ENGLISH What is the Eternal Solutrean plan for a better world?

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A German wrote me:

Dear Mr. de Nugent:

It is very bold and admirable of you that you go against the trend and don’t follow the cheap anti-Nazi-propaganda everywhere, in which Hitler is portrayed as monster and the Germans as deluded people of serfs. Instead, you want to take a deeper and more precise look into history and find out how it really was, and what the good parts and the bad parts of leaders, followers and non-followers really were!

On the other hand I ask myself, how the Endsieg over “the” Jews really would look like, if you are serious about it, because it is obvious that Hitler’s approach did not work out and on the other hand many Jews are not bad people and never were bad people, as many Germans got along well with them over the centuries, because the majority of them didn’t want to oppress, exploit or cheat anybody — they just wanted to live normally.

It’s only a very small faction of each people or race who comes into power or wealth, and then the amalgation between power and indoctrination can move into the wrong direction, in its extremes at the cost of millions or even billions in lives and treasure.

Nowadays it’s clear that some super-powerful or super-rich Jews are misusing their power or money to the disadvantage of the common good.

But some other Jews don’t.

In fact, the power and money elites of many races and peoples or countries are fully involved in the game of power misuse (for their own shortsighted purposes), like the Chinese mafia, the Vatican secret warmongers, the City of London, the Jersey Islands tax evaders for example.

So what does the real “Endsieg” [“final victory” in German] really look like? Which kind of political system or society structure or belief system will be installed in a way, that it is granting that this kind of power misuse won’t happen anymore?

Will it be a world government or a world subsidiary democracy or a reinstallment of regional absolute sovereignty or a switch to the next main enemy, Islam, creative anarchy of the super-educated, or a dictatorship of the machines …. ? How exactly is evil to be neutralized, controlled, and transformed into good?

Best greetings,
Christoph Messner

I replied:


Thank you for your question.

Below is my political platform, and to change America is to change the world.

However, the first step is to reawaken the soul via a new religion.

I am writing my sacred book, and before that I will do nothing else, because all the usual and normal approaches no longer work at all. Most of all, WN activists need to realize that it is not just the liberal brainwashing, but also a neurochemical assault on the male hormone levels and willpower in the brain and nervous system, which are now heavily compromised. So there has to be a much more energizing approach than what we have tried until now.

…..What is Eternal Solutreanism



This may be the


A man for all people

John de Nugent — former Marine, high-honors Georgetown graduate, father and leader

and EMERGENCY, PROVISIONAL President of the Americans!

(“Provisional” until a real election can happen, not yet another miserable choice that every 4 years Wall Street gives us between 2 RICH, PAID-TO-LIE PUPPETS)

I as President will bring back the economy by four clear steps:


(Wikipedia: “$50.7 trillion in debt are owed by US households, businesses, and governments”!)

After WWII Germany CANCELED ITS DEBTS — and though 80% destroyed by war….,

Germany in 1945 — 80% of its cities destroyed and 16 million dead


…today Germany is back on her feet and the richest country in Europe!

The Europeans now beg Germany to bail THEM and the Euro currency out!

We Americans, like Germany after the war, must again be DEBT-FREE!

We cannot EVER pay off $50 TRILLION in debts to Wall Street!

Cancel all debts. Start fresh! To hell with the Wall Street financial vultures — and their fat bonuses for stealing!

JOBS FOR AMERICANS, not CHINESE, KOREANS, HINDUS & MEXICANS. STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (paid under-the-table to drive down our wages; 95% of illegals do jobs Americans are happy to do; only 5% pick vegetables! They are in factories, driving trucks, and doing roofing and carpentry!)

3) A NEW, NON-PROFIT NATIONAL BANK to make ZERO-INTEREST LOANS to CONSUMERS and BUSINESSES – get the money to Main Street, not crooks on Wall Street!

AND NOW I ASK: Who really runs the US government? And why in this supposed “democracy” does it never

obey “We the People”?

Because THIS is the clique whom it obeys:

Take out a ONE-DOLLAR BILL from your wallet! FLIP it over!! LOOK on the right side at it NOW!!

Don’t you see it? They’re LAUGHING at you!!!!





Headquarters of Goldman Sachs, the biggest and crookedest Wall Street bank


Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein


Go to my website and learn the truth about the ECONOMY, the MEDIA, 9/11, JERRY SANDUSKY, the NUMEC nuclear CANCER EPIDEMIC in western Pennsylvania, why kids are getting AUTISM, and why DRUGS are taking over our towns. (I’ll tell you what a fellow U.S. Marine confessed to me about drugs coming into America, his hands shaking in shame and remorse.)

