ENGLISH Hebrew-wood film Jews planning NEW Leo-Frank-was-innocent movie

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..Jews announce new $12 MILLION movie (THE FOURTH!) slamming White Southerners: The Knights of Mary Phagan!



I find it hilarious when people write me: “John, why do you write so much about that 100-year-old murder of that girl Mary Phagan in the pencil factory? There are so many things going on NOW!”
Orwell: “He who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past controls the future.”


Beautiful 13-year-old Mary Ann Phagan fought her Jewish rapist boss to the death like the heroine she was.



Sex fiend Leo Max Frank forced himself on many female employees, but ended up strangling Phagan when she screamed and fought back, and the sick pervert raped her afterward. Frank was no ordinary Jew, but the twice-elected president of the B’nai B’rith of Atlanta, Georgia. All American Jewry rallied to his legal and media defense, and the ADL was set up within two month of his death sentence in August 1913, but FIVE courts found him guilty or confirmed his guilt!



Weirdo Frank (upper-left, of course) looked bug-eyed in every photo taken at his alma mater, Cornell.


In every photo he looked cold and arrogant, every inch the Imperial Jew.


In the Cornell Yearbook, while all students are mocked in good fun, he is derided as a gas jet who talks a lot and says nothing.


And that is what the jury decided too after his long defense, when he strangely refused to take the oath to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” because that would have triggered a cross-examination.

To this day Georgians come and leave flowers or even toys for the 13-year-old at her grave in Marietta, Georgia.


This is about aJewish New York mafia that was and is committed to sending out a signal who is boss that the Jew will always be able to dominate in the end the hated goy:We can get any of our Big Jews off or punish thosegoyeemwho DARE send One of Ours to the gallows merely for murdering a gentile female.


As FDR said about some crooked Latin-American dictator who joined the crusade against Nazism: He may be a bastard, but hes OUR bastard. Well, the rapist-bastard Leo Frank..

.was the head of Bnai Brith in Georgia, and theNew York Timesand the ADL, founded directly over this case, vowed to get him off TO SEND THE GOYEEM A MESSAGE. We can kill anyone we want and with our money, our lawyers and our judges, we will get him off!

Killing ashiksa(Hebrew = piece of meat) is not a crime anyway, according to the Talmud!The behavior of Leo Frank and then of his Jewish supporters illustrates perfectly the real teachings of the vile Talmud, whichovertly condones 1)raping goy kids,and 2)lying under oath,as per the Kol Nidre ceremony!Talmud (http://www.topix.com/forum/religion/islam/TBN44U9TPBOIFI7O1):


A Jew is permitted torape,cheat andperjurehimself[give false testimony under oath in court]; but he musttake care that he is not found out, so that Israel [the Jewish people] may not suffer. Schulchan Aruch, Jore Dia.

Two of the many female employees who testified against Leo Frank said they saw Frank enter the womens dressing room at the factory to consort with a female co-worker, one Rebecca Carson, who then testified for Frank.




I do all this because the case is incredibly important to our lives NOW.

–the ADL was created to get a pedophile rapist off

–the White men of Georgia dragged the filthy Jew out by his greasy black hair and lynched the bastard before legal maneuverings could free him. (His death sentence had already been commuted.)

–1,000 National Guard troops had to protect the corrupt governor after he commuted the child molester’s sentence of death by hanging to life in prison — preparatory to getting him “a new trial” where jew-bribed witnesses would have gotten Frank off.




The “mob” was the top men in Georgia society and politics, not a “mob.”




…..SPLC attacks ME!

SPLC moans about my two years of hard Leo Frank work:http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2013/winter/neo-nazis-behind-leo-frank-propaganda-sites

Especially because the major jewish NY newspaper Forward.com in NYC just admitted Leo Frank may have been guilty after all (http://johndenugent.com/forward-com-editorial-of-august-21-2013), and now the ADL is denying that it was founded to get Frank off!

….My merciless video against the Jews for supporting the pervert Frank!

….Jews order statue of Mary Ann champion Tom Watson removed!



Comrades, including the heroic Georgia man Michael Weaver, whose work I am financially supporting, rallied to defend the statue.

