ENGLISH Homos and pedophiles destroy Germany and Catholic Church there

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DEUTSCHE VERSION DIESES ARTIKELS HIER — http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/03/15/german-juden-fahren-im-endkampf-die-groesstkanone-gegen-die-rkk-auf-kinderschandung und hier http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/03/15/german-dildo-schwesterwelle-und-die-pervertierung-deutschlands mit WEITEREN ARTIKELN RECHTS /ARTICLES FRANCAIS A DROITE

The ‘Synagogue of Satan” [Revelation 3:9] takes revenge on Ratzinger
[Source in Geman: http://globalfire.tv/nj/10de/juden/rache_an_ratzinger.htm]

Revelations 3:9 (that last book of the New Testament, which is said to have been written by the Apostle John, who was by far the most anti-juish of all the apostles, and who was “Jesus’ beloved”) says this:

I know your deeds. Lo, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my works and make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars — I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

And this verse was recalled when secret conversations in 1973 between worldwide Christian evangelist Billy Graham and President Richard Nixon were revealed:

* * *

In Nixon tapes, Billy Graham refers to ‘synagogue of Satan’

[source: http://www.usatoday.com/news/religion/2009-06-24-graham-tapes_N.htm]

[JdN: Just as a side-note, I was there and saw this inaugural prayer scene on the eastern side of the US Capitol, because my father James was invited for having been the Nixon-Agnew chairman for the State of Rhode Island in 1968 (and he was RI chairman again in 1972).]

From left, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Billy Graham and Spiro  Agnew at the inaugural podium in 1969.

Washington Post via D.C. Public Library From left, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Billy Graham and Spiro Agnew at the inaugural podium in 1969.

By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY [As Mel Gibson would say, with a name like that, “Does she have a dog in this fight?” ;-)]
A 1973 conversation between President Nixon and evangelist Billy Graham about Jews, laden with critical references including a Biblical verse on the “synagogue of Satan,” has put the aging, frail Graham back in unwelcome headlines.

The conversation is part of newly-released secretly recorded tapes from the Nixon presidency, from the U.S. National Archives in College Park, Md., and the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, Calif. A sampling of more than 150 hours of tape recordings and 30,000 pages of documents from two months in 1973 were made public Tuesday (download at Nixon.archives.gov/National Archives), culled from 4,000 hours of taped meetings and phone calls in a two-year period.

An earlier release of tapes in 2002 shocked fans of Graham, who is heard agreeing with Nixon as the president rails against liberal Jews’ political activism and media clout. Graham tells Nixon how Jews befriend him but adds,

“They don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country.”

On Wednesday, as he did in 2002, Graham’s longtime spokesman A. Larry Ross said Graham has never been an anti-Semite and that the remarks should be understood in context, as part of a conversation with the president.

[JdN: Sickening cowardice…]

In 2002, Graham said he had no recollection of such remarks but apologized deeply for any offense they may have caused.

[JdN: That kind of retraction is NOT a full retraction....]

Now, Graham, 90, and still mobile with a walker, is no longer doing media interviews, although he sent a message of greeting to a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, underway in Louisville.

The 1973 transcript is a wide-ranging conversation between Graham and Nixon in which Graham heaps praise on the president, telling him “Congratulations on everything,” and “I believe the Lord is with you.”

{JdN: The Reverend Billy Graham (1918-), like my fiance Margaret, was Scotch-Irish from the mountains of western North Carolina. With his charisma, spirituality, hopeful message and handsome appearance, he filled football stadiums for his revival meetings around the world.

Nixon raises the news that Israel had mistakenly shot down a Libyan civilian airliner, killing all on board. Nixon says,

“What I really think is, deep down in this country, there is a lot of anti-Semitism, and all this is going to do is stir it up.”

Graham agrees that it will push anti-Semitism “right to the top.” Then he turns the conversation to a report he read somewhere that Israel supposedly wants to “expel all the Christians.” Graham mentions Jewish opposition to a Christian evangelical unified campaign, saying Jews are “going right after the church.”

President Nixon joins Graham at a Christian revival that filled a stadium.

