ENGLISH God’s chosen people, Germans and Jews; White women under attack; feel sorry for muslims?

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…..Miss America 1924


Ruth Malcolmson, Miss Philadelphia, was chosen as Miss America 1924, in a whiter, more innocent age. On the left is the modern colorization of the original B&W photo.

White kids in Washington DC celebrate America on July 4th. America was 90% white, with very little drug abuse, divorce or crime.

Patriotic demonstration Southington CT May 1942


…..Radio show from New York on the Mayans, human sacrifice, demonic religions and the Fourth Reich


The host, Caius Marcus Ideus, an Italian-American with a name reflecting reverence for his Roman heritage, did a great radio show with me on October 14: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theimperianmandate/2013/10/15/the-imperian-mandate-w-caius-marcus-ideus-1

Our show today went into the topics of this new blog: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theimperianmandate/2013/11/01/samhainhalloween-special-w-john-de-nugent GREAT REVIEWS of new radio show on nordic aliens with Caius Marcus Ideus of the Imperian Mandate:

“Hey John. Listening to your show with Caius. Good stuff! Happy Halloween!

–Thanks, comrade! Same to you!

–I’m up to the Ancient Aliens discussion. Love the perspective.
Killer stuff. there are so many pieces missing. I like the theories you have about Christ, Nordic aliens etc.”



I return to this excellent New York radio show! Thursday, 1 pm US East Coast time. (The host writes) “This afternoon I’ll be giving the always erudite and well-spoken John de Nugent a hearty Imperian welcome back to the show. John will be shedding much light on an otherworldly topic (relevant to today’s festivities) which he knows a great deal about. Namely: Aliens, Demons, Aryans and Mayans.
Some questions we’ll be asking John include:

— Have extraterrestrials visited earth before, and if so what is their business here?

— Is there more than one kind of alien species visiting earth?

— Do the so-called Nordic/Aryan Aliens (http://johndenugent.com/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens) have our best interests in mind? And if so, how can we be so sure?

— Is there something to the long-standing rumor that a secret German base exists somewhere under the ice of Neuschwabenland, Antarctica? And if so, is there a link between this secret base and the infinite number of UFO sightings that have been reported since the last days of WWII?

Are the “Greys” out to do us harm, as so many abductees (who happen to be White) seem to suggest? Are they working in the service of a hidden anti-White Agenda?

— What relation do non-White peoples and civilizations have to the Greys? Is there a link, for example, between the well-known Mayan death cult and the allegedly bloodthirsty demeanor of the Reptilians?

— Why do so many non-White groups (as diverse in origin as the Chinese, Australian Aborigines, Amerindians and various African tribes) WORSHIP reptilian life forms like serpents, snakes and dragons? Again, is there a link to the Greys?

— What did Edgar Cayce and other gifted psychics have to say about these alien visitors? Is there an Atlantean connection?

These questions among others will be raised in this special Samhain/Halloween installment of The IMPERIAN MANDATE. Enjoy!


It would have been a great show to have callers on, but as both Caius Marcus Ideus and John Friend have seen, when you have John de Nugent on as a guest, “things happen. ”  😉 

Skype belongs to Microsoft and runs through Israhell. The kikocrats pulled the plug on the show twice when we got the Skype telephony going at 1 pm, so it was recorded with special audio software instead from 1-3 pm. (The good thing is the sound will be perfect this way, unlike a Skype or phone call.) It will be edited and the link published on both this thread and my website around 7:30, but sadly, thanx to the J-Team, with no callers.

Skype belongs to Microsoft and runs through Israhell. The kikocrats pulled the plug on the show twice when we got the Skype telephony going at 1 pm, so it was recorded with special audio software instead from 1-3 pm. (The good thing is the sound will be perfect this way, unlike a Skype or phone call.) It will be edited and the link published on both this thread and my website around 7:30, but sadly, thanx to the J-Team, with no callers.


Again the link to the show is




…..The German way

German classical musicians refuse to continue playing when annoying cell phone goes off at key moment….At a concert in Gothenburg Concert Hall on October 23, 2013, Christian Zacharias stopped playing in the middle of Haydn’s Piano Concerto, after a phone went off in the audience. The faces of the orchestral players are a study in horror, affront and incomprehension.

