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I found a video online with key excerpts from my Discovery Channel video — minus both the half-ju Steeds’ lying editorializing and minus the famous pistols scene. (I deliberately did that double-pistols for many memic reasons, and for one TV coverage reason — so this half-ju host Steeds, and the half-ju producer, after I had beaten Steeds (the “adventure-hero” and host of the series) soundly in debate for four hours, would at least use THAT segment — imagining it would hurt me — and thus put me on the air at all).

* * *

I continue gratefully to get kudos for my February 24th video statement, a very unusual personal statement to incipient Eternal Solutreans, not the uninformed public. I am talking to hearts here, not minds, because without e-motion there is no motion. I’ll just quote Jesus: “Let him who has ears, listen.”

A comrade wrote:

We love you, John?.

I replied (and I am posting this because we never know when JewTube will pull this video and the commentaries):

Well, I feel that and it is mutual. This is why I love the concept of Jesus — a leader ready to die for his followers, and vice versa. We will need to be on God’s? side and that means that love and thus duty motivate our every deed.

We can and we will win this thing, if it takes 25 generations.

Another comrade commented:

Very nice video? , John.

I replied:

Thanks. It is unusual but so? is our predicament.

I was beyond dead-tired when I did it, and as a Marine I notice that even my eagle-globe-anchor pin was on wrong. 😉 But I wanted to start things (as I had promised, albeit low-key via this video) on the 90th? anniversary of the founding of the NSDAP and its 25-point program. This symbolizes that Eternal Solutreanism is a continuation, an improvement and adaptation of national socialism to our times, to our white global situation and to our culture and needs NOW.

I started it with this song by the tremendous white songwriter Jimmy Webb, which for nearly three decades has moved me. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highwayman_%28song%29)

And if you do not ‘get’ it you do not get why we are in fact the ETERNAL Solutreans…….why when I state that we are back I choose my words.

There will be no second white genocide on this vast and beautiful continent that is OURS!

Nor on our mother continent of Europe, nor our other precious Aryan lands across the sea!

Then I play very simply just me listening it, followed by a short treatment of who we are and where in time we are.


And I will add here on this blog, to continue what I wrote above to that comrade:

Hitler today would never clone the German national socialism of those times (1920-45) for the meeting the needs of Americans, Canadians, Frenchmen, Russians or other whites in this year of 2010, but he would reinvent it completely for today and for tomorrow.

He would accept that he made some major mistakes — for all his genius, heart and radiant sincerity. He would however be the same old soul, and full of proud humility and humble pride in self and in our great and inventive race which produced him. And yet he would be creative, revolutionary and fresh in his thinking. The race that gave us Hitler will give us very many more great men and women.

And fighters!

Below is a graphic done by a German comrade using the famous Oakland, California bus video, commemorating the amazing “Epic Beard Man,” Thomas Bruso, who FOUGHT BACK when a black punk (and wanted con) on the bus taunted and then attacked him.

Here is the video again itself, but modified hilariously to look like a video game, “Mortal Kombat”:

Here is a memorable rendition of the first huge PUNCH.

And he produced an excellent visual statement about how interracial coupling is genociding our race, which is the youngest race (the last to appear) and has recessive genes (genes which are submerged) in any cross-breeding.


A Canadian comrade alerted me to ongoing slander against me on “Stormfront,” which seems to enjoy being a front for those anonymous posters who are storming against genuine white activists who, like myself or the great Ernst Zundel in his day (1970s -2003), know how to handle the media and spread our message to millions.

In particular, he informed me that certain Stormfronters were spreading rumors about my “sanity.”

I replied:

Hitler was accused, exactly as I have been, of three things:

1) cowardice 2) homosexuality and 3) insanity (being a “madman,” chewing the carpet, etc.)

Those who spread such lies are

1) juze masquerading as WNs (and with respect to another forum, VNN, I published stats showing that the number of new threads started on VNN have gone down for years by 1/3rd on the juish High Holy Days);

2) white psychopathic misfits. The whole Net is full of mean-spirited jerks, as many people have observed, anonymous attackers crouching behind their avatar to spew venom, and say things they would never DARE as a man say to your face, certainly not to any other man in a bar, and this curse of the Net that is anonymity and impunity is Net-wide and not restricted to the WN community. I strongly suspect that many of these human dobermans hate and feel jealousy for high-profile activists who are out there fighting the juze and their psychopathic white allies, fighting for our race on TV and at conferences, while THEY only peck at a keyboard — and, speaking of peckers ;-), many of them also cannot get or keep a woman….and when not defaming others and spouting opinionated views, they are doing what many jerks do also use the Net for……

I have never needed the Net to meet a woman.

3) agents of the FedZog US, Israeli or ju-british governments;

4) white nationalists who are being BLACKMAILED (they may already have “done time,” and fear more time) into saying or writing whatever the blackmailer demands they say.

Since terror can only be broken by counter-terror, as Hitler observed knowingly, I then sent this one inquiring individual some explosive information I am still holding in reserve toward the general public about some of my key critics.

Defamers, take note that I have the real goods on you, and my habit of “opposition research” (which David Duke used so effectively to stun the ju Wolf Blitzer at the Teheran Holocaust conference, labeling him famously and accurately as a former AIPAC and thus Israeli employee!!!…..

