ENGLISH Mayans, Grays and Mel Gibson; the amazing lost Guanches; Aryan rulers of Mesopotamia and Egypt

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…..Incredible keltic singing

Recorded at The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, Scotland
Karen Matheson – vocals. Composed in the late 1700s by a Jane Finlayson of Tong, Lewis, Scotland, who was pining for a young Uig fisherman named Donald MacRae. The following is the English translation of the Gaelic-Scottish:
Boatman, o ho ro eile
Boatman, o ho ro eile
Boatman, o ho ro eile
A fond farewell wherever you goI often look from the highest hill
To try and see the boatman
Will you come today or tomorrow
If you don’t come at all I will be downheartedMy heart is broken and bruised
With tears often flowing from my eyes
Will you come tonight or will I expect you
Or will I close the door with a sad sigh?

I often ask people on boats
Whether they see you or whether you are safe
Each of them says
That I was foolish to fall in love with you.

It is important to add that in real life the Scottish fisherman, Donald MacRae, did marry this girl composer-singer, Jane Finlayson! 🙂


…..Mayans and Grays

I just discovered this 2012 video (http://tinyurl.com/lm8vsd9)saying the Mexican government was going to release info on the connection between the Mayan culture and certain so-called extraterrestrials.

But even this word “extraterrestrials” seems more and more inaccurate, since humans, grays, and other species have been on this earth together for a very long, long time. (http://johndenugent.com/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens)Some speculate that these so-called Yeti, bigfoot, sasquatch beings are in fact the only large, two-legged primates that are truly native to this planet, and supposedly there is now DNA evidence for their existence. But that is another topic.

The evidence now suggests thatWhites — our race — and East Asians — Chinese, etc. — descend from colonizers who migrated here from one of many different advanced human planets to which our race/species fanned out a long time ago. Then wars and disasters struck, cutting us off from our various home planets and hurling us back into the Stone Age.

The theme of tech-in-greedy-hands leading to species disaster is the theme of the powerful 2009 movie “The Road” with Viggo Mortensen, Robert Duvall and Charlize Theron. Americans are thrown back into Stone Age survival and brutal conflict, even bands of ruthless men practicing cannibalism, after a high-tech catastrophe.

The movie is based on the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel of the same name by the outstanding Irish-American author Colman McCarthy, who also wrote the novel behind the movie “No Country for Old Men.” Well, this scenario can play out on other planets as well — evil and greedy people get ahold of a nation’s technology. The colonists who had settled on new planets find themselves completely stranded when their home world is destroyed by evil forces that had started catastrophic wars or through greed for profit had triggered environmental disasters.

Scenes from “The Road”




And so what happens, over and over and over across the galaxy.is that species develop tech and then destroy themselves. That is, the pyschopaths in each species take over, the good ones become too soft, naive and cowardly to fight back, and then the wicked lead their species and planet to disaster.

It would not even be accurate to call extraterrestrials “visitors,” since some evidence says they have had permanent bases here for thousands of years, or as long as we have been here. They are simply intelligent non-humans on a planet that many species have come to.

This video shows Nassim Haramein & KlausDona, both PhDs, discussing clear and obvious depictions in Maya sculptures, tablets, statuettes and trinkets of

–1) UFOs and

–2) Grays!

Dr. Klaus Dona is clearly one of us, ideologically, btw., and is speaking in German with English translation.

A screenshot from this video showing Grays


Screenshot showing UFOs, a comet, the earth and its atmosphere

Here is, to my great surprise, the entire, excellent Mel Gibson movie “Apocalypto” about the mostly demonic and evil nature of Mayan civilization and human sacrifice.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWoaXXMT-Y4

It is clear to me that what Dr. Alan Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee, who worked for years with the US Air Force and with NASA, have said is true — that what we call “aliens” are really interdimensional creatures. Some aliens are so evil they are exactly what the Bible (and other religions!!) call “demons,” and other “aliens” are basically angels, benevolent, wise, helpful and trying to uplift and teach the White race.

It is also clear that the Grays are mostly very evil, sadistic, psychopathic bastards. The Mayan sculptures prove show they were highly involved in Mayan culture, which was based on human sacrifice and the worship of very nasty-looking gods who can only be called demonic.

