ENGLISH Michelle Obama — or “Michael”?

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…..TheRebel.org in Australia

Eight years exactly today, Dec. 15, 2013, that TheRebel.org in Australia has been slamming the J-team



This great website has been around since 2007 fighting zionism, it now boasts an average of 8,000 hits a day, and has decided to create a “mirror site” — which I control here in Pittsburgh in the USA — in case its truth-telling owner in that once-free and brave country, now saddled with “hate-speech” laws, gets arrested.

The Rebel issued this statement:(http://therebel.org/general-discussion/31799-independent-mirror-site-operational/#31996) “Just in case I get arrested under the medieval heresy laws of Australia, Europe or elsewhere, ‘commit suicide’ or suddenly drop dead, or if Satan’s little helpers decide to cut off my purse strings in an effort to make it impossible for me to continue to run this site, I have asked John de Nugent to set up a mirror site for therebel.org. John has the resources, manpower and organisational skills to keep the Rebel Site going in case something happens to me and/or this site.

John happily agreed, registered the rebelofoz.com and the rebelofoz.com.au domain names and set up a hosting account under his name and at his expense. After a couple of days of fiddling around with the procedures, i now have a system in place where the therebel.org site gets regularly mirrored on John de Nugent’s rebelofoz.com.au site. It’s fully operational and ready to go.

So if the Chosenites or their minions think it’s a good idea to take me out of the equation, I suggest they think twice whether they really want John de Nugent to take over the reigns of the Rebel Site. Now that the continuation of my life work is ensured, I’m happy to get martyred any time.

And just in case you wonder what all the recent changes on the Rebel Site are about, here is what is going on. What I’m trying to do is to transform the Rebel Site into a genuine community for the anti-Jewish resistance. Being a political dissident can be very isolating and depressing. Rather than being kind of reader’s digest of all the ills for the world, where people go to get depressed, I’m trying to create a virtual home where dissidents go to spend time with like minded people and experience a real sense of community. The newly revivived Rebel Forum is an important part of that and so it the community building/social networking component with all its extensions such as personal blogs, shopping carts, ticketing and fundraising.

If you like what I’m doing please support me by spreading the word and – if you are in a position to do so –
contribute financially.

Rebel of Oz


On TheRebel.org I saw this editorial: http://therebel.org/news/editorial/the-fake-tantrum-of-america-s-first-shemale/


The Fake Tantrum of America’s First Shemale


The level to which the Matrix is using the alternative media to spread its deceptive messages it truly amazing. The latest example I’ve come across is a series of photos published in an article on the ‘White Information Network’ titled Michelle makes Obama change seats so he can’t talk to Denmark’s beautiful PM. It describes an incident at the Nelson Mandela memorial where Michelle Obama supposedly got jealous of the attractive Danish Prime Minister and made her husband swap seats to sit inbetween them.


What’s wrong with that article? Well, we should all know by now that President Obama is not into women. In case you missed that, Google ‘gay Obama’ or watch this interview with his former school mate, Mia Marie Pope, according to which Obama was well known to be homosexual and not at all interested in women.

We also know about Michelle Obama’s masculine body features. Since Barrack Obama is not into women, Michelle is either a male or a shemale pretending to be a female to avoid getting in the way of Barrack becoming U.S. President. It is far less likely that Obama got married to a real female just to appear to be straight. Their body language says otherwise.

So if Barrack Obama is as gay as a pink poodle, and America’s first shemale obviously knows about that, why did (s)he get jealous of Denmark’s attractive female Prime Minister? The answer is pretty obvious to me: it was all staged. They put on a show for the media to counter the fast spreading rumors about Barrack Obama’s embarrassing sexual credentials.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hold against Obama that he is a homosexual. If anything I feel sorry for him. Nor do I hold against him that he is born outside the United States or that he’s a cocaine-addicted Communist Muslim who used to earn his drug money as a teenage male prostitute sleeping with older white men and as such does everything he can to destroy the country and race he hates most. That’s his choice of life-style. What I hold against him is that he is a mass-murderous psychopath and pathological liar. Time to send HIM to Guantanamo Bay.

Obama is a Good Man

Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of the Australia-based dissident website therebel.org.

My comment here and on a thread on TheRebel.org (http://therebel.org/united-states/31631-the-fake-tantrum-of-america-s-first-shemale)


Very interesting material if true.