I will be your FEDERALLY REGISTERED CANDIDATE FOR US PRESIDENT in 2016! This is the start of something BIG! Start building now for Twenty-Sixteen! Stop voting for the lesser of two evils. That ‘s WHY America’s becoming evil — ‘cuz we keep VOTING the evil back IN! 😉

And the very act of voting them in makes these traitorous puppets seem to be “legitimate”!

NOW select the real choice!

John de Nugent, US Marine, at your service!


….wise and profound words to live by

I disagree with MLK on several things, but I love this insight of his, and the man did die for his beliefs, killed by the FBI when he turned against the Vietnam War and decided it was a bloody, money-making scam being dragged out for profit as 57,000 young white and black men died:

Act of State“You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be. And one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And you refuse to do it because you are afraid…. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer…. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you, or shoot at you or bomb your house; so you refuse to take the stand.

Well, you may go on and live until you are 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.” –Martin Luther King


I was just watching on Fox a report saying 41% of Americans had not heard that ObamaCare passed the US Supreme Court (last Thursday, six days ago….), increasing the federal budget by 20%…. and 50% do not know that Joe Biden is the vice-president, and 50% never vote.

This is why the Founding Fathers were openly against democracy. They created a republic, seeking rule by the most meritorious citizens, not by the dumb and oblivious majority.

It reminds me of two guys at the bar having lunch. One is doing a crossword while eating and nudges the other with his elbow:

“Hey, what are synonyms for ‘ignorance’ and for ‘apathy’?”

The other snarls:

“I don’t KNOW and I don’t CARE.” 😉



…..From my 1990 race for Congress

A photo from my 1990 race for US Congress, where I was thwarted only by massive voting-machine fraud:http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn You can see the media bashing me even then, but the people loved it! Yes, I am pro-white, I think if there is a Black History Month there should be a White History month too, and I stand up for all decent people of all races!

McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville

Note the Reagan-era long hair 😉 also in this shot from a press conference i gave at the Tennessee State Capitol:

I had a slogan the liberal enemy found REAL hard to fight: “I think White people should have some rights, too.” I used this over and over and it never scared people away, but instead they immediately nodded in assent. And sensible Blacks agreed too! In my first political outing, in a three-man race, they “gave” me 26.7%.


from 9:58 to 19:02 you can see TV coverage and my own analysis. Watch the reporters get nervous and stumble over their words on election night, and the political expert starts to SWEAT BULLETS! 😉




22-Point Presidential Platform


      • 1. BAN PARTIES, DEBATE ISSUES. Fulfill the desire of President George Washington, the Father of our country, in his Farewell Address, that all political parties be banned. He wrote that instead of “will of the nation, the will of a party” is uppermost in the minds of politicians.


    • .
      He denounced “the baneful spirit of party,” seeing political organizations as existing to promote themselves, get political jobs and big salaries for their hacks, and divide the country into feuding groups that hate each other. What we need is to discuss specific issues on their own merits, not on whether they advance a political party. Thus we need only what we already have now — campaigns by various advocacy groups on their specific issues: taxes, immigration, health care, foreign policy, crime, drugs, road construction, energy policy, etc. Every issue must be considered on its own pros and cons, singly and separately.

      Political parties start off idealistically but always end up existing to benefit their own group and fight the other group, with even deep anger and resentment, even sometimes hatred getting involved. Caught up in their mutual loathing, they ignore the disastrous effect on the country. Example: the Democrats favor illegal aliens because they will vote Democrat; Republicans favor tax cuts for billionaires because they will contribute huge sums to the Republican Party. Both policies are good for the parties yet disastrous for America. The question must never be: will this position aid the conservative or the liberal cause, the Republican Party or the Democratic Party (as if either party had all the answers), but instead: What is good for our country? But parties end up existing mostly to get their own people ahead by demonizing the other group. Thus the will of George Washington must finally be fulfilled and the political party system be abandoned and banned by law, with only specific issues being promoted and debated, or our country and its freedoms simply will not survive in the critical times ahead.


WE, NOT ME. The basic principle of patriotism is that we must evolve upward from selfish, short-sighted individuals – which is the divide-and-conquer plan the government and materialism-pushing media uses – and live for a team spirit, a folk community, where all live and feel as brothers and sisters — in one big, caring, protective national family. In a folk community, founded on practical idealism, no one is lonely and neglected, neither young nor old, neither single nor married, neither parent nor childless, for we all ARE our brother’s keeper. And every generation must build a better world for the next, just as our ancestors once left a better world behind for us by their work and sacrifice. Only a folk community can be called civilization – and not a jungle where the ruthless unite and prevail over the decent individual. This is social nationism: people of the same blood caring for each other loyally through life and death, enjoying a life worth living, remembering we are souls sent by God to learn, grow, and study, and work, love and care. And it is only in togetherness that any of our people will survive the searing trials that are coming, like the vast iceberg the Titanic suddenly saw dead ahead. We are one folk and one community; we will survive and thrive — through WE, not ME.