….will be deployed in a lightning war counter-attack if needed. I think it has been established that I am widely seen as one of the “great communicators” (to use a word once applied to Ronald Reagan) of our cause, and I will make my case with factual and specific persuasiveness against any so-called “white nationalist” who is a proven liar against me and the Solutreans — and a psychopath — if I must do so.


I replied to a white sister who had asked me if I gave any credence to the notion that “verbal abuse can be worse than sexual abuse” of a child, knowing that I have spoken openly about my own childhood, which in a sense only ended in terms of trauma being relived when I sought help at age 49.

* * *

Dearest lady comrade,

First, I am very sorry to hear that you too have acquaintance with PTSD and whatever tragedy triggered that horrible inner suffering.

My fiance Margaret was raped once (and nearly twice because of a second incident) by armed negroes in Washington DC and has spoken on the radio about that.

(Her photo in one of her four videos on my website.)

(The context was the ultra-traumatic arrest of Henrik Holappa, fighter against gang rape of white women in Europe, by US Homeland Security on a ludicrous technicality, and in these two shows I have two lady comrades discussing Henrik, the horror of rape, and his courageous battle against it. The two shows can be accessed indirectly here on my jdn.com website http://johndenugent.com/jdn/radio

Henrik out in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania near our home in the fall of 2009 with two of God’s other precious creatures.

or directly here (part one):


and here (part two):


I was molested for ten years as a child. I did a post once again touching on this here:


I believe in basic concepts of Vedanta, such as the chakras. I believe that sexual molestation is disturbing to a defenseless child, who naturally wishes to respect adults, on a very deep level, and in fact this can affect the instinct for survival itself.

A person feels lost, hopeless, filthy and worthless, even more so than after suffering “mere” verbal abuse. In fact, I suffered both, and it ended only when I ran away from home at age 10.

My mother spent several periods at a psychiatric hospital but her cohorts never faced any justice in this life. But I know that a gigantic karma exists for them too. We all die and face our Maker, who on the akashic record has seen and noted every single detail of our lives and thoughts.

For a child or teen to suffer what I experienced is deeply traumatizing and it took me 49 years before I called a hotline and got therapy for the nightmares that used to afflict me up to twice a week. I am proud of that courageous decision. I then had 18 months of two different kinds of therapy, both of which approached the issue in useful ways, one dealing with the past and the other (cognitive behavioral therapy) with my self-image today and beginning to love and care for myself. This made me a better person and helped me find my path to serving others with much greater effectiveness.

In my view, we now live on a psychopathic-controlled planet, and literal demons incarnate in human form. There is hardly any other way to explain some of the things going on. Even the word ‘evil’ seems inadequate.

An Eternal Solutrean sees an age-old struggle between light and darkness that has been fought out for 30,000 years and that will be fought out across this whole universe in millennia to come. We do not shun this battle; we welcome it! We are here to combat evil!

This article explains a fundamental insight, and in my view one cannot understand what is going on unless one reads this article:


I would add that certain races and ethnic groups seem to have far higher percentage of psychopaths than others………but what we see today is a coalition of white and juish psychopaths to make our world a hell.

This is why I am about to found the Eternal Solutreans. I am working on a key videorecorded speech today on this.

Let us indeed stay in touch and you have my full support and listening ear should you, like many others, including as I’ve said the toughest US Marines, decide to unburden yourself of anything you might want or need to share.

My 45 years of nightmare ended literally on the day I sought help from a knowledgeable professional. I have now been nightmare-free for seven years, and am now preparing to risk everything I am and have to save our race. And our whole race is being verbally, psychologically, economically and even sexually MOLESTED. I know more than anyone else by the 45 years of my life I LOST that we must stop blocking out reality about the horror we face. If we do not face it, and engage in concerted action under a truly new kind of leader, our worst fears will come horribly true.


We must love all God’s creatures — except the proven psychopathic monsters who love to torture others — and thus we are called to care specifically for those entrusted to us — our animals and our human friends and kindred. (In photo, my two dogs and I, with my orange hunting cap to the side.) On the human level, the majority of the valuable whites, a remnant. must be saved as the Walmart-shopper, Big-Mac-gobbling zombie rest, as the mentally, morally and physically weak, go down to extinction.


  1. Hail comrade,
    I agree with you on the existence of a real battle between good and evil. Evil beings are those sick and psychopathic motives that, if not taken care of, can arise in any of us. My motto is: healthy life leads to a healthy mind, to happy people, consequently to a good people. Good people think of their fellow man, be it our loved ones, neighbors, compatriots, race, etc.

    The devil hides behind the unhealthy minds and bodies of those who misuse their health.
    What was WW2 , but the beating of a nice man by three Zionist drunkards who blame the victim in their delusional minds?

  2. Hail comrade,
    As the Fuehrer said in Mein Kampf: bad publicity is better than none. The Zionist Jews tried to make you look bad with that odd-place shot in the kitchen, and those close-ups with flash. No wonder, because the Fuehrer was negatively portrayed everywhere too. That comes with the territory. Keep up the good work!

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