ENGLISH Dakota Fanning; Mossad; British children in tears after Holo role play hoax

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I read just yesterday (http://omg.yahoo.com/news/top-box-office-teens/37349?nc) that a “Dakota Fanning,” previously unknown to me, was the most popular teenage actress in America. For some reason I decided to investigate.

And what a gorgeous Nordic white girl she is, of Irish and German heritage from Georgia. Her roles have her playing a smart but otherwise innocent and pretty girl who masters life’s troubles. (Recently, she played in a rape scene, which did cause some criticism.) I understand that the Hollywood juze have already gotten her to do some degrading and unnatural things in her upcoming “Runaways” movie, such as kissing another woman on the lips, which Sandra Bullock (whom my fiance Margi knows) also did recently at a film awards ceremony. Or will they have her kissing a black man or doing nude scenes, as so very many other white actresses have been pressured to do? Otto Preminger was an infamous juish director who sexually harassed actresses, requiring them to perform on the “casting couch”…. Is THIS the respect juish men have for white women?

Now, the news just the other day was that for the first time, this year more non-white babies will be born in our country than white babies. (Scroll to the bottom third here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/03/12/english-why-hope-is-not-lost). How safe will America be for the lovely, frail Dakota Fannings of our country when the United States is majority black, Mexican, muslim, Chinese and juish? These are all groups with a high level of violence against whites already. What happens when these minorities are the majority of the population, and also of the police, judges, politicians and military?????

Could we end up like South Africa? http://johndenugent.com/jdn/white-south-african-tragedy

We all remember the horrific gang rape of a white high school girl (and devout Christian, apparently) in the San Francisco Bay area of California by 22 black and hispanic youths. It was obviously a racist hate attack, but the media NEVER makes an issue of race when the perpetrators are non-white and the poor victim is white. (Because then Whites would get angry at the racism of others?)

Here are details of that horrific October 2009 attack by non-whites on a white girl:


Also, why do we never hear about the Christian-Newsome racist horror killings — again we see blacks attacking two innocent young whites — on the national media as we should? (Because it would make Whites wake up and demand a white civil rights movement to protect us?)


Anyways, below is a video with some pictures of this very lovely young lady, Hannah Dakota Fanning. (And here is an Wikipedia article on her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dakota_Fanning Solutrea means creating a safe future for such precious girls who now are in danger, not in the school textbooks’ propaganda world where “diversity is wonderful and it makes America stronger,” but in the real world of racist white-hating minorities who verbally and physically attack and even sometimes KILL white kids…..

Here is the website for the new movie, “The Runaways”: http://www.runawaysmovie.com (The trailer can be found at the words “The Footage” just above the title halfway down in big letters.) It looks like Dakota is getting some raunchy roles now…..

Who controls Hollywood, which makes these movies? This juish writer Joel Stein admitted in December 2008 that the tiny minority in America that is juish (in a country that is supposedly a DEMOCRACY) does control the movie studios, and he confessed this arrogantly right in the famous Los Angeles Times: http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/19/opinion/oe-stein19

When I was a high school teacher I saw so many messed-up white kids, not to mention all the black and Hispanic kids who often were even more “screwed up.” I remember one beautiful girl who actually looked a bit like Dakota, albeit with a longer face but the same hair color. She used to sometimes just start crying in the middle of the class. She would not talk to me about it….but at a parent-teacher night I met the mother and she told me about how she was divorced and had to work all night as a limousine driver …. and about all her boyfriends…… and she had no idea why her daughter was crying…..

America has been changed into a very scary country. When I was in school as a kid, there were almost no drugs, no divorce in families, no homosexual movement, boys ALL went into the military and learned some discipline, and whites went to all-white schools with lots of classroom order. The teacher did not spend half the class yelling; he or she spent it teaching, and a high school diploma meant you really had learned something. Life wasn’t perfect but people had their lives and their kids under control and families were not chaotic.

American science was tops and our ecnomy was booming. Anybody could get a job, and every year people got raises. We made almost all our own products right here in the USA. You saw “Made in USA” on everything, and the money stayed in our country and created lots of jobs for AMERICANS.