WHITES TOO HAVE RIGHTS. White productive people have rights in this country we built, not just billionaires, foreigners, minorities and illegal aliens

      • CANCEL ALL DEBTS AND START FRESH. The $15 trillion debt mountain is too high to ever pay off. We must cancel ALL debts like ruined Germany after the catastrophe of WWII – canceling, across the board, all debts, personal, corporate and public. We must start over completely FRESH. Stop printing the debt-enslaved US dollar (with trillions of dollars held hostage by a hostile China). We must establish a new debt-free “Jefferson” banknote to replace the dollar and free us totally from Wall Street and Asian control. (China, Japan and Korea have made a huge pile of money already off us at the expense of our jobs.) We can never get out of this Mount Everest of debt! Canceling the debt is how Germany got back on its feet, and look at it today! Destroyed then and booming now! Iceland in Europe is doing the same thing, and its economy is again flourishing! Let the crooked bankers go bankrupt, not the American people!
      • END THE FEDERAL RESERVE. The Fed (the Federal Reserve) is legally a completely PRIVATE, New York-run mega-bank consortium, and, incredibly, is legally NOT a federal agency at all, as the Fed admits if you write them a letter. Then create a new, non-profit “National Bank for Working Americans” to lend money to struggling businesses and families at zero interest, plus a small lending fee. No one should make money just off lending printed money, and that is what “interest” is, non-productive living off money. “Interest” was considered a crime and a sin against God and man for thousands of years before the 1600s, and whom did Jesus throw out of the Temple 2,000 years ago?
      • GOOD JOBS, WAGES AND BENEFITS. We need again good jobs and good wages, with good benefits and working conditions. They come from making products again in America, not driving wages down through foreigners or illegal aliens (who are basically, to be blunt, scabs). We must keep our money circulating around in our own economy; CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME, where millions are suffering right here.
      • END TRADE WITH HOSTILE COUNTRIES. No more trade specifically with scab-wage China – now building a huge offensive military (see photo below of a giant new Chinese aircraft carrier) with our dollars and our purchases of cheap Chinese junk – and no more computer jobs and help desks going to India, or factories making goods for America in Mexico! (The average Mexican is getting paid miserable wages; the profits go to Mexico City billionaires and the New York jewish banks where they stash it.)

      • STOP BRAINWASHING SCHOOLKIDS. Strict public schools with a) prayer, b) Pledge of Allegiance, c) reading from a sacred scripture, teaching we are “One nation UNDER GOD”; d) drug-free kids; e) light corporal punishment for out-of-control pupils; and f) teach the truth, not political correctness, and g) stop playing “the race card” and the “blame game” against whites, especially white males, for everything bad in the world. We white Americans built a great, proud, prosperous, law-abiding country – that is, before the 1960s culture hit us!
      • PREPARE YOUTH FOR REAL CAREERS. a) High school, before it was dumbed-down and became politically correct, had no easy grades, and it prepared millions of bright kids for life, with a high school diploma considered a great honor, not a right, so restore standards and discipline in our high schools; and b) introduce a massive apprenticeship program for a proud, skilled working class as in Germany, and no more delusional, wasteful “every kid goes to college” mania that discourages kids sitting behind desks who could instead become excellent workers in the trades, as in Germany, and make a good and proud living doing useful work for wages that support a large and happy family;
      • RESTORE TRADITIONAL MORALITY AND FAMILIES. Promote big, happy families with mom and dad, not porn, gender war, homos and divorce; this means no more filthy movies, music or TV and thus, to be blunt, restoring what we had for 340 years, local community CENSORSHIP of the garbage in our media; and CUT TAXES so families can afford to have kids – by ending the mountainous plague of debt, the drug and other social problems at home, and the stupid, wasteful, eternal wars abroad, bringing democracy to others when we have no democracy right HERE AT HOME!
      • BRING OUR TROOPS HOME TO DEFEND OUR BORDERS. Bring all our brave troops HOME to protect OUR BORDERS from job-stealing, drug-dealing, foreign-language-using Third World immigrants; pull our boys OUT of the insane Middle East hornet’s nest; let the Muslims and Israelis kill each other to their heart’s content for another two thousand years; for we can never solve their problems, their tribal hatreds and vicious religious wars.
      • SMALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, STRONG STATES. Restore the constitutional, small-government America the Founding Fathers and Thomas Jefferson fought for: a federal government that only protects our borders and issues money; bringing back strong states, counties, towns and cities – and local control of everything possible, WHERE THE PEOPLE LIVE, not the New York, L.A. and Washington bureaucrats and media moguls, insulated from our world in their mansions, luxury condos, with their bodyguards and limos
      • PUT MOST OF THE ARMY AND AIR FORCE INTO THE NATIONAL GUARDS. As per the true and original United States Constitution, reassign 70% of our military to the National Guards of the states, under the control of the state governors;

        only the Navy and Marines, as a sea force, stay federal; (photo: USS Reagan passes USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii)