…..Mel Gibson’s 2006 move on the Mayans “Apocalypto”

In the January-February 2007 issue of TBR [The Barnes Review], my article on “Psychopaths and History” (found here: http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/important-info/psychopaths-in-power) triggered much discussion of which specific individuals and groups in history have literally proven to be psychopathic, i.e., those who go beyond the usual human greed, ego and prevarication and, to use traditional religious language, are “deliberately evil.”

Psychopaths, as described in the bestsellingThe Sociopath Next Doorby Martha Stout, a 25-year veteran of Harvard Medical School, can deeply scar or destroy the lives of others: they lie constantly, act sadistically and maliciously and sacrifice others for their advancement and pleasure.


Why? Because they have an unlimited “will to power” to tyrannize over others, and possess neither inhibitions nor conscience nor any ability to truly love or feel compassion.

Strikingly, Stout claims our ruling class is full of these maneuvering monsters, with many at the very top, and that they enjoy clear advantages over the decent and trusting majority–that is, until again and again the wrath of God and man strikes them down. In this article, I returns with an appreciation of Mel Gibson’s December 2006 worldwide hit film, “Apocalypto”. I claim that Gibson has consciously set out to do a film about psychopaths in power, the paralyzing fear they create in their victims, and the inner turning point between victim and patriot. Gibson has magnificently succeeded in this, I say, his greatest film masterpiece.

Barnes Review readers seem to agree with this assessment, and some of our most thoughtful correspondents have seen this movie–about Mayans in Mayan, with subtitles–between four and six times. And it turns out that there lurk in the subtitles some heretical comparisons:

For months I had three objections to seeing this film–all defanged by the film itself:

One, although a former Marine, I detest anything that sounds like a “horror film,” and a film about human sacrifice sounds appalling.

A Mayan victim hunter


In fact, the violence in this film, which does show human sacrifice and those escaping it and fighting back, is not gratuitous but at the core essence of the story, and Gibson shows only half the gruesome Mayan-Aztec reality which the Spanish terminated after 1502. It may make professional anti-racists uncomfortable, but “Apocalypto” cleaves tightly to reality in details both large and small, right down to the colors of the plant dyes used in native clothing, the jade used by different classes of women and the feather headdress of the great king.

Mel Gibson, one of 11 pure-Irish children of Irish-born Hutton Gibson and his Irish-born wife. Mel was born in the States but raised in Australia.


(Using artistic license, Gibson does blend different periods of Mayan architecture and decor, and by the time the Spanish came, as shown in the film, the jungle Mayan cities already had been mysteriously abandoned. It was actually further north, in the very similar and neighboring Aztec culture with its own human sacrifices, that the Spanish would find the same psychopathic atrocities, which caused them to eradicate the Aztec regime root and branch with the aid of oppressed local tribes.)

Two, I detest our national tendency to mindless action movies. Methinks Americans should break with their hyperactive national character by “doing” less and “thinking” more.

WhatApocalyptorepresents, however, is a mindful action movie. It is done by a storyteller worthy of Homer, a director worthy of Cecil B. DeMille (Gibson’s movie has 700 extras, all in differing accurate costumes), and a deeply spiritual man (when not off the wagon; Mel in Australia used to drink two scotches in beer, which he called “liquid violence”).

“Apocalypto” transmits via entertainment a tremendous message, one that reflects the values of his father, Hutton Gibson, a courageous Holocaust revisionist, a Traditional Catholic–and an honored speaker at the 2003 conference held by this very magazine. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutton_Gibson)

Hutton Gibson with famed Australian revisionist Dr. Fredrick Toeben


Not many Hollywood “action flicks” start with a quote from historian Will Durant (1885-1981), author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning, eleven-volume The Story of Civilization:

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

Third, I wondered how much relevance Mayan Indios in 1502 had to me, a White man in 2013, except for the possible fact that our country of America is now being flooded by illegal alien descendants of the Mayans and Aztecs. 😉

Mel leads Mayan actors across a raging river; in this scene, Mayan human-hunters are taking their pitiful victims to the temple for the hideous human sacrifice. On the left is a “spider camera” that moves along a wire as the action advances.


Actually, plenty of relevance: The entire movie delineates how a tiny psychopathic ruling class misrules, lies to, entertains with mass festivals, impoverishes and oppresses an entire nation–and how God and man ultimately thwart them.

