ENGLISH Why our Founding Fathers rejected “democracy”

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…..Just some recent pix first from the UP of Michigan

On the shore of Lake Superior — with Margaret Huffstickler and Mike Delaney and Michael Helms near Porcupine Mountains park.

…..Why do the masses NOT respond yet?

A comrade named Jason wrote me: “Very disappointing how very few people really understand the severity or the extent of the Jewish problem. The problem is not even a matter of Intellect, but a spiritual distortion in them, a spiritual defect where they cannot understand.”

george-washington-57-forensic-reconstructionI replied: “Let me be brutally frank: SELFISH COWARDS is what they are, REGARDLESS OF IQ OR EDUCATION…. This is the fundamental defect of the masses throughout history! If you read my essay here http://www.johndenugent.com/american-revolution, you will see that 90% of the people in the 13 colonies did NOT support the heroic Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Paul Revere or Patrick Henry — who were risking their lives for freedom, and facing DEATH for “treason” — nor their American Revolution and its dream of freedom.

The young marquis de Lafayette, after he arrived from France to help, was APPALLED at how many Americans refused to lift one finger to assist men risking their lives for a better world. The Founding Fathers raged against the masses in their private letters.


mcdonalds-american-attack-white-nationsThis is not, however, to denigrate the people, just being realistic about how they always have been — for thousands of years, and in every country and race.

Democracy (from the Ancient Greek words for “rule by the common people” cannot ever, ever work — and this word does not even occur one single time in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence — because the masses lack the traits of character and brain to rule themselves properly, or even act heroically in an obvious emergency to save their own necks or protect their childrens’ future!



It is time to once again openly proclaim this. Hitler said it openly, but Washington said it privately: The average man thinks short-term, and only of himself, his stomach and his genitals.”


A comrade saw the Orwell graphic and commented:

John A Alpha Porn wasn’t so readily available back then when he wrote this, at least not for the common folks, but that would be another social opiate for the brainwashed and brain-dead goy polloi zombie populations under the central control of the Juden reich.

John D. Nugent Yes, very important observation! Porn or erotica were hard to obtain before the 1950s, when Playboy magazine came out, and then with the Internet in the late 1990s porn really took off.


Why exactly is this animal-like behavior in humans possible?


A true and profound understanding of reincarnation sheds the light we need.


…..on average-looking, average-acting White people

A lady comrade in California asked me:

I would like to know how you explain the millions of not-so-gorgeous Aryans who do not look like Chahlize Therrrrrron or Nicole Kidman.



My reply:

1) dysgenics — The best and brightest do not have enough kids, and here is a memorable stat for you: 42% of woman 42 or older with a master’s degree are childless.

2) bad karma — They got arrogant when they were all-too-beautiful in an earlier incarnation; it went to their head, they scorned others, and forgot that God is the source of all beauty — they did not make themselves! So they need to do a life as a homely person and excel by deeds, not looks.

3) they just came out of the animal stage, and look — and still have the nature of — those animals that they were. They are humanimals!

Go here to 26:00 to 28:14 (link: http://trutube.tv/video/13450/John-de-Nugent-Presidential-Video-1B)

(summary of this whole video)

White girls in the West taught interracial sex while Israel makes it illegal for Jews.
Religion the most practical way to straighten out a nation.
Shameless behavior is the proof of actual atheism.
Religion provides structure; Christianity not really believed in by most Western males.
Beauty reminds us of a higher, spiritual world; angels are no myth; life as challenges and tests.
Vedanta the original white religion; young souls that rose recently from the animal stage, look animal-like and are oblivious to anything higher.
Why some experience God, and others not; old souls; four key God topics.
We are eternal spiritual beings, deliberately taking challenging human journeys.

Hope this helps, John



For my sophisticated videos on reincarnation, go here:


A great short summary of one of the most incredible recent reincarnation cases, discussed heavily in my videos:



The uncanny case


of Carl Edon

— the Luftwaffe German who

became a Yorkshireman

. .
[source: http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/2002/01/15/the-uncanny-case-of-carl-eden-84229-11540818 in Yorkshire, England, land of my maternal ancestors.] [source: http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/2002/01/15/the-uncanny-case-of-carl-eden-84229-11540818 in Yorkshire, England, land of my maternal ancestors.]
Jan 15 2002

The uncanny case of Carl Edon


[source: http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/2002/01/15/the-uncanny-case-of-carl-eden-84229-11540818 in Yorkshire, England, land of my maternal ancestors.]

Jan 15 2002 Mike Blackburn

For years before he was brutally murdered Carl Edon tried to convince his family that he was reincarnated. Today his astonished parents believe they have been given extraordinary photographic evidence.


Young Middlesbrough dad Carl had spoken since he was just three years old of vivid flashbacks to a former life as a Nazi airman killed when his plane was shot down in 1942.

Now startling new photos, unearthed after dogged detective work by a local historian, reveal a chilling resemblance between Carl and a German airman, Heinrich Richter, buried in a Thornaby cemetery.

Richter, a turret gunner, perished when his Dornier bomber crashed onto a South Bank railway during a raid exactly 60 years ago today… January 15, 1942.

============ON THE DORNIER


It was a thin, fast, maneuverable light bomber meant to take out specific military-industrial targets, not “carpet-bomb” civilian cities like Allied bombers (which thus were committing a war crime under the Hague rules of land warfare.)

File:Dornier 17 3D ExCC.gif

The wreckage of the Dornier, damaged by anti-aircraft fire before hitting a barrage balloon, was discovered in 1997 buried off Tilbury Road – only a few hundred yards from the spot where Carl was stabbed to death two years earlier.

When the bomber was dug up with Richter’s remains inside, Carl’s parents, Jim and Val, shuddered as they recalled their son’s eerie tales of reincarnation.

Val Edon


But only now – as the Gazette reveals for the first time what the airman looked like – are the Coulby Newham couple looking at their son’s claims in a new light.

