ENGLISH Kevin Annett on arresting the pope and royal human hunting parties

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A comrade and (just as useful, a) donor 😉 , wrote me:

From: V
To: John de Nugent <john_denugent@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, 24 November 2014, 2:08
Subject: Re: received!
Hi John,

I read your article about the British police shutting down the meeting of the Britain First people.  I have also read, on your website and elsewhere, about the incredible allegations of pedophilia and also child sacrificing by government officials.  I think they may be feeling the pressure from all these things getting exposed.  At least there are some positive efforts going on in Britain and other European nations (such as these revelations about and investigations into pedophilia), efforts manifesting themselves into actual action, as opposed to just web talk.  In the US it does not seem that we have any such movement.  Ron Paul was worth something (even though he did not know anything about the Jewish question).  Other than him (and he is retired) there is nothing in the US, it seems.

I recently read something that you might find to be of interest.  The following article talks about members of royal families and other famous leaders, including former pope Ratzinger, participating in human hunting parties.  (https://childabuserecovery.com/european-royals-killing-naked-children-for-fun-at-human-hunting-parties/#.VBPRikBIFZd).
One of the links in the article goes to a video of an interview of Kevin Annett, the North American Field Secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice.  They have formed a court based on common law, without the authority of any government; there is no need for such authority under common law apparently.  They are prosecuting cases relating to child murders and pedophilia by famous public officials and it appears that their allegations and evidence ARE WHAT CAUSED POPE RATZINGER TO TAKE THE VERY UNUSUAL STEP OF RESIGNING HIS FORMER POSITION AS POPE.
In the video Kevin Annett discusses evidence of 800 babies found buried and the bodies were dismembered.  He also talks about starting a process wherein citizens can just become common law sheriffs who can enforce the law and it seems that the ideas and efforts of this court are greatly in demand in both European countries and also in the US.  The video of him that I watched is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhirLohgDRc&feature=youtu.be
WARNING: really shocking

He does not mention the Jews and probably is not aware of this angle but still, at least they are actually doing something to fight the corruption and getting some kind of results.

Best regards,


I replied:

Hi, V.

Thanks, and actually I am well aware of Annett….

I have shied away from reporting on him, brother V, because of my own background, I guess, what I went through as a kid (which I think was Mk-ULTRA)… Such horrors, people do not want to hear it… When I report on such things which  are beyond even the usual horrors (wars, poverty, geoengineering, police thugs, crimes against whites by blax, etc.), things like dismembered babies…. then views of my website plummet for three or four days…  Same happens when I republish a Lasha Darkmoon article.

People go to a website because they in some sense “enjoy” doing so.

With Andrew Anglin, the enjoyment seems to be feeling superior to “niggers” and Jews, etc., and lots of comments always appear, creating a kind of feeling of community, also important.

And it seems that for our ego-driven masses anything peddled (marketed) as being for “the elite” seems to work… This is of course why Ford spun off the Mercury line…. same exact car, just a different name. Same with a top-of-the-line Buick versus a Cadillac.. Both came out of the same factory, same engine, same upholstery and radio….everything,  but Cadillac costs $5k more. 😉

But I may run something on this Annett activity on my blog…. However, my suspicion is that the Jews approve of Annett, because they hate the Catholic Church (and of course, Jesus) with a passion.

The NWO is normally quick to shut down anything common-law, especially militias, or that implies the People are the sovereign.

I remember when the Jew York Times took over the Boston Globe, and then instantly began running articles on the pedophile priests in the Boston Archdiocese… scandals known and suppressed by the Globe for decades but the Jews wanted it to come out.

[He replied:]

Well, on the day that the International Common Law Court of Justice released certain evidence showing culpability of Vatican officials in modern child-sacrifice cults in Europe their website was hacked and a big misinformation campaign was launched against members of that court engaged in exposing these matters.  (That is discussed briefly here:  http://itccs.org/urgent-message/)  This implies that the powers that be are not ok with that court.

[I replied]

Well what bothers me to a certain extent is that  Kevin Annett does not tackle Freemasonry, Judaism or Islam, which all three ALSO have a huge, huge problem with child-molesting, and the Jews in addition also with incest.

But I can understand Annett… Too many hounds are the fox’s death.  😉

This is also the only reason Germany lost WWII — too many powerful enemies. The German soldier was more than a match, man-for-man, with his anti-NS enemies, as the book Six Armies in Normandy by Sir John Keegan proves — 50% better than the Anglo-Americans and twice as good as the Russians —  but the Reich was vastly outnumbered after 1941, when both the USSR and the US joined the British Empire as Germany’s open enemies.