He also mentions an upcoming meeting with the interreligious affairs director of the American Jewish Committee, the late Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum. In 1977, the organization honored Graham, saying, according to Graham biographer William Martin, that “most of the progress of Protestant-Jewish relations over the past quarter century was due to Billy Graham.”

In 1973, Graham calls Tanenbaum the “cleverest and most brilliant” of the rabbis.

Nixon mentions an upcoming dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, and Graham, who said in earlier taped conversations that Israelis were the best kind of Jews, now brings up a biblical reference to the dense and difficult final book of the Bible, Revelation, which says in verse 3:9 that there are those who claim to be Jews who are liars, and that they belong to a “synagogue of Satan.”

This is a prophetic book by John the apostle who, like Christ, was Jewish.

Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman on Wednesday blasted both Nixon and Graham, saying that, “while never expressing these views in public, Rev. Graham unabashedly held forth with the president with age-old classical anti-Semitic canards.”[…]

* * *

And now to the German article, translated by me:

* * *

Suddenly here it is, the grand offensive by the Lobby’s world media against the Catholic Church. Allegations are being expressed of massive child abuse and desecration of children by priests.

It is true that there are black sheep among the priests who break their celibacy vow with children and young people instead of protecting and cherishing them properly in God’s name. In fact, if they were not priests of the Catholic Church at all, we would be seeing on TV every day film footage of mass arrests of men in black cassocks.

But the dam [in Germany] is now broken, and any reverence for this “sacred” institution is gone. The media propaganda suggests, so to speak, that every Catholic priest is a pedophile criminal.

Of course, one can assume that most of this has been invented, but the reality is bad enough. However, this terrible desecration of children has always been known, without these things being disclosed or people indicted. These reports are collected in dirt files in order to use them as a weapon when needed most.

It must be said that these disgusting cases of abuse of children are not the result of celibacy, as the System’s press tries to pound into us, but the acts of perversely predisposed people.

[JdN: this is definitely and obviously true to anyone who thinks about it.,There are hundreds of millions of white adults who rarely or never have sex but also do not molest children!]

These characters are however, shielded from view by their church activity.

“The Catholic Church attracts pedophiles.” (Stern.de, 10.02.2010)

[JdN: A Catholic priest told me this too. Priests do not become pedophiles, but pedophiles become priests, seeing the obvious cover it gives them to 1) never date women and yet never have that questioned (“How noble to sacrifice the sex urge to serve God!”) , and 2) to be around men and boys.]

It must be said, however: Many priests who areinclined to live out their normal instincts do so with women in secret, but they do not violate children. Even homosexual clergymen, as a rule, are not inclined to pursue children; they seek sex partners among other adults.

And then there’s the majority of priests, honorable men of God, who give all to their covenant with God and renounce worldly temptations. A shining example is them is Bishop Richard Williamson.

But why has The Lobby [JdN: in Germany it is a crime to criticize juze, so often German comrades (and even Establishment magazines such as Der Spiegel) call it thus] decided that the time has come to inflict on Joseph Ratzinger [the pope’s actual German name] and the Catholic faith community a blow from which the Church of Rome will not recover? For this grand offensive, there are three outstanding reasons:
1.) Benedict XVI uttered on 28 May 2006 in Auschwitz, during a memorial service, the words of a “6-million death toll” –but he was not referrign to juze! He said “Six million Poles lost their lives during World War II, one fifth of the nation.” [

* * *

[JdN: The six-million-murdered-Poles figure is as fanciful as the six-million-dead-Jews-number, as Poland’s former ruler General Jaruzelski himself recently indirectly confirmed. Among other things, he asked how postwar Poland could have had a baby boom (which totally made up for the supposed six million Nazi-murdered and vanished Poles….] when for years after the war (under communism!) people were starving and “the only item to buy in the supermarket was vinegar?” He strongly implied these six million people never died at all.

From a recent interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia with Jaruzelsky, translated and found here http://michaelsantomauro.blogspot.com/2010/02/gen-jaruzelskis-surprise-demjanjuk.html:

“To this day I still do not understand how, after the end of the War, we had a population of 24 million but at the time of the next census, in 1970, there were suddenly 14 million more Poles.

Then this population explosion suddenly ended at 38 million, as though struck by lightning.

The population has remained at around 38 million to this day.

