ENGLISH Why am I creating a new religion? And Germany soccer fans attack leftwing, evil Antifa

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Source: http://whiterabbitradio.net/white-genocide-white-suburbs-so…

A new law which will be finalized by the Obama administration in December will allow the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to chase down any areas which are ‘too White’ and force them to bring in non-Whites.

To do this, HUD will be mapping every US ZIP code, neighborhood, and block by its majority racial group. The data would then be used to force “White suburbs” to change their zoning laws.

New York Post explains zoning laws would be changed so that cheap housing would be built “to bring more low-income minorities into ‘white suburbs’.”

White areas are being chased down as part of the government’s goal to eliminate “racial segregation”, but you will not hear about this law in your mainstream media – this law is not meant to be headline news.

White Genocide is not alone carried out by bringing millions of non-White immigrants in White countries, because those non-Whites tend to stick to the cities, while White people move out into the suburbs and towns.

So, these anti-Whites in power make laws – or sometimes break laws – which forbids any area from being ‘too White’.

This law for example, while its goal is supposedly to end “racial segregation“, it specifically targets White areas for ‘diversity’ whether they want it or not.

That’s because ‘diversity‘ is just a code word for White genocide.

Horus the Avenger – The enemy is moving openly toward the “Anti-White Proposition”:

There can be no all White Countries anywhere. And there can be no all White areas in the formally all White Countries.

Anti-Whites have become so fanatical and in such a hurry to enforce the Anti-White Proposition. Everyone is starting to notice the giant Pink Rabbit in the Room and…. #‎WhiteGenocide.


