ENGLISH Hitler in WWI meets the bravest Briton; who developed the first atomic bomb?

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What is tendentious and typical for Jewish Hitler-bashing at the end of this video is that Hitler would never have NOT shown deep gratitude for the chivalry by the British soldier in sparing his life! This 1916 poem by Hitler shows his deep respect for honorable warriors on all aides.


Composed in French Flanders, in the Artois forest, spring 1916
Based on a true story

In a Thicket of the Forest at Artois
It was in a thicket in the Artois Wood.
Deep in the trees, on blood-soaked ground,
A wounded German warrior lay stretched
And his cries rang out in the night.
In vain – no echo answered his plea.
Will he bleed to death like a beast
Shot in the gut, that dies alone?
Then suddenly
Heavy steps approach from right and left
He hears them stamp on the forest floor,
And new hope springs in his soul.
And now from the left,
And now from both sides,
Two men approach his dark resting place
A German, and a Frenchman.
And each watches the other with distrustful glance,
And threateningly they aim their weapons.
The German warrior asks: “What are you doing here?”
“I was touched by his desperate calls for help.”

Drawing by Hitler to illustrate the poem


“He’s your enemy!”
“He’s a man who is suffering.”
So both lowered their weapons without a word,
then entwined their hands together,
and with muscles tensed, carefully lifted
the wounded warrior, as if on a stretcher,
And carried him through the woods
Till they came to the German outposts.
“Now it’s done. He’ll get good care.”
And the Frenchman turns back toward the woods.
But the German grasps for his hand,
Looks, moved, into sorrow-dimmed eyes
And says to him with earnest foreboding:

Hitler, convalescing in a hospital in Berlin in 1916


“I don’t know what fate holds for us,
Which inscrutably rules in the stars.
Perhaps I shall fall, a victim of your bullet.
Perhaps mine will fell you on the sand,
For the fortunes of battle are unpredictable.

Hitler after four years at the front

But however it may be, and whatever may come:
It is for such sacred hours we live,
When a man sees himself in another man,
And so farewell! May God be with you!”
Adolf Hitler 1916
French infantrymen in the trenches (re-enactors)

Henry Tandey, the most decorated English soldier in WWI. It was truly he who who spared German corporal Adolf Hitler’s life in Marcoing, France in 1918. (He refused to shoot a groggy soldier who was just coming to after being knocked out.) Look at that resolute Saxon face, the blue eyes, straight nose and strong chin.The highest British medal for valor, the Victoria Cross, is to our left on his chest, next to a button.

Actor today who strongly resembles AH then, esxept his eyes were dark-blue


…..funniest baby video ever — gotta dance to the music!

Big Sis laughing is what makes it…. This vid got seven million views!

On a serious note, this reminds me of one definition of humor…. We are supposed to be such rational beings, BUT humor is seeing what slaves we all can be to our habits, likes, dislikes and various powerful stimuli.

Ethnic jokes are based on this… Whenever a German, or Pole, or Russian, or Black or Jew, or White liberal acts predictably, or a man from the viewpoint of a woman, or vice versus, by being stereotypical it makes us laugh. We perceive what creatures and really slaves most people are of their nature, genes or culture. It is both disappointing and yet sadly funny.

Disappointing about the baby is the fact that its legs and arms MUST respond to the music, like a marionette whose strings are yanked! But we laugh because life is full of people behaving PREDICTABLY, not based on right, wrong or logic at all. As Nietzsche said “human, all too human.”

And this is where my concept of humanimals comes in.


…..Remembering Rochus Misch — his honor was loyalty

Rodney Martin, the part-German Californian who is the founder and director of the excellent Western Values Foundations (http://wvfoundations.org/) just did a fine radio show commemorating his friend Rochus Misch, the last surviving German on Adolf Hitler’s staff.