“It’s got to be him,” said a stunned Val, when shown a photo of the German in full uniform shortly before the crash over Teesside.

“The resemblance across the eyes and the nose is uncanny.
“Maybe this is the final piece of the jigsaw,” she said.

The striking picture was obtained after Guisborough historian and author Bill Norman tracked down Richter’s relatives in Germany for a new book.

An uncanny likeness between the two young men and the fact that they share the same scene of death more than 50 years apart are just two of the strange coincidences which have spooked Carl’s parents.

During the excavation of the German bomber it was discovered that Richter’s leg, still inside a flying boot, had been severed in the wreckage, explained Val.

“Carl used to say he lost his right leg in the crash,” she said. “And he had a birth mark at the top of that leg.”

On the day her rail worker son was murdered – by Gary Vinter, later jailed for life – he had been to Skinningrove to collect train carriages.


Carl Edon and (black-and-white photo) double Iron-Cross winner, Luftwaffe pilot Heinrich Richter

“The day the Dornier crashed it had bombed Skinningrove first and flew on to Middlesbrough following the railway line,” said Val.

Carl and Richter had made the same journey the day they died.
“There are just too many strange coincidences, and I think if Carl was here he’d be saying ‘Do you believe me now’?”

One of the country’s leading researchers into psychic phenomena admitted he was amazed at the details surrounding the two deaths.

“We research a lot of reincarnation cases, but not many as remarkable as this one sounds,” said David Christie-Murray, member of the Society for Psychical Research, founded in 1882 and now based in London.

“It seems to me to be a fascinating case, and one I’m sure the SPR would certainly be interested in investigating if the family wanted to.”

Carl’s experiences are already detailed in a book called The Children That Time Forgot by Peter and Mary Harrison, and on a US TV show. They’ve also been well documented in British and German newspapers, including the Gazette when Carl was just nine years old.

But his parents said he suffered taunts at school as a result of his ‘past life’ claims.

“When that started happening Carl didn’t like talking about it any more,” said his mum.

“But he always believed it.”

His dad told the Gazette he was cynical at first. “I was sick of Carl going on about it,” he said. “But I probably believe more in reincarnation now.”

The Dornier’s three other crew were buried in Thornaby after the crash in 1942, but Richter was not laid to rest alongside his colleagues until the plane was ‘rediscovered’ 55 years later by water board workers.

Val and Jim joined nearly 300 mourners at a moving funeral service for the fourth German airman.

Standing at Richter’s grave afterwards felt “eerie”, said Jim. “It was like we were re-burying Carl again. Maybe now this will be the end of it.”

Richter, who won the Iron Cross medal twice and had been wounded in action, was 24 when he was shot down and killed. Carl was just 22 when he was murdered, leaving behind heartbroken fiancee Michelle, and their two young daughters Carla and Sophie.

(Of interest: the campaign to keep the psychopathic killer of Carl Edon behind bars: http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/local-news/life-means-life-double-killer-3677448 See also my essay on psychopaths: http://johndenugent.com/psychopaths-in-power )


The detail about the birthmark is significant. In the vast compendium of reincarnation studies at the University of Virginia (see this article about Ian Stevenson, MD: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Stevenson), children who reincarnate quickly after a traumatic death often have a birthmark at the spot where they were stabbed, shot or otherwise injured.

Here is a video featuring Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychiatrist who has continued Dr. Stevenson’s work:

Here is an accurate article about Tucker’s major book:




A fair Amazon.com review of the book:


What strikes me about Tucker, a medical doctor, is that he never, ever, ever leaves behind the scientific method or spirit. The scientific method is have a hypothesis, then gather hard facts and from them develop a theory to explain them — and provide other scientists with your methods and data and a means to do their own experiments to verify or disprove your findings…..

The book is anything but dogmatic — or full of New-Age-y flower-power assertions. The reason why the founder of Xerox Corporation (inventor of the photocopy machine) funded Ian Stevenson, MD and then Jim Tucker, MD at the University of Virginia was their rigorous scientific work.

The following book, still available only in German, is the most brilliant work to date on the subject for those who already accept the concept as being possible and want to know more details….

Die Spirituelle Welt (“The Spiritual World”)

It is appropriate for those who already accept the possibility of reincarnation but still have very reasonable and nagging questions about who, what, when, where and why. Winkler, whom I know from correspondence and reading his blog, is a former computer programmer who awoke to pro-white issues and became a commentator on the Internet on German and European affairs.

This particular book is barely racial in tone (which anyway would be ILLEGAL in Germany), except inasmuch as our karma affects what race we are born into. It has a strong ring of truth to it, deep in your gut, and nothing is sugar-coated or Baby-Jesus-Will-Save-You from your own folly….. In that sense it is very German — but Winkler has a delightful sense of humor and a light, easy writing style as well that I as an American loved.

This book changed my life. It is nearly finished being translated from German into English by me and my team. It was very, very real and yet inspiring to me.

Here are the first two chapters of this masterpiece:





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……A scientist gets millions to look hard at the facts for or against reincarnation

Even the hardcore skeptic and NASA scientist Carl Sagan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Sagan, famous for his special TV shows about outer space in the 1980s), who founded CSICOP, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, and dismissed almost ALL “paranormal” notions, stated that the phenomenon of children recalling exact details of the life of a dead stranger from another family and city, a person who died years or decades earlier, and also claiming very definitely to BE that person in a new life (not just having an ESP “reading” of that person) merit serious investigation.

In Wikipedia’s article on Stevenson, we read:

Stevenson’s work also attracted the attention of Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clarke who, while intrigued, felt it fell short of providing proof of reincarnation, which they both viewed as unlikely. In The Demon-Haunted World (1996), Sagan wrote that claims about reincarnation have some, though dubious, experimental support, arguing that one of three claims in parapsychology deserving serious study is that, “young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation.”[26] Clarke observed that Stevenson had produced a number of studies that were “hard to explain“, then noted that accepting reincarnation raised the question of the means for personality transfer.[27] Skeptic Sam Harris said of Stevenson “either he is a victim of truly elaborate fraud, or something interesting is going on.”[28]

Although I am sharply critical of jewish power over the white world, the scientist and author Carl Sagan did many admirable things that I recognize, among them explaining the mysteries of the universe and advocating a healthy skepticism about paranormal claims.