The Jews dared not destroy the statue; it was merely moved across the street!


And people have the stupidity to ask me why I am “still talking” about Mary Ann Phagan! Because the JEWS are still taking about Leo Frank. They have to get vengeance on us for defeating the ADL and lynching the president of B’nai B’rith in Georgia!

Because as they see it to this very day, Jews have a DIVINE “RIGHT” FROM THEIR DEMON GOD BAPHOMET TO RAPE OUR WOMEN!



As Christ said:


John 8:44:


You are from your father, THE DEVIL!


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But to think through a religious organization that will be truly viable in the face of 1) the cowardice of WNs and 2) Jew and government hatred and opposition takes time. If anyone understands the power of organized religion it is the Jews. And as Waco showed, they are ready to surround any opposition religion’s headquarters, declare it to be a compound (oooooh, how sinister) then claim that kids are being abused inside, lie that offensive weapons are being stockpiled, etc. And then they go in with freaking TANKS and kill everyone to save the children.(Among other things, if one sets a fire, and the terror regime under Clinton and the six-foot-tall lesbian freak Janet Reno did exactly that, the tear gas turns to cyanide.)

The vile presstitutes of the jewsmedia blamed it on Koresh…..


My videos on the key concept of a truly Aryan religion:


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….Was it whiskey or lasting courage?

Irish radio host rips Israel and the Irish radio authorities for savage mistreatment of Gaza: http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Irish-radio-presenter-suspended-after-anti-Israeli-comments-aired-on-show-234069541.html Was it the Jamieson’s whiskey talking or will Peter Kearney STAY a hero? Time will tell!


  1. Via email:

    I will mention here that I have just watched your masterful Mary Ann Phagan video again. I have said for years that you are as good a propagandist as was Hitler, for the simple reason that you posted your picture as a little boy for us to see.


    How can anyone see you as anything other than that little boy that overcame all that happened to grow into a man?


    And we who know what happened to you, and who were also born into the Monsters’ clutches in one way or another, will reflect on what you are doing now. At that time I had not read any Hitler, and did not know why he was such a good propagandist, which was that he was insightful into what makes people feel and act.

    Your speech was very moving, more so every time I see it.

    It is filled with reason, it is filled with mercy, and it is firstly full of what is needed now, which is the mens’ refusal to let the women and the children be slaughtered. I know you to be a friend of the working man, and I think this will be obvious to all who see this video.

  2. A WN comrade is 1/8th American Indian and this bothers him. I wrote: “The thing with genetics is that in a good environment the bad genes will not express themselves but in a bad environment they ‘could.’

    And there is a critical mass where bad genes tend more to manifest in behavior. To give an extreme example, HUD (Housing and Urban Development) once calculated that the Black percentage that triggers “White flight” (Whites moving out rapidly) is 16%. When Blacks are just 1 in 10, they are carefully how they act. When they are 1 in 6, they began acting African: loud, hostile, leering at White women, making remarks, etc.

    As hundreds of White neighborhoods became Black in the 1960s and 1970s, HUD actually did studies of White flight and what caused it. And 16% was the tipping point when Blacks began acting up, they calculated! Then the whole neighborhood would go Black within the space of a year. (And Jews would buy up the houses for 1/10th their original value, then rent them to Blacks at a fat profit.)

    In the same way, hanging around Amerindians on a reservation, drinking and doing drugs while on food stamps, and raging against the White man, which you would never do, would obviously not be ideal for you, whereas being in WN company mentally via online things, for all our serious flaws as a movement at this time, brings out the 7/8ths which is of excellent genetic quality!

    Every day, we have the inner battle, and every day we win. In the end, we have controlled our emotions and desires, they serve us, and we achieve spiritual mastery, becoming true Aryans. By becoming a sincere and hard-working WN, you are winning this intense inner battle between your two sides.”

  3. A comrade wrote:

    We can only hope and pray that those being victimized had already had the opportunity to become racially aware and had consciously passed on it.

