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I started a very popular innovation for The Barnes Review Newsletter a while back.

I asked people: What was it that woke you up?

Where you became aware of the Jewish and racial issues? That you realized you were white from tip to toe, that you were an Aryan, and not just a generic, unfeathered, fork-legged animal?

For Margi Huffstickler, it was the Israeli massacre in 2002 in Jenin, in the West Bank of Palestine.

For her music professor, it was the takeover of the music department at Catholic U. by a Jewish supremacist who began shoving the “Holocaust” down everyone’s throat, and who then got this professor fired — the very man who had originally recommended him as department chairman, and had thought it would be wonderful for a Catholic school to be so open-minded and hire a Jew!

For a friend who was a WWII vet, it was a Pentagon indoctrination film about how “we” were going to have to be harsh on the wicked Germans.

For William Fox of www.amfirstbooks.com, it was first, working at CBS in Manhattan and being treated there as a servant by arrogant Jews and second, working in NY real estate and seeing their greed. Then it was the author of an Establishment political science book who showed him his own copy of Wilmot Robertson’s immortal The Dispossessed Majority. (Don Black, the proprietor of Stormfront, said at the 2005 David Duke/Euro conference that it was this same great book that changed him.)

Back to Bill Fox: then a fellow Marine Corps officer — of part-Jewish descent! — gave him a copy of Dr. Edward Fields’ Jew-bashing newspaper The Truth at Last!

Well, what was my “turning point”?

Overtly, it was this:

in the 1970s I was a member of the Conservative Book Club, and ordered a book about how the Jews were so influential and if we could only make the Jews into Republicans we could save America.

(I know, I know….)

But in reality the book’s implications appalled me. There it was, page after page of this Jew boasting — and proving with name, rank and serial number — that Jews ran everything! In fact, the book had the opposite effect on me: I became very disconcerted that such a tiny group within a so-called free society could hold so much power.

Then in 1978-79, when I was at Georgetown University (from which I graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa in 1981, and as a member of the National Honor Society — I say this because I got an email after the Discovery Channel show saying I was “ignorant”), the Student Council at this CATHOLIC SCHOOL,  a Jesuit school in fact like Notre Dame, gave official recognitiOn to a homosexual student group! (That meant all students — including ME — had to pay dues toward it indirectly as well.) And this same Student Council denied recognition to a Christian right-to-life group!

At that very moment, I was taking a course on “German Language and Society” as part of my major in German. In it I had to read key passages from influential German books that had molded that society….. WEEEELLL, one of them was of course the book by “the world’s most evil tyrant.” 😉

And in it a certain Austrian watercolorist said that the Jews were corrupting morality, taking over the media and trashing and looting the nation.

Suddenly……… it clicked.

Being a man of action, 25, full of vigor and a desire to commit to a higher cause, and living in Arlington, Virginia (just across the Potomac River from Georgetown), and recalling that George Lincoln Rockwell had had his headquarters in Arlington (btw, my family was acquainted with his family in Rhode Island), over I went by car and drove straight to the headquarters of the dread “National Socialist White People’s Party” on Franklin Road (a little side road off the mighty Wilson Boulevard)……….

I walk in and it was surreal.

There stood a six-foot-three Dutch American with blond hair and blue eyes — shoulders as wide as a gate — named Frederick Verduin, resplendent in his black trousers, shiny black boots, .45 pistol flashing on his hip, and, natch, a brown shirt, and of course the throbbing red-black-white swastika armband. He looked at me, recognized my own military (Marine) haircut ( he was actually himself then an active-duty soldier stationed at Ft. Myers and assuigned to the White House Honor Guard at the time!). Verduin said, with a nirvanic smile, simply:


And that is how it all began.

When I joined the NSWPP of Rockwell (then run by his successor, Matt Koehl) in 1978, a person (who later on became a good friend, Mark Graef) stood me up twice when he had an appointment to teach me some volunteer tasks at HQ.

Later on, after we had become friends, I decided to confront him about having stood me up twice. He replied:

“Well, you came in right after Susan Mathews. [This blonde was a juess who had infiltrated the Party, married a comrade, and had proved a terrific, hard-working, reliable volunteer asset, gaining everyone’s appreciation — until she was exposed.] When you came along, a month after she was thrown out, we all said ‘This guy is way too good to be true. Georgetown man, Marine Corps reserve and in an intelligence unit, upper-crust family, good-looking guy …. That’s not the kind of person we usually recruit.” [LOL!]