Six Armies in Normandy: From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris June 6th-August 25th,1944:


So the lesson Germany had to learn from WWII is try to not take on too many enemies at once!  And taking on just the RC Church is taking on a very powerful enemy — Kevin Annett is no fool, and comes across as a man who knows what he is up against.

I blogged recently about the HUGE scandal in England involving muslim rapists of white English children, and yet this one town’s woes are just the tip of the iceberg of MUSLIM RAPE OF CHILDREN:

ENGLISH 1,400 white, native English children raped by Muslim immigrants in Rotherham, Yorkshire – police arrest frantic parents trying to rescue them

by John de Nugent on August 28, 2014[edit]


I remember very, very clearly in the 1960s how SHOCKED I was when I first heard the word the ghettos Blacks were using, “mother-f-er,” and how the media Jews then went on to make this nauseating and monstrous concept trendy among degenerate Whites. The first time I heard this vile word I was appalled, nauseated and revolted, and I still am today.

STAY SHOCKED AND STAY ANGRY! Keep your conscience alive and bothered — that is my guiding principle. Do not get used to EVIL! That is what they want us to do! To shrug off the most horrible crimes! “Oh, well, what are you going to do? That’s the way things are now.”

It is called “habituation.” And it is a demonic strategy.

 My mother, Constance Colwell Nugent


But the thing is, the demoniacal Jews ARE literal “M-F-ERS”! I translated for this blog page after page from the wonderful books by Hervé Ryssen about this. (Ryssen, a great French comrade and writer, is a graduate of the Sorbonne in Paris, the Harvard of France.)

“Psychoanalysis of Judaism.” Ryssen proves that the “Oedipus complex” that Sigmund Freud wrote about does apply to the Jews — but in reverse. It is not Jewish kids who lust for their own parents, because no kids do, but it is the Jewish parents who are TAUGHT to lust after and crave sex with their own kids. The very influential Frankist, Dönmeh and Sabbatean sects within Judaism all share the practice of incest — as their proud, elitist, sin-is-a-secret-way-to-find-God “little secret amongst ourselves.”

My video below proves just how much the Jews are into the unspeakable and unnatural practice of incest. Parents having sex with their own children is “normal” among just one people on earth .

Incest is normal among the Jews!

Even a Chinese ambassador described this in 700 AD! He said the “zim zim” (the Jews) were the most wicked people on earth because they had sex with their own children.



Watch from 77:37 to 105:02 — and esp. where the Jewish American scholar David Bakan says incest is (and this is his word) “COMMON“!

Hervé Ryssen said to me that if I, John de Nugent, can pin incest on these satanic Jews, it will be all over for them.

I think there are two healthy instincts that still can be capitalized on:

1) the will to survive

(but many people are more than a bit tired of living on inside this hellish jew-world, or what Alex Jones calls the “prison planet”)

2) disgust at child molestation and incest

Now, because the Jews hate the Roman Catholic Church — and are using the pedophilia scandals to destroy it — they are not saying publicly (yet) that pedophilia is okay. They most assuredly would like to do so, because they practice it themselves, but they can do this only once the Vatican and the RC church are destroyed, bankrupted and gone.

(I can see the day when St. Peter’s goes up in flames, maybe burned by Muslims,  and the Jews rejoice.)

sandusky-holding-front-lineman-boyBut what I saw when the Jerry Sandusky case came up in the fall of 2011 was raw public hatred for that child-molesting fiend, and I saw it everywhere I went, yes, in everyone who watched Sandusky’s face on TV.

That was the ONE thing that EVERYONE agreed on, even liberals and in fact most “gays” too:

Sex between adults and kids is totally, despicably, irrevocably wrong, wrong, WRONG.

That the Jews force sex even on their OWN kids (incest) makes them into total monsters.

…..Sadism as a cult religion

What strikes me about the alleged crimes of these royals and popes is the emphasis on pain, suffering and horror.



And this segues into what I am saying about how — WARNING: brain exploder 🙂 —  transdimensional and reptilian forces thrive on human pain, and terror…. The basis of all black magic is to inflict pain and then to suck in, to imbibe, the pain energy.

And anyone who does not “get” what the Jews are, agents (not masters) of a cosmic force of transdimensional evil, is, frankly, still a child. (See point 7 under “Eternal Solutreanism,” found below.)


This galaxy is experiencing a war between savage reptilians and the Exonordics, of whom we are offshoots.


I often wondered, V, about why the Allies felt its was so darn important to bomb Dresden as they did….

To take it from peace, safety and beauty like this…

Dresden 1944


The Gemans had happiness and safety under a wise and loving leader.



and this….