After the death of Hitler’s personal adjutant Otto Günsche (2003), of his secretary Traudl Junge (2002), and Hitler’s personal camera man Walter Frentz (2004), Rochus Misch was the last still-living eyewitness of the action in the inner circle of the Third Reich.


It is a great listen! Rodney spoke with him five times by phone and had many exchanges of letters with him.


I wrote Misch myself, at Petunienweg (Petunia Way) 123, Berlin 12357, Germany, because this hero, a simple man and a painter, unlike certain intellectuals, never dumped abuse on the Leader after the war to save his own neck. Even Hitler Youth head Baldur von Schirach and the architect (and munitions minister) Albert Speer, two young men who owed Hitler everything, all their greatness, fame and success, joined the Jew enemy during the “Nuremberg War Crimes Trials” in denouncing their Leader.

But for Rochus Misch, this principle and promise was true for his entire life:

Meine Ehre hei�t Treue,” My honor is LOYALTY.

One can never expect any leader to be perfect, but no leader can succeed unless his men stay loyal and steadfast when the going gets tough!

The SS honor dagger with Meine Ehre heisst Treue” burned into the stainless steel



How different from the Whites of today! Here is a modern version of Michelangelo’s vision in the Sixtine Chapel….. Whites getting plastered while the Jews and Blacks destroy us.


Misch, a staff sergeant (SS-Oberscharführer) in the dining car of the Leader’s private train, code-named “Amerika”. He participated in the 1938 liberations of Austria and the Sudetenland and was severely wounded in the lung and arm on September 24, 1939 by a treacherous Polish soldier — during the Poles’ surrender negotiations.


The gigantic division of 35,000 men to which Misch belonged was the Guards Division Adolf Hitler (“Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”), here seen in color. It was very feared by the Allies.

Its resolute commander was the “Old Fighter” (early Hitler supporter) Sepp Dietrich of Bavaria.


New Reich Chancellery at night; Misch worked here (or wherever else Hitler had his temporary headquarters during the war) from 1940-45

Berlin, Neue Reichskanzlei


Wedding photo with his wife Gerda, whom he married on December 31, 1942 and was very much in love with until her death in 1998; Hitler gave them a case of champagne (in German Sekt) and Eva Braun bestowed some nice baby clothes. 😉 Later, one daughter named Brigitte, long after the war, would go to on to marry — and have children with — an Israeli, even declared herself ludicrously to be Jewish . … and the neo-German jewsmedia gloated. The daughter even refused to attend her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, breaking their hearts. (Btw, both of my daughters have totally cut me off because I am resolutely NS…)


When the Soviets released Misch after eight years of torture, they dumped him at the East-West German border and he had to walk all the way to his wife in southern Germany.

Misch handled the switchboard in the Bunker from January 16, 1945, when Hitler took up quarters there, to the end.


Hitler’s office


Rodney Martin says Misch revealed that Hitler would fire any bodyguard who spoke roughly or manhandled the people in the crowds.

Staff sergeant Misch


German crowds were often ecstatically friendly to Hitler, but there were also many attempts to assassinate Hitler.


Neue Reichskanzlei (New Reich Chancellery, built 1934-39 by Albert Speer)