(A whole other story is the day Fredrick Verduin told me, neophyte, that Hitler had in act NOT holocausted the juze. I was dumbfounded that Hitler, considering his views, was so inconsistent and really thus liberal and soft toward a fiendish and thieving entity that had killed millions of his people and of our whole race. I was never a Hitler worshipper; I felt I knew the man too well for that. Three years before, I had stood in Germany at the Zeppelinwiese podium, at the very spot where he gave his Nuremberg rally speeches and felt a subterranean ennui. All’s not well that ends not well.

Picture of a far too gentle man – the best oil painting ever of Hitler:

Sickening mutual slaughter of brave white men — Americans and Germans fighting on German soil! Hitler could have said: “I’ll execute every ju in Europe unless the Allied war-criminal carpet bombing of civilians in our cities stops.” After 1945, World War II continued on the white people of America. We were told that despite losing FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND MEN and spending THREE TRILLION [2010] DOLLARS on WWII, we had “not done enough to stop Hitler,” and we had to form a racially integrated society to atone for “racism” and AMERICAN “antisemitism.” (The Gregory Peck movie “Gentleman’s Agreement” was the opening shot.) Then we got this:


I of course majored in German at Georgetown University; I have studied twelve biographies of Adof Hitler (the latest being the psychopathic half-truther and historical hitman Ian Kershaw); I have met and discussed Hitler with historian John Toland; I have known historian David Irving, a tremendous authority ion Hitler; I’ve lived in Austria, drawn there like a magnet, and been married to an Austrian, and speak truly flawless Austrian dialect and also High German (Germans think I am German); and I have known people who knew him, such as Otto Ernst Remer, and, in the comrades Matt Koehl and Roy Armstrong, I know two men who knew MANY in the inner or innermost circles of Hitler: his architect Giesler, his virtual “son” Leon Degrelle, his Italian translator Priebke, his bodyguard Misch, his successor Doenitz, his SS head Himmler, Himmler’s daughter, etc. Ironically, Savitri Devi, before she went blind and felt ill, and cancelled her 1980 American journey,  was eager to meet ME after reading my article “Go tell it to the Spartans”…. I do need to republish it.)


But actually, no — the book by the ju and then Mein Kampf were not my turning point. That was only the clincher.

On a deeper level, it began when I was about five.

I was visiting my maternal grandparents in their wonderful colonial home in Glocester, Rhode Island (see photo just below), on good old “Snake Hill Road.” (The land had been in the family for centuries; the house itself was built around 1790, and rebuilt after a fire in the 1930s.)

Upstairs one Sunday, I began rummaging through some old books and framed paintings. (My grandmother Elizabeth Angell Colwell was a very educated lady and a great reader. She had majored on a merit scholarship in Middle High German at Brown University in 1913. I had no idea until long after her death what a rightwinger she had been.)

“Grammy Colwell” (r) around 1967, a brilliant woman with a Norman maiden name, Angell. (The producer of the TV series “Frazer” was an Edward Angell; he died on 9/11/2001 in a plane.) My grandfather John Thomas Col(d)well from Yorkshire, England, is the gentleman to our left. As a government auditor, he met Wernher von Braun and audited the US rocket program in the 1950s at Huntsville, Alabama.) My face and linguistic talents come from her.

Well, I found a little black frame, and in it was this stamp, as if placed there in a sign of honor….in my usual weekend bedroom in that home in rural Glocester, Rhode Island around 1959….

I just stared at it, puzzled. It gave me such an absorbing feeling. I overheard my father calling that it was time to come downstairs and head home. He came up the stairs, saw me holding this little frame in wonderment, and said “Let me see that.”

He said to me:

“John, that was a bad man. A very, very bad man.” And he took it away and hid it away.

I still remember that moment. when I saw it and when my father did that. WHY did he take it AWAY?

Ninety percent of what is going on inside us is not expressed in conscious words, but down deep the vast tectonic plates of our soul can be moving. And new worlds, or worlds that have gone under, rise again from our depths. They resurge, and they cannot be stopped, the awesome, the primeval and the burned-in “collective memories of the race,” as the great psychologist Carl Jung said.

Who are you really? Who WERE you? Why are you here NOW?


So now I invite YOU to tell me what was YOUR turning point? What made you break away from the miserable lie-fed herd and think clearly about Jews and about race, and the scales fall from your eyes?

Everyone had, like myself, an underlying feeling — unease at the lies, and attraction to something higher — but then there was also that one moment when truth confronted you: in the form of a person, book or jarring incident. That was the magic moment when you ceased to be their “goy,” their cattle, and you became who you are, an Aryan.