Apparently there was a powerful aphrodisiac in the land that led to 14 million new Poles, although the food markets in those days had nothing to sell but vinegar… Millions died of starvation in those days.”

* * *

The use of the six-million figure for a Polish Holocaust was a blow to the synagogue, and it cried out for vengeance.

[JdN: It is true that the juze hold onto the six-million figure as very literally a sacred number tha tis to be memorized and used ONLY for juish suffering. Even when the Auswitz death told was reduced by almost three million on the very plaque itself at Auschwitz, we still hear “six million Jews died.”]

2.) Not quite two years later, Benedict revved up the deadly wrath of the Power Hebrews again when allowed anew the celebration of the Tridentine Mass according to the old Missal (of 1570). Under the old Missal a prayer was recited for

“the perfidious Jews who live in blindness and darkness.”

3.) But the “crime of crimes” under the holo-world system, for which only the “maximum penalty” can suffice, was when Benedict rehabilitated the quasi-breakway Traditional Catholic group, the SSPX and its Bishop Richard Williamson.

Bishop Williamson has said for decades, most recently in 2009 an interview with Swedish television, that “the gassing of Jews” is a lie.

Benedict was informed of the Holocaust views of Bishop Williamson long, long before he brought him back into the bosom of the Church of Rome and three other SSPX bishops.

Bishop Williamson quotes in the video below from Fred Leuchter, who built gas chambers for three different American state governments’ prisons systems. I met Leuchter in 1988, a brave German-American who was once on the cover of Esquire magazine as “Doctor Death.” Note that the reporter exhibits NO curiosity over Williamson’s assertsions but just wants to get him to say something criminal.

Immediately after the rehabilitation of Bishop Williamson Power Jewry demanded of Pope Benedict (Josef Ratzinger) that he excommunicate the SSPX bishop all over again!

That, however, was declined by Ratzinger. Since then, there has been war between Rome and the Power Jews.

[JdN: The expression “Power Jews” is a useful one that I first heard from a Danish comrade at David Duke’s 2008 EURO conference in Memphis, Tennessee. It distinguishes between the powerful psychopaths at the top of the apiru pyramid and the “little Jews” at the bottom, many of whom are not aware what the big boys have cooking for them and for the world.]

The FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)’s “justice system” indicted the Englishman, Bishop Williamson, in April 2010 in Regensburg, Bavaria. Benedict was put thus under even greater pressure. They want to demanbd how he can accept as bishop a man convicted of illegal “rabble-rousing” [isc].

The relationship between Ratzinger and the Jewish centers of power has surely not been facilitated by Benedict’s likely threat (uttered backstage) to publish the reports of the Catholic priests at Auschwitz, should the Lobby continue attacking him. To forestall such a liberating blow by Rome, the publication of the priestly reports from Auschwitz, an all-destructive pre-emptive strike was decided on.

It seems the “Synagogue” is now using its silver bullet, “defiling of children.” That is to be the “weapon of mass destruction” to save the Lobby [from the Auschwitz priest reports].

[JdN: We must remember that reports by priests have always given the Vatician, a centralized world church government, tremendous military, political, social and economic intelligence about what is going on in society, and the confessional booth has also been a way to learn things….without using confessions against any specific persons.]

One can asume that the purpose is to say that from such a horrible child-molesting church we do not need to read any enlightening reports.

Meanwhile, the Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, seems to have been “bought” by the “Synagogue”. This would seem to mean that Bishop Williamson has lost backing in his own ranks and that the pope could re-excommunicate him easily, many believe. But the reality is different.

The Brotherhood could to split down the middle if Bishop Williamson were booted out. Therefore Superior General Fellay said:

“With Bishop Williamson it is like handling uranium: it is dangerous to have it, and you cannot just leave it lying by the side of the road either.” (Der Spiegel, 5 / 2010, p. 30)

In any case, Bishop Williamson is sticking to his findings and is not ready to bow to the holo-world. He knows the secrets of the Church, and so obviously he knows about the Auschwitz reports of those priests who were then responsible for pastoral care in the camp.