As blogger John Kaminski pointed out to me:

“Rumor Mill News reported awhile back that Michelle Robinson was once Michael Robinson, a linebacker for Oregon State. Then she transferred to Princeton, had the operation, and the rest, as they say, is history. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=286658 I don’t know if I believe the link it refers to. The picture in there is definitely photoshopped — it looks like Lionel Ritchie on the left. But I was thinking earlier today we shouldn’t be quibbling about Barack’s birth certificate, we should be looking for the birth certificates of his alleged daughters and the names of the parents on them.”

Obviously, if the Stephen Sindoni claims are valid and can be promoted widely, this one shocker would finally end within a week the unspeakable joke that is the Obama presidency — something which even 1) the long known birth-certificate fraud, 2) the devastating Frank Marshall Davis info, and in recent months 3) the Mia Pope allegations of homosexuality and 4) the ObamaCare website debacle have not succeeded in doing.

(Btw, here was yet another person who knew too much about Obongo and died — this time in a small-plane crash: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/12/12/250461407/hawaiian-official-who-released-obamas-birth-certificate-dies)

I believe I was way ahead of the curve on Obama way back in the summer of 2008 when I was, I think, the first American blogger to run the nudie pix of Barry Soetoro’s whoring, jewish, communist mother and his communist, porn-novelist, biological father, Frank Marshall Davis.

Barry does not even look like his supposed Kenyan father, but instead like his true father, Davis, who, Barry admits in his bio, mentored him in socialism and white-hating.

This and other nudie shots of Obama’s mother were taken around 1961 in Hawaii by Davis.

Davis describes sexual three-somes with what is apparently Stanley Ann Dunham, the “president’s” mother, and his white socialite wife, in his infamous and unusually filthy novel “Sex Rebel Black.”

The father of Barry’s mother was the OSS/later CIA Jew Stanley Armour Dunham, who sat out WWII in a cushy slot as a supply sergeant behind the lines, like most Jews.

The whole lot of them are clearly human garbage.

What all these many things do is make Obongo incredibly blackmailable. In the US military, any high-ranking officer could be the target of blackmail or even forced to commit treasonous acts to avoid being accused credibly of adultery or homosexuality. Blackmail is the main concern of the military, not concerns about sexual morality. Any military is, to be perfectly blunt, an organization of professional killers… like the Marine Corps to which I belonged 1977-80. There are few prudes in such cultures, and I have seen married Marines do things on leave that the wife would not approve or want to know about. A young, healthy, macho man separated from his wife for a year and “living” in a stressful combat zone where any day could be your last might indeed “stray.”But blackmail is the concern. Blackmail is how Washington DC runs. If you have dirt on someone and the ability to end their career and/or get them prosecuted and convicted, you can control them.

Now as for the Sindoni assertions:

Margi (my fiancée) and I watched the video and I searched through Google images afterward for Michelle pictures. Margi remains skeptical, saying the “penis” may just be her pubic bone and pubic hair. What I found is that in many images “Michelle” seems to NOT have the Adam’s apple which would suggest male gender.

However, the photos of “Michelle”s back did startle me. At the very least, this creature is very masculine, even if she does have female organs.

I have been married twice (with two daughters and two granddaughters as a result), I have been in two other long-term relationships as well, and in addition have been with two dozen other women back in the day, and I say this not to brag but to prove that I have seen plenty of women undressed – and yes, the shot of Michelle’s back did indeed look like the back of a man. It seemed just too filled out, too broad and muscular, and especially too meaty between the shoulder blades, for the woman I have known.

And certainly the photos that Sindoni presents/found do look as if the hands were photoshoped onto “Michelle”’s wrists…..

Of course, any truly genuine photos of her while pregnant with the two supposed daughters would be useful.

I saw two funny posts online:

1) “I looked at “O” and the woo key and said to myself: ‘Those kids don’t look like either of them.’ I’m sure they are props.”

2) “None of this would surprise me. Throw it on the pile along with no birth cert. for him, no past, etc., etc. Hell, I’d say the entire family are holograms – except there’s no way the grid could supply enough wattage to render that massive ass.”
A friend wrote me:

“We already know he’s a faggot… and a queer would prefer not to live with a straight woman. A queer who is a politician and wants to stay in power for years on end would choose a ‘marriage’ arrangement that involved living with another man that appeared in public to be a woman.”

Another wrote me:

“Many blacks are AC-DC, and Barry may have been homo before and is now mostly straight to avoid harming is “presidency”…

In any case, the man is a total fraud. A DNA test of him, her and of the kids would reveal everything, IF done by an honest lab.

