ENGLISH Introducing the apiru, the ancient and modern nomadic crime family

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I chose this blog today to redeploy as a concept-weapon the historic ancient word “apiru” – with “a” in small letters to express contempt and also the probable meaning of the word, that is, roving clans of thieves. This describes with both impact and accuracy the original criminal clan of the far-distant past which, becoming known later as Hebrews, came to dominate by guile and murder our white world — the “Jews.”

I fully understand the feelings, more than justified, of all those who call this genodical breeding group by the name kikes, yids, and other terms reflecting the general and in fact intensifying opprobrium of all mankind. Antisemitism, once restricted to Europe and the Americas, to what long was called “Christendom,” is now worldwide, largely due to 1) the hideous crushing of the Palestinians, a people who are both “of color” and majority-muslim (which gives them LOTS of sympathizers), and 2) due to catastrophic juish financial manipulations by their controlled entities, a) Wall Street, b) the Federal Reserve and c) the City of London, all three of which have devastated productive economies worldwide.

(And guess what, apiruze, when my father’s own street in rich Vero Beach, Florida has six foreclosures on it, you are p—-g off some highly educated rightwing Republican white people with lots of friends– who have kept their antisemitism under wraps ONLY because the economy was good and they were making money.

You take away their money — after decades of hard study and hard work — and throw them into the street, and they will have nothing left to lose. But they will likely NOT pawn their guns. A Vero Beach home on the Atlantic coast….

(I often call them juze to show the entity-like nature of their group behavior.) But I, for my part, prefer in formal usage to go back to what they truly are, the apiru, a genetic “community” that arose over 3,000 years ago among deported, exiled or escaped criminals, atribe” united in the Middle East as an assemblage of diverse individual criminals, consisting of people who had all been exiled to the desert for their crimes or who had escaped with a gallop or on shank’s mare from the justice of their country or tribe of origin — people who had run from the punishment whip, the sword or the rope. More on that below.

As an aside, this is the email I sent to the half-ju Ollie Steeds today, whose hyper-fraudulent documentary “Hitler’s Mummies” lied that only “marginal” people and “Not-sees” believed the “unsupported theory” that Whites were here first in North America.

Here is halfju Ollie tossing out his phrase “scientifically unsupported” about my Solutrean views — and obsessively linking them to Himmler (watch 0:52-0:59), who certainly never gave them to me, or to the Discovery Channel iutself when it did the pro-Solutrean documentary “Ice Age Columbus”!!

I wrote Mr. Steeds:

* * *

Dear really bad liar (and faux Lancashireman — since your dad is an apiru, not English at all):

The first thing I noticed as a former interrogator (a training I started in 1977 in the Marines, and have pursued ever since) about Mr. Oliver Steeds was he would not look me in the eye.

I’ll confess to you where I got my theory that whites were here FIRST in North America…..

It was from a neo-Nazi film 🙂 done by YOUR Discovery Channel! http://store.discovery.com/detail.php?p=84844

From the product description by THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL:

Traditional history tells us that European settlers discovered America about the time of the Renaissance. But revolutionary new archaeological data and the latest DNA research reveal that Europeans visited our shores far earlier some 17,000 years before Columbus was even born.

[JdN: A recent winter photo of Solutr, a major archeological site after which this culture was named.]

Filmed in glorious high definition, this two-hour, epic drama follows an intrepid family of stone age hunters as they trek from their homeland in southwestern France,

cross 3,000 miles of ocean and eventually make their first permanent settlement in what is today the northeastern U.S.

[JdN: Our Solutrean ancestors were spear-hunting seals along an ice shelf that went from the French coast to New England. They slept in fur-lined lean-to’s built from their boats at night, flipped together, and they were riding the east-to-west ocean current that then existed in a very different ocean. Actually, they could have literally walked from France to Boston, had they wanted to. There was no miracle about their crossover, just lots of courage and skill.]

Along the way, they overcome starvation and storms with the help of a revolutionary weapons technology they would later bequeath to the native peoples of the Americas [JdN: after they murdered them!!!]. But awaiting the pioneers’ arrival is a stark, empty continent, filled with a plethora of bizarre and lethal animals all brought to life by brilliant computer animation. Firmly rooted in the latest scientific discoveries, it’s a compelling vision of the greatest migration in human history.