[JdN: Auschwitz was not a death camp at all, despite an epidemic in 1942-43; it was a large industrial camp and agricultural center with one hundred thousand enemy prisoners — many of them Catholic — who there were obligated to work, and also a place of hospitals, birthing centers, orchestras, swimming pools, libraries, theaters, post offices and commissaries. It was in effect a WELL-RUN GERMAN PRISON CITY, designed to get steady manual labor out of suspicious enemy civilians as part of the German war effort. (Japanese-Americans were ALSO rounded up and made to work by President Roosevelt!) Among other things, Auschwitz processed coal into gasoline and also the Ukrainian buna plant into artificial rubber for tires. (Both Germany and the US had to develop artificial rubber after Indonesia, the world’s rubber source, fell to the Japanese.) Of course Auschwitz had a crematory; in any city or any country, at least one percent of the population dies every year, and far more in wartime, especially if there is overcrowding and disease. The Auschwitz death registry kept by the Germans, listing every dead prisoner by name, date of birth and death, recorded 74,000 deaths over the five year period May 1940-January 1945. After the war the commandant, Rudolf Hoess, was horrifically tortured to say millions had died there, but added other overtly absurd statements to signal that he had been tortured so as to discredit his forced “confession.” There WAS one sadistic commandant at Auschwitz, but the SS arrested him for his crimes, and he was saved from execution only by going genuinely insane before the war ended. The movie “Schindlers List” never mentioned that the SS arrested him, that his crimes were much less severe than the ones the Jew Steven Spielberg’s movie invented, and that the SS did execute a commandant at Dachau for theft and cruelty.]

That is why the auxiliary bishop [Williamson] remains unwavering and openly send emails about the Holocaust out to his fellow believers:

“Recently they were able to show that millions of deportees were in no way ‘gassed’ in the camps at Treblinka, Majdanek, Sobibor and Belzec, but just moved [by train] to parts of the [western] Soviet Union occupied by Germany. One should not fall for silly rumors to the contrary. … ‘The fact remains that the six million gassed constitutes a gigantic lie. Upon this lie a whole new world order has been established. “(Der Spiegel, 5 / 2010, p. 33)

SSPX Bishop Williamson has made his opposition to the Holocaust well-known and attractive for large segments of the Christian faith community.

“The Fraternitas Sacerdotalis has gained through Williamson a reputation it never had before, not since it was founded in 1969 by French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre by breaking away from Rome. Catholic conservatives have always loved the Pius brothers, but now they are on the verge of becoming anti-modernist heroes. “(Der Spiegel, 5 / 2010, p. 32)

Should there be a rupture between the true Christians around Bishop Williamson and the apparently defecting Fellay, it is Fellay who would lose. A new, true Christian church could arise, since as a bishop Williamson may consecrate priests. Thus, nothing more would stand in the way of the [re-]founding of the Church after the model set by Christ any more:

“An unattached and fundamentalist bishop has the potential to further divide the Church. At any time he could consecrate new priests or start his own, even more radical movement. That would harm both r Benedict and the Pius brothers, so he can stay. “(Der Spiegel, 5 / 2010, p. 30)

If Ratzinger decides for the Holo-religion and against Bishop Williamson, he could witness the beginning of the downfall of the Church of Rome, perhaps in his own remaining lifetime. If he decides for Jesus Christ, that is, for the truth, there will be the war between the “Synagogue” and the Church, and that will become a worldwide earthquake.

[JDN: I think it’s too late for Benedict. The Jews certainly have dossiers on tens of thousands of gay and child-molesting riests, bishops, cardinals and …. perhaps even popes.

In the United States in 1964 no one could explain why exactly several hardened Southern senators suddenly “rethought” their segregationist views and suddenly gave blacks the right to vote and supported “non-discrimination.”

Well…. the FBI under the part-negro J. Edgar Hoover had a mountain of dirt files containing sexual scandals galore, and President Johnson was able to use those files to apply pressure. The most stubborn Southern pro-white politicians suddenly fell to their knees before Johnson (who perhaps even was a Marrano). Re-election was all these politicians lived for.

And so this is how I see the situation for Rome: Idf it were to become known (or at least propagandized) that not just lowly priests but also the Roman Catholic hierarchy was abusing children en masse the RCC could not survive the rage, and the ju knows this.]