My mom in 1965 had a Ford Mustang like this, Made in USA –from steel made right here where I live, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

A father with just a high school diploma could get a good-paying job at a steel mill — making steel for cars MADE IN USA — and he could support a wife who stayed home and cared for their four or five children. There was no coming home back then for schoolkids to an empty house with the mom (divorced), being out there working ….and whereas then kids did homework after school or got exercise outdoors, today so many smoke pot and have sex in front of a TV set in an empty house. They might even get a disease from it! Or an unwanted baby…..

And certainly NO girl was expected to give “b-j”s to boys or be called frigid!!!!

Who has taken this country over? Why is growing up nowadays almost a nightmare?

I was recently on TV (The Discovery Channel, with adventure host Ollie Steeds) explaining that whites should have civil rights too, and organize like the other racial groups in the US all do — to get the power to protect themselves from crime, from nasty TV and music, and from losing their jobs forever to the Chinese. I served in the Marines — that is the Marines symbol on my lapel with the American eagle, the globe and the navy anchor — and I did not serve my country to see it become an out-of-control jungle. In fact, I and all Marines swore an oath to protect America “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That means enemies right here inside our own country.

My two daughters in the 1980s, Ingrid and Erika:


British expert on the latest Mossad murder on the, as usual, very interesting “Russian Today” network:


All over the world, scientists, engineers, historians, professors and ordinary decent people are asking questions about the juish stories (designed to create sympathy and support for Israel, and dislike of anyone they call “antisemitic” ) of a claimed “Holocaust” where the Germans supposedly killed six million juze during the Second World War.

One of those asking questions about this Holocaust story is this honest ju right here:


Here is the final paragraph from his blog:

Even after reading the book [a book questioning the juish Holocaust claim], I am not 100% convinced that the revisionists [those who say they can disprove the juish Holocaust] are correct. But, in my mind, the single most damning piece of evidence against proponents of the traditional view is that they resort to throwing revisionists in prison, assassinating their character, destroying their careers and disrupting their meetings.

To me, this behavior is tantamount to an admission that they are being deceitful. To them I say, if you have nothing to hide, then meet the revisionists in open debate, read their books and answer their objections. Ive seen this kind of cowardice before. It is the default tactic of those whose views are based on emotion rather than reason. Since they lack solid arguments to use in a debate, they resort to thuggery and book-burning.

I am glad that there are those who fight for the truth. I applaud people like Thomas Dalton and Norman Finkelstein because the holocaust continues each day and its victims continue to pile up. These are the Palestinians who are murdered, tortured and whose houses are demolished.

[JdN: A father holds his wounded child in Gaza, Palestine. The Israeli juish government launched a gigantic attack in December 2008-January 2009 against the almost unarmed Gazans, killing one thousand non-soldiers. Palestine had belonged to the Palestinians for almost 2000 years before European juze came and took their land.]

[And what about] the Jewish children who are raised to believe the whole world is out to get them and who are made to relive the suffering of those six million who perished [?] The American and European taxpayers whose money is extorted to perpetuate the racket that the holocaust industry has become [?]

Now all this questioning even by juze has not stopped Holocaust programs from being started at public schools, teaching as a hard fact something that more and more doubt ever happened at all! (Everyone agrees that at the very end of the war, juze and other German prisoners died, but many Germans also starved to death from disease, lack of food and no medicine. The claim of the Holocaustians is that the Germans had a deliberate plan to kill all the juze, but others say the German had no plan to do this, and some enemy prisoners will always die when a country is totally collapsing and starving as Germany was due to the Russian, American and English invasions of the final months of 1945 in World War II.)

[JdN: David Cole was a juish young person who began to doubt the Holocaust stories, especially after the director of a museum at a so-called “Nazi death camp” admitted that the buildings being shown to tourists as a “gas chamber” used to kill juze were built by the communists AFTER the Germans had left. When he started speaking out, other juze terrorized him and he had to go underground (hide).


But still white children are being taught that the juish Holocaust is a scientific fact, and they are being forced into programs to make them feel sorry for juze that actually are terrifying to them.

Here is a story from Britain:

Primary schoolchildren in tears after they are told they will be removed from families as part of Holocaust ‘game’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:10 AM on 11th March 2010

A group of stunned primary schoolchildren began crying when their teacher told them during a bizarre Holocaust game that they were to be taken away from their families.