I have found over and over that the semitic idea that we have just one life and then are judged by God, or just die and go out of existence, leaves people empty and nihilistic.

The crisis comes when a seemingly very good person is murdered, or evil seems to totally triumph over good. Then people lose their faith in God, at least as the three semitic desert religions depict Him.

Rabbi Harold Kushner (I knew people in the Boston area who knew him) wrote a famous bestseller in the 1990s entitled When Bad Things Happen to Good People.


It was a very well-chosen title and subject — because when a horrible disease, crime or injustice happens, especially to “in innocent child” (as disease struck Rabbi Kushner’s own child) then we often see that they really do NOT believe in their god as propagated by judaism, saulianity or islam. They go atheist…..

“Where is God??

No! there IS no God!!”

My mother told me that my father told her “after Korea [the horrible atrocities he saw and the senseless slaughter of brave Americans in adeliberate no-win war] it was very hard to believe in God.”

I recall an Elvis Presley song about “a little black boy born on a cold gray Chicago morning in the ghetto.” The kid grows up in a violent, criminal milieu and eventually is gunned down as a teen with a pistol in his hand. Presley’s point was that kids who grow up in such surroundings are fairly unlikely to get, or stay on the “straight and narrow path” which Jesus Christ recommended toward a godly life.


(The video shows scenes of Presley’s own humble origins and then his own child Priscilla.)

This is a GREAT song….. It was one of the things that made me examine my nightmares, anger and my own abuse-shattered life, and seek the counselling that helped turn my life around. It is incredibly hard to feel good about yourself if you had a very bad childhood.

…..problems with the Establishment Christian view

So what kind of just God gives us — (as the semites preach — just

1) ONE life followed by

2) divine judgment — but

3) these lives are totally unequal? How fair is God then??

Some of us grow up in wholesome families (such as certain Mormons, Traditional Catholics and believing Protestants) and have a ten times greater chance of a happy and successful life than others. Very many these days of all races grow up having the childhood from hell.

(I have discussed my own traumatic childhood and now it helped ruin two marriages and my whole financial and emotional future until I found the courage to seek counseling at age 49. I have seen as a high school teacher that by the 12th grade half the kids are living in a broken home — no mom-and-dad family, but a divorced single working mom, NOT there at home when the kids return from school, with a string of boyfriends going in and out…. And I can think of one case where I suspected the divorced mom’s boyfriend was abusing the daughter while the mother worked the 3-11 pm shift. The worst thing as a compassionate teacher is following the rule NOT to get involved in the private lives of our students… At most we can alert the guidance counselor, nurse or even the police, of course…. I remember one very pretty girl with beautiful long light brown hair who used to come in and cry on her desk. It was heart-rending. What are the odds that girl will grow up to be “perfectly normal”? Btw, I tried just talking a bit with her once but she just clammed up on me.)

Reincarnation answers in a satisfying and real-feeling way our questions about why life is as it is…… Why we suffer either because of

1) bad karma we must endure, for evil deeds we did that were not punished in a previous existence (as in VERY frequently the case; people get off scot-free ALL the time, although not in terms of God); or because

2) we are good people who have volunteered to experience specific challenges and trials to help us grow in understanding, empathy and even the agonies of choosing the rocky path of heroism.

Reincarnation is a profoundly Aryan idea of personal growth through cause and effect. What you sow is what you reap. You either run or you fight.

And as Julius Caesar said about the Kelts of Gaul, their belief in reincarnation made them fearless.

The implications of reincarnation to our racial struggle are far-reaching and massive. This doctrine and this reality are genuinely Aryan and they change everything.


Wikipedia: (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Ford)

Henry_ford_1919Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) was the American founder of the Ford Motor Company and father of modern assembly lines used in mass production. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. He was a prolific inventor and was awarded 161 U.S. patents. As owner of the Ford Motor Company he became one of the richest and best-known people in the world. He is credited with “Fordism“, that is, the mass production of large numbers of inexpensive automobiles using the assembly line, coupled with high wages for his workers. Ford had a global vision, with consumerism as the key to peace. Ford did not believe in accountants; he amassed one of the world’s largest fortunes without ever having his company audited under his administration. Henry Ford’s intense commitment to lowering costs resulted in many technical and business innovations, including a franchise system that put a dealership in every city in North America, and in major cities on six continents.

ford_logoIn 1923, [Henry] Ford’s pastor, and head of his sociology department, Episcopal minister Samuel S. Marquis, claimed that Ford believed, or “once believed” in reincarnation.[63] Though it is unclear whether or how long Ford kept such a belief, the San Francisco Examiner from August 26, 1928, published a quote which described Ford’s beliefs:

I adopted the theory of Reincarnation when I was twenty six. [JdN: He was then 60 years old.] Religion offered nothing to the point. Even work could not give me complete satisfaction. Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience we collect in one life in the next.

When I discovered Reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan. I realized that there was a chance to work out my ideas. Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock.

Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives. Some are older souls than others, and so they know more.

The discovery of reincarnation put my mind at ease. If you preserve a record of this conversation, write it so that it puts men’s minds at ease. I would like to communicate to others the calmness that the long view of life gives to us.





General George Patton in WWII



[JdN: I have corrected a few punctuation errors and slightly shortened the essay below, of which the original version is found here: http://www.reversespins.com/patton.html]


Patton Movie Script: Dialogue taken from movie.
Scene descriptions from Reverse Spins Editor.


Three men in W.W. II uniforms (two Generals) traveling down a North African road in a jeep.


General George S. Patton (George C. Scott): “Hold it! Turn right here.”