      • .
        in this way the Army cannot be quickly sent off by the President at a stroke of the pen to foreign conflicts, nor can it carry out martial law for a dictator, because ships (the Navy and Marines are a naval service) obviously cannot occupy the land area or its people (photo: sailors and marines man the rails as a warship enters a harbor);

        when George Washington had to put down the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 (farmers refused to pay a federal tax on whiskey, a law later repealed), he ASKED the governors of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia for fifteen thousand National Guard (state militia) troops, and the three governors AGREED to do so after he had made a good case to them; for we did not fight in 1776 to replace a royal king in London with a presidential king in Washington! And no war without a Congressional Declaration of War!
      • MILITARY DRAFT FOR BOTH YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN. I demand obligatory military service – putting people into the STATE National Guards, both young men and young women: to learn to defend America’s borders,

        to defend themselves and their families; to learn to defend our freedoms with firearms if necessary against tyrannical government; and to learn again as young people, now ruined by TV, drugs, and the destruction of the family, the ancient and solid virtues of discipline, respect, honor and perseverance until the job is done, and done right;

        the military has straightened out many young people, and the National Guard IS military; as long as we avoid further stupid foreign wars, the military is beneficial in every way; but while women need firearms training, and it may save their lives in the future if society ever breaks down, as a rule they (and not a few men) are emotionally not ideal for the sickening horrors and cruelty of combat, and should never be assigned to combat units. The Israelis draft their women, who must serve two years (the men serve for three), but females are never put in combat. We should never try to repeal basic human nature, which is that women are kind and compassionate, and men harsh and aggressive, and each gender excels at different things.
      • NO MORE FOREIGN AID TO THE THIRD WORLD. Most foreign-aid recipients are dictators and countries that are black-holes for our money, and breeding factories for huge families — while millions of Americans cannot afford (more) children, suffer want, foreclosure, lousy diets, overwork or no work at all, and despair and worry what the next week will bring; KEEP OUR MONEY HERE
      • DEATH PENALTY FOR HARD DRUG DEALERS and CHILD MOLESTERS; DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA. a) Televised death sentence for hard drug dealers within 30 days; b) end the hypocrisy and criminalization of most of the American people by decriminalizing marijuana except, of course, while driving and working; alcohol is legal, yet millions know it is far more dangerous and infinitely more violence-causing than pot; have you ever heard of a “potten brawl”? And thus legalize the growing of hemp, as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington did, a marvelous crop for making clothes, rope and many other useful things, even a cancer-fighting oil; c) death for actual child molesters (90% of whom are proven to be incurable repeat-offenders), and d) 20 years in prison for all who fail to report to the police immediately these sickening atrocities against our kids – just to avoid some brief bad publicity for their school or business
      • END THE DESTRUCTION OF RECESSIVE WHITES. Think how whites disappear in any race mixing, because our valuable genes are recessive, and look at the offspring, always brown. Under the 1974 Federal Endangered Species Act and the UN Genocide Treaty any policy that genocides any race is ILLEGAL; but whites in America are now just 49% of their own country, and there are massive hate crimes already committed against whites every day (which the media cover up)! What is our future if we become a tiny minority in a Third-World America that is taught to hate us?
      • SECOND AMENDMENT GUN RIGHTS. a) Automatic right (from God), as our ancestors all had until the 1960s, to own guns for our defense without any government paperwork – unless forbidden by court order for violent crime or involuntary confinement for long-term insanity; b) no combat vet should lose his gun rights because he has PTSD from serving his country; c) there must be mandatory counseling for all who return from the war zone and the trauma of killing other humans or seeing buddies blown up.)
      • RESTORE TRADITIONAL IMMIGRATION. Bring back federal policy from 1790 to 1950: all immigration once again must come only from Europe and other white countries (Canada, Australia) with people similar to us in their appearance, their values, their civilization, their treatment of women, and a proud white work ethic; we whites make things; we do not take things, and we did not build up America by talking, complaining or stealing!
      • STOP THE POISONS. Ban a) all true junk food as lethal poison that causes obesity, diabetes, misery and eventual death; b) ban all toxic vaccines that cause autism and Tourette’s; c) ban floride in drinking water, a poison used to kill troops in World War One that does not help teeth but makes people DOCILE; d) ban “chemtrails” that are sprayed from planes into our sky every day, the gray ribbons we see of exhaust spreading out that contain barium, aluminum, and arsenic – all designed deliberately not to “make cell phones work better,” or stop the mythical “global warming,” but to make us TAME, passive, weak, asthmatic and too sick to fight for our freedom — if the government declares martial law
      • RELEASE THE PATENTS. Declassify most of the 5,000 amazing scientific patents the military (Pentagon) has confiscated, especially relating to the almost free, non-polluting sources of energy such as Tesla (or scalar) waves, now being misused by the government itself as the Alaska HAARP project, which is pulling free energy down from the ionosphere right now, concentrating it, and sending it right back up to cause harm at will around the world as a top-secret weapon; Tesla energy is being used NOW – to harm countries by weather change, setting off earthquakes, and just testing the weapon. Why are we paying $60 a fill-up for a tank of gasoline, when gas is 1890s technology?
      • REWARD KNOWLEDGE, CARING AND CHARACTER AMONG VOTERS Winston Churchill once joked: “It is easy to believe in democracy until you sit down for ten minutes with the average voter.” It is a fact of human nature that most people know little and care less about what is going on, unless it directly affects them. The average American has an incredible lack of understanding of US history, politics and issues. Eighty percent have not read one book in the last year. Many high school seniors think Abraham Lincoln was the president in World War Two, they do not know who the current vice-president (Biden) is, and 80% in 2003 could not find Iraq on a world map, not even after a year of media hysteria preceding the US invasion of that country.