I remember a reporter once stole a lock of Ronald Reagan’s hair off the barbershop floor to see if he colored it 😉 (answer: no) (Reagan was our oldest president, entering the White House at almost age 70.)

In summary; I am not sure what to make of Sindoni’s accusation. But one thing is certain: Barry brings this on himself because of all his proven lies about himself. A George Washington would never have been the subject of any such speculation. In fact, during the Revolution even hostile British newspapers showed respect for Washington as a leader and as a man who believed in his cause. Our first black president has ended up as even more disgraceful than Dubya and Clinton — and that is saying a lot. 😉




This is why, for all my sympathy for all those oppressed by Israhell, they still are semites, they still are neanderthals (http://johndenugent.com/neanderthals-and-semites), they still are Muslims, and their practices are atrocious!

Some theorize that the Jews started Islam as a hammer to smash Christianity (because of their extreme hatred of Jesus), although Islam spiraled out of control. Islam is Talmudism for Arabs.

Same kosher food laws, circumcision, “One God,” chosen-peepul notion, contempt for women, violence, polygamy…. and on and on.




A comrade wrote me:

Hello and warm seasons greetings during this cold season. Firstly, thank you for sharing your observations with the world.

I recently read your article on black violence in South Africa and was fascinated with it. I have spent some time in jail before and due to that experience of being a White minority among blacks I have a fascination with the White experience in sub-Saharan Africa.

I have to say this John. I think Whites have become like the blondish Eloi in H.G. Wells’ famous novel, The Time Machine.



They are becoming the prey to the black Morlocks!

A Morlock



I don’t see any hope for the majority of Whites.

The majority of Whites have a pacifist mentality, and this is not a sort of mentality that is conducive towards survival in the world. When I say I am anti-pacifist I don’t mean I support wars; I am anti-war. But Whites don’t know how to fight anymore. Kids who get in fights in school get harshly punished. Boys who show natural behavior get drugged on psychiatry.

The Whites, and especially the Nordic Whites, have been putting themselves through a process of domestication for a very long time. We are breeding ourselves to be very servile and pacifist. Meanwhile blacks have been doing the opposite. This is related to why White women have been going to black men. Women are designed to be attracted to males who can fight, males who are aggressive.

At this point in time it is not Christianity that is responsible for breeding Whites to be docile. It is the mental health industry. Christian values may have been the prototype which the mental health industry was based on, but then again I am not sure. Also eugenics were breeding Whites to be docile as well.

John, we have to face the truth. We Whites are now a slave race, and we are observing the natural response to a slave race. A servile race is either enslaved or exterminated by its masters, and that is what we see happening. Whites have to learn to be fighters again.

We also have to realize that “servile Whites” are the biggest enemies of those Whites with a fighting spirit. Craig Cobb was harassed by those sorts of Whites. America (servile Whites) is harassing Russia (the Whites with a fighting spirit). “The redneck” is almost a satanic figure in the mentality of “White liberals”.

“Epic Beard Man” knocks out a smart-mouth negro on a San Francisco bus


White culture has lost its tradition of initiating youth into manhood through tribal ceremonies. I suspect we may need to study various aborigine cultures in order to find inspiration on how to create a set of ritualized experience to help bring about the re-birth of the White spirit. Technology is powerful and important but we have forgotten about the power of the spirit.

By the way, if that is your real address in the contact information, I would like to send a Christmas card to you.


Little German girl in her folk costume




After the worst natural disaster in Kanadian history, the southern Alberta flood of June, 2013, the Mounties took it upon themselves to seize all the guns in High River, a town of 13,000 south of Calgary. That gun grab resulted in “one of the worst violations of citizen’s basic rights in Kanadian history”. No one seems to know who gave the order to do so. No politician took responsibility. Local RCMP were moved out and mounties from outside the jurisdiction were brought in to do the dirty work. According to this documentary by Sun News, data from the previously annulled gun registry was used to finger the location of these guns and residents were kept away from their homes for an unprecedented 30 days after the flood. Doors were kicked in even though many of them were unlocked.
What was the reason for this draconian action. one can only surmise that this was a test case to assess our reaction to the violation of these basic rights, to condition us for further such actions and to instill fear in anyone from owning a gun. These is no question that the courts and the politicians will back the mounties after sufficient apologetic rhetoric, of course. This film is a full one- hour documentary which lays all of this on the line. The new World Order is here, and you better accept it, comrade…..and keep watching that television set.  