Driver: “But sir, the battlefield is straight ahead.”

Patton: “Please don’t argue with me Sergeant. I can smell a battlefield.”

General Omar Bradley (Karl Malden): ” He was out here just yesterday George.”

Patton: (points with his riding crop) “It’s over there, turn right, damn it!”


The jeep goes off road, passing some turbaned North Africans on donkeys and then comes upon some Romanesque ruins. Patton gets out, followed by Bradley. A haunting echo of horns plays in the background as if replaying some ancient charge of a long forgotten battle.


Patton: “It was here. The battlefield was here. The Carthaginians defending the city were attacked by three Roman Legions. Carthaginians were proud and brave but they couldn’t hold. They were massacred. Arab women stripped them of their tunics and their swords and lances. The soldiers lay naked in the sun, two thousand years ago; and I was here.”


Patton, on bended knee, pauses, smiles knowingly, turns to a sometimes bemused Bradley and says:


Patton: “You don’t believe me, do you Brad? You know what the poet said,

‘Through the travail of ages,
midst the pomp and toils of war,
have I fought and strove and perished,
countless times among the stars.
As if through a glass and darkly,
the age old strife I see,
when I fought in many guises and many names,
but always me.'” *

Patton: “Do you know who the poet was?”

Bradley [Smiles slightly and shakes his head, no.]

Patton: “Me.”



A particularly evocative scene from the movie Patton, is it not? You get the sense that he actually remembers the terrible scene of his fallen comrades. But what of his modern day army, those men he led in World War II? Tens of thousands of them willingly trusted his judgement in battle. Would they also follow him in matters of the spirit? Would those who believe he was brilliant in battle also believe that that insightfulness can be brought to bear in other areas of life?

George Patton believed in reincarnation. He remembered fighting the Romans as a Carthaginian. Patton also believed he was with Napoleon as the flamboyant and daring Marshal Ney.

I will make the case that one of America’s greatest generals, Patton, was one of history’s greatest generals, Hannibal… through both parallels (habits ingrained) and lessons learned (opposite courses of action). Many can be explained as coincidences but then, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, ‘there are no accidents.’ Do great generals just sprout up or are they made over countless lifetimes, perfecting and honing their abilities? You be the judge:

1. Both grew up in wealthy families.

2. “I swear that so soon as age will permit . . . I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.” – A very young Hannibal Barca said this while standing next to his father, before an altar. George Patton decided during childhood that his goal in life was to be a hero in the mold of ancient Greek heroes. His father read to him Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey until the boy could recite the lines himself.

3. Both were avid horsemen.

4. Both entered the infantry. Patton had several other choices. Hannibal had only two. Carthage was a famous seafaring city also.

5. Both cut their teeth in battle in a Spanish-speaking country, Patton in Mexico and Hannibal in Spain.

6. Both were enamored with the use of heavy armor. Patton with his tanks and Hannibal utilized armor-plated elephants like no one before or since, although they were often ineffective. He must have been pretty pleased with the new innovation of tanks.

7. Hannibal’s final defeat happened in North Africa. Patton joins WWII by landing in North Africa. He rectifies the karmic record by winninng his first major engagement.

8. The Roman consul Scipio studied Hannibal’s tactics to finally defeat him at Zama. (Among some of these were the use of horns which were blown to scare the charging elephants into retreat, causing havoc in the advancing Carthaginian lines.) Patton studied Rommel’s book and tactics to defeat his Panzer battalion in North Africa. It would be an ironic case of karmic justice if Rommel and Scipio were one and the same.


Hannibal crossing the Alps;by Jacopo Amigoni. Bridgeman Art Library

9. Hannibal led one of the greatest, if not THE greatest march in history. With approximately 60,000 men, 20,000 or so cavalry and 100 elephants, he started from Spain; crossed the Rhone River in France; then crossed the Alps ……in winter!…. to attack Italy from the north. Patton was famous for getting his troops to move faster and beyond the expectations of both the Allies and the German enemy. His Third Army ‘end run’ through France is a prime example. By ‘coincidence’ the longest terrain Hannibal had to cross was France as well.

10. Both of them would find ways to overcome obstacles that would stop others in their tracks, literally. They were both adept at crossing rivers. When crossing the Rhone, Hannibal created a gigantic raft covered in dirt and plants to fool the elephants into getting on board. It worked.

In a war game before WWII, Patton had to cross rivers without using any existing bridge. A lieutenant came upon a tank sitting in a stream with only its turret showing. Patton said to him: “Their speed was not high enough when they hit the water. I’m sure they could float all the way across the stream if they had hit the water at top speed! We gotta be able to cross this kind of stuff without bridges. It takes too much time to build a pontoon bridge for these little streams.” He then proceeded to back up his tank 100 yards. The driver gunned it with only Patton sticking out of the turret. Patton braced himself as the impact created a great splash. The tank floated for a moment, the engine sputtered and the tracks finally caught hold on the other side, lifting the drenched tank to the opposite bank. (From General Patton’s Principles by Porter Williamson)

11. There are two of Patton’s principles that Williamson extrapolated from that experience. They are in Patton’s words:

1) We can always learn from each other.You watch me cross this stream.You taught me that you reserve officers can solve problems. Let me show you how to get a tank across a river!” and

20 “Always do everything you expect of the men you command.” These principles are perfectly consistent with the M. O. of Hannibal. He was with the men every step of the way from Spain, into the Alps and on to the plains of Italy, sharing their difficulties and triumphs.

