ENGLISH Peiper and other real men; the wonderful death penalty

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Dat be racis’, maaan. Dat anti-theft packagin’on da black produc’ be implyin’ da brothuhs be thieves or some sh–t like dat!
…..Jochen Piper, when men were men
jochen-peiper-b-and-w-ss-uniformIron Cross 2nd class (1940) and 1st class (1940)
SS-Honour Ring (1941)
Knight’s Cross (1943)
Oak Leaves (1944)
Swords (1945)
German Cross in Gold (1943)
Infantry Assault Badge in bronze (1940)
Eastern Front Medal (1942)
Sudetenland Medal (1938)
Anschluss Medal (1938)
Close Combat Clasp in bronze (1943)
Close Combat Clasp in silver (1943)
Tank Destruction Badge (1943)
SA Sports Badge in bronze (?)

Our guy in color:



A comrade (who is translating for me into European languages) asked: The important thing is, What u will do, John, when u have the power?
John D. Nugent
Well, there will be “action directe,” as the French say, to obtain power.

Then we willbe rebuilding the totally destroyed white world, just as Germany was rebuilt miraculously after 1945 by Germans who were psychologically trained by Hitler to work, not whine. 😉http://johndenugent.com/images/Nuremberg-1945-Bombed-margaret-bourke.-white1.jpg
For this rebuilding, physically and morally, we need a strong religion of Aryan values. The key is reincarnation, which gives COURAGE.

http://johndenugent.com/about-john/videos-of-jdn-speakingThe God videos discuss an un-superstitious view of God as a strict judge of karma.

Videos of JdN Speaking

So u mean, Make people think that after this life there is another life, so Aryan people will use weapons more willingly?
John D. Nugent
Yes, exactly. I will convince them that reincarnation is scientifically true, and it is. Also, you will come back to THIS PLANET. To THIS world! If we permit the Jews to destroy our world, too bad! Then we will come back to a Jewish, infernal, prison planet.

There is no escapism or “rapture” to fly away and go live with Jesus! 😉

If you refuse to fight you come back to a prison planet!

I know that 1) reincarnation is true and 2) it will save our race.

We must be willing to kill or die for our race to survive the genocide the Jew is right now accomplishing. (Aging, abortion, homosexuality, crime, vaccines, chemtrails, etc., etc-, etc.)

Heroism is good, but it is easier to be heroic with the certainty of reincarnation — that your life goes on. It is better to know inside that you will not be dead for one second, just your body. This is a powerful weapon, to know that angels will welcome the heroes and heroines after their life of noble sacrifices.

Now, this is Sweden today, comrade. Cowardice in a land once ruled by my ancestors, the Vikings!


Cowardice is our only problem. We have all the facts we need! And the Jews are 2% of the population! Why are we afraid of them and not of God?



…..Solutreans Truth!

Happy Columbus Day (back on Monday) to all White Americans and especially Italian-Americans! Liberals who hate Columbus — tough! I think this show went extremely well and I hope you listen to it! Caius Marcus Ideus is a very interesting, intelligent New Yorker, a talk-show host and an author who is deep into his ancient Roman heritage.

Dr. James Adovasio, director of anthropology, University if Pittsburgh, who 30 years before the others, dared to say and prove that Whites were here in America first!

…..Navy SEALS be racis’

“Gay” nightclub underwater? No — these hunks are straight, and US Navy SEALS, handcuffed, doing extreme training so they learn not to panic as their air runs out.

Being weeded out in a breath-holding test in Navy SEAL school. Their hands are tied behind their backs, and the only way they can survive is pushing off the bottom and snapping for air on the surface before, of course, sinking again. Over 90% of SEALS are White and northern European. Virtually zero non-Whites survive the entire weeding-out process. Watch ANY documentary on the SEALs, or Delta Force, or other elite units, or look at news footage of them fighting in Afghanistan. Actually look at their faces and skin; it looks like the Waffen-SS by the end. 😉 And the minorities ARE complaining — about flunking out. 😉 (I am a former Marine.)

….Humanimals and Human devils

Big scandal in “Deutschland” as the bishop of Limburg (yes, as in the cheese ;-)), one Tebartz, is revealed to have spent $20 million on His Holiness’s new mansion. (German taxpayers fund the Catholic and Lutheran churches.)

Like all who were abused as kids, I have “gaydar” about certain creepy people., and my alarm bells are going off on this guy.