Bishop Richard Williamson expresses what the cowards in Rome, these servants of the “synagogue of Satan” did not even dare hint at. The true disciple of Christ will speak to the media mob of the bitter war which the forces of evil are waging against humanity:

“We are at war and you stand on the wrong side.” (Der Spiegel, 5 / 2010, p. 31)

Even if the worst laws are passed against humanity, and war, murder and torture come over us, the triumph of the truth can no longer be held back.

And in the end [this German comrade concludes] we will hopefully speak of the great trial of the rabble of liars and traitors, and their final sentence.

* * *

I got this comment in German on yesterday’s blog (http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/03/15/german-juden-fahren-im-endkampf-die-groesstkanone-gegen-die-rkk-auf-kinderschandung)
* * *
For me as a German Catholic, who lives in Catholic Spain, it was shocking to realize that the Jews have managed to throw the Catholic Church into total confusion. How could the church ever accept the interference of the Synagogue of Satan in their own most basic beliefs?

[JdN: Bribes, blackmail and Big Lies, as with every other organization they have infiltrated and subverted…. Look at the Republican Party, which used to be the closet white party, the advocate of small government and anti-war isolationism, just as George Washington wanted.]

Even when it came to the beatification of Pope Pius XII, that made the Jews rampage because Pope Pius XII, according to the Jewish people, during the Second World War II “had not done enough to save the persecuted Jews.”

In the case of the upright and gallant Bishop Williamson even the most simple-minded Catholic now must see clearly: The Catholic Church is making its final bow to the hate-filled religion of Judaism.

Thank you, John, that you, here on your blog, speak out and clearly state what many Catholics are feeling (and I think especially in Germany). Moreover, they are now even more intimidated and confused than ever by the “homo club” being perfectly swung against the Catholic priesthood. The Synagogue of Satan is pulling out all the stops… and I believe that the Catholic Church is actually entering into a frenzy of self-destruction.

At this point I particularly remember a reception the Vatican gave to a 50-strong gang of American financial juze in February 2009, along with their apiru community leaders, the chairman Alan Solow, Malcolm Hoehlein and the New York rabbi Schneier, who was born in Vienna and is yet another [of the millions of ] “Holocaust survivors.”

The Pope with Rabbi Schneier. Look at the body language; it says louder than words who is dominant.

At the rescinding of the excommunication of Bishop Williamson, the Jewish representatives stormed the Vatican and Pope Benedict went down on his knees and cemented the public six million swindle over and over again.

But the ju, as we know, is never satisfied. He calls for a visible human sacrifice.

This was made clear by the professional swindler and Nobel Peace Prize winner, “Elie Wiesel (“Elie the Weasel” in Yiddish!) Although pleased by the words of the pope lamenting the Holocaust, in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica he said that Benedict’s words were not sufficient:

“We should move from noble words to noble deeds and this bishop” [meaning the traditionalist Richard Williamson] should be expelled from the Church.”

[JdN: I love it when juish conmen give themselves names like Weasel…]

Below is the famous interview by Swedish television, actually conducted in Germany, with Bishop Williamson. We see in him, by the way, not just serious faith, but also the high-quality Nordic genes of an old-style and true man of England. (Even his eyes, btw, have the Nordic-specific outer eye fold ….)

Click here to hear the interview with him in English, whereby one should remember that, as my German blog yesterday stated, the RCC has reports FROM the priests in Auschwitz (from confessions and just by living and working there) and it knows exactly what the story is with these fabled “gas chambers” and “the mass murder of the Jews. ” Ther was indeed a Holocaust, a Flea Holocaust, where Zyklon-B-filled chambers gassed prisoner clothing to kill fleas and lice. There was no mass execution of apiru criminals, because as we saw on many occasions, such as letting the defeated British go at Dunkirk, Hitler was too soft — too soft to carry out his threat of March 1, 1939.

* * *

The German comrade resumes:

* * *

I think the pope should drive, not Williamson, but the Jews OUT, along with their agents, out of our Church….