  • Berlin_Neue_Reichskanzlei-stabswache


    Rot markiert (In bold red marking): Führerbunker

    1. Mittelbau mit Marmorgalerie (Mittelbau Marble Gallery)
    2. Eingang zur Reichskanzlei (Entrance to the Reich Chancellery)
    3. Eingang zur Präsidialkanzlei (Entrance to the Office of the Reich President)
    4. Kasernenbauten (Barracks Buildings)
    5. Hebebühne zu den Katakomben (Lift to the Catacombs)
    6. Gartenportal zu Hitlers Arbeitszimmer (Garden portal to Hitler’s Office)
    7. Bauzufahrt zum Führerbunker (Entranceway to the Fuhrer Bunker)
    8. Zufahrt — Tiefgarage und Führerbunker (Access – Underground Parking and Fuhrer Bunker)
    9. Einfahrt — Tiefgarage und Feuerwehr (Entrance – Parking and Fire Brigade)
    10. Zufahrt Führerbunker (Access – Fuhrer Bunker)
    11. Haus Kempka (Kempka House)
    12. Gewächshaus (Greenhouse)
    13. Ehrenhof (Courtyard of Honor)
    14. Festsaal mit Wintergarten (Ballroom and Conservatory)
    15. Alte Reichskanzlei (Old Reich Chancellery)
    16. Speisesaal (Dining Hall)
    17. Propagandaministerium (Ministry of Propaganda)
    18. Erweiterungsbau zur Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery Extension)
    19. U-Bahn-Eingang Wilhelmplatz (Wilhelmsplatz Subway Entrance)
    20. Kaufhaus Wertheim (Wertheim Department Store)
    21. Leipziger Platz (Leipziger Plaza)
    22. Ministergärten (Ministry Garden)
    23. Tiergarten (Great landscape park Tiergarten)
    24. Hermann-Göring-Straße (Herman Goring Street)
    25. Voßstraße (Voss Street)
    26. Wilhelmstraße (Wilhelm Street)



    View of the Bunker with the entrance on the left and the cone-shaped ventilation tower (for fresh air) on the right. The Old Reich Chancellery (where Hitler and Evan Braun actually lived until mid-April 1945, only sleeping down in the Bunker), from Bismarck’s time, is the taller building behind it.


    Vorbunker (Outer bunker/Ante-bunker)[edit]

    1. Keller des Wintergartens (basement of the winter garden)
    2. Keller des Festsaales (basement of the ballroom)
    3. Kannenberggang (Kannenberg passage)
    4. Aufenthaltsräume (lounges)
    5. Waschraum/Duschen (lavatory/showers)
    6. Toiletten (toilets)
    7. Anrichtraum/Küche (pantry/kitchen)
    8. Wache (guard room)
    9. Maschinenraum (engine/generator room)
    10. Alte Wache (old guard room)
    11. Haupteingang (main entrance)
    12. Notausgang (emergency exit)
    13. Warteraum (waiting room)
    14. Sekretärin (secretary)
    15. Aufenthaltsraum — Wache (guards’ lounge)
    16. Treppenhaus zwischen Bunker und Führerwohnung (staircase between bunker and Hitler’s apartment)
    17. Gasschleuse (airlock)
    18. Aufenthaltsraum (lounge)
    19. Speiseraum (dining room)

    Hauptbunker (Main bunker)[edit]

    1. Betonverfüllung (concrete backfill)
    2. erster Notausgang des Hauptbunkers (first emergency exit of the main bunker)
    3. Abwasser/Strom (sewage/electricity)
    4. Badezimmer (bathroom)
    5. Privates Gästezimmer Adolf Hitlers (Adolf Hitler’s private guest room)
    6. Vorraum Adolf Hitlers (Adolf Hitler’s lobby)
    7. Arbeitszimmer Adolf Hitlers (Adolf Hitler’s study)
    8. Schlafraum Adolf Hitlers (Adolf Hitler’s bedroom)
    9. Kartenzimmer/Lageraum (map room/situation room)
    10. Warteraum/Lagevorraum (waiting room/anteroom to the situation room)
    11. Flur und Wartebereich (corridor and waiting room)
    12. Fernschreiber/Telefon (teleprinter/telephone)
    13. Sanitätsraum (infirmary)
    14. Raum — Dr. Morell (room of Hitler’s personal physician, Dr. Morell)
    15. Schlafraum (bedroom)
    16. Personal (staff/servants)
    17. zweiter Notausgang des Hauptbunkers (second emergency exit of the main bunker)
    18. Beobachtungsturm, im Bau (observation tower (under construction))
    19. Belüftungsturm, im Bau (ventilation tower (under construction))
    20. Lüftungsturm für Generator, im Bau (ventilation tower for generator (under construction))
    21. Bunkerwände (bunker walls)
    22. Haus Kempka (the home of Hitler’s chauffeur, Erich Kempka)
    23. Bunkerzufahrt (bunker entrance)
    24. Pergola (pergola)
    25. Auswärtiges Amt (Foreign Office)
    26. Führerwohnung (Hitler’s apartment)
    27. Lastenaufzug (goods lift)
    28. Fundamente/Alte Reichskanzlei (foundations/Old Reich Chancellery)