The pupils, aged 11, became upset after a number of them were segregated and told they were being sent away or might end up in an orphanage.

The ordeal was meant to give the youngsters at the Lanarkshire school an insight into the horrors [JdN: SUPPOSEDLY] faced by Jewish children during World War II.


The exercise was intended to give the pupils at St Hilary’s Primary School an insight into the horrors [SUPPOSEDLY] faced by Jewish children during World War II

But the exercise, which was sprung without warning on the children at St Hilary’s Primary School in East Kilbride last Thursday morning, reduced several to tears.

Deputy head teacher Elizabeth McGlynn segregated nine pupils and told them they were to be sent away. After 15 minutes they were told it was all an act but that the role play would carry on up to lunchtime.

One angry parent, who has lodged an official complaint about the exercise, told how the ‘barbaric’ role play upset the children.

In a letter sent to council bosses, the unnamed mother said: ‘Mrs McGlynn told the children they would probably have to be sent away from their families and that their parents had been informed about this and knew all about it.

‘When one child asked if that meant they might have to go to an orphanage, they were told that might be a possibility.

‘At that point many of the children became very distressed.

‘One boy kicked his chair over, one was angry and demanded to speak to someone in charge but most were crying on a scale ranging from mildly to severely.

‘Their ordeal lasted between 12 and 15 minutes before the children were informed that it was all an act but that the role play would continue until lunchtime.’

One girl said her classmates began crying when Mrs McGlynn told them she had a letter from the Scottish Executive saying nine children had to be separated from their classmates.

She told the shocked youngsters those who were born in January, February and March had lower IQs than other children, ‘due to lack of sunlight in their mother’s womb’, and that they had to put yellow hats on and be sent to the library.

The mother added: ‘When I asked why on earth they thought it was appropriate to deliver a role play situation to the children in this way, Mrs Stewart informed me that they didn’t inform the children beforehand.

‘This was because they wanted the children to experience an “accurate emotional response” to this scenario in order for it to be reflected in their story writing.

‘Mrs Stewart then invited me to come up to the school and see the excellent work that had been produced as a result of the exercise.

‘I declined and my position and opinion on the method used to extract emotive story writing from the children was cruel, barbaric, traumatic and totally, totally unethical.

‘My daughter and indeed no child needs to feel the terror, fear, panic, segregation and horror that a child of the Holocaust experienced during one of the worst atrocities in history to be able to empathise with them in order to produce good story writing.’

A South Lanarkshire council spokeswoman, who confirmed that a role play activity took place, said: ‘The council can confirm that a parent handed in a letter to Education Resources on Monday, March 8, 2010, and this will be responded to shortly.’

An estimated six million Jews died in the Holocaust [CERTAIN JUZE CLAIM]. Jewish children in Nazi Europe had to wear yellow Star of David badges during World War II.

Jews also had to live apart from the rest of the population in ghettos.

Finally they were taken to concentration camps, where most were separated from their parents then killed.

[….not according to many scientist, historians, engineers and also some courageous juze.]

Germar Rudolf was a young German scientist who worked at the top scientific organization in Germany, the Max Planck Institute.His specialty was chemistry. But when he began to ask how millions of people cold be killed in a small gas chamber and yet there be no traces of ANY poison gas on the walls, under juish pressure he was fired.

He fled to England after a court in Germany, under juish prersure, sentenced him to prison. Then he came to America, the land of the free. He fell in love with an American girl and they had a baby.

But in 2005 the George Bush government arrested him and flew him away from them to Germany, where he was sent for two and a half years to prison. Now he is out but is forbidden to talk about his discovery that there is NO trace of poison gas on the walls of the “Nazi gas chambers.”

http://germarrudolf.com/private This is his personal webpage from five years ago, before the “land of the free”‘s government arrested him and separated him from his wife and baby.

Why would our government do that? Maybe is is NOT our goverment any longer, but works for other people…..

Just because it says “US Government” and waves an American flag, does that mean it is defending the civil and human rights of white Americans and of the white Europeans who come here for freedom of speech?

Can a government be silently taken over by another group?

You can tell, not by their words, but by their actions.

Send me an email at john@democratic-republicans.us and I can give you more information about what is happening to this country which is our home, and how to get back our freedom.