The famous Lewis and Clark expedition sent out by President Thomas Jefferson revealed a whole Indian tribe, the Mandans, who had light brown hair and blue or gray eyes……

[JdN: Map of pre-Clovis (pre-Amerindian) finds of European skeletons, and/or weapons and tools, all of which looked radically different from the skulls and other bones, and the equipment, of Amerindians. The invaders from Siberia inserted stone micro-blades along the edge of bones to make their spearpoints; Solutreans chipped away at flint.]

You know, Ollie….. as an employee of the Discovery Channel, perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the Discovery Channel yourself — and at least watch this trailer by your own Discovery Channel — before you produce any more documentaries entirely out of your backside, and before you imply again that your employer is a neo-Nazi organization propagating (to use your British accent) “mahstah-race theeries.” 😉

In fact, it is YOUR employer who spreads, as you accused me, the white Solutrean “ideas that have only speculative evidence.”

Click here for promotional video: http://store.discovery.com/detail.php?p=84844#tabs

The voice of the narrator for the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, my apiru friend, says clearly, as this “Kennedy zoom” (ever-increasing closeup) begins:

Scientists believe that whoever made [this spearhead] discovered the [North American] continent. ….Seventeen thousand years later, humans will discover this spearpoint. It is the earliest evidence of humans in North America.”

Oh, and another thing, apiru-Ollie:

Why did you sit there and try to tell me that blond hair is not blond? We looked together at photographs of very ancient blond-haired mummies found in Peru, and you spouted, in a way that nonplussed me and then made me doubt your veracity or your sanity:

“Their hair is not blond. It’s brown!”

Here’s the photo, my fibbing friend, from Thor Heyerdahl”s famous book (mistitled American Indians in the Pacific) and are you still telling me that photos #3 and #7 do not depict full-blown Swedish-colored golden-blond hair?:

Are you saying the National Museum of Anthropology and Archeology in Lima, Peru, is a “Not-see mahsta-race” bunch of quacks?

I think most women — especially your fellow swarthy juze — would give ten thousand dollars to overnight turn into natural blonds as fair-haired as the mummies PHOTOGRAPHED in the page below from the pre-Inca cultures of ancient Peru…..

And why DID the Inca rulers tell the Spanish that “the people who founded our culture looked like you but were blonder?” Were those Incas back in 1500 “Nazis” too? 😉

It is clear that apiru like you have now realized that the truth about the Solutrean settlement of America has ecome dangerous for the white guilt trip you and yours have foisted on us.

So it must now be reclassified from something the Discovery Channel was PROMOTING to now a form of “hate speech,” a neo-nazi Himmlerian “theory” and a “denial“ (the apirus’ favorite word) that “the Indians were here first and the evil whites pushed them off their lands”….

So you had to contradict blatantly the previous Discovyer Channel film on the subject, with all the interviews with distinguished scientists, geneticists and climatologists it contains. So…..Dennis Stanford, director of anthropology at the time of the Smithsonian — NAZI.

Professor Bradley: NAZI.

Lewis and Clark expedition: NAZIS for spotting Indians with blue eyes.

Thomas Jefferson: NAZI.

Jim Chatters, anthropologist who studied Kennewick Man’s skeleton: NAZI. (He was married to an American Indian woman but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good defamational story line…)

Pretty soon, though, Ollie, if you call all these distinguished people Nazis, the word Nazi will start smelling again like a rose. 😉

Too bad for you apiru, that the Solutrean cat, in fact, is already out of the bag……. and to use another metaphor, you apiru are closing the barn door after the Discovery Channel already let the horse out. 😉

By the way, Ollie, where DID you get that (even by juish standards) unusually outlandish claim at the beginning of your agitprop movie about Heinrich Himmler having had an office chair made for him out of a human pelvis and leg bones?

Here we see Gudrun Himmler and her dad. I have a friend who still knows Gudrun, now over age 90 and still a lovely woman and a supporter of our race.

