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Dear Comrade,

I am a 31-year-old white male living in Missouri. I’m an ex-101st Airborne Infantryman and an ex-police officer.

Last night I saw the Ollie Steeds show on the Discovyer Channel and saw them portray you as a psycho when you let them know you were armed and then showed them your weapons.

After viewing the show I looked you up on the Internet and discovered your website.

Mr. de Nugent, let me be the first to tell you that I was up nearly half the night reading your website — and I am intragued by your teachings and your beliefs. As I said, I  served in the military and worked in local goverment for 9 yrs after my military service but got out due to political reasons.

Mr. de Nugent, I just wanted to let you know that I am fan and believer in your teachings. Any help that I may provide for your cause, please feel free to let me what I can do. Thanks for your time.

* * *

I wrote this comrade back:

* * *

The juze sure walked into my trap with that pistol scene. I KNEW they would imagine that that scene would hurt me — but I KNEW it would help me with the red-blooded white American males to whom I wanted to reach out. I have no use for white liberals who shriek and have hissy-fits at the sight of steel. They are part of the doomed-paleface brigade of non-Solutreans who will die out ove the next decades, or as juze would call them goyheads. ( It’s goyishe Koppen in Yiddish.)

Some might also say that I should not share my beliefs about the possibility of reincarnation. I say that it helps me with the people I want to attract, people who think and feel deeply about  the mysteries of life and seek their calling, and it thankfully scares away the time-wasters mired in Establishment lies and especially those following the Sanhedrin agent Saul/Paul.

I appreciate your courage to serve your country in the famous Airborne and also as a police officer. But then political reasons caused your career to end, yet your desire to serve a higher cause continues.

A nice Solutrean graphic created by a German comrade using Solutrean spearheads!

I know about idealism being betrayed. I joined the Marine Corps reserve in 1977 when I was in college at Georgetown because I too was a young man who wanted to serve America and freedom — though I was still studying (I still do wish to serve at 55!)

Also because I admired my Marine father who, as I’ve written many times, fought at Iwo Jima as an NCO and then in Korea as an officer.


Actual combat photo of Marines like my dad on the beach at Iwo, where 6,000 Marines perished. The entire mountain ahead, Suribachi, had been hollowed out and fortified as barracks, weapons storage and firing positions by the 20,000 tireless Japanese, who fought heroically and virtually to the last man. After all, they were defending here the sacred soil of their homeland.

My father actually saw the US flag go up — along with thousands of other cheering Marines, atop this hulking and lethal mountain.


During this one-month-long battle, 27 U.S. military personnel were awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions, 14 of them posthumously. Of the 27 medals awarded, 23 were presented to Marines and four were presented to United States Navy sailors; this is 28% of the 82 Medals of Honor awarded to Marines in the entirety of World War II.

[JdN: I assume these sailors were Navy corpsmen [medics], or as Barack Obama calls them, corpse-men! http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/02/21/english-barack-obonehead-calls-navy-medic-a-corpseman]

I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps, but what I did not know when I enlisted is that after the Korean war (1953) my dad has grown disgusted with Marine Corps brass policy in Washington and had decided after Korea not to make a career of the Marine Corps. He was disgusted with the Pentagon’s no-win policy (later repeated in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan!), and said to me: “Fifty percent of the men in my Officer Candidate School class at Quantico were killed or wounded, and the question is for what? So many good men were lost, John…..so many good men……such as my dear friend Ed Flanagan…. ” Then he would always get silent.

I told him a few years ago that I had read that from January 1945 on the Japanese were basically BEGGING TO BE ALLOWED TO SURRENDER (months before the bloody Iwo Jima and Okinawa battles). Their only stipulation was that their emperor not be arrested, tried for anything or hanged. (And in fact the emperor  never was when Macarthur occupied the country!)

He said to me:

“Well, that would be very disturbing, because we lost a lot of good men at Iwo and afterward.”

So we all go through this moment, once or several times, when we recognize that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, as Hamlet realized. (See my post yesterday.) The answer is not to abandon our idealism but to find a better cause. To see that psychopaths now rule the world, but that we as the altruists must wise up and fight smart to defeat them, and seek in all things to obey God. He wil be on our side if WE are on HIS.

Thanks for your email, comrade. I hope we can do good things together!


Yesterday I wrote a comrade about DNA tests to determine if one was pure-white. (Actually, to say pure-“Aryan” would be wrong, since the Aryans were only a very late arrival on the white scene, appearing as an ethnic group of  conquerors perhaps around 3000 BC. But the Solutreans were alive, thriving in adversity, and spreading around the world in 20,000 BC!)