White nationalist (and former Vietnam Green Beret NCO) Glenn Miller of Missouri (formerly of North Carolina, where he built up a relatively huge white movement in the 1980s, putting sometimes five hundred marchers in uniform on the street) is running for US Senate in the Show-Me State and sent this message:

My radio campaign for US Senate is discussed here:

The audios of my 5 radio ads are here: www.whty.org/audio.htm
[JdN: They are both very blunt and very true and thus very powerful! And Miller has the country-boy accent and persona to pull it off.]

My ads have already been broadcast a total of 22 times on 3 separate radio stations in Springfield, MO. 17 more “spot” have been paid for and will air 12-18 March, and I’m coordinating 20 spots on 2 Kansas City, MO radio stations to begin this Thursday.

* * *

Some comrades dislike Miller because he was caught up two long decades ago in the legal debacles connected with the collapse of “The Order” that the heroic Robert Matthews had started and led. (Many affiliated with The Order, not just Miller, ended up testifying against each other to get lighter sentences.) All I can say is that it was 20 years ago, and today Miller is highly active for our race in a world of gossipers and keyboard peckers, using his real name as I do, his real address as I do, his real phone number as I do, and I as a former Marine have to respect that.


  1. Whole white race is incurably sick, infected first by christianity and second and finally by bolsheviks. No hope!

    1. Chinese have a high level of crime against whites in America? I seriously doubt it.

      Actually I have been researching Tibets history and the Dahlia Lama. Talk about psychopaths in power far from being peace of earth it was run by a handful of aristocrats that get the mass populace as slaves and torture and mutilation (eye gouging, mutilation of hands and ears) as routine punishment and how he received $2 million from Shoko Asahara to lobby the Japanese government to give the AUM cult tax exempt status and turn a blind eye to their activities who would later pull of the Sarin gas attacks in the Tokyo subways.

      Webster G Tarpley on history of Tibet and connections to the CIA


      The Dalai Lama and Shoko Asahara


      @Vladimir Vidmar

      Nothing wrong with Christianity. Whatever political and social development evolved from Christian nations was due to a) its leadership and b) nations geo-political and geographic location.

      To say western nations today are Christian is a joke.
      As Mark Twain said:

      “If America is a Christian nation, then so is hell.”

      • The Chinese has a massive record of crime against Americans.

        1) dangerous, unclean restaurant food. I have TWICE gotten serious and horrible, painful food poisoning from Chinese restaurants and so have many other white Americans. I vomited so much I had to go to the emergency room, and suffered — due to probably reheated Chinese food, which is forbidden by US food laws in restaurants — very violent diarrhea for three weeks ….and loss of income as a result. A key friend, Ralph Grandinetti, had to care for me during this timE I was stricken. Food poisoning is POISONING. I COULD HAVE DIED.
        2)( toxic dog food that killed pet dogs
        3) toxic cat food that killed pet cats
        4) toxic toys for our children containing LOTS of illegal lead
        5) shoddy DVD players and radios that break down within three months
        6) stealing patents for everything Americans make (and other advanced countries)

        and most seriously,

        6) CONSTANT espionage against the US military and science by Chinese spies, who are constantly being arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned in federal court.

        Beyond that you have smuggling of illegal aliens by an active Chinese mafia in the US, which engage in forced prostitution and enslavement of their victims in either the sex trade or in sweatshops, which steals textile jobs from Americans.

    2. @John de Nugent

      According to Jared Taylors 2005 Color of Crime report.

      “Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.”


      2-5) Is a result of American companies outsourcing jobs to China as part of globalisation. If you have slave labour working conditions you have slave labour quality goods.

      6) I will have to take your word on that as most of the time they buy companies so they can acquire there technical know how.

      7) US is the most technologically advanced country in the world so it is to be expected other non-aligned countries would try to steal there secrets.

      It is well known that since the time of the British Empire organised crime in China has been run by British intelligence like the illegal opium trade run through the HSBC bank in Hong Kong. It continues today peddling the Afghan Opium trade into Central Asia linking to Chechen mafia organised crime networks in Russia also transited through the Caucasus region and into China fuelling the Uigher Islamic terrorist insurgency in Xinjing or as the US official recognised it as East Turkmenistan as part of the 1998 paper “Project Xinjing” outlining US policy for encircling China written by Graham Fuller for the Rand Corporation.