        The Founding Fathers were openly against democracy (meaning “everyone can vote”) and the word “democracy” does not occur in the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution. Why not? During the bloody struggle for our freedom that was the American Revolution, even with such great leaders as George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, who were seeking to inspire and energize the masses, only one-third of Americans between 1775-1781 even gave lip service to the movement for liberty. The Founding Fathers risked execution by Britain to free a people that mostly did not care what happened.
        Therefore, initial US laws said only white male landowners could vote — in a blunt attempt to restrict voting to only the more intelligent, planning and successful element. (It must be noted that it was not difficult for a thrifty, hardworking man in early America to acquire land in a nearly empty continent unless he drank all his money away. Also, women were uneducated and most could not read in those days. As for Blacks, they were slaves, considered to be Africans, and were not citizens, and Indians were considered to be a separate group of nations, which was also their own viewpoint.) Because so many, to be blunt, are simply numb and dumb, political campaigning today is degrading, simplistic and full of slogans and negative ads. We must restore the intent of our Founding Fathers, who knew human nature very well.
        In an aristodemocracy (Greek for “rule by the best of the people”) there will be two tests before each election, which can increase a citizen’s number of votes from one to 20, 50 or even 100 votes. Since all new US citizens must pass a knowledge test — dealing with the Constitution, US geography and US history — why not offer a similar knowledge test for those who want to get more than their one original vote? We must test voters seeking extra votes on not just basic US facts, but also on the current candidates, their platforms and arguments. They can get up to 49 more votes for their knowledge. But we do not want a voting system dominated by nerds and bookworms who read all day. One can also accumulate additional votes for being a parent,

        having law-abiding offspring, for military achievements,

        and the number of hours spent as a volunteer helping a recognized charity.

        This system will mean that politicians must stop ranting and uttering platitudes and attacks to sway the most indifferent and ignorant, but instead tailor their speeches to the best voters, and offer facts and logic to win the approval of those serious voters, men and women, who have knowledge and character. They will want facts from a politician so they can score high on the test: what do you stand for and why?

        In this way, we get a kind of democracy that encourages everyone to improve his mind and achieve things in his or her life so he can cast more votes. Then politicians will pay a lot more attention to him as well as an individual. Speeches will be written to persuade the “high-voters,” not the “low-voters.” Debates will not be shout-fests, interruptions and harsh remarks,

        but informing the citizenry, lifting the people up, not catering to their lowest instincts. If new citizens can be tested, and new drivers as well, then everyone can take a test if he or she wants more than the one vote they already have. Finally, we will have an intelligent government and fulfill the dream of the Founding Fathers, and “politics” will no longer be a dirty word and a degrading circus, but about knowledge, goals and good character. But if the majority are numb and dumb, democracy as we have it now will reflect that sad reality, and violate what Washington, Franklin and Jefferson wanted — the rule by the most meritorious of our citizens. As the great Greek philosopher Plato put it 2,300 years ago: “The world will not change until kings become philosophers or philosophers become kings.”