    I replied:

    Some will learn by dying… This is the brutal truth. Some liberals, who hate unpleasant truths, and in reality are cowards who want to fit in, even with a delusion like multiracial peace and harmony, learn only by dying. After they die, angels counsel them and they see a video of their life, including the horrible mistakes. A lot happens in the debriefing after each life. When I see these white female mudsharks (like these ones: http://blackracismandracehatred.blogspot.com/2013_10_01_archive.html.) — women who truly HATE and scorn us horrible “Nazis”, and in Europe they cheer and jeer when our comrades are thrown into prison for three, five or ten years — when they get murdered by their black boyfriend, this is a tough-love God’s way of 1) respecting their free choice, and permitting them to use free will, and 2) teaching them an unforgettable lesson through the powerful method of pain, the pain they cause themselves.

    “No pain, no gain” is a basic human truth……

    Now, more advanced souls learn of course by listening to wise friends and mentors, but this comes always from having been heedless before. But primitive people, including primitive Whites, simply have to learn the hard way, even by the hardest way of all – by being beaten, or raped, and murdered.

    That is, their body is killed, and reincarnation means we have had thousands of bodies and thousands of lives, and they leave that carcass, all stabbed and crushed and shot up or set on fire, and the soul goes through the famous tunnel of light. Then they see the video of their life and choices, and it is as the French say “cinéma vérité” — what really went down, bad or good. They MAKE you watch it. And they observe your HEART as you watch it. You cannot b-s your spiritual guides; they are FORMER HUMANS WHO HAVE GRADUATED BY BEING HONEST WITH THEMSELVES. They study you as you witness the key scenes of your life, whether noble, mediocre or despicable.

    It is a cruel sort of kindness, to confront you with you. Some people are profoundly transformed by the video; others stay in denial. So they get to have the lesson all over again.

    In the end, almost every soul gets tired of stupid, stubborn suffering, and asks God to help them purify their heart. A few souls are actually annihilated forever. They die forever. Some are banned into granite for a billion years. One seer said that uranium contains banned souls, which I cannot verify. They say each atomic bomb that goes off releases demons. I do not say this, but note that this is their teaching.

    As I have noted in my blog, TRUE WNs in South Africa were warning the Boers for decades that the government was gradually selling them out to the Blacks, and preparing gradually the Black takeover. These WNs were laughed at.

    And nobody talked about the Jews, the 800-pound gorilla in the room, as if the Stone-Age Blacks really ran the show!

    They wanted the comforting lie that the conservative National Party was looking out for them, and that they should not help the tiny parties that said it had been turned and was selling them out.

    Finally, the huge, powerful, combat-tested, nuclear-armed, always victorious, white-run South African army turned over power in 1994 to the negroes, who began immediately murdering their wives and daughters.

    In the end, our race will learn that democracy has never worked, because the spiritually and intellectually primitive are the majority. The majority has the power, and they drag the society down and do not even perceive or care, that they are being totally manipulated by the Jews, who always appeal to the lower chakras of animal thinking: sex, money, revenge, and in general taking instead of making.

    Democracy is the opposite of what reincarnation teaches, that we rise from an animal consciousness to nobility, to self-control, and heroic caring about others. Reincarnation teaches a society of teachers and pupils, top-down: God-angels-advanced-humans-lower humans-higher animals-lower animals-insects-plants-things. We seek to climb, but democracy tells us to get down and join the mob that is wasting their lives.

    While I feel horror and sorrow for the Afrikaaners and other Whites being crucified now by the Blacks, they are no better and no worse than we White Americans. Most kept their mouth shut and did very little as the disaster approached. Why? They are just young souls that, like all Whites, need firm leadership to raise them to a higher level, not “leaders” who go down to THEIRS. When Whites have noble leaders, as in Germany 1933-45, our race is incomparably beautiful in every way, we excel, we become happy, we are the shining jewel of this planet.

    My video on a folk that obeyed a wonderful man who loved them: Please scroll down here http://johndenugent.us/videos-of-jdn-speaking halfway to “Adolf Hitler: My heart will go on.”

    Then the folk went on to victories the world has never seen, and it took a whole planet to crush that one country: http://democratic-republicans.us/pages/video_player_page17.htm

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