A German wrote me he loved my blogs in German and added that my German was great but he could correct some use of older German style. Then he apologized for being a “perfectionistic German” and “typical German schoolmaster.” I replied: Actually, this lehrmeister [schoolmaster] trait of the Germans, and I agree it is a strong one, and so is perfectionism, are both part of the unique greatness of the Germans, which they do not share with the other teutonic peoples.

Germans, IMO, are often reincarnated old souls, far, far deeper than others, whose hair actually might be blonder and whose faces more nordic, and some of them were souls that were doing great things back in Atlantis, later in ancient Egypt, and in other great ancient civilization before they became Germans. A Luther, Bach, Goethe, Wagner, Hitler, or Wernher von Braun — there is no comparison with them in other white nations, as gifted as the other Aryans indeed are.

Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” (1694 music, probably composed for the wedding of Johann Christian Bach…. It became a huge hit again in the 1980s and 1990s, and encompasses every emotion: sadness, joy, determination, and final triumph)

Germans may indeed be “lehrmeisterhaft” [always lecturing and correcting], but it is because often they DO have something to teach to the world! The problem is they do not “suffer fools gladly,” and they become blunt and confrontational with all they consider lazy, sloppy and slackers… This explains the poisoned relation with the Slavs ;-), who clearly know and say themselves that some of them are at times dishonest, lazy, drunken and even thieves.
But an Anglo-Saxon is smoother; he will not come out and say all these home-truths, but a “Kraut” does and will.  In Hitler’s “Table Talk” (recorded by Colonel Picker of the Luftwaffe; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitler’s_Table_Talk) he bemoans, as an Austrian, how the blunt Prussians alienated the people of Alsace and Lorraine from 1870-1918, to the point that they actually WANTED to go back to France. My second wife was an Alsatian and while the Alsatians liked the Bavarians, Austrians and Swabians, they could not take the blunt Prussian way, not after 200 years of very soft and gentle French administration and a lot of great food, laughter and charm.
(King Louis XIV of France, the “Sun King” who built the palace of Versailles, said Alsace was by far the most law-abiding, trouble-free, affluent, honest, and best tax-paying part of his kingdom.  Still true today!)
Beautiful statue of the hunting goddess Diana at the palace of Versailles
In sum, the German IS superior — but he needs to NOT rub it in.  😉

I wrote to a German friend: “I was reading in one of those little books you kindly sent me: (TRANSLATED) “Why do we hear about ‘German atrocities’? We never hear ‘Russian atrocities,’ but instead ‘Stalinist,’ or ‘bolshevik,’ or “Red,’ or ‘communist.’ It is never ‘the Russian gulag,’ but the ‘Soviet gulag.’ It is because the Jews are out to get THE GERMANS, THE GERMAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES.”

The Jews claim to be a nation of geniuses, and yet the Germans are their rivals, their greatest competition. As long as the German exists, he will thrive, invent, build, cope, and figure a better way  out.

A Geman friend of mine in California, Hans Eberhard once said, when I said Germans wer “hard workers:”

“‘Hard?’ A donkey trudging around and around in a circle on a hot day, hauling up water from a well, is working ‘hard.’ And tomorrow and next week and next year, he will still be working ‘hard’ in exactly the same way. But a German works smart. He is fleissig — he wants to do it better, produce more with less, do it perfectly, and change his method every week with little improvements, or redesign the whole process! Fleissig means more than ‘hard,’ John! It means smart improvements. and we say a man works ‘sauber,’ which literally means ‘clean.’  This means we check it so everything works flawlessly. We do not compete with cheap price, but with quality! Let the Chinese make junk!” 

Mennonite German farm boy who looks astonishingly like me, JdN 🙂 “Life is not a joke. Work makes life sweet!” 


The Jews’ claim to be God’s Chosen People will stay doubtful as long as the German people, with their supreme achievements in every area, continues to exist. Just rebuilding after WWII and then becoming the number-one nation again in Europe shows an incomparable nation.

Messerschmitt 262, 1945


The first superhighways, the autobahns, started by Hitler (personally!)

Hitlers Autobahns

Building the autobahns was a Hitler idea that created huge numbers of jobs and made the economy much more efficient, saving gasoline and time as well, compared with stop-and-go traffic. Germans also invented the cloverleap exit-ramp system. Americans started building autobahns under Eisenhower (“interstate highways”) only in 1956, 23 years later.

