ENGLISH Muslims have a militant religion — and we just type in a chemtrail fog

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…..Google 19 Nov ’14 results for search term JdN


JDN-GOOGLE-19-nov-14 Despite six hostile troll websites and a total jewsmedia blackout!




…..Facebook blocks one specific photo!

My eight-part presidential video (THE POLITICAL PLATFORM is found here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn-for-president-of-the-united-states-in-2016/ an the VIDEOS are found here: http://johndenugent.com/videos-of-jdn-speaking/ and then scroll down to “THE VIDEOS TO LAUNCH A PRESIDENTIAL MOVEMENT“) begins – after the biographical intro — with the vital theme of chemtrails.



jdn-launch-video-chemtrails-2Because I consider them 1) extremely weakening of our willpower and instinctive desire to survive and resist, and 2) very irritatingly obvious — once you understand about chemtrails and their dangerousness, then go out and see them in your sky, over your very own town or city — something you HAVE to breathe in!! — it makes you livid every time. AND I WANT PEOPLE TO GET LIVID!

It is not like “Who started WWII in 1939?” or “Was there a Hol0caust 70 years ago in Poland?” 😉

A crazy double-spraying over Puchheim in Germany on 2 January 2014

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 1 My American colonial ancestry, Marine Corps service and education; the truth about those “chemtrails” in the sky

I saw a post from the very well-known American chemtrail whistleblower Dana Wiginton ( http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/facebook-user-account-frozen-after-posting-photo), who says his Facebook account was closed because he posted one key photo of the inside of a chemtrails plane!

Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire Jewboy owner of much of Facebook




The Zuckster stole the Facebook concept from these two handsome Harvard-grad twin brothers, the Winklevosses ….


This was the photo Kikebook banned …. On the outside, it looks like a regular passenger jet, but inside…..


Strands of chemtrails spread out over my house in Sarver in 2008 in western Pennsylvania


Provocatively, the Jews (= their government minions!) carried out low-altitude flights in 2012 and 2013 exactly over our rented cottage in Apollo in western Pennsylvania…..


They sprayed large Xpatterns right over my head, as if to give me personally the big semitic finger! 😉 I complained on the blog about it once, in the spring of 2013,  and scarcely 90 minutes later, they flew out and did it again! — another very low-level flight over the tiny village of Apollo. (This town of 1,600 lies 35 miles NW of Pittsburgh, which they constantly spray (on windless days, so they hit their target.) Look, an X at low altitude, exactly over my head! ;-)



2.4 million hits on my name on Jewgle 🙂 So no, I am not too insignificant to get my own personal chemtrail greeting 😉….


The top hackers of the Jews in Israhell hacked my site a month ago for 24 days straight!

My static (permanent) website that refuted the calumnies online against me, Defamation, Impoverishment & Eviction for True Leaders ……well, if you go to open it above the banner — 1) it has no more content, since the Jews deleted it, 2) it is strangely up there twice, and 3) both times you get only get a 404 error message! 😉
Two webmasters now cannot even find the webpage link or content anywhere inside the site! 😉


  Some more lovely interior pix of a chemtrail plane….


Hmmmm… de-icing jets for the wings, or chemtrails?


“It’s a beautiful day  in the neighborhood….” 😉


(Full disclosure: A German comrade told me he thinks these are pix of a balancing test for new planes, where shifting water is used to simulate passengers all sitting on one side of the plane or the other, in this way testing he plane’s stability during flight… not sure about that….)

The famous-infamous British novelist Aldous Huxley prophesied a neurochemical worldwide concentration camp! (http://pulsemedia.org/2009/02/02/alous-huxley-the-ultimate-revolution/)


(Translation into German for the 45% of my readers who are located in Deutschland)

Es wird, in der nächsten Generation oder so, ein pharmakologisches Verfahren geben, wo die Menschen ihre Knechtschaft lieben und es, so zu sagen,  eine Diktatur ohne Tränen geben wird, eine Art schmerzloses Konzentrationslager für ganze Gesellschaften.