Headline: A building made of lies


…..Poetic justice (but not enough)

sue-van-der-merwe-traitorLeftist, self-hating White liberal female politician in South Africa gets a taste of brotherhood as ungrateful Blax invade her home, break her arms and strangle her. They did not rape and kill her…. this time…unlike 50,000 of her fellow Whites whom her policies sent to destruction..


…..Raciology: fabulous popular-science book from Russia now out in English on racial differences and the Aryan race

avdeyev_raciology_cover (1)

I am excited about this book, which has a great English foreword by Professor Kevin MacDonald of California!

I joined the WN cause in 1978, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. 😉 This is a picture of me going to Nazi headquarters in Arlington, Va. These raptors later evolved into Jews.


The great book on race back then was from Professor John Baker of Oxford, entitled simply Race.

However, now, Vladimir Avdeyev, a brilliant Russian scholar, has written the first NEW serious anthropological book about racial differences and White uniqueness in 35 years! And it turns out that Russian scientists have not been as constrained by political correctness since 1945! (Stalin believed that Russian national pride should be used for bolshevik power, and that this Russian pride could be increased by archeological discoveries that indicate that Indo-Europeans originated in what today is Ukraine and Russia. All racial research disappeared from universities in the West after 1945, but not in the east.)

One of many blond Russian soldiers in WWII; a scene from the Russian movie “White Tiger”



A Russian officer is fascinated with the achievements of an enemy German tank ace in “White Tiger.” Also, many Russians were (and still are) very anti-Jewish.



I strongly recommend this Raciology book which contains both national socialism’s world view and the newest facts of hard racial science! It is, as a foreword by a Russian scientist named Solovey says, about the Aryan path to victory through“blood and soul, strength and hierarchy.”


Strongly recommended!




Racial science, up-to-date, the latest findings – and so any community-college graduate on up can understand it!


…..Movie against liberal nonsense

Rapist-murderer comes clean minutes before his execution: http://www.drudgereportarchives.net/Article.php?ID=444827&

This is why the death penalty is good. This guy, only through facing the imminent wrath of God, after 27 years of b-s lies, suddenly decided to clear things up.

The Klan hanged White rapists and pedophiles as well as black. It hanged 1,300 Whites between 1880 and 1920.



No 15 years on death row with free meals, a weight room and tv for these guys.


In 1915 the People hanged the Jewish pedophile Leo Frank after a bribed governor commuted his death sentence — despite the US Supreme Court and four other courts saying he was guilty! (For more, see: http://johndenugent.com/glory-to-mary-phagan-and-the-white-men-who-avenged-her-2)


Mary Ann Phagan fought her Jewish boss to the death. White men avenged her, including a former governor, a county sheriff, and the Speak of the Georgia House of Representatives.


My video on the meaning of the death penalty: (link:http://trutube.tv/video/12248/Glory-to-Mary-Phagan-and-the-White-Men-who-Avenged-Her)

Btw, in the excellent 1995 movie “Dead Man Walking,” Sean Penn’s character also confesses ONLY because he is facing execution. Susan Sarandon plays a libtard Catholic nun who fights the death penalty — but then discovers the lying, manipulative bastard was guilty as hell of rape and murder. Great movie against liberal gushiness. A memorable scene is a bereaved family member of of of the rape-murder victims., who reads the self-righteous nun the riot act for her faux compassion for the perp.


A lady comrade wrote me: “I saw that movie. Would have like it better, but I cannot STAND either one of them. I always thought they were both ugly people. Sarandon with her bug eyes and Penn? He’s just an ass.”

The rapist-murderer played by the Jew Penn feels sorrow — for himself — after the governor rejects his appeal. The nun sympathizes with the lying-almost-to-the-end pondscum. (The movie is based on the real nun and author, Helen Prejean, and a real rapist-murderer she tried to get off.)


I replied:

“I agree. He is a half-Jew, as the beak shows, and she may be Jewish too, via the father, and via the mother Italian-Mediterranean. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Sarandon The father was a New Yorker, a “Phillip Leslie Tomalin, an advertising executive, television producer, and one-time nightclub singer.” Hmmmmmmm…..”

Penn as a Jew IS good playing villains though.”

The movie is based loosely on this powerful book about the real crime by the real female victim:


In the book the woman admits she is angrier at God than at the rapist.

Regular Christianity is NOT helping people to really understand evil, and why God allows it. It is a dictatorship of feelings over reality. Love of humanity, White guilt for everything, and equality of all races: three pernicious neo-Christian beliefs that have morphed into the liberalism that is savagely killing us.