AH opens Frankfurt Darmstadt Schkeuditz cloverleaf

All autobahns, bridges and overpasses had to be beautifully shaped,not just utilitarian concrete.

Autobahn bridges

The gasoline (as well as diesel) engine, invented by the two founders of Mercedes


The greatest reducer of the greatest amount of human pain in history: aspirin, invented by Bayer in 1913 (Bayer means “Bavarian”)


The most important invention of the last 600 years, the printing press. All written news and serious information came, until the Internet just 15 years ago, from this invention by Johann Gutenberg, taking us out of the medieval world where only the rich had their books hand-printed by monks, and there absolutely were no newspapers at all.


Key American foods, such as hot dogs (“frankfurters”!), beer, coleslaw, etc. came from German immigrants.


Nuremberg in 1945 after American and British bombing.  Germany was flattened in the war, and other nations which suffered 5% as much damage, now have their hand out to the Germans for bailouts!

The teenage BOYS of the “Hitler Youth” division of the Waffen-SS (Wiki article, which is not impartial: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12th_SS_Panzer_Division_Hitlerjugend) held up the hardened adult American GIs under General George Patton for three days so that the Jewnited Snakes government could not conquer this city of Nuremberg that was holy to national socialism on April 20th, Hitler’s birthday, as the vengeful Jews had wished.

Hitler Youth boys and admiring girls


Wikipedia on the female chancellor of Germany today (I despise her, but my point is how powerful Germany is again):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel Quote: “Angela Merkel has been described as the de facto leader of the European Union,[6][7][8][9] and is currently ranked as the world’s second most powerful person by Forbes magazine, [which also is] the highest ranking ever achieved by a woman.[10][11]”  She might be part-Jewish, or Polish…. “Kasner” is her maiden name…. She does not look at all Jewish. Our comrades really loathe her for being a lackey of the Jews and Israelis, but my point is how powerful Germany is now — through brilliance, persistence, planning, organization and hard work. Meanwhile, other nations whine.


It took the American South 100 years to recover from the “Civil War,” and Germany rebuilt itself in ten years from far, far worse destruction and 16 million dead.

White Americans are on average one-third German themselves.

german-american-census-map- 1980

In my area of western Pennsylvania, all three candidates for US Congress had German last names.

German-american-congress-names-pittsburgh 001

 Huge contributions of Americans of German blood — my series for TBR magazine entitled “Of German Blood”

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 (.pdf)

A young German just wrote me his reaction:

Really interesting read!!! I also believe that the Germans have something special, that the soul of God, and the rays of the Black Sun, shine more in this part of the world and into the German people. According to old scriptures, the Kingdom of God will be taken from the Jews and given to the ones that will bear its fruit, and that seems to be the Germans. 

This is why until this day the Germans are often the best in what they do, engineering, creativity, productivity, arts and more. 

Sadly our Germany spirit has been severely damaged by the Jewish “holocaust industry,” and we have been castrated to such an extent that we are just a shadow of our true selves. 

Imagine us being without this soul-destroying propaganda, and if the Germans were truly free again, truly themselves again, they could be so much more!!! I believe that todays Germans are only about a fraction of what they could be. I talked to some soldiers here in Germany during my Bundeswehr [modern German army] days, and it seems weird or miraculous that during every war game with the Americans the Germans always seemed to win. It’s like Providence is still on their side. 

I read somewhere that there is a severe technological suppression going on as well, that many new products in Germany that have been invented there are forbidden to be produced. That Japan and all other Asian nations got all their technology from German tech and base their motorcycles and cars on old German research and development. Without the Germans we would have waited for many decades more to have the automobile, superhighway, jet, aspirin, television etc. Maybe the Americans build the first airplane, but the Germans optimized it and made it better, and this they did in every field of science – always trying to make everything better. 

That is why I believe that the soul of God is with the German people. And that is what the Jews want to destroy, and by either war or racial interbreeding. After the power shift during World War Three, which is coming, we will need fresh blood to make Germany pure again. I had a vision of reparations from the Americans and the Russians. I’ve seen how the Russians gave three million of their finest women, Aryan women, to Germany, to the New Reich, to rebuild our genes. 

I have seen that the Americans also gave the German Reich one mlllion of their brightest and most beautiful Aryan women (your population is much bigger than ours, three times bigger), because we suffered a holocaust of our own blood under the Allies. 