Somit wird den Voelkern in der Tat ihre Freiheiten weggenommen werden waehrend sie es eher genießen, denn von jedem Wunsch zu rebellieren wird man sie abgelenken: durch Propaganda oder Gehirnwäsche, oder durch Gehirnwäsche plus psychiatrische Drogen. Und diese Revolution wird scheinbar die letzte und die endgültige sein. “–Aldous Huxley


prozac _dees

Therefore, there must be a deliberately, openly, honestly fanaticizing new Aryan religion for heroes!

The sluggish, defeatist, “ah, whaddayagonnado?” White zombies, nervous,  dazed, stupefied and stressed out, must be reawakened and ELECTRIFIED!

The Jews have their Judaism to  FANATICIZE them!

fur-hat jew-outremont-montreal_quebec-


They dance, jump, and ponder their coming world revenge, wealth and final victory over the Goy!


They celebrate themselves: their marriages mean more babies for Zion’s power — how they love their bloodthirsty war god Yahweh!


The boys are allowed to smoke so they feel like tough gangsters!



The Muslims have their Islam, which makes mice into lions! 


From being Arab nobodies at the time of the Persian, Greek and Roman empires, suddenly with Islam they became a world power! Within 120 years after Muhammad’s death this new tribal war religion of the semites (invented by Jews originally to crush Christianity and the white race!) spread to be a military and political superpower!

Islamic expansion

But Islam jumped like a runaway train off the Jew-arranged track — and became an active, mortal enemy of the Jews themselves! 😉

But meanwhile we Aryans sit at our keyboards, and bewail our fate! Or engage in infighting against our own comrades!

That is why we need the coming world religion to come and make US into fanatics!





…..Hitler’s favorite song (German/Engl. subtitles)

He would get tears in his eyes, said his SS bodyguard, Rochus Misch.


Composed by Franz Lehar, a Hungarian-Austrian composer)


…..HUGE orange fireball in Russia (Ural mountains)


Mysterious orange fireball explodes in Ural mountains of Russia: [Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCH7BpxBOTI]


More: http://news.yahoo.com/mysterious-burst-light-over-russia-leaves-scientists-locals-194423699.html

…..Getting ready to resume Internet radio

Getting ready to resume Internet radio....

…..New record visits to my site: 15,854!

  • Danny Standish is that just for today??
  • Danny Standish damn… good job
  • Dmitriy Tkachenko I have a question about one of the publications. Where the number of victims of repression in the 21 million Russian Christians under Stalin? Elohovskiy temple (sobor) worked in Moscow during Stalin. My great-grandmother went quietly in the temple.
  • Dmitriy Tkachenko http://wiki.istmat.info/%D0%BC%D0%B8%D1%84:%D1%87%D0%B8…

    2014-10-21 10:23Пятилетний план народно-хозяйственного строительства СССР


  • John D. Nugent Well, Dmitry, I have translated this important work that is a review of Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s book “200 Years Together” –which is about how the Khazar Jews in Russia treated the Russians, especially when they came to power via the Bolsheviks. http://johndenugent.com/…/russia-and-the…
    9 mins · Edited · Like · 1
  • John D. Nugent Well, Danny, 15,854 is many times the readership of a month ago :-), but there are 700 millions Whites out there… gotta long way to go and not much time.
    Also, the new readers, like the old ones, send zero donations, so Margi and I are in a very serious financial bind.
    Yes, I do other work for money, such as writing many paid articles for The Barnes Review magazine, raking leaves earlier, or shoveling snow, and no, a man with my resume (look me up on google!) cannot get a regular job, and no, a 60-year-old man (even a very fit one) should not be slinging bags of cement around in a warehouse. No, there are no jobs here locally (the last big employer, a paper mill, closed two years ago, and half the stores, bars and restaurants have closed as well as a result.