        But democracy today is unwise kings ruling a mob, a disgrace, and a danger to our future. Most no longer even vote because politics is a joke, and very few honest people are willing to run for office, just smooth liars. Thus we need aristodemocracy, and the multi-vote system, to lift the people upward and have wise laws, programs and national policies.

…..If you wish to donate to my religious pursuits as a non-US citizen — or to my political race as a US citizen

My key videos on both God and Man are found here: http://johndenugent.com/videos-of-jdn-speaking


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Whites ARE waking up but they are cowards. The gun sales and prepper movement show they do “get” it. But they are not organizing to do anything in a concerted effort. I have to get my movement off the ground as the IMO only man with presidential caliber. I have to be a counter-president.

Otherwise, this bolshevik bisexual will continue squatting in our White House, signing executive orders. The most ominous thing by far is his purge of admiral, generals, colonels and Navy captains. These are the men who take their oath seriously that he is sh–c—–g under specious excuses.


The day WILL come when it is too late.

It is like this:

1) The country is now (yes, now) majority non-white though Whites are still 60% of voters

2) Non-Whites vote Democrat

3) Dem politicians vote gun control and hate-speech laws

The day will come when non-white Dems permanently get a lock on the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and the governorships and state legislatures, then they will disarm the Whites and kill the men, boys, and older women, keeping the pretty younger women alive for rape.

Non-Whites smell weakness. Many are merely intelligent animals.

As Chesty Puller (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesty_Puller) famously said in Korea (where my father also served):

“Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any America—because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.”[19]

(From: Davis, Burke (1991) [1962]. Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller. Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-27182-2, page 237)

It will take a United States Marine to do this, who is mentally tough and ready to wade through blood.





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November 10, 2014 @ 11:19 : Washington, District of Columbia, US
November 10, 2014 @ 11:10 : Guanare, VE[NEZUELA]
November 10, 2014 @ 11:09 : Villeneuve-la-garenne, FR
November 10, 2014 @ 11:06 : Caracas, VE
November 10, 2014 @ 11:06 : Trenton, New Jersey, US
November 10, 2014 @ 11:06 : Villeneuve-la-garenne, FR
November 10, 2014 @ 11:03 : Sherwood Park, CA[NADA]
A little picture from this Edmonton, Alberta suburb to cool us all off 😉
November 10, 2014 @ 10:58 : Åkersberga, SE [SWEDEN]
Girls soccer team, Åkersberga near Stockholm, the capital
November 10, 2014 @ 10:57 : Nottingham, GB [GREAT BRITAIN]
November 10, 2014 @ 10:55 : Mountain Grove, Missouri, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:54 : Baltimore, Maryland, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:51 : San Francisco, California, US.
November 10, 2014 @ 10:50 : Vienna, AT [AUSTRIA]
November 10, 2014 @ 10:49 : Mission, Texas, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:49 : London, GB
November 10, 2014 @ 10:46 : Toulouse, FR[ANCE]
November 10, 2014 @ 10:42 : Seneca, South Carolina, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:40 : Snezne, CZ [CZECH REPUBLIC]
November 10, 2014 @ 10:57 : Houston, Texas, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:46 : Smithfield, North Carolina, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:44 : Edinburgh, Scotland, GB
Princess Street in the capital of Scotland
November 10, 2014 @ 10:42 : Toulouse, FR
November 10, 2014 @ 10:42 : Los Angeles, California, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:41 : Hamburg, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
November 10, 2014 @ 10:28 : Washington, District of Columbia, US
The Metro (subway)
November 10, 2014 @ 10:25 : Irvine, California, US
November 10, 2014 @ 10:22 : Asnières, FR[ANCE]
November 10, 2014 @ 10:21 : San Jose, California, US


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 1 My American colonial ancestry, Marine Corps service and education; the truth about those “chemtrails” in the sky

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 2 How chemtrails make Americans listless and zombie-like; HAARP in Alaska; the Star of David on the back of the $1 bill over the American eagle and its meaning; psychopaths; “chickenhawks” who love wars where they get rich and others do the fighting

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 3 Psychopaths manipulate the compassion of others to rip them off, and malign and defame as mentally ill or evil all those who expose them


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 4 LA Times and Time magazine writer Joel Stein boasts openly that Jews run the US media, Hollywood and the US government, and gives detailed proof; Samuel Roth in the 1920s detailed this already and taunted Gentiles with how gullible and naive they are about Jewish power.