The title “Apocalypto” comes from one of the very many utterly unique scenes in this revolutionary piece of film making. Mayan manhunters pass through an orphan girl’s smoldering shell of a village, not unlike the pulverized Ramadi or Fallujah in Iraq, or Dresden in 1945 Germany or Gaza in Palestine. They take along their captives destined for human sacrifice, neck-tied to a wooden rail, heading for their torture and death. The psychopaths prod her aside; they have no time for starving orphans; the clock is ticking for show time in the Yucatan.

She dries her little-girl tears and thanks to Gibson, from somewhere real, inside the character, come two riveting eyeballs trained on them and a voice of doom that “spooks” even the hardened enslavers. She then “reveals the end” of all that they represent; in Greek, she “apocalyptizes” the final things.

Two Mayan actors confer with Gibson


The officialApocalyptoposter from Icon Productions (Gibson’s own film company that also did Braveheart), depicts a Mayan high priest, with an obsidian knife in hand, striding forth from his ziggurat where for years he has been sacrificing trembling humans.

Trailer (in German but irrelevant – the move is entirely in Mayan with subtitles, just as Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” was entirely in Latin and Aramaic with subtitles)

Soe review of the movcie on Youtube underneath:


Mayan high priests harangues the crowd that priest must do human sacrifice or the gods will be angry and the sun will disappear.


In 1486, in fact, during an Aztec temple dedication before huge and roaring crowds (just 16 years before Columbus’s fourth expedition, which landed in Central America), in a four-day festival twenty thousand live captives, knowing in advance what was going to happen to them, consciously saw and felt their hearts, hands and feet being surgically sliced away by the glass-like but razor-sharp obsidian knives, this before their heads were cut off and flung, followed by the torsos, bouncing and flipping down the pyramid steps–naturally “as the crowd roared.”

Aztecs ripping a heart out; the Spanish under Cortez conquered Mexico so quickly because many Indio tribes sided with the Spanish to be free of the Aztecs and their horrific demonic, religion.


Other Mayans were used as target practice for various elite weapons. Raids to small villages, as depicted in”Apocalypto” in an unforgettable 15-minute sequence, brought a never-ending supply of fright-sickened new victims.

But the Mayans also fought wars and humiliated captured foreign leaders; as Gibson relates in the fascinating “Director’s Commentary” on the DVD, they spent nine interminable years degrading, humiliating–and amputating various parts off–a captured head of state. As Gibson related, in the end the captives were just “balls of nerve endings.” It would appear that the sociopathic priests enjoyed making fools even of their own kings; the Mayan heads of state were persuaded to try accessing the gods by driving a stingray spine through their penis. (See sidebar: “Mel didn’t show half of it.”)

It reminds one of George Orwell’s description in the novel1984of the ultimate psychopathic regime. Big Brother’s spokesman explains with chutzpah to the captured Winston Smith: “Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship [or Mayan priestly rule] in order to safeguard a revolution [or new order]; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.

“The object of persecution is persecution.

The object of torture is torture.

The object of power is power.”

–Part III, chapter three

Here speaks pure sociopathy from the summit of the State.

Vast swaths of forest were also cut down for fuel by the Mayan ruling class, heedless of devastation to the environment (especially of the top soil), all this to bake the clay bricks used for these ever-higher ziggurats.[However, the Mayan and Aztec cultures (and those of the Incas, Apaches, and other Amerindians) never even invented the wheel–except as a child’s toy!–despite all those round logs they cut down and rolled and despite the vast distances encountered in the Americas. Nor did they possess horses in pre-Columbian America. So everybody trudged along, carried or pushed something with human power until Spain came in 1502.

Nor did the Mayans and Aztecs, canoers, invent the sail in a hundred generations of feeling the wind blow their canoe sideways. Perhaps they were waiting for the “white gods” to return.

All film dialogue is spoken entirely in the authentic Mayan of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico where the film was made, and all actors, including the star, Rudy Youngblood of Texas, are Amerindians from North and Central America. (As a young man awakened by horror to his destiny and abilities, Youngblood’s performance at the hands of producer-writer-director Gibson is superlative.)

It is said that in his 2004The Passion of the Christ, the “antisemitic” (in reality “New Testament”!) remarks are left only in the Aramaic language and are not even printed in the subtitles. Interestingly, in the French subtitles to his most recent movie,Apocalypto, even more so than in the English or Spanish subtitles, the murderous high priest makes many Talmudic-sounding statements during the human sacrifice scene.