This infusion will help cleanse our blood and purify it. This is how the reparations to the New Reich will be done, via genes!

Hopefully the world change will come soon!!! I can’t wait for it anymore, LOL. But I believe the Nordic Aliens and the Fourth Reich will intervene, as you say, with God’s Will backing them during WWIII, the great cleansing of the earth. From ruins our race will rise again!

Thanks a lot for you writing me, John. Going to the gym now!!! HAILS!!!
OK, have to go!!!


…..Jean-Marie Le Pen’s sweet, pretty granddaughter elected to the French Parliamment at 22 and is immediately called a “c—” by a “conservative” on a tweet

Pro-White granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen (whom I met), just 22, enters French Parliament as its youngest member in many decades; but an assistant to a “conservative” congressman tweets that she is a racist “c–t” (“conne”) and a “fl—y” (“salope”) and refuses to apologize. “Why should I?”! (Scroll down about 2/3rds for the video..in French, of course, but you get the idea)http://www.linternaute.com/actualite/politique/marion-marechal-le-pen-salope-jean-bourdeau-en-remet-une-couche-sur-twitter-1013.shtml


…..German-American Dakota Meyer


German-American US Marine Dakota Meyer of Kentucky with his Medal of Honor for saving 36 lives of Americans and locals fighting the Muslim Taliban in Afghanistan…one of 52 million Americans of German blood.

A British comrade wrote, however:

 I hesitated to comment on this, but can a soldier in this abominable war of invasion and shameless bloodshed of Afghans deserve a medal of “honour”? I don’t think so. This is a war for the Jews carried out by Goys.

Well, as you know, Basil, living in Europe, the Muslims are a threat to us Whites as well as to Israel. Killing radical Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan was not entirely bad. Twice Muslims almost took over Europe, under the Moors in the 700s, and with the Turks once again in the 1500s and 1600s. Now they are at it again, gang-raping our women, beating and stomping our men to death, and sponging off all White taxpayers on welfare. If they only had the weapons — other than immigration — they would NOT be leaving us alone, but instead resuming their habit of violently invading us. The muslims, racially, are violent neanderthals just as the Jews are:


comparing-cranium-Cro magnon-to-neanderthal


From the excellent group “BritainFirst” in the UK:

Britain First

Fellow patriot, In grooming hotspots, such as Bradford, Luton, East London, Birmingham, and many more, groups of Muslim men lure young white English girls (some as young as 12!) with cash, alcohol, drugs, meals and mobile phone credit and coerce them into a nightmare world of sexual exploitation.


Consider the terrible, desperate words of a distraught mother of a fourteen-year-old drug-addicted daughter in the heavily Muslim town of Bradford. Please read this carefully, it should be a wakeup call to us all:

“It starts with one of them leaning out of a car window and saying how pretty a girl is as she walks home from school. They pick ones they think look vulnerable – younger, plain looking, walking home alone. Then they offer her a cigarette. Then one of the ‘lads’ (they pretend to be seventeen but are often in their twenties) asks her to exchange mobile numbers and meet more often.”

“Then it’s a miniature bottle of vodka or a cheap bit of jewellery as a present. Then he tells her he loves her. If she consents to sex he uses her for himself for a couple of weeks, then one evening all his mates pile in unannounced and gang rape her. They know that many of the girls will be too ashamed to tell anyone, and they also threaten to cut them if they ‘grass’.”

“Girls who won’t go with one of them take a bit more work. They are encouraged to try roll-ups or a joint. What they don’t know is that, after they’ve had a few of them, they’ll be given one with crack (cocaine) in it. Once they’re addicted, they’re given drugs in exchange for sex.”

“Once the gang are tired of her, they put her on the game. They take all the money – all she wants by then is another shot of smack or crack. Imagine what it feels like to see your daughter in that state.”

Young English girl groomed, abused then murdered by Muslim grooming gang in Blackpool!

Most harrowing of all is the case of Charlene Downes: According to police sources, Charlene was groomed for sexual exploitation by a Muslim sex-gang, murdered, and her bodily remains were “minced into kebabs and sold at a kebab shop owned by one of the gang!”

Ask yourself right now: Is this the country that we have worked and fought for? Is this the country you want your children and grandchildren growing up in? Well, if you and I do nothing, this is exactly the world we will leave to our children!