Adolf Hitler was a strong proponent of the death penalty. As he pointed out: Atheists are terrified of the death penalty, because when executed they deem their life to be over — and forever. And anyone who rapes or murders is bnot rape and murder, since even if they feel no love for others, stil they would fear that a righteous God would avenge their extreme evil. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”


As a boy, I feared to anger my father. I both 1) loved and respected him, and 2) he had killed many men in hand-to-hand combat and had five notches on his .38 pistol from trench warfare with the REd Chinese in the Korean War.

He was real and I feared his righteous wrath, as any child should. Mothers love and forgive, and fathers too, but fathers are there mainly to back up the rules. They are the yang element, so a child is not exposed only to yin. Life and people will NOT always love and forgive you!

So when people lie, steal, cheat, rob, rape and murder, they are functional atheists. They do not fear our heavenly father. Or they think he is some doddering old man! They can outfox him, these hotshots! 😉
Functional atheism is also responsible for opposition to the death penalty. People flip out over the outside chance that “a perfectly innocent man could be executed.”

First, in reality, 99% of those executed had already done a number of crimes BEFORE the murder (vandalism, theft, assault, drug-dealing, rape), so they were already scumbags.

They were part of the criminal class. The old word was “the underworld.” You know how Hitler ended the crime wave in Germany in one month? He ordered Himmler and Goering to arrest ALL career criminals! He said “199 out of 200 crimes in Germany are committed by career criminals. Pick them up so they cannot commit any more.” And THAT is how the new NS concentration camps filled up in 1933 — with mostly common-criminal predators!

Second, if you believe the soul is immortal, the person executed by mistake goes immediately out of their body to God and there they face no wrath at all from the Almighty. They learned for their mistake, Their life goes immediately forward.

And a person justly executed, if they also repent, and sincerely apologize to the family members of the victim, can at least arrive before God having paid the penalty, and the start over with a clean slate. It is doing a FAVOR to a murderer or rapist to execute him!

And as Hitler said, it terrifies the lowlifes. “Discipline one; educate 100.”

As for the murder victim him- or herself, their life goes forward instantly to God.

Death is not a tragedy; a dishonorable life IS.


…..Who’s the extremist?



Cool, but what is so scary is all these guys below have gray hair. The average White American is a whopping 42 years old. You can’t fight a revolution with guys in wheel chairs!

And the Baby Boomers born 1946-64 (when the Jew-invented “Pill” kicked in) are just starting to die out now. When they are gone, the White population will drop by seventy-five million. Obongo and his Jews do not need to push their luck with gun bans, which many Whites would fight. There is now a biological “solution” for the Jews to the “problem” of White people that is in sight: Die-out.
As Pat Buchanan pointed out years ago, all across the world, usually ONLY seriously religious people (such as Amish, Traditional Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons) have large families. SECULAR PEOPLE HAVE TWO KIDS, ONE OR NONE, and pass on either liberal values or none at all, just work-spend-age-die. Whites need a new RELIGIOUS FAITH that will transform them from sad lumps of flesh and complaining keyboard commandos to the heroes and mothers our ancestors were.
OTHERWISE, sheer demographics mean the minority-backed Democrats will take over every branch and level of government, and then vote in what all Dem leaders lust after: 1) gun bans and 2) hate-speech laws… (remember, we Americans are the ONLY White nation that does not have them!!!) and THEN…. it is GAME OVER. Why? Because then it will be illegal “hate-speech” to say we are being genocided or even who is killing us!…………… Look again at all those gray hairs… The clock is ticking, the biological clock.


…..Website visitors worldwide


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…..A Russian asks:

What English-speaking authors on our side should I read?

I replied:

Honestly, I recommend you read my works, because everyone else says the same thing as 40 years ago. I am the only WN writer who integrates revolutionary new ideas into the old ones (which are vital) about race and the jews.


Old views: Minorities are different from us and fundamentally violent and evil; Jews are also very intelligent in their evil, and and plan to enslave the world using Freemasons and the UN, and now using also HAARP and chemtrails.


My ideas agree with this, but add key new elements:

1) the curse of functional atheism and the wonderful death penaltyhttp://johndenugent.com/…

2) reincarnation realityhttp://johndenugent.com/…

3) psychopaths: the number-one problem–http://johndenugent.com/…


If you do not read these you will just go around and around with everyone else on how the minorities are dangerous.Well, we have known this for 100 years. 😉

The issue is — what in our SOUL makes us not stop them.

I would recommend especially my God videos here:http://johndenugent.com/…


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