From the 1960s on Misch gave interviews to media, the Israelis, the US Holocaust Museum, the NY Times, etc., but always refusing to apologize for Hitler. As an SS member he got no pension for his military and combat service, and became a house painter, as he once had learned to be in his apprenticeship as a teenager.


Rodney says Misch enjoyed standing in the parking lot where the Bunker had been located and greeting the curious vistors to the Bunker location, saying “I am Misch; I used to work in the Bunker!” He usually got an apprehensive reaction and then pulled out a photo of himself to prove it.

The judeo-German government bent over backwards to not let the Bunker site become a shrine. It is now the parking lot here. Rudolf Hess’s grave was dug up and the gravestone even of Hitler’s parents! (Their bodies are still there.)


Reinhard Heydrich is buried between two famous German generals, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, in Berlin, but with no marker at all, as his son told Rodney Martin! The Judeo-German government will allow no marker for this very significant man, the Number-Two man of the SS!)

Grave of the great Prussian general von Scharnhorst at the famous Invalids Cemetery, Berlin; Scharnhorst reorganized and modernized the Prussian army to beat Napoleon: Heydrich is buried underneath mere grass between his grave and that of Gneisenau.


In the course of filming the movie “Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise, Misch was introduced to Tom Cruise, who, when he was told who Misch really was, said “I didn’t know you were going to bring EVIL here. I don’t like evil!” and stomped off so as to reassure his Jew masters of his loyalty.


Misch was disgusted with every Hollywood movie about life in the Bunker.

Misch helped with many films, but despised the film “Downfall” espeically because it portrayed Hitler as a short-tempered person, even as a raving maniac with a high-pitched voice who supposedly screamed at and bullied subordinates.

Among other errors, AH actually had a deep baritone in conversation. Here is a very rare recording of Hitler conversing with Finnish marshal Mannerheim about the huge level of Soviet tank production:

Also, the Bunker ( German-quality ;-)) never shook from artillery shells. It was a deep bunker, 200 feet down, and protected by a 12-foot-thick concrete and steel roof and eight-foot-thick side walls. It was as quiet as an art museum.

In a 2005 Salon.com interview (http://www.salon.com/2005/02/21/nazi_3/)

[Interviewer] I’d like to talk a little bit about the new movie portrayal of those last days in the bunker. Have you seen “Downfall”?

Oh, yeah, I’ve seen it. [Laughs heartily.] Dramatic operetta. It’s all Americanized. All that yelling and screaming; it wasn’t like that down there in the bunker. The reality — it was a death bunker. Everyone whispered down there. A crazy screaming scene never happened.

Hitler never yelled?

Well, at least when the generals were down there, discussing military things, they were very quiet. It’s a film, with all the freedoms of a film. It’s no documentary.

Are there factual discrepancies, so far as you know?

No, no, just everything exaggerated.


Do you have any particular impressions of Hitler that have stayed with you?

Hitler, to me, was always a completely normal person. He spoke completely normally to me. I lived together with him for five years. I only knew him as a wonderfully good boss, right? I could talk with him. He was always satisfied with us.


No, he was never authoritarian. And we were with him day and night; we knew him. He was never without us, day and night. If he wanted something in the night, his servant was asleep, so he called one of us. If he wanted to be awoken an hour later, or to call Eva — anything. We just had a wonderful boss. We couldn’t have wished for better. When I was married he had a case of champagne delivered to my house, this one we’re sitting in [gestures to the surrounding rooms].