Another comrade who is studying biology wrote me this:

The DNA test can only determine your father’s male line (using DNA in the cell nucleus) going way back and only your mother’s female line (using mitochondrial DNA out in the cell itself).

It cannot determine the ancestry of your father’s mother or of your mother’s father. So it leaves out half the equation — as the test stands now!

* * *

I got many other nice commentaries last night. On YouTube

You are a true civil rights hero, John!
* * *
I resp0nded:
* * *
You have grasped it. We are not white SUPREMACISTS – we want to be left alone! We want our rights as Americans! And we will get them back.
Another wrote me:
* * *
Good morning John. I watched you on the Disc. Channel last night. That just reaffirms why I do not watch tv. I think it was about 10 seconds into the show when that idiot already started with his jew talking points.
I have heard many of lies, just like I’m sure you have, but Himmler owning a chair made out of the bones of jews is a new one on me. A chair made out of bones….Wow…. don’t these people ever stop?

As usual they said sinister nazi’s and evil more then enough. Yet when it came to the Allies it was, Oh… “carpet bombing” — what a nice word, and means almost nothing. How about for a change “Heroic German Knights” and ” Murderous Allied terror bombing” or ‘Soviet Jew Butchers”

Wow… it was so hard for me to get thru that show, but I did. I wanted to see what you said.

John, you looked good on TV. I think you told me that they filmed you for a couple of hours. I think you got about 45 seconds of air time.  [Jdn: The whole segment was about four minutes, out of four hours.]
That sucks because I’m sure you had many things to say. Would it have been possible to have Margi film you with your camera while this whole interview was going on? That would be the only way I would ever do anything like that. Have these jews film me, along with my own camera person and then post or show what I said compared to the jews edit room. But I’m sure there is a waiver that is signed so this is not possible. Am I right?
[JdN: I will check into your suggestion and the waiver issue.]
I think when a person finally wakes up to reality, watching fiction on tv is no fun. I have watched more tv as of late. I have watched some Olympics this year, and enjoyed it. However when they break to comercial and I see the multi-culturalism and lies being driven into peoples’ brain I want to scream.
Anyway John good job, and it will be a cold day in Tel-Aviv before I watch the Discovery Channel again.
My response:
We need to create our own online TV network!
Another comrade got hot under the collar:
* * *
Saw you on TV, JOHN!
Hey I saw you on the Discovery Channel with some guy named Ollie Steeds ….. you should have shot that liberal punk for being disrespectful in your own house 😉 …. you should have shot all six of them probably….. 😉
His whole show is a joke in my opinion…. That little coward was scared to death of your pistols……
* * *
I replied:
* * *
As a former Marine I hate violence….. Let’s say those pistols were a “meme.” 😉
I am grateful for donations:
John de Nugent
213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055
tel: (724) 353-0154
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Another comrade wrote:
* * *

Thank you for taking time to write me back! I started reading your article on psychopaths! Very fascinating — I can not wait to finish it!You have a way with explaining things that opens my eyes!

I live in California and I walk the streets and I look at the many different people waking by me and I can’t help but think how inferior they are to me!
I watch the History Channel and watch shows on the racial cleansing of WW2 or Aryan and I see all the points to what people say on how being pure is best! I think every race feels theirs is best but none can even come close to Aryan blood!
Please let us keep in touch! I would love to learn more from you!
Thank you
* * *
I answered:
* * *

Dear Michael,

Well, the key is to love our own race and know that the whole planet benefits by our survival. I have several non-white volunteers who do a lot of work for me because they understand this. Aryans benefit all humanity.

I think progress on this planet would grind to a halt if we no longer existed.

Do you have any computer or other skills I can use to build the Solutrean movement?



Thank you John, for including the Sedona, Arizona info. Maybe it will help some others realize a small bit of truth and they will dig (literally and figuratively) more on their own.

Yeah, [the Smithsonian female official’s] reply from the Institute was right out of a high school text book. I was going to reply to her asking her if she still thinks the world is flat too, but it would have been a waste of time to continue dialogue with her. It’s people like her, and most “archeologists” are like it as well. If they’re get off their lazy fat asses, get out from behind the desk and get a tiny shred of adventure in their blood and go see what truths are out there, they would be amazed.