“These are the days of our great lament,” the high priest intones to the crowds from atop his pyramid. Then he asserts to the over-awed mob (again, this is in the French subtitles translating the Mayan): “Notre peuple a t choisi.” That means: “Our people has been chosen.”

In the English and Spanish subtitles, this is prudently rephrased as “We are a people of destiny” (perhaps in dishonor of Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address: “This generation has a rendezvous with destiny.”)[footnote2: Hutton Gibson was strongly opposed to Roosevelt and his war, albeit he was wounded in 1944 in the Pacific as an Army officer.]

One recalls that when “Apocalypto” was released in December 2006, it was just four months since Gibson’s famous July 28, 2006 “antisemitic tirade.”On Gibson’s website one sympathizer, a born-again Christian, probably expressed best why the movie-going public shrugged off Gibson’s ?anti-semitic rant? and went to seeApocalypto:

“I’d like to see what the Jews say aboutuswhentheyget drunk!”

We further learn from Gibson in the Director’s Commentary on the DVD — which he dispenses together with the film’s Iranian co-producer and co-writer, Farhad Safinia– that for authenticity they had all the actors playing Mayan rulers “wear curved nose prostheses.”

The curvy-nosed priest then continues with his harangue: “We were chosen to be the masters of time; we were chosen to walk with the gods.”

In the telling closeup, the Mayan king and high priest nervously exchange glances during the high point of the killings. We know from archeology and temple architecture–when beams of light would fall on certain points–that the Mayan priests knew exactly when eclipses would take place, but the point was to be seen as miracle workers. But will the solar eclipse yet again “do the trick” and, as darkness overshadows the great city, over-awe the trusting crowd, striking a quasi-9/11-like fear in them? Will the public believe forever that through killings their leaders protect the nation from ecliptic terror and doom?

The whole scam behind their grand pleasure in killing victims was that in this way the “peuple choisi”, the chosen people, would “save the harvests and the nation.” (Writer Margaret Huffstickler has commented: “The eclipse is like 9/11, and invading Iraq and establishing Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib is the ‘necessary’ human sacrifice.”)[footnote: On Christopher Columbus’s last expedition, in 1503-04, he was stranded for over a year on Jamaica with wrecked ships. In a scam designed to intimidate the Arawak Indians of Jamaica into feeding him and his men, he used his trusty Ephemeris from the German astronomer Regiomontanus to correctly predict the lunar eclipse of February 29, 1504. It worked; they kept feeding him.]


In the subtitle of the official “Apocalypto” DVD cover we read the slogan: “No one can outrun their destiny.” This certainly applied to the psychopathic native ruling class of pre-Columbian Central America. At the very end of the movie, ominously, the Spanish arrive in power from their great, dark ships, with soldiers, priests and brandished crucifixes, to eventually overthrow and annihilate the murderous Mayan ruling class. How interesting for Mel Gibson to introduce for the movie’s final scene the Spain that exactly ten years before, in 1492, had not only sailed the ocean blue but expelled the Jews and fully unleashed the Inquisition on the the marranos, the secret Jews still in power in the background. (To this day, 515 years later, only one resident of Spain in two thousand is Jewish.)

Through DVD technology, we can first enjoy the artist’s cinematic work and then, merely pressing the remote control, consult him personally through his commentary as to what he was thinking, aiming at and enduring technically trying to achieve each shot and scene. We can also appreciate his use of costumes, history, authentic weapons, makeup for men and women of different classes, and see the scenes, such as the one with the burnt and limping deer, that he cut for brevity or distraction of the storytelling flow.

Truly, in the hand of the masters, the cinema is the premier art form of our time. In Apocalypto, after viewing the two-hour masterpiece, the viewer therefore should spend another profitable two hours on another day reliving each scene with this truly great artist, Mel Columcille Gibson, and his brilliant Iranian colleague Farhad Safinia, and a third hour with the “Special Features” on the DVD of Apocalypto to understand the secret ocean of detail that Gibson has channeled into this mighty current. It is what Wagner would have called a Gesamtkunstwerk, a total art form. Then–as my Barnes Review-reading friends actually did–see Apocalypto another four to six times. That is doable with a great work of art.

What stands out, finally, is what the father says in the jungle to Jaguar Paw: “Fear makes you weak, and fear makes you sick.” This is, as the Will Durant quote at its beginning shows, a movie about now, about the psychopathic regime now, and about transcending the real fears we face now. And, as the hero says after he takes the plunge over the waterfall, “This is MY forest.” See the movie.