How do you feel about the attention paid to you in recent times?

I did six [interviews] for the Holocaust Museum in Washington. But that stays in the museum archives; it’s not for the public.

And then I did two times, two hours [of interviews] for the Goethe Institute in Tel Aviv. They collect that kind of thing. Not to show, just for a rainy day, I guess.

The BBC has filmed with me three times. They even went to Moscow and found the suicide request I wrote when I was a prisoner of the Soviets. They were really hardworking.

And some young people are making a documentary film about me — I had to arrange for the woman who does my housekeeping to make a special visit, because they wanted to get some shots of her working around the house! There’s continual interest now. I can’t believe it.

Hitler just won’t die. And I’m the only one left to tell.



Famous German song like “Taps” in America: “I once had a comrade”


Youtube videos in German and English with Rochus Misch

This is a film by the Israeli woman Yael Katz Ben Shalom, produced in the year 2005, about Rochus Misch, the allegedly last survivor and witness from the inner circle of the Führerhauptquartier of Adolf Hitler. She films Misch in his private home in Berlin, shows how he deals with his history. His daughter is also interviewed, who is married to an Israeli. The film lasts 64 minutes and has been partitioned here into 4 parts.

1 of 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNb0_PCB1jw

2 of 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUZTemjMhnQ

3 of 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYG2gJlVKE4

4 of 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAWoMAOfxPM

German Reich in 1943, 100 million people (today 67 million including Austria)


In his book Der letzte Zeuge ( = “The Last Witness”] (which Rodney Martin informed me is supposed to come out in English in March 2014), Misch (book subtitle: “I was Hitler’s switchboard operator, messenger and bodyguard”) wrote regarding the German atomic bomb:


[Original German followed by my translation into English]

Ich erinnere mich beispielsweise an eine Nachricht über den Stand der Atombombenentwicklung. Da hieß es, die Forschungen der Amerikaner wären im Vergleich zu den deutschen mindestens ein Dreivierteljahr im Rückstand.
Hitlers Einstellung zur Atombombe kannte ich: “Damit gewinnt man keinen Krieg.” Davon war er überzeugt.
Die Westalliierten hatten gedroht, sich im Fall des Einsatzes der Atombombe mit 15.000 Flugzeugen in Nordafrika zu versammeln, um dann ganz Deutschland mit Gas zu verseuchen. Gasangriffe hatte Hitler im Ersten Weltkrieg erlebt, er hatte eine panische Angst davor. Einen solchen Rückschlag werde er niemals verantworten können, betonte er, daher scheide der Einsatz einer Atombombe für ihn völlig aus.[1]


“I remember, for example, reading a message on the state of our atomic bomb development. It said that research by the Americans was three quarters of a year behind our German program. But I knew Hitler’s attitude towards the nuclear bomb:

“With that weapon we will not win the war.”

Of that he was convinced.

The Western Allies had threatened to gather 15,000 aircraft, in case we used the atomic bomb, down in North Africa and from there they would bombard Germany with poison gas.

British Lancaster bomber


American B-17 Flying Fortress


Gas attacks were something that Hitler had experienced in the First World War and they terrified him. For such devastation he emphasized that he could not take responsibility. And so the use of a [German] atomic bomb [against the Allies] was something that he ruled out completely.”

RAF [Royal Air Force] estimates of destruction of “built up areas” of major German cities (Wiki)
* = population over 500,000
City percent
Berlin* 33
Cologne* 61
Dortmund* 54
Dresden* 59
Düsseldorf* 64
Essen* 50
Frankfurt* 52
Hamburg* 75
Leipzig* 20
Munich* 42
Bochum 83
Bremen 60
Chemnitz 41
Dessau 61
Duisburg 48
Hagen 67
Hannover 60
Kassel 69
Kiel 50
Mainz 80
Magdeburg 41
Mannheim 64
Nuremberg 51
Stettin 53
Stuttgart 46


German woman in Cologne views bodies of children killed in an Allied terror raid that hit a school.


