, and his enemies underestimating him — and the POWER of the Solutrean idea………………………………………………. And a Solutrean today also has the blood of an Aryan in him.


A very smart and spiritual white sister wrote me asking 1) about James von Brunn and 2) complaining about certainWN men who seem to view women with good minds with contempt.

I responded (changing AS ALWAYS with my readers a few details to protct her identity):

* * *
1) Jim von Brunn died in federal custody in December……dot-dot-dot.

I grieve for him as well as the guard, and had he come to live with me and Margi as I proposed in the spring of last year, that whole tragedy would not have happened. I never met the man but had heard he was miserable, I felt compassion for him, and perhaps in the very back of my mind I knew he had a proven tendency to do vainglorious things.

He certainly would never have done whatever he did do had he come here, because he understood that the old approaches such as his and those of other brilliant comrades have all proven ineffective.

Btw, it was I who publicized on my blog the CNN “live feed” transcript where the Hispanic girl said she saw one of the black guards shoot and hit the other; that von Brunn had NOT done it.

2) Yes, there is a ludicrous and wrong-headed element of what could be called male chauvinism in the WN movement.

My world view is that of Taoism, Hegel and of the heroic Horst Mahler in Germany; the universe consists of yin and yang, and we must respect and embrace the female energy which promotes beauty, but also listening, compassion, helping, sharing, equal opportunity (though not equal outcomes!), the concepts of right and wrong (not might makes right) and conserving and preserving the good of the past.

As I have written on my blog, if Hitler had married Magda Quandt, not Eva Braun, he would have had a brilliant wife by his side who could have stood up to him and not let go until he reversed some catastrophic decisions, such as letting the Brits go at Dunkirk or his Lebensraum notion for taking away massive amounts of land from Russia.

A man who has merely a mistress wants a yes-woman.

(I’ll publish parts of this PM to you on my blog.)

You are an eloquent writer, Joan, and it is for just such women as you that my crusade is conceived. A long-term white tribe must be in synch with the spirit of the world-all, with yin as well as yang, and then it will last forever.

I assume or hope that you are, or will be, reading my blog and will give me valuable feedback as I begin things. We have just one last great chance.


Note: Contributions are gratefully cherished.

John de Nugent

213 Ekastown Road

Sarver PA 16055


On the upper right there is a window. Put in any interesting search term and you can get all that I have written since last fall. Just don’t put in “jew” or “ju” or the computer will explode! 😉

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