Leif Eriksson spots America. (The Amerindians had genocided all the Native Americans (white Solutreans) long before; only they, the skraelings, were left, the descendants of the Solutrean-killers, and they attacked the white Norwegians on their arrival.

Comrade Hansen has been a loyal Aryan fighter for 65 years, and he and his family underwent nightmares of persecution after WWII’s military phase ended in 1945.


An unknown person volunteered to help me with computers……

I replied:

* * *

Thank you for this information.

Now, let me be ruthlessly honest with you. It is nothing personal, at all, but I hope you realize this: I am someone the Establishment somewhat fears. (In reality, they still underestimate, me, thank God. But they saw me humilliate FOX’s Alan Colmes in a live hour-long duel (http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/01/06/solutrea-to-prevent-more-von-brunn-tragedies/) and gain plaudits for handling the half-ju Ollie Steeds of The Discovery Channel, and they see that on the Microsoft search engine Bing, my name gets 2,4 million hits…..

The FBI has been to my house and has harassed my volunteers at their place of employment. The IRS came by at the very moment the Discovery Channel called me. The ju producer of the hatchet job you saw the other night denied on the phone his juishness to me. The host Oliver Steeds hid his half-juishness from me until I saw through him.(He kept telling me he was a “Lancashireman.”)

And like ALL white civil rights activists, I am in an infiltrated “business” where it is NORMAL  for the most eager volunteers to be federal agents and juze, sayaneem.

Are you an agent? Are you a ju?

Would you consent to be interviewed by Skype videconference? By a former Marine Corps interrogator, myself? Where I can see you, study your face, observe your body language, and listen carefully to your voice? Would you consent to one of my people visiting you?

Understand the consequences of lying to me.

John de Nugent

This time no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Dr David Duke’s new videos are doing great! I just got off the Skype-phone with David and let him know I am “watching his six,” as we say in the Marines.

Some troll wrote this defamation under Duke’s excellent, factual new video on Israel building a monument to the Red Army:


* * *

@khorovod This is common jewish playing. He himself [DUKE!] has probably jewish ancestors, just like Hitler. Only jews are allowed to open criticise the jews. That’s the way in Russia and I think it’s the same in the USA. They’re playing with our minds. That’s all.
* * *
I responded to this troll:
* * *
Insane. A man fights the juze and their filthy Caucasian allies Djugashvili [real name of Stalin] and Beria — and you call HIM a ju?

Why should we not use better logic and suspect that YOU, who are attacking the truth-teller Duke, are in fact the JU?

David Duke has a Russian girlfriend, has lived in Russia and Ukraine, and loves Slavic people!

But it seems you love the Georgian scum and the juze.

[On another of his lies] Solzhenitsyn was NOT a ju. American juze attack him and refuse to publish his book 200 Years Together. I translated some of it!

To win this battle we must understand the shameless psychopathic liar that is the ju, the government agent or the sayan (local juish volunteer for the Mossad).


When the Saxon Begins to Hate

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved
They were icy – willing to wait
Till every count should be proved
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low
Their eyes were level and straight
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crows
It was not taught by the state
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred;
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead
When time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

We will secure the existence of our people and the future of white children.


Clay Douglas has to be a good guy because Fedzog has been hounding him for years.

He has the Texas-biker-military-Vietnam-survivalist-militia connections that cause every ju to fear.

He has also had me on his radio show very frequently, and gotten me out to his audience.

I was also on Clayton Douglas’ Free American show on these dates:

January 12 http://freeamerican.com/Clay%20Douglas%20for%20Sheriff_http:/www.blogtalkradio.com/claydouglas/2010/01/12/free-american-hour

January 19 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claydouglas/2010/01/19/free-american-hour

January 26 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claydouglas/2010/01/26/free-american-hour

February 5 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claydouglas/2010/02/05/free-american-hour

Yesterday’s show was here:


Clay and I have some important plans together. But right now Clay is facing a severe financial crisis. He needs a small amount of money right away. Help this big 6’5″ Texas-born hero get through this so he can help me, freedom and our race.

Home (505) 908-9498 (Tucson, Arizona)

Cell    (520) 668-9044

3331 N. Dodge Blvd  Tucson, AZ 85716

e-mail              clay@freeamerican.com

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  1. Hello;

    I knew Fred Verduin. Tell me more and we’ll see where that leads.

    Ever a friend of everything European; though we’ve gone the way of the Greeks (committed mutual suicide, it would seem) – Regards – Wayne

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