Apocalypto Jaguar Paw defies pursuers

Gibson Mayan Film on the Cutting Edge
Viewers will recall the unforgettable scene at Eyipantia Falls (in Veracruz, Mexico) where Jaguar Paw, to escape the manhunters, hurls himself bravely over the massive cataract. Pulling himself from the water, he has “found himself” inwardly by this near-death act, and announces to the pursuing Zero Wolf and his fellow pursuers, perched high on the cataract’s edge: “This is my forest where my father hunted with me. And this is where I will hunt with my son!”
This is also where Gibson his incredible dedication to spectacular new photography. Not only is Apocalypto one of the first major movies shot with digital movie cameras, the Panavision Genesis model, and not with celluloid film, but for the waterfall scene they used the innovative “spider cam.” A cable was extended like a lip out over the fall, with the movie camera on it, and it follows the stunt man out over the edge and as he leaps hundreds of real feet downward; then, still in the same smooth and gliding shot, the cable pulls the spider-camera up and away from the falls and over toward the far shore, as depicted in the still photograph above.



…..Ancient Aryans


New video on our ancient Aryan kin settling down around the globe. It starts off with me talking to the Discovery Channel, then goes heavily into the great Viracocha and the blond founders of the civilization of Peru which the Incas took over. Then it discusses the Guanches, an advanced people but living in the Stone-Age. (They were “Stone-Age” only because there was NO METAL at all to use on their volcanic islands, and this blond nation did not want to have any contact or trade with the outside world.) The Guanches were very handsome, intelligent and heroic, and lived on the Canary Islands, perhaps escaping thither after the flooding of Atlantis, until they were enslaved or genocided as evil pagans by Catholic Spain. 🙁

Now look from the time from 6:20 to the end of this video on a discovery in Florida! Over 150 bodies of buried White people from 5,000 B.C. near Cape Canaveral, Florida!

At 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the above video clip, a scientists talks about pre-historic DNA found in North America.

On the Science Channel, Dr. Joseph Lorenz of the Coriell Institute for Medical Research conducted DNA tests on the 5,000 year old bodies that were found in the Windover Bog excavation site in Florida. As was said in this program:

Dr. Lorenz: When I sequenced larger fragments and I was looking for the sites that I know are characteristic of Native American haplogroups, I was surprised because I did not find them.

Narrator: In contrast to all previous findings, Lorenz could not confirm the Windover people were [Native (sic)] Americans. Further investigation reveals something even more remarkable.
Dr. Lorenz: I went back to the screen and I looked at the sequences again, and the first person’s DNA looked European. When I looked at the second one, it looked European. When I looked at the third, fourth, and fifth, they were slightly different from the first two, but they looked European.

….and Lorenz was unaware of the magnificent new book by Gordon Kennedy, about the Canary Island blonds (scroll down one-third here) http://johndenugent.com/english/english-grand-rabbi-on-selfish-dinks-white-indians-of-nivaria)


Recently I discovered that this marvelous little glossy, full-color book by Gordon Kennedy can be ordered here: http://whiteindians.com.

It is about the Guanches, a nobe, courageous, handsome, virtuous, innovative, blond, blue-eyed people who survived until the 1400s intact and still living in the Stone Age. (Why? There was literally ONLY stone on the islands, made entirely of volcano magma that had cooled. There was literally NO metal AT ALL on those islands, so it was quite impossible to enter the Bronze or Iron Ages, or create metal weapons, shields and body armor so as to defeat the invading Spanish. Also, they were isolated out in the ocean with no external enemies. This is the only reason they did not advance in the art of warfare.)

Here is a picture of one of the incredibly beautiful Canary Islands. (When I lived in Germany and Austria I found out that one of the number-one favorite tourist vacations they take is to the Canary Islands.)

Tenerife and Mount Teide. A powerful ocean current, the Canary Current, sweeps boats straight over to the Caribbean. In the 1700s, somehow, a sailing ship got blown out of the harbor, minus its embarrassed crew, and ended up safe and sound in Venezuela. Nivaria is Latin for snowy land, due to Mount Teide. Nevada in the United States is Spanish for snowy land, due to its snow-capped high mountains.