Hannibal discovers the head of Hasdrubal; by Giovanni-Battista Tiepolo. Bridgeman Art Library

12. Hasdrubal, Hannibal’s brother (sometimes described as his brother-in-law) comes from Spain, crosses France and the Alps to aid Hannibal; only to be defeated and killed almost immediately upon entering Italy. His head is sent to Hannibal’s camp. This had to be a devasting series of events for Hannnibal. First, he did not know that Hasdrubal was coming to his aid. When he did find out, couriers were constantly being intercepted by the Romans. He did not know the true situation and so decides to wait in the south. The loss of Hasdrubal’s 30,000-man army signaled a change in the fortunes of Hannibal. The unexpectant arrival of Hasdrubal’s head must have been unnerving. Could it have had such an emotional impact that it would cloud his judgement in a future life? Patton’s worst fiasco of the war was his ill-conceived plan to liberate the Allied prisoners of war in a prison camp at Hammelburg, Germany. He did not have enough intel, so not enough troops were sent. Not only were the prisoners recaptured, but the troops he sent were captured also. Why the error in judgement? His son-in-law was a POW in that camp. Could this be the hidden cause and effect behind a failed mission that has baffled historians to this day?

13. Hannibal spent about 17 years trying to subdue Rome. In retrospect, his greatest error was in not attacking Rome directly. Some experts say he lacked siege equipment therefore he didn’t try; or that he didn’t want to destroy Rome, just split off city-states to reduce its power. It would be his undoing. Patton, having learned from that mistake over 2,000 years ago, was relentless in forging ahead whenever he attacked. First he raced Monty to Messina and probably would have finally been able to attack Rome, 2,000 years later, through Anzio if not for the infamous ‘slapping’ incident. He did prove for the first time in WWII that the Americans were a highly effective fighting force. When he resumed command, he made a beeline for Berlin. They had to slow him down, in fact. (FDR had promised Stalin Eastern Europe. If Patton’s Third Army had liberated Eastern Europe before the Soviets arrived, it would have been difficult politically for Roosevelt or Truman to just let those US-occupied countries become communist.

14. Elephants turned back on his own troops help to defeat Hannibal at Zama. Lack of gasoline slowed down Patton’s heavy armor.

15. Both fought martial, warlike states.

16. For a short while after his defeat, Hannibal ruled Carthage with democratic principles, trying to reduce the power of the oligarchy. That didn’t sit well with the powers that be. He was forced to leave. Patton refused to blindly condemn all Germans, even the SS, despite media pressure. He was only interested in punishing the “Nazis.” Needless to say, this put him at odds with the press and the higher brass, especially Eisenhower.

18. Both were an anathema to ruling governments once the fighting stopped. Hannibal was hounded all across the Mediterranean once he was forced to leave Carthage. Patton was a duck out of water in administering the conquered land.

19. Both men died a strange death. Chased till he could take it no more, Hannibal committed suicide. Patton died an innocuous death in a minor traffic accident, though many believe to this day there was foul play.

20. Both had an endearing personality and charisma to spare. Although each undoubtedly had a strong ego, their men would follow them anywhere. Indeed, no one has ever matched Hannibal’s ability. He kept a massive force of mercenaries together for over 15 years, on foreign soil without one mutiny.

21. Now look again at the two pictures you first saw at the top of this essay, but this time more closely.

Compare the mouth, chin, nose and eyes. The bust of Hannibal dates to about the Second Punic War. It was originally found at the ancient city-state of Capua in Italia. Capua was closely allied to the general, and it possibly commissioned the bust in honor of him. It also corresponds well with Carthago-Phoenicians coins and may be said to be a true likeness of Hannibal. In addition, artists and sculptors sometimes have a knack for tuning into the soul of an individual, capturing the true essence of the man.


William House

Editor, Reverse Spins


The death of the Roman Consul Paullus at Cannae

Before Hannibal’s greatest battle and Rome’s worst defeat in history, Cannae, he stood with his commanders overlooking a terrifying sight…. Roman legions and cavalry that outnumbered them two-to-one. One of his followers, called Gisgo, a Carthaginian of equal rank with himself, told him that the numbers of the enemy were astonishing; to which Hannibal replied with a serious countenance,

“There is one thing, Gisgo, yet more astonishing, which you take no notice of.”

And when Gisgo inquired what, answered, that

“In all those great numbers before us, there is not one man called Gisgo.”

This unexpected jest of their general made all the company laugh, and as they came down from the hill, they told it to those whom they met, which caused a general laughter amongst them all.

(Source: http://www.geocities.com/nusso1/ )

[ If that doesn’t sound like Patton, I don’t know what does!— the editor]


Captain George S. Patton had never before visited Langres, a small town in northeastern France. But in December 1917, during WWI, having just arrived to operate a tank school, the American newcomer declined the offer of a local liaison officer to show him around the town, once the site of a Roman military camp.

“You don’t have to,” Patton told the surprised young man, “I know it well.” A staunch believer in reincarnation, Patton felt sure that he had been to France before– as a Roman legionnaire. As he led the way trhough the area, he pointed out the sites of the ancient Roman temples and amphitheater, the drill ground, and the forum, even showing a spot where Julius Caesar had made his camp.

It was, Patton later told his nephew, : “As if someone were at my ear whispering the directions” … from The Many Incarnations of George S. Patton



* Why there may be more behind Marshal Ney than meets the eye.

Patton Movie Script: Dialogue taken from movie.
Scene descriptions from Reverse Spins Editor.


After Patton finishes speaking French to an aide, the scene shifts to an elegant dinner. Patton is surrounded by senior British officers. A few American officers are at the far end of the table.The British officer to his left compliments George on the fine wine. Patton’s culture and knowledge of history is apparent. The ambience is set for an unusual revelation. Patton turns to Sir Harold on his right, the highest ranking Brit there and says:


Patton: “I think it was Alcibiades in the Peloponnesian War , ah, 415 B.C., he said , ‘if Siracusa falls, all Sicily falls, and then Italy.’ He knew, you see, that Syracuse was the jugular of the island, and old Alcibiades always went for the throat. I propose to take Sicily in the same way …”


Patton gives a short explanation of the plan using a map. The British are impressed. Patton raises his glass in a toast and says:


Patton: “To the conquest of Sicily.”

Sir Harold: “You know George, you’d have made a great Marshal for Napolean, if you had lived in the 18th century.”

Patton: “But I did Sir Harold, I did.”