  • John D. Nugent The unvarnished truth is more than 1/10th of 1% of my readers should send donations if they think my work is worth reading every day, which the stats show they do. 😉 The ADL has 1600 full-time employees and that is why they are murdering us, because Jews generously donate to their organizations and we do not.
  • John D. Nugent Nor do WNs support any other activist. It is not just me they refuse to help.


  • John D. Nugent What this means is we have no money to buy bags of sand ($6 each) so I can get our car, stuck now for a week, up a hill and then leave the heavy bags in the trunk for traction, two feet of snow having fallen and none of it is melting — not with temps in the 12-20 degrees F range. (And the ground is frozen solid, so I need to buy sand; I cannot just dig it up, and the beach is a mile away. Should I carry sand on my back for a mile? Maybe that is a good use of my time — with an A average from Georgetown. 🙂 And, after all, the white race is is in fine shape and does not need any activists helping it. 🙂 )
    It also means I have no money for printer cartridges so I can print out letters.
    It means I am worried my car insurance will be cut off.
  • John D. Nugent I gave up a millionaire lifestyle for this cause…. and was disinherited by my father, a friend of three presidents who had two mansions, over my and our views. I am not in this for the money. (I am also totally shunned by both my children and all my relatives.)
  • John D. Nugent Please click here http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/ and then scroll down to “blue-eyed Buddha” and continue after that.

    As of August 31, 2013 (and Google manipulates this…
  • John D. Nugent “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” — Jesus
  • John D. Nugent http://johndenugent.com/donations-log/

    This log is to confirm to those who send me useful items –cash, valuable coins, checks, money orders, books or…

    …..Website-vistors around the world

    11/19 @ 5:17 : Thale, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]

    11/19 @ 5:15 : Obertraubling, DE
    11/19 @ 5:12 : Kensington, Ohio, US
    11/19 @ 5:10 : Ontonagon, Michigan, US
    11/19 @ 5:06 : Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, US
    11/19 @ 5:10 : Ontonagon, Michigan, US
    11/19 @ 5:06 : Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, US
    11/19 @ 5:06 : Trussville, Alabama, US
    11/19 @ 5:05 : Spain, ES
    11/19 @ 5:02 : Mountain View, California, US
    11/19 @ 5:02 : New South Wales, AU[STRALIA]
    map-australia-new-south-walesDanger Falls
    11/19 @ 5:02 : Leipzig, DE


    Semitic peoples and violent neanderthalic genes:  The bold and visionary author Michael Bradley of Toronto, Canadaposits that the neanderthal subspecies of prehistoric man never entirely died out, but instead became the genetic base of the modern semitic peoples of the Midde East. He further posited that their power causes tremendous world conflict and intolerant world religions (such as Judaism, judaized forms of Christianity and Islam) because neanderthals see other subspecies (such as, for example, white people, who are the race descended directly from the Cro Magnons) as their hereditary rivals and as enemies to be destroyed.

    Bradley is half-Jewish himself, and on May 6, 2010 some of his key findings were validated by renowned scientist Svante Pääbo, also half-Jewish, a leading researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany…..

    Lead scientist Svante Pääbo (center, with glasses, behind the skeleton) and his Max Planck- Leipzig research team. His Swedish father was a Nobel Prize-winning scientist; his mother was Jewish. From left: Adrian Briggs, Herman Burbano, Matthias Meyer, Anja Buchholz, Jesse Dabney, Kay Prüfer, Svante Pääbo, Janet Kelso, Tomislav Maricic, Qiaomei Fu, Udo Stenzel, Pääbo’s lead assistant, German scientist Johannes Krause, and Martin Kircher.

    The study was published by Svante Pääbo in the prestigious journal Science, reversing Pääbo’s own previous findings, which had asserted wrongly that neanderthals could not mate wiht modern humans and had gone extinct.

    Neandertaler / Genom

    Paabo’s key assistant, Johannes Krause, PhD,  stated to German television (in a video that was quickly removed)

    “unter einigen modernen Bevölkerungen [ Klartext = in Nahost] beträgt dieser Anteil [an Neandertalergene] zwischen 10 und 20 Prozent.”