…..Scary but maybe true — are all Whites descendants of aliens that colonized this earth and are some of our cousins visiting now?

A lot of WNs are curious about, but also maybe a bit scared or intimidated by my writings on Nordic Aliens. (However, anyone who has ACTUALLY READ my writings know they are fact-based, and in fact founded 100% on testimony by whistleblowers who are former US Air Force officers and NASA officials… so I am not crazy unless all of them are too.)
But let’s talk psychology here: Why is “alien talk” so scary? (Just as once the truth about the Jews, Hitler and the Holocaust, remember, was once scary too… and many layers of brainwashing had to crash and burn first. Hey, for me, the idea that America was EVIL in WWII and the Germans were the good guys…. that is definitely not how my Marine dad, who fought in WWII, raised me!)
Sowhy is the aliens topic so deeply scary? (When people laugh off something it may be NERVOUS laughter….)
The aliens theme is disturbing for a good, solid reason: We humans are VERY used to the idea — born out by any visit to the zoo, or just walking your dog — that WE are “the top dog” on this planet, WE are the most advanced creatures technologically, WE are the top of the food chain, and the beastmasters….. Most of all, it means, on the most basic level, the reassuring …MYTH…. that there are no predators over us. ….
But suppose others ARE here, visiting or even establishing bases, that are WAY above us? Suppose the “X-Files” scenario is true, that the US gov’t itself is collaborating with some bad dudes who swap a bit, just a bit, of their weapons technology (to give the US an advantage), and in return the US government lets them … uhhh, “take” some people?
How does that makes you FEEL to think some of them might be icy-cold, might be users, and inconsiderate toward our needs, OR even downright hostile?
I wrote to a European who refused to look at my evidence, and made me rather angry:
Are you afraid to look at my evidence? That is what it now sounds like. You have no time, I see.*;) wink
That link contains fact after fact after fact after fact by former US AIR FORCE OFFICERS and NASA officials. But they too are just nuts. 😉
The Russian Air Force GENERALS are also nuts. 😉
Go with the atheistic Jew Sagan if you wish, who says there are no aliens, but I have hard quotes from both OBERTH AND VON BRAUN, WHOM MY GRANDFATHER KNEW andWHOSE SON I KNOW.
If they all are nuts, then please, continue to despair. This seems to be the tone of every email from you now.I think you need toread my evidenceand then only get back to me, or cease writing me altogether. That meansread the whole thing and watch every singlevideofrom beginning to end.
Most cannot face startling truths. As the French say: “Men would rather die than change their habits.” And that includes mental habits, values and patterns of thinking about various topics and subjects.
I am telling you that you are truly used to despair, used to the idea we are doomed, you have made your peace with the White die-off as unavoidable, and so you would rather quietly despair, bury yourself in your work, kids and survival. Most of all, you are afraid to get your hopes up. To hope is risky emotionally.
John de Nugent
What this boils down to is that Whites COME FROM these people, and this is why our race is far more noble and advanced than others. It also means that some aliens are just advanced White humans – the US Air Force calls them “Nordic Aliens,” “Scandinavians” or just “Swedes” — and while we are primitive compared to them, they actually like us and they try to teach us. But they will NOT fight our battles for us. They will just HELP us as a parent only HELPS his child; he does not do his homework for him or fight the bully in the schoolyard for his child. That would be BAD for the child.
This may come across racist to some people, but in all honesty white people look more “angelic”. I mean that literally.
One of the great human mysteries: the oddness of Europeans. Ninety-five percent of Europeans in Scandinavian countries have blue eyes, and DNA testing concluded that ALL blue eyed people are genetically related to a single person who lived, and spread out, from the Black Sea region sometime between 6 10,000 years ago, after the end of the ice age.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-511473/All-blue-eyed-people-traced-ancestor-lived-10-000-years-ago-near-Black-Sea.html?#?atlantis?
Ka statue of pharaoh Awybre Hor, blue-eyed Egyptian king of the 13th Dynasty (1760 BC), on display at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

Archaeologists using DNA testing said they have identified a mummy as Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s most powerful female pharaoh. “We are 100 percent certain” that the mummy is that of Hatshepsut, Hawass told The Associated Press.http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=11464869?#?egypt?


Ramesses II, referred to as Ramesses the Great, was the third Egyptian pharaoh of the Nineteenth dynasty. (1303 BC – 1213 BC)


Nubians depicted in ancient Egypt.