But human devils had to bring them down to this….by the deliberate and unnecessary infliction of horror — for the joy and delight of transdimensional beings that thrive on pain….


The superb book Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich (http://therebel.org/en/renegade-broadcasting/811087-hellstorm-the-documentary-trailer), which I am reading now (http://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death-Nazi-Germany-1944-1947/dp/1494775069/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1416849642&sr=8-1&keywords=hellstorm+goodrich), points out that many front-line Russian troops, the actual combat fighters, were well-behaved, but Stalin brought in rape troops, many of them Mongols, in the second wave!

Some German women were raped even sixty times! (And many of these same women, leftists and socialists who had never liked Hitler, Goodrich reports, admit they had laughed off Dr, Joseph Goebbels’ warnings — as mere “Nazi propaganda” — that the Soviets, once upon German soil, would do this! The Soviet Russians even raped fellow Slavs — Czechs and Poles, and outright anti-“Nazis” — because for these psychopaths, these human devils, PAIN IS GOOD! http://johndenugent.com/psychopaths-in-power/)


From a book review on Amazon of Hellstorm:

By Bryan Odriscoll on October 27, 2012
This book was very difficult to read, not because it is poorly written, it isn’t, but because of the subject matter. I frequently had to put it down because of the sheer horror of what was done to the helpless German people.
I have been aware for years that vast crimes were committed by the ‘liberators’ of Europe during and after the war. The demonic creatures who instigated the war also planned and executed the destruction of all that was best about European civilization and its people in a welter of blood, murder, rape, torture and starvation.
However, I had only absorbed snippets of what was done over time. Goodrich brings it all together in a litany of woe that is hard to take, especially when one realizes that most of the perpetrators were never called to task for their sickening crimes, several living out their lives in comfort in Israel. Indeed, most of them thrived and many were and are lionized to this day. It says much about propaganda that blood-soaked monsters like Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Benes et alia are still today regarded as heroic leaders.
One wonders at the mentality of people like the American pilots who machine-gunned thousands of the shocked survivors of Dresden, the great majority of whom were women and children and injured, as well as the German rescue crews.



Ultimately, either we grasp what Jesus really was saying — LITERALLY SAYING, NOT IN FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE OR HYPERBOLE — or we remain children.





There is a conscious, cosmic force of pure evil! It uses ON THIS PLANET as its instrument the JEWS!


We incarnated here and now to fight it!


…..Our weather for the next ten days here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan….


Global warming, Obama? More like The Return of the Ice Age!

Thanks again for your help, V.



…..What is Eternal Solutreanism?





Eternal Solutreanism:

1) It is not enough to be white; you must become Aryan, or NOBLE — service to others, not service to self; altruism and radiant idealism, not narcissism, egomania and psychopathy

Arno Breker, The Calling


2) This world is a testing ground for your soul; God is real, and so is reincarnation and life after death. http://johndenugent.com/about-john/videos-of-jdn-speaking /(See God videos at the top.)

3) Psychopaths are literal human devils, born sadists with no conscience whatsoever, torturing animals as children and setting fires. They come from especially vile worlds on the other side, and form 4% of the earthly population. Another 16% are near-psychopaths, with almost no conscience.


4) The task of the Eternal Solutrean is to battle and destroy evil, and then create a wholesome world. We offer to help guide the human species for the benefit of all races.



5) The Jews of today descend from the Neanderthals, an animalistic, borderline-psychopathic and brutish clan who then became the roving apiru, from which comes the word “Hebrews,” a horde of migrant criminals and outcasts in the Middle East. They even practice incest on their own children, making them into inbred psychopaths. http://johndenugent.com/pages/video_player_page10.htm

As Neanderthals they have been at species war with us, the Cro-Magnons (the name for early white people) for 40,000 years. They have the upper hand now and it is literally now us or them, survival or genocide. They are about to get their revenge for being driven from most of Europe 20,000 years ago by a beautiful and superior race.




Scientific depiction of a Neanderthal — sloping forehead, protruding mouth, and weak chin — and a Cro-Magnon — erect forehead, recessed mouth, and strong chin

An almost perfect brunet Cro-Magnon, French movie star Alain Delon, with a strong, upright, square forehead

Child actress Dakota Fanning, Irish and German

Croatian woman who founded the Vril Society, seeking contact with other life-forms in the universe for Germany

Depiction of a Neanderthal in the “Neandertalermuseum” in Germany

Former entertaiment mogul Aaron Russo, a Jew who turned courageously against the NWO

Neanderthal skull contemplated by Jewish scientist Svante Pääbo, who, after fighting tooth-and-nail the idea that Neanderthals still exist at all, turned around and confirmed this fact of Neanderthal survival in a major 2010 study for Science magazine. But then eh lied that all races (except Black Africans) have neanderthal genes in equal amounts. No — the Middle Eastern peoples have far more! (Only Black Africans have none.)

