ENGLISH Enemies, by Joomiloom; when not to ignore gossip

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We all have or have had enemies in our life. Sometimes they’re deserved and sometimes not. Hopefully the ones we deserve are few and far between. Some of our enemies in life we have no say over, such as politicians who want to run our lives in every way and in many cases ruin them nstead. One thing about these creeps that few people ever ralize is that the screaming majority of them are mental cases.

Sometimes in a big way. Psychologists have known for a very long time that these guys are almost always super narcissists, along with a whole host of other disorders. Most are also psychotics. This can mean they are psychopaths (people who act on their psychosis like serial killers or the criminally insane). This can play out as a politician passing insane or evil laws that destroy a nation, or laws that target a specific group either ethnic or political. In fact our entire leadership in this country has been taken over by a cadre of these nuts. The really frightening part about psychotics is that they are drawn to each other and can work well together in a very frightening and destructive way..as long as their goals are similar…

Most politicians today have the same goals, which are the exercise of those things against a populace that lacks them.

Preying on the powerless is the life’s blood of the psychopath. Without victims these guys have no reason to live, literally. Who needs the Devil and his imps when you have these characters?

[JdN: From my own essay on psychopaths in power — http://johndenugent.com/psychopaths-in-power — the husband and father in this family, Jim, is an admitted psychopath, and a scientist who volunteered himself and his family for brain scans.]

Psychotics can possess multiple problems such as pedophilia, necrophilia, pyromania, homosexuality (yes, that’s what I said), cruelty to animals, homicidal tendencies, megalomania, and others, but the most common and unfortunately the worst is sociopathy. A sociopath possesses no true emotion. During the course of growing up they have learned to imitate the proper behavior and response to given situations in life. For instance, to tell mom he loves her, or to cry at a funeral. All rehearsed and none of it real. None of it. A sociopath is incapable of loving anyone but himself..period. This is something you all need to ingrain into your psyches. How do you spot one?

Well, there are classic symptoms that give them away, such as quick to anger. Another is ruthlessness and another is an uncanny lack of emotion during key events such as the death of a relative, family friend or pet. This type of psycho is the worst there is because he is capable of literally anything. And if a man such as this were to become president, only God himself could save this country. And as things look right now, we have a bumper crop of psychos filling almost all the seats in both the House and Senate, and an egomaniacal street n—- in the White House. As far as I’m concerned it’s a miracle this nation hasn’t already fallen from within…

Another class of enemy is the personal one. These are the creeps most of us have had to deal with in our own lives. Personally I’ve had far more than my share because of my decades of publishing the truth on the Internet. There’s a lot of nuts out there that flat don’t like it and despise me for doing it. Because if there’s one thing a delusional person hates, it’s someone coming along and exposing their fantasy for the lie it really is.

The two worst are liberals and homosexuals. Both can and do become extremely violent and aggressive toward anyone or anything that crosses them or disagrees with their life views. If one of these freaks happens to come across an article denouncing their views, they don’t react like a normal person. Instead they take it as a personal and sometimes even a physical attack on their person and they strike back with all the vicious venom one would reserve for the murderer of a loved one or a child molester. I lost count years ago of all the vicious and rabid letters and phone calls I’ve gotten, not to mention the viruses sent to my computers. It’s what I and others in my profession call an occupational hazard. The letters are always filled with the vilest language, most virulent threats and horrendous insults the human mind can conceive. The calls are the same except that the volume is cranked up to around a hundred decibels…

In fact there have been two occasions where some of these nuts actually tried to track me down and come to my home in order to do me harm. Never underestimate the fanaticism of these freaks. Ever watch a so-called debate between a liberal and a conservative on one of those political talk shows? I have. Lots of times. And without fail it goes like this: When the liberal is speaking, he rants and raves, literally foaming at the mouth. His eyes are wild and glazed, sometimes bloodshot, and he waves his arms in the air like some nut coming off his meds. He’ll rant and rave with no end in sight until the moderator is forced to make him stop. Of course no one interrupts him and they let him have his say, no matter how unrealistic it may be. But when it’s the conservative’s turn all hell breaks loose because the second he opens his mouth
the liberal will interrupt and start disagreeing with him violently, calling him every name in the book and even coming out of his chair.
And every time the moderator warns him and gets him to sit down and shut up, it lasts only until his opponent begins to speak once more. And before the poor guy can complete a sentence the liberal is at him again, refusing to let him get a word in edgewise…

Homos behave the exact-same way. In the mind of these freaks, only their opinion has any merit and therefore no one else has the right to speak. Why does this sound so familiar? Think a minute. Remember political correctness? In this PC country we now find ourselves, none of us are allowed by the liberals in power to speak the truth about homos or the madness of liberalism. If you want your career to be ruined, all you have to do is speak out against either sick ideology.

In fact the liberals and Jews have tightened the choke chain so tightly now that our churches can no longer preach against homosexuality, even though its rejection is a major tenet of the Christian faith. In fact it’s now a federal crime to do so, though many churches are continuing to fight anyway. Funny though, that they don’t put the same restrictions on Muslims, though they’re even harsher on homos.

The behavior of these two groups tells all of us with any wisdom that the coming civil war in this country is going to be
unavoidable and bloody. Hard experience tells us that there’s no reasoning with these lowlifes, and that the only way we are ever going to gain even a piece of our old way of life back is by bloody force…

One important thing we all should keep in mind before this takes place however, is that these bastards have control of all the branches of law enforcement and the military, and they will not hesitate in trying to use them against us. Fortunately for us though, most of the boys in our military will refuse to fight for them, but will in fact join with their families instead, fighting against this evil regime. That doesn’t mean however that it will be easy. We will have to rely on guerrilla tactics if we are to prevail, because numbers against technology is a losing proposition.

Never think however that the coming war is either unnecessary or unavoidable. It is neither. The very nature of our enemies makes avoidance impossible. That’s because they will never be satisfied until America as we knew it is utterly destroyed and replaced with a vile, immoral, dangerous third world toilet that is run by a ruthless communist dictatorship. A place where children are fodder for perverts and homos roam the streets, assaulting whoever they please because there will no longer be laws restricting any form of immoral behavior, and no one to enforce them if there were. America would become a lowlife’s paradise as the enemies of this country simply walked n and picked her bones clean. And this is what’s coming, folks.
Bank on it. The only thing between our enemies and that horrific version of America..is you…


Any law that endangers our national security is unconstitutional and void. And any leader that forces us to obey it is guilty of high treason. –Joom


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 …..When you cannot ignore malevolent gossip


I liked and shared on Facebook this cartoon….


 Unfortunately, as a leader I DO have to worry about this… People do latch onto gossip, and, without attempting to verify it, do embrace vicious rumors, and this is why so many people refuse to enter politics or any public arena (media, teaching, preaching, or being a prominent businessman…)
Seven of the first fourteen entries under my name on Google are character defamations scribbled by FBI assets or “turned” WNs (who succumb to blackmail and/or bribes) — because the Pharisee Jews (who, as Schopenhauer said, are “the great masters of the lie”) know they work on the naive and those of mediocre or base character. (See my blog on the rumor I am just pretending to be poor: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-first-they-defame-then-they-destroy-you-the-fbi-murder-of-edgar-steele-and-their-con-man-defamation-against-me-a-new-start-in-the-upper-peninsula-of-mic)
A comrade posted this on Facebook:
I replied:
I once attended a church in Marietta, Ohio and the preacher said: “The best way to judge your life as a success or failure is to ask yourself honestly: ‘After your death, how many people really will be crying a month later because they miss you so much?’

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