Air shock ripped lungs arteries

  • The Allies had already demonstrated a total willingness to use vicious tactics and to violate the Hague Rules of War which they solemnly had signed. They has already killed one million German civilians by deliberate terror bombing, designed to cause civilian mass misery and terror.

    Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_bombing_during_World_War_II):

    The purpose of the area bombardment of cities was laid out in a British Air Staff paper, dated 23 September 1941:

    The ultimate aim of an attack on a town area is to break the morale of the population which occupies it. To ensure this, we must achieve two things: first, we must make the town physically uninhabitable and, secondly, we must make the people conscious of constant personal danger. The immediate aim, is therefore, twofold, namely, to produce (i) destruction and (ii) fear of death.

    In October 1943 [Bomber] Harris [the British Air Marshal] urged the government to be honest with the public regarding the purpose of the bombing campaign. To Harris, his complete success at Hamburg [35,000 civilians killed] confirmed the validity and necessity of his methods, and he urged that “the aim of the Combined Bomber Offensive…should be unambiguously stated [as] the destruction of German cities, the killing of German workers, and the disruption of civilized life throughout Germany…. the destruction of houses, public utilities, transport and lives, the creation of a refugee problem on an unprecedented scale, and the breakdown of morale both at home and at the battle fronts by fear of extended and intensified bombing, are accepted and intended aims of our bombing policy.”


That is exactly what this book in German by engineer Peter Brüchmann says, the son of an German wartime engineer who worked on the German A-Bomb. He says two German A-bombs were captured in Thuringia by General George Patton’s troops, and THEY are what the Americans dropped in August 1945 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki! The first truly US-built A-bomb was in 1947!

  • John D. NugentOne bomb “Made in Germany” was exploded on July 17, 1945 at Alamagordo, New Mexico; another was dropped in August 1945 on Hiroshima, Japan; another a few days later on Nagasaki; and one failed to ignite when dropped on Nagasaki due to a faulty American fuse.
  • John D. NugentThe Jews Fermi, Oppenheimer et co. never succeeded in building a working atomic bomb!
  • John D. NugentThe German bomb had too much radioactivity and not enough blast, but it was good for destroying wooden Japanese houses. It did NOT destroy steel-reinforced buildings.
    Hiroshima after the German bomb: Only wooden Japanese houses with literally internal walls made of paper were destroyed.
    The Reich survived by offering these primitive atomic bombs (= low-blast) to the Americans because Truman wanted to 1) scare the Soviets with some weapon that seemed big and 2) he wanted to end the war with Japan quickly.
    My father [photo of him later as a captain], who was a sergeant with the Marines at Iwo Jima, was poised to go and fight in Japan, and the US expected one MILLION American dead and wounded in vicious house-to-house fighting on the main island of Honshu against a foe who was determined to fight like a samurai to the death for his emperor.


Top Secret: Amerikas verschwiegener Triumph: Die Erbeutung der deutschen Atombomben 1945. Erinnerungen und Enthüllungen eines Zeitzeugen [ = Top Secret: America’s Triumph Kept Secret: The capture of German Atomic Bombs in 1945. Memories and Revelations of a Witness]


The book also claims that both the German and the American Manhattan Project scientists were fearful for years that an atomic reaction could ignite the earth’s atmosphere and burn up the whole planet in a gigantic fire! It also states the Germans successfully ignited atomic bombs over the Baltic Sea.