Amenhotep II was the seventh Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt.


Thutmose IV…. ?The DNA tests showed mostly a relation to all western European males via the gene RB1…its amazing because it is European from the west..


Temple Reliefs at Abu Simbel (II) A relief flanking the entrance to the temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, depicting bound Nubians


Lapis lazuli and gold bracelet


The Egyptian temple Abu Simbel




Ancient temple city




Scene with scribes noting the spoils brought from Nubia. Before the stacks of books, a Nubian prisoner is led against his will. Horemheb’s tomb – 18th Dynasty (before 1348 BC) – Saqqara






Wall reliefs at Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Alexandria, Egypt


Ancient Egyptian slave market, with black Nubian slaves waiting to be sold. Archaeological Museum, Bologna.


War chariot and Great Pyramid


A mural from the palace of Ramses II in Memphis, circa 1279 BC, shows the red-headed pharaoh grasping enemies of Egypt by the hair – two Semites and a Black Nubian. Alongside: a close-up of the three victims in Ramses’ grasp.


Racial imagery from Tutankhamen’s tomb: the Egyptian Pharaoh’s sandals have bound black and Semitic prisoners inlaid into the soles. When the king walked in these shoes, he would crush the enemies of Egypt underfoot.


King Hor, and a noble Egyptian lady with green eyes. Left: An original wooden statue of the Egyptian King Hor (circa 17831633 1633 BC), on display at the Cairo Museum, Egypt. The eyes of the statue, inlaid with quartz or lapus lazuli, shine up with either blue or gray eyes, depending upon the lighting. Right: A lapus lazuli blue-eyed statue of an Egyptian noble lady from the fourth dynasty, around 2600 BC.


Nobility in ancient Egypt: left, Yuya, Egyptian nobleman from 1400 BC, father of Tiy, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Yuya’s blond hair and Nordic facial structure have been well preserved by the embalming process; Alongside, his equally blond haired wife, Thuya, great grandmother of Tutankhamen.Yuya was the father of Tiy, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III; His wife, Thuya, was the great grandmother of Tutankhamen.


Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa



Much like the ancient Minoans, men of ancient Egyptian nobility painted their skin in red ochre and were depicted red in their art. The Blue-Eyed Scribe Sakkara 2620-2350 BC (4th or 5th Dynasty)




The face of the scribe Mitri, 2500 BC. (Egyptian Museum, Cairo).




Sphinxes relief




Cannabis pollen was found on the mummy of Ramesses II, who died in 1213 BC. The Smoke Eaters at the temple at Thebes used cannabis incense for mortality rituals. The ancient Egyptian goddess Seshat is depicted here with a hemp leaf in her head dress.. the plant was used to make Seshat’s surveying rope..




The gate of the Temple of Ramses III in Medinet Habu (Luxor, Egypt)



Politically correct vs Scientifically correct




New DNA analysis suggests Nefertiti was King Tuts momhttp://io9.com/5983662/new-dna-analysis-suggests-nefertiti-was-king-tuts-mom.



Sarcophagus of King Tut



An Egyptian scribe named Kay at Sakkarah around 2500 B.C. has blue eyes.




Why Egyptians had red skin and used kohl eyeliner….The Kohl eyeliner for shading the eyes from the sun’s glare is still in use in Asia as well as football players.




Treasures of King Tut




The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.




The Vulture Goddess of Upper Egypt and her snake companion




Turquoise, scarab and lapis lazuli - The Egyptians used the colors gold and blue, which reflect their founders’ blond hair and blue eyes.




Goddess Isis in a relief on a temple of the Ptolemaic period




Gigantic pharaoh and small subjects… This was designed to keep the race of the founders pure and prevent racial mixing.