Soviet mug shot of Menachem Begin in 1940

A French Jewish synagogue official

Larry Silverstein

Henry Kissinger and Shimon Peres

A neanderthalic Pakistani and muslim fanatic, Faisal Shahzad, who tried to blow up Times Square


Because the Jews, as well as Arabs, Georgians, Chechens, Armenians and the various Muslim peoples, have a huge amount of neanderthal blood, they are programmed to hate White people as the descendants of the Cro Magnons. Our beauty, talents and achievements set their teeth on edge.

Bolsheviks decapitated a statue of a local white hero and hanged this White female teacher from the statue’s arm in front of a church. Jesus said in John 8:44 to the Jewish leaders: “You are from your father, the Devil.”


Read my “the Jewish War on the Kennedys” http://johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys

lbj- jfk- death-stare

and then


See my two videos on the infamous NUMEC scandal: http://johndenugent.com/videos-of-jdn-speaking

and http://johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys/lyndon-johnsons-jewish-mother-and-the-1967-israeli-attack-on-the-uss-liberty

34 Americans killed and 170 wounded in a two-hour Israeli attack on a US Navy ship



But we must always remember that the Jews are nothing, just 1/4 of 1% of the human race, without the Gentiles who treacherously betray their own to collaborate with them to get rich, powerful and famous.

The entire history of England can be understood ONLY in terms of the Norman Conquest of 1066 — when White aristocrats sold their souls to the Jews for the money and power to conquer, enslave and tax the people of England and use them as their cannon fodder!


6) We believe in forming a new white tribe and creating white safety zones that we will guard as the corrupt and judaized world collapses. And we will help the good men and women of all races who choose to help us! We must ally together to defeat the Jew!

“WE GOTTA GET OUTTA THIS PLACE!” (Rock song by”Eric Burdon and the Animals” 1965)



The ideal locations for American whites: http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/race/white-safety-zones




7) If we are with God, God will be with us. Hope is not lost. In fact, the White race is on the verge of a huge comeback, in alliance with other species in the galaxy and other races here on earth that also are suffering under the Jews. THEY are the chief enemy of all mankind!


Actual film footage in 1952 as UFOs buzz the US Capitol

Actual headline in the prestigious Washington Post newspaper


The most incredible story you can image — the Third Reich, to survive (like the Jews in AD 70, when they lost Palestine and their temple), retreated according to a careful plan (laid down after the catastrophe of Stalingrad) to move their most elite scientists and troops to South America, to underwater bases, and to the Antarctic, during the final war years of 1944-45.

The Second World War between the Reich and the Allies thus continues but “in the back alleys” and to this day.

Over 50 of the most advanced German U-Boats are still listed as having never been sunk by the Royal or US Navy or as having ever surrendered. And the Germans were highly advanced in anti-gravity technology and also had rudimentary atomic weapons (but at that time, featurng mostly giving off radioactivity and heat, and not producing enough blast — at that time — to destroy a city).

But all that has changed. Both the Allies and the Reich, for opposite reasons, are keeping this continuing war low-profile. But the Reich idea was never just about Germany — it was about the survival of ALL Aryans, of ALL Whites around the world, and of all good men and women of all races in the face of the Eternal Jew!



Waffen-SS general Leon Degrelle asked Hitler if he felt more German or more European. Hitler, who constantly built architecture that was Greco-Roman, answered: “I am a Hellene!”


A Spartan swordspartan-sword






What we now understand is that our race colonized this earth, but was long ago separated by a cataclysmic nuclear war from the home planets. The stories of the gods reflect actual visits to earth by actual, highly evolved relatives of ourselves. The “ancient aliens” theory being promtoed now non-stop on TV (by the Jews who own the TV networks) is partly valid, but the Jewish media refuses to highlight the huge role of the Exonordics, and focuses instead on the Grays and the Reptilian species, because the Jews themselves are allied with THEM. Earth is just one battlefield of an ongoing war in our entire Milky Way galaxy between the Exonordics and the Reptilians.

And this is why the low-budget 1980s movie “‘They Live” resonates with so many people.

8) All greatness comes from sacrifice and is born in love — a passion for our folk, a glorying in heroism, and an obsession with beauty.


Arno Breker, Apollo and Daphne

9) A true elite must take power for the benefit of all.

If we REALLY love people then we will do what they need and not what they want, exactly as with older teenage children, who THINK they know what is best for them…. but deep-down realize that the adults are the best deciders of that. ….We need a true, caring elite.