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 5 Barack Obama’s communist, jewish mother and the nude photos she posed for; the “Georgia Guidestones” monument, a kind of Stonehenge in the American South, and why killing 7 billion people is a good idea — for the “elite”; the forbidden story of Rachel Corrie, beautiful American girl crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 6 The importance and sacredness of the very concept of truth for our nation’s survival; the truth about 9/11, solved in two minutes; 60 Israelis arrested by the FBI after 9/11, many experts in explosives And now READ this webpage! http://johndenugent.com/racist-israel-seeks-to-genocide-whites-in-a-global-holocaust

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 7 The concept of “death ground” and desperate struggle; the Jewish takeover of the Bank of England and then of the whole British Empire and its ex-colony, the USA;


the Jewish triggering of the Irish Famine and the US “Civil War”; their instigation of WWI, WWII and communism (and thus the Korean and Vietnam Wars); murder of Defense Secretary Forrestal and then of three Kennedys; Third World immigration; the USS Liberty attack in 1967; downfall of Nixon; the police state that began under Reagan and Oliver North; murder of CIA director Colby; the Oklahoma City bombing; vaccines; tranquilizer chemicals in drinking water; White-bashing US history textbooks; the sealed records of Barack Obama; “FEMA camps” and plans to execute patriots and dissidents; 10,000 three-story boxcars for moving arrested people to slave camps


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 8 the final Jewish goal a slave planet under a Jewish master race; your duty now; threats of nuclear war and pandemics; our coming victory through thinking of “we”, not “me.”




As the French say, “peu des science nous éloigne de Dieu, beaucoup de science nous y ramène,” “lower science takes us away from God; higher science brings us back.”

Electron split experiment: This “electron double-slit” video is a sophisticated scientific cartoon that merits being seen twice — so it sinks in (and does not remain a mere factoid) that the whole universe is a holograph and definitely not entirely “real.” Electrons most certainly should not “care” whether we are looking at them or not! BUT like a diva, they do, indicating the whole physical universe is basically staged! As I say, watch it TWICE! Then start thinking what this means! The cartoon scientist is Fred Wolf, who is a Jew, but a legitimate physicist who fights atheism among scientists. In fact, all physics for the last 120 years points at the existence of a higher reality, not materialism. But his fellow Jews promote the idea that only the material world is real, God is a myth for the weak, and there is nothing else. When you die you are dead forever.


Wolf, however, is on a crusade to say “But modern science proves the very opposite, that it is this material world that is an illusion!” This electron anomaly was observed by the great mathematician Leonhard Euler of Switzerland and the famous American scientist and politician Ben Franklin already 250 years ago, and the experiment itself was first done by the British scientist Thomas Young in 1803:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Young_(scientist) How can electrons act like both particle shooting forward (the arrows below) and yet also as waves? Why does it depend on whether you are looking at it??? What the heck is going on here? 😉 A bullet (particle) is simply not a wave. This is a definite anomaly and contradiction, suggesting God is dropping an enormous hint on us NOT to view this world as something to be taken overly seriously, but instead like a tearjerker movie or a romantic comedy. With movies, we simply accept the illogical things in the plot for the sake of the story. As the easy-going yet wise Italians say, “Si non è vero, è ben trovato.” = “If it is not true, still it is well told.” 😉


Atheists try to debunk Wolf, a very experienced physicist, and the plain meaning of this electron double-slit experiment. They are also at pains to gloss over the “quantum leap” in modern physics, where an electron leaves an inner shell and goes instantly to an outer shell, with no lapse in time at all. But how can a physical object travel a distance in zero-comma-zero seconds? In reality, it is literally vanishing at the inner shell and re-appearing at the same time on the outer shell…. This too suggests the material world is an illusion, although a very elaborate one. The world is just a classroom for young souls, an elementary school. 😉 double-slit

There is indeed a totally opposite way to explain — that everything is real, everything is matter, even heaven and God, and where we go when we die is just to a higher-frequency area. Then there is no more dichotomy between spirit and matter, religion and science, and people have less of a sense of us talking about fairy tales here, God being unfortunately the biggest fairy tale of all to the materialists. What we really are talking about is a “multiverse,” not a universe, with many dimensions existing and all occupying the same space — but on different frequencies.


In the same way, your house is occupied by cell phone calls, tv signals, microwave, wireless internet perhaps too, and of course radio — and all are occupying and penetrating the same house from top to bottom, all co-existing, and interwoven, but usually not interfering with each other. They are usually smoothly separated (except a microwave oven can cause static on a radio). In this scientific way of seeing reality plus religion, it is normal for an electron to vanish and reappear — It ducked into another dimension, where none of the rules of our dimension apply at all. It made a shortcut.


