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Thoughts on an Interview with General Stanley McChrystal

by Fred Reed

Oh lord. Oh lord. I can’t stand it. Somebody get me a drink.

Recently I saw an interview with General McChrystal, head butcher of the Pentagon’s Democracy Implantation Force in Afghanistan. The General was explaining our ongoing victory. Yes, victory. We were making progress. It was only a matter of time. He could see the light at the end of the tunnel. He didn’t explain what were doing in a tunnel in the first place. I guess he forgot.

The man was a superb explainer. He was intelligent, lean and fit, tanned – American Gothic in olive fatigues. Earnestness rolled off him in waves, accompanied by Firmness, Soldierly Determination and, I suspect, utter incomprehension of what he was doing. Thirty years in the military will make the most brilliant officer into a simpleton. Most achieve it by the time they make first lieutenant.

The guy was Westy, I thought. They’ve dug him up and added animatronics. He had the same statistics, drew the same comforting graphs showing the same progress in pacification, the same decline in Bad Things and rise in Good Things. Yes, he thought, we really should stop killing so many civilians, but we would stop. We were going to help the Afghans, as soon as we finished killing most of them. (He didn’t say the part about killing most of them but seems to be working on it.) We would win their hearts and minds by beneficent and salubrious bombing. (OK, he didn’t say that either. It seems to be what he thinks.)

Gret Gawd, I reflected not too charitably, if this guy ever gets sick, he’ll need an equine proctologist.

So now we are invading Marjah, a city, to build schools and hospitals. Schools and hospitals are characteristically built with heavy artillery. As soon as we have destroyed the place, they will love us and see the virtues of the American Way. (The first thing we did was to blow up a house, killing twelve civilians including the mandatory contingent of children. If that’s not a hearts-and-minds move, I can’t imagine what could be. This report I saw on Antiwar.com, which I recommend to all and sundry.)

The strategy makes perfect sense, really. I mean, if Afghans killed your tyke, wouldn’t that make you want to adopt their form of government, and let them improve your life? It would me.

All of this is so eerily familiar. Westmoreland, the Ghost of McChrystal Past, was also a pacifier of hamlets. Kill their kids, give them five hundred bucks and a lollipop in compensation. Explain voting. What a plan.

William Westmoreland

Sez me, officers should not be allowed to try to think. A constitutional amendment would be appropriate. They spend decades steeped like green tea bags in a martial culture that doesn’t have a poodle’s grasp of how people work. If you want to fight the Red Army in the Fulda Gap (I don’t particularly) send McChrystal. He doubtless knows armor, helicochoppers, large guns that say boom. But about people, he ain’t got the sense God give a crabapple. And this is a people’s war.

Understand: soldiers are not normal. They live in a bubble world, sealed away on semi-isolated bases with profoundly isolated minds. The usual traits of human behavior don’t apply, such as individual thought or mental independence. They believe in God and Country (at least, those who stay in long enough to make policy do). They are clean and neat, feel themselves part of a collective working together, respect authority and believe that others, such as Afghans, would be happier if they only did what they were told and got with the program. The military’s notions of Good and Evil are stark and very, very simple. We’re good, and wogs who don’t want us in their country are bad.

Some of this is not quite as silly as it sounds, as long as you stay on the bases. These typically are pleasant and orderly, authoritarian but not tyrannical, with public pools and gyms and clinics and in most respects the kind of welfare-plus-responsibility for which liberals yearn. The soldiers want Afghans to live the same way. It won’t fly.

Protestant Reader’s Digestism doesn’t transfer to Kandahar. “We’re here to help you” suggests to most of the world, “run like hell.” The sense of righteousness among field-grade officers is strong. They are doing God’s work. It doesn’t occur to them – can’t occur to them – that devout Moslems don’t want any Christians at all in their country, much less Christians who kick in doors and humiliate their women. The colonels think they are trying to extirpate evil, and that six robotic-looking alien troops hand-cuffing a man in front of his family is a small price to pay for democracy. Of course the grunts doing the kicking hate the locals, who dress funny and eat weird shit and shoot at them.

What McMoreland doesn’t get is that people just don’t like being invaded. Yes, yes, it’s for their own good. We, of course, will determine what constitutes their own good.

Such is the ingratitude of these people, and their lack of respect for borders, that we find ourselves forced to expand the war into Cambod – Pakistan, I meant. Pakistan. And so the Predators fly, Predating, killing the wrong people because that’s what there are more of. That doing this might produce animosity is irrelevant to soldiers. The Mission is sacred. Our intentions are good.

The consequences of not understanding what you are doing can be consequential. (Is that genius or what? You read it first here.)

It gets so tiresome. We are always saving the world from some dread or other, usually unasked. Recently a friend read me a passage from Robert Bork, the very smart, very conservative intellectual who didn’t make the Supreme Court. In it he spoke of the justness and necessity of the war on Vietnam, saying that it was crucial in the effort to stop the spread of communism. Those who opposed the war just didn’t understand the danger.