[JdN: I love it: the German comrade, , in his letter to me in German, used for “out”‘ the ultimate German word:RAUS! 😉 It is clearly the best word in any language for expressing the concept of OUT! The second most-ultimate German word for me is “schnell!” (as in “Quick! Get hopping!”), which the French like so much that when they are yelling at their kids, in the middle of a melodious and nasal French sentence about how Teenager X must clean his room or start the homework, you will suddenly hear the French father incongruently bellow: SCHNELL! ;-)]

….OUT, just as Jesus drove the Pharisees out of the temple. But probably you are right: it’s already too late and the Church can no longer be saved.

The vacuum of faith which is now in the making, however, should not be left for the world enemy to fill with another poison.

It is up to us to fill it again. And a model of truth and faith is this Bishop Richard Williamson, who does not tolerate theese unrepentant descendants of the murderers of Jesus Christ.

He deserves our full respect and support because he has dared to bear the cross, like Christ.
* * *

Another German comrade wrote and was railing to me about the homosexual Guido Westerwelle, who is the chairman of the suposedly libertarian Freedom Party and now the foreign minister of Germany. (He co-heads the ruling coalition in the German parliament, along with the childless, fat and frumpy ex-communist “conservative,” Anglea Merkel.)

He is the second infamous homosexual to rise to prominence in ju-run German politics. The mayor of the capital of Germany, the mayor of Berlin itself, is now the queer Klaus Wowereit [pronounced “Vo-veh-right”].

This led to some questions, because, technically, on Guido’s next visit to Saudi Arabia, the Holy Land of Islam, the German foreign minister could himself under the Koran be arrested and have his head chopped off….. 😉 Or at least something….

The latest scandal is he is having his queer body-buddy tag along with him…. AND the pansy is conducting business for his private company while on the trip!

Though his name is Guido Westerwelle (the last name meaning “Western Wave”), the populace soon began making puns on his monicker and so they now label him, ahem, Dildo Schwesterwelle (The first name needs no translating; the second means “Sister Wave”).

This homo was born in 1961 but frankly, he looks as if the gay lifestyle is not doing him any favors. I am seven years older and yet have about half as many facial wrinkles, even when I smile like a politician. 😉 Maybe it is because I have a good woman in my life — and he instead is an aficionado of sperm swallowing and, uhh, the lovely anus…(Ah, or maybe it’s the “fisting” that is getting to him? Less fisting, Guido!)

So this other German comrade wrote:

Our professional queer will likely, now that the pedophilia stories are coming out, fly from the one Synagogue of Satan to the other, the one at the Vatican, and because he has a “heart for children” [a German bumper sticker slogan] no doubt he will want to visit the Vatican boys’ choir.

By the way, John, the sexually abused Regensburg Cathedral choirboys (nicknamed the “Cathedral Sparrows”) who were molested were for thirty years (1964-1994) under the “supervision” of Georg Ratzinger, brother of the current pope!

Both Ratzingers, we are supposed to believe, knew nothing about it 30 years long? Or do they too have a “heart for children”?

Why will this pope not dig up the Auschwitz priest reports? Ah, because Ratzinger has been given the choice: leave those achives under seal, or we dig out the abused “Sparrows” from Regensburg…

(Lower right) The majestic Regensburg Cathedral in northern Bavaria…..actually built by a Frenchie. The Gothic style began in northern France, heh-heh. 😉

VIENNA. Having already seen the Regensburg cathedral choir confronted with abuse allegations, now it is the turn of the famous Vienna Boys Choir: Two former choirboys report sexual assault — and violence involving their childhood choir practice.


How strange that the leftist media….which just days ago was blasting the nationalist candidate for president of Austria, Barbara Rosenkranz, not only as a “Nazi” but also because her ten nice white children (it’s a crime for a white woman to have ten children; only Turks living in Austria should do that!)….her kids are not baptized…. but the media has just as suddenly dropped that particular line of attack……


The old white world of compromise and of Mr Nice White Guy is dying. The economy is dying, the religion is dying, the people are dying. (The final straw here in Pittsburgh is that our white Pittsburgh Steelers double Super Bowl champion quarterback, Roethlisberger, is facing TWO rape charges…..)

It is time for Epic Beard Man. More than that, it is time for Solutrea — to arise and replace the dying world of obedient, corrupted, ludicrous, pale-faced fools. The whites will die; the Aryans will live.

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