Even the archeologists I know are so tame and placid, they might go to a site or two, but they do all the tiny scraping and little stuff you see on the History Channel (ZZZzzzzz. Wake Up!)  I had a nice house and a lot of antiques before I moved to AZ a few years back. I had made a decision to sell everything (minus my two lovely dogs whom I still have) and move out west to explore on my own. I knew I wouldn’t / may not be where I was financially when I got back, but the stuff I found and realized over the two years out there, I could have never paid tuition to learn in a classroom.

I tell people who don’t believe me, have some guts and set off to see for yourself. Most never do. They are too tame and scared. I made Indiana Jones look like a sissy. Fending of rattle snakes, mountain lions, black bears, but never got a full-on attack thankfully. Most animals in the woods wanted to keep to themselves. It’s some adventure — and the eyes to see what’s plainly in front of you is all one needs.

Oddly, though, I am sure it is intentional. Most all ancient “stuff” is either on land designated “National Park or Forest” or are “sacred” tribal land. I am sure those areas are designated on purpose. To keep prying eyes and curious minds away. Don’t want John Smith digging up an ancient sarcophagus while he’s putting in a new septic system, I guess.

Like you said though, everyone is afraid to “say the wrong thing” and offend someone. Everyone’s afraid of getting sued or being pointed at. Only in Jewmerica.

I love it when people get all sad and jaws drop when they have Holocaust specials on and they talk about how many Jews died from it. I just think to myself, yeah, and look how many frigging millions of “survivors” we have today, here still on Earth!

Imagine if they hadn’t died? We’d have even more.

My mother is British and her ancestors come from northern Scotland and some Germany. I am fortunately 100% on my father’s side. We have a family tree book that shows our line back to 1547. It’s pretty neat.

* * *
I replied:
* * *
I think this is a learning planet and most souls are mediocre people. That is what this planet is intended for — hard knocks for slackers. or for streakers….. 😉

When the masses, however, see a strong leader, organization and victory plan, they fall in line.

But they will NOT become a martyr “for nothing,” or become heroes in isolation.

I’ll print on my blog a good chunk of your very interesting email.


* * *

A comrade wrote:

* * *

Thanks for being who you are John, and being someone out there for others to look up to.

I replied:

* * *

Karma and dharma – it’s serious and real. If you have talents, you MUST deploy them. I feel God’s eyeball on me all the time. We all should.


* * *

A former teacher wrote:

* * *

You are so RIGHT!!

Hello Mr. Nugent,

I just saw you on the Olly Steeds program. I am so glad that they contacted you because if they had not, I would not have known about you and your thoughts on a subject that I have believed for most of my life!!

I am an ex science teacher and have a Ph. D. in Epidemiology. I have seen the decay and overrunning of the white race in our school systems and in almost every part of society. I have taught many high school senior classes where there were at least 4 to 6 black or mexican girls present that were pregnant. For some, this was there second or even third child!!!

When asked how they were going to take care of the children when they had not even a HS diploma yet, their almost unanimous reply was by welfare. When I explained the welfare system to them and where that money came from, each and every one of them stated that they did not care and that it was my problem, not theirs.

These people breed like rats and do not care who is supporting them, as long as they get their government checks every week. I have even had black students to talk about going to the doctor so that they could get what they call their crazy checks. In other words, they act stupid or retarded in school and on various tests so that they can claim mental disability and get government assistance for their families. I grew tired of trying to teach these people and they just not caring until the stress contributed to me having a heart attack while teaching in my class. I survived with little heart damage and despite being unemployed for awhile, it was less stressful than teaching a bunch of people that did not care and often resembled the primitive man artifacts that I was teaching from.

Anyway, thank you for having the courage to express you theories and publish them!! I am a firm believer and will keep up with your website and future books and articles.

Just know that there are thousands or possibly millions of people out in the world that believe as you and support your right to express those beliefs.

* * *
I responded:

* * *
I taught as a long-term substitute teacher for years and all I can say is most good teachers quit. The bad drives out the good. I took over a French class in Rhode Island where the teacher (female) had had a total nervous breakdown in class and had started weeping and talking about Jesus. So sad…..what the juze have done to our once proud nation.

* * *
A comrade wrote:

* * *

« Just saw the show..What a joke!! As with many of these “history” shows- all hype, no facts, just distortion. Keep up the good work!! »

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Thanks, I will and I’ll pour it on!


  1. I let the TV go when it went digital. A couple of years prior to that I had the cable company send a cable guy out to unplug me so I couldn’t tune into Discovery to watch your spot on impersonation of Frank Gorshen with guns. Thanks for posting a snippet of the segment here. If you need an booking agent you’ve got my email address. I used to manage Frank who was a Slovenian, not a Solutrean. But what’s the dif?

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