I never even heard of this canard, Ollie, and after 31 years in the white movement, I’ve heard all the Holocaust fairy tales that you juze tell at lkeast thrice over.

I’ve heard of lampshades made of human skin (discredited even by juze nowadays), of juze being steamed to death like broccoli (also discredited even by juze), juze made into bars of soap (also disputed even by juze), and juze forced to climb trees while other juze were made to chop them down! (Oh, give me a BREAK!)

But the pelvis chair … that IS is a new one. Now, how exactly do you visualize the 5’10” Himmler sitting down inside a chair the width of the interior of a man’s pelvis bone? You’d be talking a mighty narrow heinie on Heinrich Himmler…..

Hitler and Himmler (like myself) were 5’10” ( 179 cm) tall. Even the world’s most wide-bodied negro or Samoan does not have a pelvis wide enough for a normal man to sit down inside. (Bizarre.)

‘Fess up, Ollie:

Did you get the pelvis chair where you got the rest of the documentary, from that same secret location on your backside? 😉

* * *

And as the scientists and historians know, the already mixed apiru horde were mixed in the eighth century AD by the converting to Judaism of the atrocity-loving Khazars, yet another barbarous and parasitical ethnie. (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazar)

I explain:

Everything began to explain the Jews by a meeting with Gypsies – who are thieves in America as in Europe, with faces like the criminals, fences, thieves and bogus fortune-tellers that they are. Then I read in an encyclopedia that they “left” India a thousand years ago for Europe. This raises the question: why does a people just “leave” its country?

For fear of being hanged or beheaded? For fear of being massacred at the hands of kings and peoples who were enraged by their behavior?

The “Rom,” a large component of the Gypsies, “leave” India…..

And another thing:

There was in Virginia in the United States an Edgar Cayce, a very internationally famous supposed “psychic” in his day ( “a household word” as we say in the United States) who, I was informed by a Cayce fan, wrote a book never published in which he said that juze were “reincarnated criminals.” Whether one believes in reincarnation or not, this is quite a memorable statement.

This decision goes back, among other reasons, to articles I found in Wikipedia in English, German and in French, saying clearly that the people whom the Old Testament calls “the Jews” (and earlier haclled the “Hebrews”) are likely the descendants of the “Habirus” — and these “Habirus” or “apirus” were in actuality a gang of criminals wandering around in the Middle East as ouitlaws, a horde which already annoyed the leaders of the Sumerian empire, Hittie, Egyptian and Assyrian.

English ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habiru ):

Habiru (Ha biru) or gold cApiru pr.w (Egyptian) [1] was the name given by various Sumerian, Egyptian, Akkadian, Hittite, Mitanni, and Ugaritic sources (dated, roughly, from before 2000 BC to around 1200 BC) to a group of people living as nomadic invaders in areas of the Fertile Crescent from Northeastern Mesopotamia and Iran to the borders of Egypt in Canaan [2] Depending on the source and epoch, these Habiru are variously described as nomadic or semi-nomadic, rebels, outlaws, raiders, mercenaries, archers, servants, slaves, migrant laborers, etc.

In French ( http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habiru):

Habiru, Abirou, Hapirou Habiru is the name given by many sources, Sumerian, Egyptian, Akkadian, Hittite, Mitannite and Ugaritic (dating approximately from -2000 to -1200) to a category of the population of north-west Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent from the borders of Egypt, Canaan and Iran. The portrait it draws of Habiru varies by source and the time they are nomadic, semi-sedentary, living outside the law, marginal, rebels, mercenaries, slaves, migrant workers, etc..

[….] Sumerian documents from the reign of Shulgi, king of Ur v. -2150, describe “a people traveling without clothing, in deathly silence, destroying everything in its path, the men go where they please, planting their tents and their camps, and they live in the countryside without observing the decrees of my king.”

In watching the documentary film of the prestigious Channel 4 in England “Ice Age Columbus” (= “The Christopher Columbuses [who came to America in Ice Age times, thus the Solutreans]) seen in the second part the actions of “exiles” roamed in the era of hunters and gatherers of the Stone Age. They were the criminals, psychopaths, thieves, murderers, antisocial elements. Either they were killed/executed/lynched or in misplaced mercy they were merely driven away.

