ENGLISH Harmony of the one great racial soul; JdN discusses sheriff race and his qualifications with Tom Metzger; beautiful Hitler poem about warrior respect among whites

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A flashmob of musicians forms in Barcelona (Catalonia, in the very white northeast of Spain) to celebrate Beethoven. What other race creates such things??

Did you know that only whites invented harmony in music?  Harmony is “vertical” music,  with high and low notes togther, something other races never imagined: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmony





DHS Under Fire For Buying Another 360,000 Bullets ‘To Save Money’

March 26, 2013


The US Department of Homeland Security has bought 360,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, in addition to over 1.5 billion rounds bought last year. Congress has questioned the purpose of the ammo, while the DHS claimed it bought in bulk to economize.

The federal agency’s purchasing plan is detailed on the Federal Business Opportunities page. The 360,000 bullets were ordered only a month after 240,000 rounds of ammunition arrived at the same Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia , New Mexico .

Despite claims by DHS that the ammunition is being bought in bulk to save money, experts say hollow point bullets are almost twice as expensive as full metal jacket rounds.

The DHS plans to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the next four or five years. As for the hollow point bullets, they are allegedly purchased for training. However, former Marine Richard Mason told WHPTV news, “We never trained with hollow points, we didn’t even see hollow points my entire four-and-a-half years in the Marine Corps.”
Marines have also expressed concern over the extent of the DHS purchasing spree, with Marine Corps Commandant James F. Amos saying that soldiers and Marines are frequently forced to save bullets, according to WND.com.

Congress is currently questioning DHS over the purchase, with Ka nsas Congressman Timothy Huelscamp pointing out that the government should threaten to curb DHS funding unless it explains why the bullets were purchased, Infowars.com reported.

This comes amid sequester cuts signed by President Obama three weeks ago, with $85 billion to be slashed from this year’s budget and funding for a number of government departments slashed immediately; almost half of those cuts will be imposed on the Pentagon.


My comment on all this is what I said in this blog, and as a former member of Marine Corps intelligence, and as a student of world history at Georgetown:


Obama knows he cannot fully trust the US military TO SLAUGHTER THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS UNDER MARTIAL LAW, and he is setting up DHS to be his own separate paramilitary goon army.





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============my two radio shows with the famous WN militant Tom Metzger


First reaction (slightly edited) already via Facebook (to “John D.Nugent”):

hey brother i just listened to the two interviews of you with metzger – great stuff man. i wish you all the best, i’ll donate to your campaign, you have a pay pal?

i’ll also look up any contacts i have in the area that could work/volunteer for you. i’m in ct, if i can take time off from my job i’ll come down and do what i can. what is the time table?

btw i do a show and i’d love to have you on. i agree with you 100% on the spirituality – my whole life i have been searching to create a coherent aryan belief system. i’ve studied all the occult/esoteric paths, and the ancient ones (nordic/greek/celtic etc. pantheons, mithras/dionysion/ mystery schools, pythagorus, zoroastrianism, and the latter synthesis in rosicrucian, theosophy, anthroposophy, ariosophy, etc. for me it all comes together in national socialism which truly was a new religion.

people like tom may laugh at reincarnation, but i’ve followed all the same material you have, such as the kid shot down as a pilot.

in my own mind it has always been a conflict between science and spirituality, but to me science IS spirituality, uncovering the secrets of nature and the universe. i’m big into blavatsky/theosophical systems, which did a great job unifying the two.

we should definitely have a conversation sometime. get back to me.

hails, Dana

Part One

(Skip over this and scroll halfway down to “Part Two” if you have already read part one and the intro to Metzger in this earlier blog: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-two-big-radio-shows-feature-jdn-new-sheriff-website-china-goes-with-eugenics-the-west-with-dysgenics)


Tom Metzger


Tom Metzger


A Short Biography

Metzger is the director of “The Insurgent,” an independent association of like-minded people. Born in April 1938, he has six children, five of them girls. His wife, Kathy, passed away in 1992 after 28 years of marriage.He currently has 9 grandchildren. He has worked for over 30 years as an electronic technician. He is now retired.

He has been incarcerated in Los Angeles County jail for 45 days for unlawful assembly. He was also jailed with his son John in 1992 for 5 days in the Don jail in Toronto, Canada after giving a speech The crime? He gave a speech. He has been involved in brawls, riots, negotiations with the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan, race discussions in Tokyo twice (1993 and 1999), and a half-dozen assassination attempts.

Tom won the Democratic Primary in 1980 in the largest Congressional district in the United States (openly as a Klansman), and gathered 75,000 votes for U.S. Senate in 1982.

A free Thinker, reborn from right-winger to racist, other than on race most of his positions are left-leaning (power to the workers). He has been subpoenaed to grand juries, IRS hearings, Treasury Department inquiries, multiple FBI interrogations (answering always and only: “I have nothing to say”).

–Denounced by presidents, congressmen, politicians etc.

–Sued for 10 million

–Has had his home of 30 years seized and sold, and his business.

He is 100% content with every battle he’s engaged in. The list goes on. This is just a small sample of 40 years of political/ racial activity he has engaged in.