Joke in German and in English (with two dashes):
Vorkoster gesucht!
–Taster wanted
Bei einem Weinhändler ist der “Vorkoster” gestorben und er sucht eine neue Arbeitskraft.
–A Wine Merchant is looking for a new taster after the demise of his old one.
Ein Alkoholiker, dreckig und ungepflegt, stellt sich vor.
–First one to apply for the job was Pisspot, dirty and shabby looking.
Der Weinhändler überlegt wie er den wieder los wird…
–The Wine Merchant immediately thought of ways and means how to get rid of him.
Er gibt ihm ein Glas Wein zum Testen.
–He gave him a glass of wine to taste
Der Alkoholiker sagt:
–The Pisspot said:”Muskat, 3 Jahre alt, gereift in grossen Fässern, keine gute Qualität”
–“Muscat, 3 years old, matured in big vats, not a good quality.”
“Stimmt,” sagt der Chef.
–“Exactly” said the Boss
Noch ein Glas..
–Another Glass…
“Das ist ein Cabernet, 8 Jahre alt, gereift bei 8 Grad, braucht noch 3 Jahre bis er super schmeckt!”
–“This is a Cabernet, 8 years old, matured at 8 C, need another 3 Years to mature to get pleasant to the tongue.”
–“Correct.”Das dritte Glas…
–.The third Glass….
“Das ist ein Pinot Blanc Champagne, sehr exklusive! “sagt der Penner.
–“This is a Pinot Blanc Champagne, very exclusive!” said the Pisspot
Der Chef ist überrascht, kann es fast nicht glauben.
–The Boss is stunned, he can hardly believe it.Er wirft der jungen Sekretärin einen Blick zu.
–He throws a knowing look to his young Secretary.Sie verlässt das Zimmer und kommt mit einem Glas Urin wieder.
–She leaves the room and returns with a Glass of Urine.
Der Penner probiert und sagt :
–The Pisspot does taste it, and said:”Sie ist blond, 26 Jahre alt, im 3.Monatschwanger.
–“She is blond, 26 years old, pregnant for the last 3 Months.”Und wenn ich diesen Job nicht kriege, erzähle ich jedem, wer der Vater ist!”——
–“And if I do not get the Job, I’ll tell everyone who the Father is.”

….Rumanian TV “scandal” — villagers let ‘er rip

http://tinyurl.com/kfvm4pv Rumanian village folk choir sings “burn the Jews and send them up the chimney” on live TV, and the Jews flip because the host and spectators applauded. 😉 (Crude Google translation from French to English)


If you want a White Tribe and a tribal religion to give us the inner fire again, then I am your man.

“Machete” — My fiery review of a White-bashing, pro-illegal alien move and my orders


Glory to Mary Phagan and the White Men who Avenged Her — My video on a 1913 rape and murder of a beautiful 13-year-old White girl by a high Jewish official, Leo Max Frank, whom the top citizens of Georgia finally courageously lynched when he was about to walk free despite the US Supreme Court and four other courts confirming his guilt. (AND DON’T MISS “EPIC BEARD MAN” IN ACTION! 😉 )




Others have been making big sacrifices.

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This 1940 book, Soldaten des Führers im Felde, “Soldiers of the Fuehrer in the Field”,  has 3-D glasses and 3-D photos showing the triumphal three-week blitzkrieg campaign in Poland. I sold this heirloom to pay the rent. 

A Macedonian comrade sent this:
Just imagine a table, a simple round table, and at that table gathered Heraclitus, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Dostoevsky, and imagine Fyodor opening that meeting. Could you imagine them sitting together as a collective, and then being able to tell the world anything or even each another? A man is a man only when he is alone. As soon as two minds meet, their common sense is blurred, even if it were the minds of the greatest geniuses. Ever since the Creation of the World, not a single book was written, or a single invention or device invented by any Collective. The Collective invented, yes, the wars, the feuds, the duels, the pillaging…. whatever comes from primitive muscles, from urges and violent force, but can it create or procreate anything? No, only killing and destruction. The truly strong man is strongest alone.

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  1. Guys, don’t badmouth Michelle for being the man in the family — somebody has to wear the pants! Yes, she did marry a homosexual prostitute — but that’s how she/he got to be the First Lady. Her hubby still is the same prostitute that he always was, except that, instead of his own body, he is now prostituting the U.S. of A.

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