ENGLISH Revered Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel was also big into UFOs and the Fourth Reich

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…..Ernst Zundel, long-imprisoned hero of national socialism and Holocaust truth, on UFOs

I am blasted by various FBI assets for believing we are not alone in the universe, and that the Reich evacuated key scientists after the war to continue research and then resume the conflict! Here is my fact-based, fact-packed essay: http://johndenugent.com/ufos-the-third-reich-after-1945-and-the-pleiadians
A fleet of UFOs buzz the US Capitol under Truman
Do they realize or care that they are thereby also defaming one of the greatest WN heroes of the 20th century, Ernst Zundel?  Zundel was the first WN to talk about aliens and the Third Reich in the Antarctic, and that was back in the 1970s!



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