Everyone laughs, no one harder than Sir Harold and Patton. The toast is finished and the scene ends.

Michel Ney By Meynier
National museum of the Castle of Versailles and Trianon




…..Wikipedia’s article

This article is fairly accurate:


What it does NOT go into is WHY rulers would discourage acceptance of reincarnation…..because they want subjects who are afraid to die.

People afraid to die do not revolt.

And ARYANS afraid to die do not revolt.

Most white Christians do NOT really believe in God or the afterlife — not as their faith teaches them. You can see it by their EXTREME fear of death (which shows they don’t REALLY believe in the Christian heaven) and by their behavior in life, which is shameless and shows no fear of divine retribution.

They act like atheists!

….atheists as in Dostoyevsky’s famous proverb:

If there is no God, everything is permitted.

They act like people who think they have just one life to live and they might as well “grab all the gusto they can.”

AND THAT IS WHAT THE JU WANTS: A HEDONISTIC PEOPLE SEEKING ANIMAL PLEASURES AND TERRIFIED TO DIE — the GOYEEM, in Hebrew, “the CATTLE.” A totally dereligionized, despiritualized animal herd…..focused on stomach and genitalia, pursing pleasure and fleeing pain.

Solutreanism is the certainty that every thought, word and deed, and every duty peformed or NOT performed, has eternal consequences, and that in the moment of death you SEE the effects of your life on the lives of others.

The famous Viking prayer, the real kind of prayer Vikings would said as death or victory approached, with words taken from various heathen Germanic sources.


I got a HUGE response to a radio show I did on reincarnation and typical of it was men who told me they felt a hypnotic attraction to the SS as small boys, and a horror of cold and snow also……

Here is what a new friend and comrade wrote me, also a former Marine with Heartland roots:

* * *

I never give reincarnation a real lot of thought, but have thought about it some. I think it sure is possible.

Now you have read me online talking about my German heritage.

Well, I can remember as a kid…. I think maybe in the fourth grade (I went to a Catholic grade school) we were doing book reports. I don’t remember what book report or subject I was doing, but a friend of mine (I still remember him and this moment I’m about to tell you about, and that was 30 years ago) was doing his book report on WWII.

asphalt-soldiersWell, Jack had some books — on the Army, Navy, Marines and so forth. No big deal, and I didn’t give them a second thought. Then I saw one book he had. It was Waffen SS — the Asphalt Soldiers. I grabbed that book as if I were mesmerized. I just looked at the cover in a daze and quickly thumbed through the pictures like I was looking for someone or something. I begged him to let me borrow it, and he did. I ran home with it and studied this book from cover to cover. I actually thought I knew these men. I was more giddy about this book that I came across then I would have been at Christmas receiving a train.


[JdN: Btw, this book, which I also own, was written by a John Keegan who was not yet prestigious enough (he is now “Sir” John Keegan) to dare on his own to really praise the Germans as they deserved — as he later did in Six Armies at Normandy. In this strangely named “Asphalt Soldiers” book (http://www.amazon.com/Waffen-SS-The-Asphalt-Soldiers/dp/0345278984) Keegan barely manages to find any praise at all for the greatest fighting force that ever existed in the last 4,000 years, and I say this as a proud former US Marine, admitting myself that the Waffen-SS was the ultimate elite among large military formations. But the pictures were okay. 🙂]


After 1929 the SS began to expand rapidly, and standards in personnel unsurprisingly began to lower. The political changes also led Hitler to call for the creation of a dedicated guard formation from the ranks of the SS, and instructed one of his oldest colleagues, First World War veteran Josef “Sepp” Dietrich, to set the wheels in motion. Dietrich quickly set about selecting a group of men applying rigorous standards, and by the spring of 1933 had established the SS-Stabswache Berlin, consisting of 117 men.


The primary role of this new Stabswache was the guarding of the Reich Chancellery [in downtown Berlin], and as a result they were quickly given the nickname “asphalt soldiers”.


Of course, none of the unit’s detractors would have known that of these initial 117 men, over sixty were to become company commanders or above, with three becoming divisional commanders. (http://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question120972.html)

Now I was maybe eight years old and felt so strongly about these SS men. Also, when growing up as a kid — I have long since grown out of it — I hated winter and the cold. Growing up, I would get upset and almost cry over icy cold weather. I live in Wisconsin and winters can be rough. It was something about winter I just could not stand. I was miserable and wished for warm weather. My cousins or sisters never gave winter a second thought, but for me I thought it was tragic. I didn’t join the Marines because I was a wimp, but the cold really bothered me…..

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Your experience seeing that Waffen-SS book sent chills down my spine. That is just how I felt staring at that Hitler stamp (see below). I think MANY of our fellow WN activists will see themselves in your story! That ATTRACTION for German things…..was WAY beyond anything we were getting culturally as kids in our environment…..Hey, after WWII Germany’s name was mud in America and there was no pro-German talk going on at MY kitchen table in the 1950s. My dad fought in WWII and conformed to the “Hitler-was-evil” line, which is why he snatched away that framed Hitler stamp. My mother and father both had many jewish friends.



I had the strangest experience at around age five when I first saw a picture of this man. I had discovered a framed stamp at my grandfather’s house whicH displayed him as chancellor of the German Reich. I found myself just staring at it in some strange feeling of connectedness for 15 minutes — until my father came upstairs, scolded me for ignoring him and confiscated the framed stamp, telling me Hitler was a “bad man, a very bad, bad man” (which is what Roosevelt had told American GIs such as my father).

AH stamp2

Right after this, again at the age of five, I began studying my first foreign language, German, in great earnest, and was able to hold a little conversation a year later in German with a lady from Deutschland on a flight from Providence to Pittsburgh to see my great-grandmother, née Berlin, at her home in Greensburg.

It was one of those inexplicable occurrences — seemingly silly, a stamp with an unknown foreign leader impacting a mere five-year-old — a strange event….such as actually many people have, but they usually do not talk about it.