We lost the war. What happened? The Soviet Union peacefully went out of existence. Its component “republics” have joined NATO or want to. “Communist” China is a major trading partner. Vietnam, still communist, hosts a big Intel plant. Cambodia is what it always was, a hot and drab little place of no importance. Laos too is green and hot and full of people who remember their fathers being killed by the Americans.

Vietnam Memorial Statue Group, Mall, Washington DC

For this we slaughtered millions, brought Pol Pot to power to kill others, and killed a comparative few of our own citizens. Now, if America wants to kill its own soldiers, that is America’s business. It is a matter of national sovereignty with which no other country should have the right to interfere. McChrystal could maybe hold a private war somewhere in the southwestern deserts. You know, McCrystal vs. David Petraeus, with two divisions each, twelve rounds or knockout, no holds barred, but they have to buy their own weapons.

But leave others out of it.

February 22, 2010

Fred Reed is author of Nekkid in Austin: Drop Your Inner Child Down a Well and A Brass Pole in Bangkok: A Thing I Aspire to Be. His latest book is Curmudgeing Through Paradise: Reports from a Fractal Dung Beetle. Visit his blog.

Copyright © 2010 Fred Reed


====================KILLER HOSPITALS

The report below is absolutely SHOCKING, and I can verify how real it is. I know a very nice Maryland lady who needed back surgery — and got an infection from the hospital that gave her ten months of agony! And then no lawyer would take her case for fear the the “healthcare giant” that runs the hospital would ‘get’ them. She lost ten months of work in addition to her awful pain!

At the same time, her husband was in back pain agony from suddenly straightening up from a bent-over position when she approached him innocently from behind and tapped him on the shoulder. He had been a sheriff in Maryland in a heavily black area, and after so many scarring experiences with black crime, reacted with lightning speed to her unexpected touch. So both of them were in pain to the point of tears, despite pain killers.

Indirectly, every black man in that town who ever made that then-sheriff feel terrified is responsible for the back pain he was in, but that never shows up in the black-on-white crime statistics, does it?

(In the same way, every ju who ever backed communism is indirectly responsible for the traumatic psychological injuries my father suffered in the Korean War, seeing the atrocious mutilations, tortures and murders committed by the North Koreans, which also made my dad, like so many scarred combat vets, into a somewhat distant and stoic person when I was a child — beyond even the usual WASP father behavior of those times. Everything we do, or blacks do, or juze do, has consequences — even decades later, even centuries later. If there is any truth to reincarnation, we could be affected grievously in a future life by things we failed to do in this life right now, or benefited in a future life by heroic acts of self-sacrifice today.)

I rest my case with this blogpost, which reiterates what I have been saying since January 2007, that America, including corporate America which runs our hospitals, and has also hired huge numbers of NON-WHITE STAFF, is now run by ice-cold, greedy, uncaring, incompetent, irresponsible psychopaths.

[SOURCE: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100223/hl_afp/healthusmedicine]

Infections in US hospitals kill 48,000, cost billions

AFP/File – Healthcare workers at a hospital. Nearly 50,000 US medical patients die every year of blood poisoning …

1 hr 17 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Nearly 50,000 US medical patients die every year of blood poisoning or pneumonia they picked up in hospital, a study has shown.

Hospital-acquired sepsis and pneumonia in 2006 claimed 48,000 lives, led to 2.3 million extra patient-days in hospital and cost 8.1 billion dollars, according to the study, led by researchers from the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy at Washington-based Resources for the Future.

Together, the two hospital-acquired infections — also called nosocomial infections — account for about one-third of the 1.7 million infections US patients pick up every year while in hospital, the study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine on Monday shows.

They are also responsible for nearly half of the 99,000 deaths a year from hospital-acquired infections reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The study found that patients who underwent invasive surgery during their initial hospitalization were more likely to pick up a secondary infection while in hospital, and elective surgery patients were at even higher risk of nosocomial infection.

Using the largest database of hospital records in the United States, which covered hospital discharges in 40 states, the researchers estimated that 290,000 patients in US hospitals picked up sepsis, or blood poisoning, during their hospitalization in 2006, and 200,000 developed pneumonia.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia extended a patient’s stay in hospital by 14 days and added some 46,400 dollars to the final price tag, while sepsis extended the time spent in hospital by nearly 11 days and added 32,900 dollars on average to the final bill.

And in many cases, the two infections and others picked up in hospital could be prevented by improving hygiene in clinical settings, said Ramanan Laxminarayan, one of the lead authors of the study.

In a commentary piece also published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, two critical care doctors deplored “the magnitude of harm from these infections” and said it was “unconscionable” that patients “continue to experience harm from their interactions with the health system.”