Left: Queen Hetop-Heres II, of the Fourth Dynasty, the daughter of Cheops, the builder of the great pyramid, is shown in the colored bas reliefs of her tomb to have been a distinct blonde. Her hair is painted a bright yellow stippled with little red horizontal lines, and her skin is white. (The Races of Europe, Carleton Stevens Coon, New York City, Macmillan. 1939, p.98). Right: Red-haired goddesses, from the tomb of Pharaoh Merneptah, 12131204 BC. (Alberto Siliotti, Guide to the Valley of the Kings, London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1996, p. 59)




About 87 years old when he died, the reddish-yellow color of Ramses II’s hair was due to a dye with a henna. However, traces of the hair’s original pigment color remains in the roots, and during his younger days, Ramesses II had been a natural red head. Analysis concluded that these red pigments did not result from the hair somehow fading, or otherwise being altered after death. Ramesses had been a “leucoderm” (white-skinned person)




Queen Cleopatra— somewhat masculine-looking




The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut




A mirror in Ancient Egypt



The Great Pyramid of Cheops



I would like you especially to watch this: Here, on Larry King on CNN, a former Air Force ICBM launch officer at Malmstrom AFB in Montana is discussing the shoot-down in 1967 of a practice American ICBM, and you can SEE a circular craft blasting it with a laser!!

see esp. 1:00-1:29.. This screenshot is of the missile 800 miles downrange at night, but the video shows the motion.
So the question is WHO keeps intimidating the US Air Force and its bases that can launch nuclear-tipped missiles? Why? This is clearly someone who is NOT allied with the US government. …..
And whys did 11 spaceships fly over the White House and US Capitol in 1952?
Actual media photo
Washington Post headline
Does their behavior match that of a parent? Not our buddy, but a parent…
And maybe they WANTED to help the Third Reich, but it would have resulted in a much, much bigger war than we can imagine…. because the Nordics are not alone either……………….
A comrade responded:
The thing is, whether right or wrong on the subject, the stigma that comes along with it may just be too much for the masses. Ive known plenty of people within “the movement” who believed this but because it really served no purpose they kept it to themselves. You of course have the right to take on any subject you like and more power to you but a subject like this is only going to serve to make you look like a loony.
I replied:
Hmm, a loony to cowards. As for “the Masses,” they are 100% hopeless. Only a strategy to mobilize the elite can work. I call it the “300” strategy, after the Spartans.The greatest courage is to face the unknown and pursue the truth.
“There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.” — Thomas Jefferson
And besides, has ragging on Jews, blax, and Hispanics, queers and Muslims, Chinese and others gotten us ANYWHERE? We are right where we were 35 years ago when I got into the WN movement, except now there are far more of them and far less of us, and those Whites who are left are increasingly older, fatter, and lack all military training. More race info = dead end.And believe me, I have given my life to this cause:http://johndenugent.com/about-john/wn-biography-of-jdn
We do not have a movement at all. HITLER had a movement; we have a Cause. But no political movement is possible, not in an America that is 50% non-white and even those 50% are blizzarded daily with HAARP, chemtrails, fluoride, female hormones from bisphenol A, bovine growth hormone in milk and beef, GMO veggies, and cell phone damage to the brain.
What we CAN work with is the older souls among us…. I still meet fine White men and women who even as kids saw through the bull, long before they were exposed to any info. And WE, the elite (I am talking about character elite, not Ivy League degrees or Mercedes) must do all the heavy lifting, like Leonidas and the 300. That is our glory.
Here is the high calling we have:

“The fewer men, the greater share of honor!” ”We are but warriors for the working day.”
I would also ask anyone who likes my take on reality and my desire to found and lead a new movement to go and via credit card give any amount, even $5. We would never expect a Jew to start a movement without the necessaryminimum financing. That is all I ask for, the minimum financing to write my sacred book and start something new — before it is too late. No one will help us unless we help ourselves, and support our leaders.



I need the funds to pay my bills while I write the sacred book to awaken the Aryan SOUL.

…..new donations blog page

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John de Nugent

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    • Hi, Fr. John.

      Thanks! Well, interesting, but not exactly corroboration….. If this study is even true (and scientists who get federal funding are capable of lying to save their careers, or even their lives), it is claiming that North America was settled from Asia by a mixed-race people who were part-White and part-Mongoloid, sort of the combination you see in Russia sometimes to this very day.

      The Solutrean Hypothesis, however, is that racially pure Whites came to the Americas from Europe and settled them first.

      It is possible that both theories are true.

      Over time, I think that the Atlantis story will turn out to have some basis in fact, and this will change the story even further. Atlantis is just one of dozens of great-flood stories from all around the world, and if Plato was right, Atlantis was a giant island in the Atlantic and Whites easily could have gotten to North America from there.

      Graham Hancock of England has done fascinating work in deep-sea archeology, with scuba-diving equipment. In the end, I think we will find that whatever ended the Ice Age (a comet?), it flooded major cities in all the seven seas.

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