But such mysterious feelings mark the person.

I felt neither affection nor hatred for Hitler gazing at his visage, just distance, as if that man represented something somehow important but that had to stay firmly in the PAST — someone perhaps to be inspired by, to be learned from, and then resolutely moved beyond.

I felt and I feel that we must look FORWARD. (And this leads me further on to Thomas Jefferson.)

Two main things in Mein Kampf “turned me off” — one, the concept of the genius-dictator, which Hitler called the Führerprinzip. Certainly, the giving of total power to a genius can work wonders, but what happens when he insists on a disastrous decision?


And that disastrous decision was my second turn-off — Operation Barbarossa, June 22, 1941, which was NOT meant to liberate Russia but to chase out the Soviets and then install a German occupation regime in the east, taking their land and making them slaves of Greater Germany.

No one could persuade Hitler to change that policy, which was of long standing. He had enunciated it in Mein Kampf in 1925, reiterated it in the Second Book in 1928, and ordered it implemented in Operation Barbarossa in 1941. It was not until September 1944 that he completely changed gears and allowed the Russian patriot, General Vlassov, to establish a Russian National Liberation Army, but by then Germany had suffered the debacle at Stalingrad and was already doomed and in full retreat. Seven months later Hitler was dead, and the unlucky Vlassov was later strangled by order of Stalin.

Lesson? Even a genius, and whatever his sincere love for his people, and his previous achievements for them, must never get absolute power — where a High Council cannot overrule him for the sake of the nation’s survival.





I received this commentary in German, referring to the Jeff in Chicago whose story is found above, and my translation of this German text follows below.


Dear John and dear Jeff,

Zur Idee, dass sich die Waffen-SS reinkarnieren könnte, habe ich eine erstaunliche Geschichte gehört die letzten Wochen. Ein Freund von mir erzählte mir die Geschichte.

Wiederum eine Freundin von ihm, sie ist alleinerziehend mit einem vierjährigen Sohn, den sie Marlin (oder so ähnlich) genannt hatte.

Übers Wochenende war Marlin bei seinem Vater und während dieses Wochenendes träumte die Mutter, sie wäre von diesem Kind bereits in einem früheren Leben die Mutter gewesen und zwar zur Zeit des 2. Weltkrieges, und ihr Sohn hätte damals Klaus geheissen und wäre Soldat gewesen.

Als ihr kleiner Sohn nach dem Wochenende beim Vater Hause kam, hat sie ihn gefragt: “Na Marlin, wie war das Wochenende bei deinem Papa? Was habt Ihr so zusammen gemacht?”

Marlin antwortete: “Ich heiße nicht Marlin, ich heiße Klaus.”

Die Mutter des Kindes hat in ihrem Erstaunen direkt beim Vater des Kindes angerufen und hat nachgefragt, ob irgendein “Klaus-Besuch” war oder irgendein Gespräch stattfand, das sich auf irgendeinen “Klaus” hätte beziehen können — und da war nichts in irgendeiner Richtung, dass eine “Klaus-Aussage” hätte inspirieren können.

Wer weiß???

Alles Gute und Liebe,



John de Nugent May 11, 2013 at 10:07 pm [edit]

This is a TRANSLATION into English of the German comment above.


Alexandra Wunder May 11, 2013 at 12:34 am [edit]

Dear John and dear Jeff,

On the idea that the Waffen-SS men could reincarnate, I have an amazing story from the last few weeks. A friend of mine told me the story.

A friend of his in turn is a single mother with a four-year-old son whom she had named Marlin (or something similar).

Over the weekend Marlin was with his father and during this weekend when he was away his mother dreamed she had been the mother of this child in a previous life, during the time of the Second World War II, and her son had then been called Klaus and was a soldier.

When her young son after the weekend at his father’s house came home to her, she asked him: “Well, Marlin, how was the weekend with your dad? What did you two do together? ”

Marlin said, “My name is not Marlin, my name is Klaus.”

The child’s mother, astounded (this was right after her dream) called the father of the child and asked if any “Klaus visitor” had been by or was a Klaus the topic of any conversation over the weekend, someone to whom the name “Klaus” referred — and there was nothing at all in any direction that could have inspired him to say his real name was “Klaus.”

Who knows?

Best wishes and love,
Alexandra Wunder




A comrade wrote me:

I listened to the interview you did with Tom Metzger that dealt with reincarnation. Good job!
I have read some of the research that you mentioned in regards to reincarnation. I am not a believer yet but I do not reject the possibility. There are some very interesting cases that indicate that some people have some kind of connection with the past. That opens the door to some fascinating possibilities from some type of shared ancestral consciousness to reincarnation.
My reply:
Right, well, the kids in the two thousand five hundred U. Va. case studies are very specific that they WERE that person, not just knowing about them.
This explains knowing nicknames of pets, quirks of family members, trees that used to stand next to the house and no longer do, they talk about their first car as a teenager, a Studebaker ;-)…. etc., and a seven-year-old (now called James Leininger) who knew the secret nicknames of his fellow 1945 Navy pilots at a veterans reunion in 2003… These kids know a lot more than Jungian archetypes. 😉 They know things ONLY a family member would know.
James Leininger at a veterans reunion of the USS Natoma Bay aircraft carrier. As USN Lieutenant James Huston in his last life he was shot down by Japanese anti-aircraft fire at the battle of Iwo Jima and drowned when he could not kick open his glass cockpit. (The ejection seat was invented by the Third Reich — and US pilots did not have it.) My late father, then a Marine on the beach, might even have seen Lieutenant Huston’s plane hit the water.
James Huston and James Leininger; often there is SOME physical resemblance, like that between relatives, but not the same face. Compare their chins, eyes and nose shapes…… The energy of the soul that forms the next physical body is different, especially when a person has spent decades on the other side before returning. There are many worlds on the other side, some nice, some not…..