And Wednesday I was on a pre-recorded radio show hosted by Tom Metzger, a very major WN leader for over 30 years: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Metzger_%28white_supremacist%29 *:-O surprise
Here now is the show we did! Click on this link!


Part one:

Tom Metzger Interview with John de Nugent



Terrible Tommy asks:
Who is John de Nugent?
Who are the Jews. I say they are literally descendants of NEANDERTHALS.
My take on the Tea Party;
John in Jehovah’s Witnesses 1970-76
One part of the huge JW HQ next to the Brooklyn Bridge
The Amish keep 70% of their kids, but not the JWs
The power of a highly organized religion
Fun with Captain Gold in the Marines
Coffee-colored half-blacks in America
Famous National Socialists in George Lincoln Rockwell’s party which John joined in 1978
The Jewess who married a Nazi and infiltrated the NSWPP
Should we be antizionist, anti-Jewish or antisemitic?
Muslims are also dangerous semites
Blame white collaborators for Jewish power over us
John’s stormtroop time
Passing on one’s work to the next generation in our Cause
His time with the National Alliance
Dr. William Pierce: personality
Applying Jehovah’s Witness techniques to the white Cause
The failure and success of Rockwell in the evil Washington DC




Part Two



–My experiences with Matt Koehl and Dr. William Pierce, and my thoughts on the great George Lincoln Rockwell
–Tom and I discuss “gay” marriage
–Have Jews HELPED the white race (though not deliberately)?
–my policy on anyone arresting ME  🙂
Smile wait for flash
This is the song that Margaret sings on the show, about ten minutes in, that has melted hearts at several WN gatherings, and which I mentioned on-air during our show:
Stephen_Foster“Ah, may the red rose live alway” [sic, not “always” with an “s”]  (text follows)The great Irish-American Stephen Foster of Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Foster), who wrote “Camptown Races,” “I dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair,” “O Susanna,” “Beautiful Dreamer,” and “My Old Kentucky Home” (and who was extremely anti-black and pro-Southern, btw) composed this as a poignant art song (not folk song) in protest against the victory of ugliness and cowardice over heroism and beauty.
Foster tragically died of starvation, poverty and lack of medicine during the Civil War in a flat in NYC. No one paid him royalties for his many bestselling and immortal songs. He was one of the many impoverished white geniuses off whom Jews got rich.

Here are the lyrics to “Ah, may the red rose live alway”

Ah! may the red rose live alway,
To smile upon earth and sky!
Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?
Lending her charm to ev’ry ray
That falls on her cheek of light,
Giving the breezes kiss for kiss,
And nursing the dewdrops bright.
Ah! May the red rose live alway,
To smile upon earth and sky!
Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?
[some further lyrics which Margi did not use here for brevity:
Long may the daisies dance the field,
Frolicking far and near!
Why should the innocent hide their heads!
Why should the innocent fear?
Spreading their petals in mute delight
When morn in its radiance breaks,
Keeping a floral festival
Till the night loving primrose wakes….
More show content:


–religion and reincarnation
–my feeling as a kid for all things German
–what I learned from Duke’s electoral victory in 1989
–corrupt cops harassing working-class whites
–my nearly successful race for US Congress in 1990




John de Nugent for Sheriff-guns-and-gold-300-dpi
.===============Hitler’s touching poem about two WWI soldiers, one German and one French

Composed in French Flanders, in the Artois forest, spring 1916
Based on a true story

In a Thicket of the Forest at Artois
It was in a thicket in the Artois Wood.
Deep in the trees, on blood-soaked ground,
A wounded German warrior lay stretched
And his cries rang out in the night.
In vain … no echo answered his plea …
Will he bleed to death like a beast
Shot in the gut, that dies alone?
Then suddenly …
Heavy steps approach from right and left
He hears them stamp on the forest floor …
And new hope springs in his soul.
And now from the left …
And now from both sides …
Two men approach his dark resting place
A German, and a Frenchman.
And each watches the other with distrustful glance,
And threateningly they aim their weapons.
The German warrior asks: “What are you doing here?”
“I was touched by his desperate calls for help.”

Drawing by Hitler to illustrate the poem


“He’s your enemy!”
“He’s a man who is suffering.”
And both lowered their weapons without a word.
Then entwined their hands together
And with muscles tensed, carefully lifted
The wounded warrior, as if on a stretcher,
And carried him through the woods
Till they came to the German outposts.
“Now it’s done. He’ll get good care.”
And the Frenchman turns back toward the woods.
But the German grasps for his hand,
Looks, moved, into sorrow-dimmed eyes
And says to him with earnest foreboding:

Hitler, convalescing in a hospital in Berlin in 1916


“I don’t know what fate holds for us,
Which inscrutably rules in the stars.
Perhaps I shall fall, a victim of your bullet.
Perhaps mine will fell you on the sand —
For the fortune of battle is unpredictable.

Hitler after four years at the front

But however it may be, and whatever may come:
It is for such sacred hours we live,
When a man sees himself in another…
And now, farewell! And God be with you!”
                                                    Adolf Hitler 1916
French infantrymen in the trenches (re-enactors)
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