      “Another player from Sibel’s Gallery is Enver Yusuf Turani – Prime Minister of East Turkistan, a ‘country’ recognized by only one country, the United States. East Turkistan, aka Xinjiang, is officially a part of China, and home to the Uyghur people and the “Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement,” a UN-nominated terrorist organization “funded mainly by Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network and received training, support and personnel from both the al-Qaeda and the Taliban regime of Afghanistan.” In fact, the Uyghurs constitute a significant percentage of detainees – at least 22 – at Guantanamo Bay since 2001. Five of those have been set free, and were eventually sent to Albania, amid much controversy.”

      “One of the main tools Washington is using in this affair in order to get Turkey involved in the Xinjiang affair is some Turkish Americans, primarily the Fetullah Gulen team who are prosecuted in absentia in Turkey for trying to found a theocratic State order in this country because he runs his activities from the United States, his protégé. Another Turk used in this affair is Enver Yusuf Turani, who is the self styled Foreign and Prime Minister of the East Turkistan Government in exile. He has been an American citizen since 1998. Enver Yusuf is in close cooperation with Fetullah Gulen… Their activities for the government in exile are based on a report entitled “the Xinjiang Project” drafted by Graham Fuller in 1998 for the Rand Corporation and revised in 2003 under the title “the Xinjiang Problem.” It emphasises the importance of the Xinjiang Autonomous region in encircling China and provides a strategy for it.”

    3. Thank you, Elvis, for this.

      As opposed as I am to the Chinese, on a basic gangster level they should really be brought to understand that by partnering with the juze, they are partnering with a very treacherous ally.

      They need to know that the sephardic apiru family Sassoon was behind the most shocking and humiliating defeat in 5,000-year Chinese hisory, the Opium Wars.

      When you say British Empire, that means Rothschild’s empire using Britain.

    4. @John de Nugent

      I don’t think China is partnering with Jewish interest (I know they have bought weapons from Israel in the past but that is economics like how Iran sells oil to Israel) as the Chinese economy having no natural resources is dependent on export market mainly to the US in exchange for manufacturing jobs to China in return China buying billions of dollars of US bonds keeping the dollar afloat, essentially a controlled economy which China is trying to create its own manufacturing base and spending on infrastructure like the German firm that helped build the high speed bullet train transport system.

      Also notice since the Olympics in 08 and recently the upsurge of media criticism with CIA/Mossad linked Google and attacks targeted towards China.

      Also note that Xinjing like all other all other Islamic terrorist insurgencies that ”fight against the NWO” LOL in Kosovo, Chechnya and other Sothern regions, Algeria, etc just happen to be near on or strategic oil, gas and other natural resource reserves not controlled by the US. Not surprisingly the groups are all interlinked Algerian recruit for Chechens in Europe, Basyeav personally visited Xinjing and Chechens have links to the KLA mafia and Albanian organised crime in Europe (sex and drug trafficking which Albanian groups dominate. They control 90% of illegal sex dens in London).

      Al Qaeda’s New Project of Jehad

      “That Al Qaeda still invokes attention of the globe in its pronouncements of Jehad is corroborated with its call for a new front of Jehad against China. Abu Yahya al-Libi, a Libyan national and a top ranking leader of the radical organization, in Arabic broadcast on 8 October 2009 called for Jehad against China’s “oppression and injustice.” The Al Qaeda leader accused China of suppressing the right of minority Uighurs in its Xinjiang province.”


      Washington is Playing a Deeper Game with China


      I think China and Asians in general are more aware of Jewish financial power as they are not afflicted with PC.

      Anti-Semitism makes it to China?

      Book alleging Jews run the world and control global wealth becomes bestseller in country

      “In the eyes of most Chinese, Jewish people are considered “smart,” “rich” and “good at making money.” Bookstores in China offer a variety of self-help books titled, “How to make money like Jews,” and “The secret of Jews’ global success.”

      Until recently, the notion that Jews and money were inseparable carried no anti-Semitic undertone in the country, but a relatively new book called “Currency Wars” threatens to change all that.”


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