ENGLISH PayPal bans Andre Anglin

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[2:05:25 AM] *M: Andre just got his PayPal closed.


[9:32:38 AM] John  de Nugent: Oh wow….
[9:32:42 AM] John  de Nugent: Hmmm
[9:33:30 AM] John  de Nugent: I can say that this was absolutely devastating for me when the Jews gave me a lifetime ban in the fall of 2011….
[9:35:36 AM] John  de Nugent: In May of 2011, the Finnish kid we took in for eight months in 2008-09, and for whom we paid $2,000 in lawyer fees for his political-asylum application, Henrik Holappa, but who in prison after March 2009 copped a deal with the feds and with the Finnish police and attacked me online on behalf of his handler, David Duke, and then donations plummeted after his lying “expose”…

I could not longer pay the rent, and was forced out of our 2,500 sq. ft. house,

…and THEN Paypal was cancelled (what an amazing further coincidence)….

I ended up in a ghetto-black, -jew-owned, junkie-whore hotel from hell that cost me far more than the house rent, especially when one adds the storage fees I had to pay for a houseful of furniture and things.

[9:37:32 AM] John  de Nugent: Now I ask the critics of Anglin how they can still call him a Jew or part-gook, or part-black, or homely, or former liberal-who-once-when-still-a-liberal-liked-Asian-girls, or whatever else…

Just  how they can still call him an agent when his site is hacked, and his vital PayPal is cancelled?


And the same applies to me as well, of course, except no one accuses me of being part-non-white. 🙂 (So they call me a con-artist-homosexual-wife-beater 🙂 )

I and Margi with Paul Fromm of Canada and Michigan activist Evan Thomas


[9:39:42 AM] John  de Nugent: All I can say is that our immature, impulsive, low-attention-span readers cannot be “bothered” to get out an envelope and stamp, huff, puff, puff 🙂 and mail off a check (such an exertion! 😉 )..

They impulsively clicked on the PP button after reading something they liked, but when it comes to getting out the check book and that oh-so-heavy envelope and that expensive 45-cent stamp, then they cool off and then they send zip. 🙂

I am an expert on this…. The end of PayPal transformed my life downward.

Now Germans will send money… but then they are used to hard work, not whining, gossip and infighting — the number-one-thing WNs are good at —  national character weaknesses which most assuredly did not rebuild Germany after 1945.

The Germans restored a flattened nation (now once again Number One in Europe in every way) that had lost SIXTEEN MILLION PEOPLE, and so the HUGE EFFORT of getting out an envelope and stamp does not  faze a “Kraut.” 🙂

Dortmund in 1945



Dortmund today



[9:41:18 AM] John  de Nugent: I think the Jews are also very spooked by Putin reaching out with contacts and now MONEY to the rebels of the west!!!!! ( 1) Nigel Farage and his UKIP, 2) Marine Le Pen and the Front National, 3) the fast-growing Alternative for Germany party….

[9:43:09 AM] John  de Nugent: Btw, 13K visits to my site yesterday…. visits staying very strong.
[9:43:55 AM] John  de Nugent: For me anyway this is a very high number…. I get a different crowd than other WNs… more educated and more into esoteric things…. about 40% Germans actually now.
[9:45:39 AM] John  de Nugent: I am coming out with a major blog today on how Hitler did NOT scoot off to Argentina to live in a luxury villa with Eva, then divorce her…… a subtle, 100% Jew lie designed to make Hitler look like a self-serving coward and ordinary person who was just Looking Out for Number One while his people perished.

This next blog will be major in other ways too.

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