“What is glaringly obvious is that preventable harm remains a substantial problem and that investments in research to reduce these harms are woefully inadequate given the magnitude of the problem,” David Murphy and John Pronovost of Johns Hopkins University’s department of medicine wrote in the commentary.

“We have invested little in rigorous methods to measure and improve quality of care,” they wrote.

* * *

Here was my experience at Alexandria (Virginia) Hospital in 2007. One of my two daughters was born there in 1980, and it was a nearly all-white hospital then. The care, I know, was excellent, because Ingrid was a “premie,” born premature, three weeks early, and weighed only a dangerously low three pounds, 5 1/4 ounces! (Thank God she was not born retarded…but her brain got enough nourishment, and she went on to get a master’s degree at Duke University.)

In 2007 I started feeling pain in my lower abdomen, and Margi used a search engine to enter my symptoms. Sure enough, it looked like appendicitis. So I returned after all those years to Alexandria Hospital. The first thing I noticed was EVERYONE WAS BLACK! Not just black, but AFRICAN……hmmmmm.

I waited nearly FOUR HOURS after informing the emergency room BLACK nurse that I thought I had appendicitis, a potentially FATAL crisis. In the waiting room next to me was a young. blondish, attractive German couple (he was a scientist) whose towheaded son was crying pitifully from an extreme ear ache ……while black after black after black, and mexican after mexican after mexican, were taken back and seen by the BLACK staff.

Finally, the pain in my abdomen began spreading from left to right.

I recalled from reading online that that could be a sign my appendix could burst!

I then approached the AFRICAN security guard to say I needed to find the intake nurse right away. He said “She gone somewheah.” At that point, I said: “Look, I have an appendix that is about to burst, and I could die right here. The pain is spreading from left to right, which means this is a crisis. I need to see someone RIGHT NOW!!”

And with that (I still thank the Marine Corps for giving me that “don’t mess with me” look), I strode right past this thick-skulled negro, through a partly open glass door, and walked to the back of the triage station where, THANK GOD, I found a white nurse way in the back. As soon as I explained to her why I was there and how the pain was spreading, she ordered me put on a gurney and wheeled straight to the x-ray room. (Margi was right: it was an appendix problem  — and I was right that it was about to burst!)

I was then operated on by a HINDU doctor who never came to visit me after surgery, or see how I was doing, or give me instructions.

I contracted urethritis from the steel tube they inserted in me, and all I saw was an all-African staff (though I must say they were friendly, for what that is worth, while they gave me a urinary infection).

That was MY experience nearly dying in the emergency room waiting area in white-hating Jumerica. The blondish German couple had been waiting for five hours with their little golden-haired son — but being foreigners, unsure how to proceed, and being authority-respecting Germans, not John Wayne types like me 😉 , they did not dare do what I did — simply invade the triage station and demand treatment immediately.

You gotta put on the “look” sometimes. You have to stop being reluctant as a white person to “make a scene.”

The half-ju host Ollie Steeds at the Discovery Channel (the show will be on tomorrow night at 10 PM EST, called “Hitler’s Mummies” [sic]) was unprepared for me and my white “attitude.” He thought he could go on the offensive, but he found I was the one on the attack with every word. It is time for Jumerica to hear we won’t take any more of their crap, these are our demands, and the greatest demand is to get out of the way, because we are going to survive and run our own lives!

The only questions we must have from now on are:

Is it good for white people?

Does it make Solutreans more powerful?

What is my duty to my own people?


A comrade sent me this important report from the courageous Frenchman Thierry Meyssan’s website Voltaire.net, which also has a superb English-language section. Meyssan was one of the first to challenge the government’s nutty Arabs-with-boxcutters theory of 9/11, and took a lot of ridicule and heat for it. Below, he offers a forum to former Marine Corps captain (that’s “Corps,” not “Corpse,” Obama 😉 ) and professor James Fetzer.

McKnight Professor Emeritus in the philosophy of science at the University of Minnesota Duluth; he taught logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning for 35 years; founder of S

Here is the story: http://www.voltairenet.org/article164022.html
* * *

I wrote the comrade:

* * *

Great info. I have talked with former Marine captain Fetzer.

On the unconscious level, I think many had to be wondering as soon as they saw those pix on that awful day nine years ago just how a building could turn to dust particles.

I personally had lived in Brooklyn Heights in 1974-75 as the WTC was being topped off, I could see it out my window in a high-rise south of the Brooklyn Bridge and it looked like some pretty darn rugged steel to me.

I still wonder if Building Seven at the WTC did not contain a particle-beam weapon to ensure that the building would vaporize, above and beyond the collapse-causing nano-thermite. There was something in that building that had to go.

A major thing I learned in Prof/Captain Fetzer’s report was that if the WTC towers had NOT vaporized, the wall keeping out the Hudson River would have been shattered and Lower Manhattan, Wall Street (and I believe the NY Fed with all its gold — or its MISSING GOLD?) would have been flooded.



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