All this confirms what Joseph Farrell PhD, Oxford University, has stated in his many books, such as


The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa’s Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12 by Joseph P. Farrell(Aug 15, 2006)


Reich Of The Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend byJoseph P. Farrell (Mar 2005)

And this backs up my major essay: http://johndenugent.com/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens

As it states:

Dr. Joseph Farrell has a PhD from Oxford. Though he, like David Icke and Alex Jones, engages in “Nazi-bashing” to

1) avoid being murdered outright as a dangerous whistle-blower on the power of Jewry,

2) to be able continue to publish his factual and fascinating books and

3) to hold meetings without Jewish terrorists threatening the hotel),

…..it is crystal-clear from a hundred between-the-lines things Farrell has written and said that he knows exactly who the real enemy is, the Jews.

For example, at 0:39:32-37 of this video on “the Nazi International” (and on “The Bell” — the NS multidimensional physics weapon.) that he says has been existing ever since 1945


….Farrell uses the phrase “Anglo-American financial predators” [ who might they be?] and “Nazis are not playing the NWO ball game.”

Genes-Giants-Monsters-&-Men-farrellFurther, in his brilliant 2010 book Genes, Giants, Gods and Men Farrell basically says that 1) wicked genetic experiments were being done in ancient times by malicious aliens out to create slave races on earth, and 2) Yahweh, the tribal god of the ancient Hebrews, is an especially vicious alien leader, now thousands of years old, surviving off the negative energy of his suffering victims like a vampire, and out to enslave the human race.

Farrell does not say, or rather he DARES not say, that Yahweh is “using the Jews to enslave humanity,” but in effect that is exactly what Dr. Farrell of Oxford is saying.

I recommend readers see my massive information base on this, and again, here is the link: http://johndenugent.com/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens

Excerpt from this essay:
Robert Hastings is an UFOlogist (and son of an Air Force sergeant major) whose specialty is UFOs either electrically shutting down or SHOOTING down US nuclear missiles.

Now who might not like the US government?
SOMEONE keeps telling the US it may not launch ICBMs, and it has shot down an ICBM. In this 5-min-video at around 2:33 you see Hastings:
Here, on Larry King on CNN, an Air Force launch officer at Malmstrom AFB in Montana is discussing the shoot-down in 1967 of a practice ICBM, and you can see a circular craft blasting it with a laser.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RILqYoDnvrQ see esp. 1:00-1:29.. This screenshot is of the missile 800 miles downrange at night, but the video shows the motion.
Is this a brush-back pitch? WHO is warning off the US government?

In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote in 1924 that a race or people can be reborn from an intelligent strategic retreat, if a new nucleus of that people forms in part of the territory, or elsewhere, in exile, and is determined to take back and liberate the nation from the part that they control:

(In German)

“Die Möglichkeit, für ein Volkstum die Unabhängigkeit wieder zu erringen, ist nicht gebunden an die Geschlossenheit eines Staatsgebietes, sondern viel mehr an das Vorhandensein eines, wenn auch noch so kleinen Restes dieses Volkes und Staates, der im Besitz der nötigen Freiheit, nicht nur Träger der geistigen Gemeinschaft des gesamten Volkstums, sondern auch der Vorbereiter des militärischen Freiheitskampfes zu sein vermag.” (Quelle: A. Hitler: Mein Kampf, 1925, S. 687f)

(In English)

“The possibility for a folk of regaining its independence is not tied to having a closed state territory, but instead, and far more, to the existence of a remnant, no matter how small, of this folk and state, which possesses the needed freedom to be not only the bearer of the spiritual community of the entire folk, but also the preparer of the military struggle for freedom.”






John de Nugent

306 S. Steel St.

Ontonagon MI 49953



(906) 884-6689




A German sent me this…..




Washington Post article of June 13, 2013: “Whites’ death outpaces births”. For the first time ever, more Whites died than were born in the USA. the average White age is a staggering 42, for Asians 34, for Blacks 32, and for Hispanics 28.

We are a dying race because our soul has died.


Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?

.This is how you can help financially:

PAYPAL to mhuffstickler@outlook.compaypal

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