…………..Ancestor Worship and High Intelligence

Published by on February 4, 2014 | 7 Comments

Spending time thinking about your ancestors has been proven to boost intelligence and emotional confidence in a ground-breaking study conducted by a group of Psychologists in Germany and Austria.

The paper which was published in the European Journal of Social Psychology showed in four separate studies that test subjects who were asked to engage in thinking positively about their ancestors before taking part in a series of intelligence tests scored significantly higher scores than those who were not.norse_gods_by_magnusedvarsson-d5c0pfy2

In the first experiment, three groups were asked either to think about their deep roots in the 15th century, their great grandparents or nothing at all.

Those who were asked to think about their ancestors were specifically told to imagine their lives, their professions, their family and the struggles they would have faced.

The results showed that both the groups who looked back had significantly stronger results than did the control group who did not.

The second study was less explicit – the test subjects were either asked, or not, to construct a family-tree before the tests.

This would have involved thinking about their family in some detail but meant the experimenters did not need to be so specific in their orders.

Results were much the same and reinforced those of first experiment.

Even the gods have ancestors in the religions of our ancestors


Also tested in this case was ‘perceived life control’ (meaning the subjects’ perception of their ability to control their life and overcome problems) which was shown to have been increased in those groups who took part in the family tree building.

A third test was conducted where the groups were split between thinking about their distant ancestors (all dead), thinking about their grand-parents and great grandparents (still alive) or thinking about a close living friend.

Results showed no difference between close or distant relatives but the same significant improvement in test scores by both these groups compared to those who simply thought about a close living friend.

In a similar forth test the experimenters instructed the test subjects to think either positively or negatively about their ancestors. Once again, both groups outperformed the control group.

Therefore, it seems that whether we are critical or favourable about our ancestors, close or distant, the simple act of dwelling on this subject will boost both your intelligence and emotional health.

Source: Fischer, P., Sauer, A., Vogrincic, C., and Weisweiler, S. (2010) The ancestor effect: Thinking about our genetic origin enhances intellectual performance – European Journal of Social Psychology


0/23 @ 11:05 : Seattle, Washington, US
10/23 @ 11:04 : Cheyenne, Wyoming, US
10/23 @ 11:01 : Berlin, DE
10/23 @ 11:00 : Gundelfingen, DE
10/23 @ 10:57 : Hoeilaart, BE
10/23 @ 10:56 : Iran, Islamic Republic of, IR
10/23 @ 10:56 : San Francisco, California, US
10/23 @ 10:56 : San Lazzaro Di Savena, IT
10/23 @ 10:55 : Bronx, New York, US
10/23 @ 10:55 : Koblenz, DE
10/23 @ 10:54 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
10/23 @ 10:54 : Koblenz, DE
10/23 @ 10:54 : San Carlos, California, US

10/23 @ 11:26 : Dubai, AE [ARAB EMIRATES]
10/23 @ 11:24 : Los Angeles, California, US
10/23 @ 11:24 : Dubai, AE
10/23 @ 11:23 : Munich, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
10/23 @ 11:23 : Caen, FR
10/23 @ 11:20 : Herne, DE
10/23 @ 11:19 : New York, New York, US
10/23 @ 11:18 : Redmond, Washington, US
10/23 @ 11:15 : Dresden, DE
10/23 @ 11:15 : Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Mormon temple in Albuquerque, which in Spanish means “white oak”
10/23 @ 11:14 : France, FR
10/23 @ 11:13 : Mountain View, California, US
10/23 @ 11:02 : Saukkola, FI[nland]
A Saukkola boy, from near Helsinki
10/23 @ 11:02 : Berlin, DE
10/23 @ 11:01 : Saukkola, FI
10/23 @ 11:00 : Braunschweig, DE
10/23 @ 11:00 : Baden-Baden, DE
The spa at Baden-Baden
10/23 @ 10:59 : Dortmund, DE
10/23 @ 10:57 : Austria, AT
10/23 @ 10:56 : Mainz, DE
10/23 @ 10:55 : Saussenac, FR[ANCE]
10/23 @ 10:53 : Ankara, TR
10/23 @ 10:53 : Hanau, DE
10/23 @ 10:49 : Dresden, DE
10/23 @ 10:49 : Hanover, DE



John, your web pages are very informative, even though they take a long time to read. You sure are serious about saving our race. I didn’t know that Pittsburgh was such a White conservative stronghold. [http://johndenugent.com/white-safety-zones]

Pittsburgh at night

And with you there, even more so!


…..Would you like to donate?




Others have been making big sacrifices. See my donations log: http://johndenugent.com/donations-log

How about you?


This is how you can help financially: If in the US, just buy a MoneyPak at any Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid, CVS or other drugstore, put money on it and send me the amount and PIN number on the back (scratch it of like a scratch ticket) by email or phone call!



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Whites ARE waking up but they are cowards. The gun sales and prepper movement show they do “get” it. But they are not organizing to do anything in a concerted effort. I have to get my movement off the ground as the IMO only man with presidential caliber. I have to be a counter-president.

Otherwise, this bolshevik bisexual will continue squatting in our White House, signing executive orders. The most ominous thing by far is his purge of admiral, generals, colonels and Navy captains. These are the men who take their oath seriously that he is sh–c—–g under specious excuses.


The day WILL come when it is too late.

It is like this:

1) The country is now (yes, now) majority non-white though Whites are still 60% of voters

2) Non-Whites vote Democrat

3) Dem politicians vote gun control and hate-speech laws

The day will come when non-white Dems permanently get a lock on the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and the governorships and state legislatures, then they will disarm the Whites and kill the men, boys, and older women, keeping the pretty younger women alive for rape.

Non-Whites smell weakness. Many are merely intelligent animals.

As Chesty Puller (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesty_Puller) famously said in Korea (where my father also served):

“Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any America—because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.”[19]

(From: Davis, Burke (1991) [1962]. Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller. Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-27182-2, page 237)

It will take a United States Marine to do this, who is mentally tough and ready to wade through blood.