    “Among some modern populations [ = in the Middle East] the percentage [of Neanderthal genes] is between 10 and 20%.”


    Range of the Neanderthals before the superior Cro Magnons took over

    Map showing range of Neandertal existence

    11/19 @ 5:01 : Switzerland, CH
    11/19 @ 5:01 : Leipzig, DE
    11/19 @ 5:01 : Chemnitz, DE
    11/19 @ 5:01 : Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
    11/19 @ 4:59 : Nykøbing, DK
    Female gymnasts of the Circus Arcus, Denmark
    11/19 @ 4:58 : Switzerland, CH
    11/19 @ 4:58 : Johnson City, Tennessee, US
    11/19 @ 4:34 : Köln, DE  [Cologne, on the Rhine River]
    Threatening and foreign, a giant mosque in cologne, Germany!
    Cologne Cathedral windowRichter_window_Cologne_Cathedral
    Shrine of the Three Magi in the cathedral
    11/19 @ 4:32 : Nykøbing, DK
    11/19 @ 4:30 : Coos Bay, Oregon, US
    11/19 @ 4:28 : Caen, FR
    Yours truly in 2003 at the Abbey of the Men, built by William the Conqueror
    11/19 @ 4:25 : Northborough, Massachusetts, US
    Large, highly acclaimed supermarket chain in the USA (with 85 branches), which like so much of US business is or was in the hands of Americans of German descent.
    Wegman‘s belongs on the Fortune magazine list of the “100 Best Companies to Work Forwegmans-northborough-massachusetts
    Daniel Wegman, with very German features ….
    In the states in gray, German is the biggest ancestry.
    german-american-census-map- 1980
    11/19 @ 4:24 : Venezuela, VE
    11/19 @ 4:24 : Holden, Massachusetts, US
    11/19 @ 4:23 : Sankt Poelten, AT [AUSTRIA]
    the Cathedral
    11/19 @ 4:22 : Nykøbing, DK
    11/19 @ 4:20 : Sheffield, GB
    11/19 @ 4:16 : Pompano Beach, Florida, US
    11/19 @ 4:16 : Nykøbing, DK
    11/19 @ 4:14 : Hamburg, DE
    Joy as Germany wins the soccer World Cup germans-watching-world-cup-victory-2014-hamburg
    11/19 @ 4:10 : Brownwood, Texas, US
    11/19 @ 4:09 : Braunschweig, DE
    11/19 @ 4:08 : Syracuse, New York, US
    11/19 @ 4:08 : Austria, AT
    11/19 @ 4:05 : Johannesburg, ZA
    11/19 @ 4:05 : Torrent, ES
    11/19 @ 4:03 : Villeurbanne, FRresidence-urbane-eden-villeurbanne-69-1154
    11/19 @ 4:02 : Karlsruhe, DE
    11/19 @ 4:00 : Strängnäs, SE [SWEDEN]

    11/18 @ 6:50 : Watton, Michigan, US
    11/18 @ 6:49 : Alpharetta, Georgia, US
    11/18 @ 6:46 : Siliguri, IN
    11/18 @ 6:46 : Germany, DE
    11/18 @ 6:44 : Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
    11/18 @ 6:43 : Glen Ellyn, Illinois, US
    11/18 @ 6:38 : Shelocta, Pennsylvania, US


    Keystone Power Station

    Keystone Generating Station, Route 156 Shelocta

    11/18 @ 6:38 : Skopje, MK
    11/18 @ 6:38 : Swindon, GB
    11/18 @ 6:36 : Glen Ellyn, Illinois, US
    11/18 @ 6:36 : Pasewalk, DE
    11/18 @ 6:35 : Pasewalk, DE
    11/18 @ 6:14 : Tirana, AL[BANIA]



    11/18 @ 6:14 : Berlin, DE
    11/18 @ 6:14 : Brooklyn, New York, US

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