An interesting debate would be: Was Islam created by Jews to use Arabs as a battering ram to destroy Christianity (which it nearly became)? Islam is very similar to Talmudic Judaism and inculcates the same attitudes of rape, pedophilia, conquest, murder. master race-ism — all non-Muslims, they say, are subhuman “dhimmis” or pagans — and their “right” from Allah is to enslave all non-muslims as their work slaves or sex slaves!


Afghan asylum-seekers in Sweden gang-rape Swedish social worker who came to help them:

(I am a bit jaded at anti-White atrocities, but this got my blood boiling as in the old days.)






I need the funds to pay my bills while I write the sacred book to awaken the Aryan SOUL.

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Our Crown Vic and Pennsylvania morning fog




  1. Teuton, Duistic, Dutch, Deutsch may wery well be the root word for Deus (God in Latin) and Zeus (the god in Chief of the gods). Slav really means slave, and when the master race ruled in Czechia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia by the Austrian-Germans, great Civilizations were build. Same in Russia. When Czar Romanow or Katarina the Great ruled Russia, it was a prosperous country. The Czars were Volksdeutsche, ethnic Germans. So, a slave is better off, when he has a capable master. “Slavery” as the Jewish media sells it, is not the relationship the German and Slavic people had over time. Russia means country of the race. It was founded by Swedish Germans (yes, I refer to all Germanic people as Germans and Germans from Germany as Deutsch, Teutonic or break it down into their various tribes). In Slavic languages, they refer themselves as “rob” (Slavic). “Rob” is the root word for robot (etymology.com). A good robot needs a smart engineer to tell him what to do. The engineer has no interest in mistreating the robot…That’s why it was so easy for the Jews to take over Russia first and that’s why the Jews incited Slavic-Brotherhood and nationalism. Hatred against the Germans as liberation theosophy.

    Regarding New-Swabia and Reichsflugscheiben etc, youtube Peter Schmid Neu-Schwabenland Treffen. It’s a group of German National Socialists that talks about this and related topics on a weekly basis. One comrade, Dr. Axel Stoll is a scholar of physics and explains Die Glocke, Implosions-Technologie for the Flugscheiben, infometrische Feldmatrix (der Gedanke is die schnellste Erscheinung im Universum), hollow earth etc. Stoll’s seminar on Reichsgesetze is also very good, as it lays out how to enforce Sittengesetze by forcing Fronarbeit onto criminals. A rapist for example, would be required to pay 90% of his income to his victim for 10 years for his first transgression. A second time, would be death. Instead of paying the criminal to be in prison for shelter, food etc, costing society $100.000’s and the victim gets nothing of that money.

    • That’s a great idea, Markus; have criminals pay 90% restitution to their victims for ten years, and sex predators do that on their first offense; then, the death penalty on the second. This would be 100% better than paying the criminal to be in prison for shelter, food, etc., costing society $100,000’s and the victim receiving none of that money.

      This monetary Fronarbeit – especially on sex predators and other violent criminals would certainly lower the crime rate here in the US – especially in high-risk crime areas – and greatly reduce the high costs to society as a whole; and, the budgets of the individual States and localities would be in much better shape. This would also serve as a deterrent to a lot of these criminals, knowing that 90% of their income would be going to their victims, as well as any second offense resulting in the death penalty.

      Of course, we’d have to purge the local, state, and federal governments of the ‘bleeding heart” Liberals before your idea would even have a chance of being implemented.

    • Markus,

      Was Nicola Tesla not Slavic? What about Tchaikovsky? Also, the world heavyweight champion in boxing is Ukrainian.

      The thought that the Irish must be ruled by Normans and Anglo Saxons or that Slavic people need to be ruled by Germanics is no different than the idea that Jews must rule over the goy.

      I learned from John de Nugent that this type of German-supremacy thinking cost Hitler the war, because he turned down General Vlassov’s offer of Russian help to Germany in fighting the Communists with a Russian liberation army of men who hated bolshevism.

      Some Germans may be the best, but the best of the best simply don’t give pecking orders or hierarchies a thought.

      Also, I’m not sure about the “rob” thing, but JdN said the Jews trafficked slavic people through Europe to be sold to Turks and Arabs, which is how we came to the word slavery.

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