One has to think outside the box, or one cannot explain an electron being both a particle and a wave and vanishing and reappearing elsewhere at the same moment. God is dropping here some really big hints that He exists, and if scoffers scoff, He is just fine with that too. 😉

Note that in this article on quantum mysticism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_mysticism every single Jew scientist listed — Einstein, Murry Gell-Man and Steven Weinberg — attacks the fact that modern physics supports the existence of God, and the Aryan scientists line up supporting the truth that modern physics proves God’s existence.

(But this god is neither a senile old man in a white beard nor some forgive-everything sort of yin being, or cutesy Baby Jesus. It is a realistic, stern, law-giving Father figure who gives everyone only what they deserve.)

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion advocate strongly that the goyeem be made atheistic, because then they will fear to die and, not having a soul (just a myth, you see) they will be dead forever. They will prefer to live as slaves on their knees, not become as lions who fight for their freedom, for the safety and future of their women and children, and for the survival of their race and nation.

Atheism = worry only about dying, and so every man for himself.

Theism = God expects every man to do his duty, and you will face His fury in both life and death if you choose to live on as a coward — as your women and children are taken and physically or morally destroyed.

If you wish to join the Jews and scoff at God, then you will fall into a pit of despair and end up like Lasha Darkmoon, who lists all the reasons we supposedly are doomed: http://www.darkmoon.me/2013/under-jewish-rule-by-lasha-darkmoon/ This is God’s universe; you better believe in Him. Without Him, without Divine aid, then Lasha is right and it is over. PART 1 PART 2 – A PART 2 – B PART 2 – C

An Australian named Dave wrote me:

If I was an American I would vote for you. All you are doing is revealing the truth. Not the “truth” of the Jews but the real truth. I admire that and that you would kick out all those sending trillions of $$$$$$ to Israel and use the money for Americans.

You would stop the constant spying on fellow Americans and all the Jewish wars that the US is carrying out on their behalf.

But most of all in the hearts of Americans you would revive the REAL American Dream. Not the Jewish one that puts fellow Americans on the streets with no job or lose their house because of massive interest increases and taking no account of the present depressed situation.

In other words you would lift the innate spirit of all Americans who hold to the righteous way of living. Best of luck in your endeavours.


….A comment and objection by a WN


From: Fred
To: John de Nugent <john_denugent@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 11 November 2014, 11:24
Subject: Your Political Platform

Dear Mister John de Nugent-

I skimmed through the items in your political platform this morning. Here is my suggestion.

I say we need to expel all the people of color from the United States. Why do I say this?

First off some 35% of the people living in this country (mostly colored to one shade or another) are living on means-tested welfare programs. Which means they have never worked a day in their lives. They have to go.
Second, the carrying capacity of the United States was estimated by Pearl and Reed way back in the 1920’s. They proved we only have enough water for some 200 million people.
As America trims down to a lean-and-mean working 200 million Whites. We need to start selling water from the great lakes to water-starved countries like Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iran,  Iraq and so forth. The money we could make from exporting water to desert countries is nothing less than mind boggling.


Everyone in the US could own a three-bedroom home with a two-car garage.
BUT if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president, the outcome will be nothing less than an apocalypse. I think she plans to declare the water in the great lakes a ‘resource for the whole world’.


Then following, she will make American taxpayers (= white people) pay to ship our water for free to the desert lands in the Middle East.

Selling Great Lakes water to people living  in overpopulated countries should be a plank in your platform. It would be a disaster to give it away.
That’s my four cents. Have A Nice Day!


I replied:

My political platform reflects what the “kumbayah” masses can swallow….. What you propose would sound WAY too “extreme” for them …..especially at this time…..

Also, my new religion will embrace all races…. in a common struggle against THE JEW. Once we beat THEM, and only then, then we as Whites be able to solve permanently the multiracial chaos….in a way that leaves all races our friends, with a fair deal, and happy, “each under his own vine and fig tree.”

Any genocide or driving people out brutally — the very thing we condemn in the Israelis with the Palestinians or Stalin with the Germans, or the Hutu with the Tutsi — would create billions of enemies, former friends who had fought on our side against the common foe, Jewry.. and the remaining Jews can again rally and transform them into our bitter, implacable, mortal enemies.

The truly Aryan thing, the noble thing, as well as the SMART thing, is to provide a fair dispensation for all races.

And Whites have no right to be arrogant and act superior, especially not now….  At best we are the least primitive and least brutal of the human races….but a good 50% of Whites today are sorry specimens in every way.

ENGLISH Earth Whites NOT a master race

by John de Nugent on October 27, 2014[edit]



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