Zia of the Solutreans, now in North America, finds that exiled Solutrean criminals have also crossed the Atlantic and have crept up upon them, armed. Exiles banded together just as decent people did. (Zia and other Solutreans may have had dark hair and fair skin and light eyes as depicted, or some may have been blond. The warlike Aryans thousands of years later were definitely blond-haired.)

The head of the exile band threatens Zia’s brother with a razor-sharp spear and confiscates their boat.

But in the forest, they picked up other misfits, and became the leaders or followers in new clans of desperados…… We must remember that Europe back then was not overpopulated but drastically underpopulated, a nearly empty continent with vast forests as in the story of “Little Red Riding Hood,’ not wall-to-wall cities, suburbs and towns. It offered plenty of space to highwaymen (and also to Robin Hood types).

In medieval Germany the forest (as in this depiction of the fairy tale) meant a place women and girls would not walk through alone, whether due to animal- or to human-wolves. As late as the 1700s there were many still apiru (juish) criminals lurking in the southern German forests.

And antisocial females would join them ….. or normal women would be abducted so the sociopathic clan had females for sex and cooking.

Amerindians with their pitiful white female captives.

And this union produced babies …..

Then an entire tribe ….. then a whole “people “……or anti-people.

To designate the southern Italian Mafia in the United States, we often use the term “crime family.” This expresses that the various mafias are more than mere “companies” or “organizations.” They are real clans, bands of people, united by feelings of belonging and by ties of marriage, blood and/or friendship as well as by greed and self-interest. They are “fraternal” organizations, exhibiting a sordid solidarity (aside from the occasional assassinations among leaders).

My volunteer from New Zealand, Nelson1805 (whose writings I often have featured on this blog, see http://johndenugent.com/jdn/?s=nelson1805) has described in a brilliant report to me the Khazars — the ancestors of 90 percent of Jews today) and how he traced the Khazar aristocracy back to the Scythians, a largely white, Old Iranian and blond tribe of barbaric psychopaths.

(As Wikipedia reveals, the lower-class Khazars were swarthy Caucasoids who were genetically like the Armenians, Chechens, and Georgians of today, such as the Georgian mega-psychopath Josehp Stalin).

Stalin as a young Bolshevik, bank robber and hitman. Note the semito-caucasian nose, and the eyes.

But these Scythians were a horrible, savage and barbaric horde, white though they were. They were Aryans psychopaths, roaming around what is now Ukraine, and a tribe that the ancient Greek historian Herodotus denounced for their cruelty.

We can safely extrapolate from the movie “Ice Age Columbus” that for thousands of years various exiled or escaped individuals since at least the Ice Age have been forming clans of criminals, and I vbelive basd on my research into the apiru that exactly just such a criminal clan was at the origin of the Jews, and of the Scythians (who later were known as Khazars and became converted to Judaism), and they became the Gypsies and other wandering peoples who have always terrified decent village people for millennia as soon as they approached any permanent human settlement.

Thus the juze are not a pure race of any kind, but instead a breeding community that has collected criminals for thousands of years and allowed them to join their horde and that now numbers in the tens of millions around the world.

Israelis delight in the recent assassination of a Hamas official. Six Mossad operatives using genuine but stolen passports of several European nations invaded a Palestinian’s hotel room, and strangled him, and it is a cause for national celebration in Israel, a country whose name in Hebrew means, yes, as an angel said after Jacob wrestled with him: “He fights against God.” Isra (he fights against)-el (God)…..

As the Romans used to say, Nomen est omen, “the name is the omen.”

Israeli-British musician Gilad Atzmon comments (http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/israeli-pride-ii.html):

The Zionist dream is over. The attempt to become a people like other people has failed.
We are dealing here with a bloodthirsty tribal society on the verge of collective psychosis.

Sorry, Gilad, but though you are one of the brave and sincere people who are trying to change jewry, this apiru people has ALWAYS been psychopathic in its very origins.

================SEE “ICE AGE COLUMBUS”!

FIRST OF NINE PARTS ON YT (very high-quality resolution):


(Hearing-impaired: Double-click on this video, then on lower right click also on the icon “CC” = close-captioned]

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