Normally I do not glorify Winston Churchill (understatement), but when drunk (and that was often) this narcissistic psychopath often did blurt out brilliant things. 😉


Why are, to be brutally frank, so many Whites 1) homely and of mediocre 2) intellect and 3) disappointing character? (And this is even more true for other human races.) A lady comrade in California asked me:

I would like to know how you explain the millions of not-so-gorgeous “Aryans” who do not look like Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman.



My reply:

1) Dysgenics — The best and brightest do not have enough kids, or none at all these days! Here is a memorable stat for you: 42% of woman 42 or older with a master’s degree are childless.

2) Bad karma — People get arrogant when they are born all-too-beautiful. In earlier incarnations it went to their head, they scorned the rights and feelings of others, and forgot that it is God, Divine Providence, who is is the source of all beauty, brains and good fortune. No one creaters themself! So in their next life they need to eat some humble pie once again, do a life once again as a homely or lowly person, relearn humility, and decide to excel by deeds, by heart, by noble behavior…


…and not by their looks or smarts, which only had puffed them up!

Like the egotistical Sisyphus, they must push the boulder back up the hill (in incarnation after incarnation!) until they finally, due to pointless suffering, take a hard look at their own attitudes.



3) A young soul has just came out of the higher-animal stage, and they look — and still have the nature of — those animals that they were. They are in effect still “humanimals”!

Go here to 26:00 to 28:14 (link: http://trutube.tv/video/13450/John-de-Nugent-Presidential-Video-1B)





Others have been making big sacrifices.

I just received $50 from FRANCE. Merci beaucoup, camarade!



How about you?

John de Nugent

306 S. Steel Street

Ontanagon MI 49953


88 [naturally ;-)] 4


Facebook: John D. Nugent

Skype: John de Nugent (Pittsburgh)





This is how you can help financially:


Or, if in the US, just buy a MoneyPak at any Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid, CVS or other drugstore, put money on it and send me the amount and PIN number on the back (scratch it of like a scratch ticket) by email or phone call!



postal money orders and other money orders that are left blank in the recipient area, or made out to “John de Nugent”




sending valuable jewelry or gold coins
cash in an envelope, even with a fake return address (no risk there!)




PAYPAL (write me at john_denugent@yahoo.com for more details how you can do this, since PP banned me….)

checks made out to “John de Nugent” now that I again have a bank account, in fact, via STEALTH, I have now two. ;-)



…..Kudos for my essay on “Neanderthals and semites”

Rave review of my “Neanderthals and Semites” piece on Jim Stone’s website. (Stone is a major Fukushima exposé blogger.) http://jimstonefreelance.com/ 1/4 down: a rave review of my neanderthal material — 300 hits today….

Excerpt: “Paul wrote:

Jim, you linked to a blog yesterday talking about neanderthal dna… [http://johndenugent.com/neanderthals-and…]

It’s THE single most eye-opening things I have EVER read.

It’s going to take a while for me to process that info in my own head because it’s as if I now have to rearrange a bunch of stuff in there in order to make room for all the new pieces of the puzzle, like this one…

I saw a documentary a while back about Hitler and the Nazis traveling the world and going to remote areas and researching the isolated people there, like asking them questions about their history, measuring their skulls, faces, bone structures, etc. That fits right in with how a lot of neanderthal bones were found in Germany and the surrounding areas… they were trying to gauge the similarities between modern races and neanderthals. At the time they didn’t have advanced genetic testing like now, but they still made the connection through observation of similarities and realizing the diminished frontal brain capacity… that’s why some people were targeted and some were not.

All this is making so much sense now.

I have a LOT of research to do to learn more about this aspect of history. If you have links you’re saving up, please post more soon.

This answers the biggest questions I have about how some people can be so cold, calculating and evil while the bulk of humanity is live-and-let-live for the most part.”

A comrade on Facebook wrote me:

The question I have, John, is how long have trolls been depicted as Neanderthal-like creatures? When looking through Wikipedia, some of the earlier depictions seem to be more demonic creatures, no doubt inspired by the idea of devils and demons. It seems that the portrayal of trolls as primitive hominids is a fairly new development, becoming popular after the discovery of the Neanderthal specimens in the middle of the 19th century. What do you reckon? 😉

I replied: Interesting….. but in my world view, which posits a multiverse, neanderthals came from dark dimensions to incarnate on the earth — They ARE violent, hate-filled, predatory, treacherous beings who on earth take on the neanderthal form. We are basically good souls, learning through battle with evil souls to be brave, to care, to become heroes — innovating, fighting and prevailing against the psychopaths among us.

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