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  • Marcus Stewart Not if the homes burn down prior to occupation and the Citizens refuse to speak to them.
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  • John D. Nugent This is why no PLE (“Projecft Little Europe”) may be  doable. The regime is not going to allow ANY white pockets at all. For God’s sake, the Jewish TV is even going after the inoffensive Amish who bother no one!
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  • Lars Lindeberg They are doing their best to break up the Amish people in their typical way with corrupting and money!
    They brought them to New York and footed the bill!
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    Visit the post for more.
  • Kristine Huddleston What I [as a Canadian] don’t get is American Whites.
    The most heavily armed, free-speech protected people on the planet and they do NOTHING!
    They’re beginning to make Canadians look fiercely militant and that’s saying something.
    Look at Europe: Icelanders arrested their crooked politicians and bankers, jailed them and forgave all the mortgages owed to the parasites; virtually every European nation has a thriving Nationalist Party that actually gets members elected; people all over Europe turn out in the hundreds of thousands to oppose Israeli aggression; Russians have the brains to elect Putin and reclaim their heritage and 2 weeks ago over 100,000 Irish marched to end Smart meters in Ireland and they succeeded.
    And, no, it isn’t because of the media propaganda — European media is just as compromised as in America. I hate to say it, but as a Canadian I have experienced lots of “Ugly American”-syndrome tourists who lecture us on how “If it wasn’t for us you wouldn’t have won WW1 or WW2” (while Canadian casualties in both wars were much higher per capita).
    So how come they can’t do a damn thing now??? And they’re going to just be herded around like cattle in their own neighborhoods? What the hell is wrong with them? As bad as Canada is, I think I’ll stay.
    At least our cops are far, far less militarized and the Free Man Common Law movement is going great-guns up here. So what’s up down there? We have football too. 🙂 There must be something else wrong. What is it?
    And, no, this isn’t meant to be a personal slam against Americans (my Dad was one) but Good God, what does it have to come to before they DO something?
  • John D. Nugent Good question, Kristine… and this is the answer:
  • John D. Nugent ) Americans have always been somewhat childlike, and Europeans note this. (the Germans all say “The Americans are big kids” — “die Amerikaner sind grosse Kinder“) and we see the government as “ours,” noit as imposed, because George Washington and The People created it (way back when… 🙂 ) and we see it also as a loving parent whom we WANT to trust;
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  • John D. Nugent 2) no people on earth (because the EU does ban many substances allowed here) is bombarded with more NEUROCHEMICALS, designed to make them numb, dumb, anxious, and depressed than Americans.
  • John D. Nugent Chemtrails out the wazoo…
  • John D. Nugent Fluoride in the drinking water….
  • John D. Nugent Bisphenol-a in food packaging, an artificial female hormone….
  • Lars Lindeberg Its a long process started 2000 years ago!
  • John D. Nugent Estrogen from the Pill, excreted and ending up on the drinking water, means every man in America is ON THE PILL…..
  • John D. Nugent HAARP.
  • John D. Nugent Young people with smartphones glued to their underdeveloped brains for four or five hours a day…then Smartmeters blasting everyone is hte house!
  • John D. Nugent So it is not just the liberal brainwashing, which is actually worse in Canada, Germany or Britain….
  • John D. Nugent The Jewnited Snakes is the world leader in neurochemical bombardment of its own people.
  • John D. Nugent And that is why we do nothing.
  • John D. Nugent Both my race for sheriff in 2013 and for mayor in 2014 had great promise (97% white and anti-Obama areas), but no one donated a penny, and meanwhile the enemy was active — so we had to move three times from May to September WHILE NEARLY BROKE, so the enemy stayed busy and the comrades did NOTHING.
  • John D. Nugent Therefore I have temporarily renounced politics and am concentrating on my new religion.
  • John D. Nugent Its purpose is to dezombyize us!
  • Kristine Huddleston Well, yes, John, much of what you say is true, although Western Europe also suffers from chemtrails and second-hand estrogenizing through birth control pills in the water (and estrogen mimickers in plastics) and have cell phones, also.
    Yet they still mobilize to stop GMO foods, dangerous wireless technology, SmartMeters, and form nationalist Parties and separatist movements that get somewhere despite severe free speech restrictions. I have thought long and hard about this conundrum.
    Is it because Americans have never really suffered to the extent of Europeans in 2 major conflicts in 100 years (Britain, itself, had food rationing until 1955 and we know about Germany) and thus Europeans have a better grasp of political intrigues and less trust of their “leaders”?
    Is it too much of “the good life” that has softened Americans (and Canadians too, I must admit)? Is it the pumped-up patriotism and jingoism unknown elsewhere that pounds into everyone’s heads that the Commander-in-Chief must be obeyed no matter what? (“My country right or wrong” — that has to be one of the most asinine slogans in history.)
    Is it a poor education system that kills analytical critical thinking compared to a Western European model? Is it “everything will be okay” because it pretty much has been, compared to Europe? That America has been targeted for media brainwashing more than any other nation is doubtless a factor, as has the capture of America’s churches by the “chosen”. But even in the gun-toting, anti-Obama Bible Belt everyone talks tough, wear their cammies and pose, but then sit back and let the most outrageous acts transpire and at the most “pray about it.” (Then they go nuts about “those damned Muslims” while the real enemy gets blessed.)
    It’s probably all of the above combined with what you have stated. But it still boggles the mind. No mass demonstrations about anything: Banker bail-outs; chemtrails; endless wars; militarized out-of-control cops; airport frisking, and you name it.
    What the hell does it take? Who knows? I agree with you we need a new religion!


  • John D. Nugent All so true, Kristine…. BUT remember, the Americans had HUGE demonstrations in 2003-04 against Bush’s planned invasion of Iraq, and they accomplished nothing! This discouraged people!
  • John D. Nugent And then there was the huge Occupy movement in 2008-09, which was CRUSHED by police brutality, thanks to training by the ADL and even directly in Israel!
  • John D. Nugent And the Tea Party is now totally controlled by the billionaire Koch brothers and the bimbo hockey-mom Sarah Palin goes there and gives speeches how we must support Israel!
  • John D. Nugent So some Americans DO try, and then the entire System comes down on them, infiltrates them, causes feuds among leaders, spreads vicious gossip against true activists, and diverts any movement which has any promise into pro-Jewism!

…..”Hooligans against Salafism” attack leftwing antifa traitors


Huge riot  in Germany between evil, bullying, pro-Muslim, left-wing, sickening Antifas and rightwing, pro-German soccer fans (“Hooligans”) (bad automatic Google translation): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.netzplanet.net%2Fhogesa-demo-live-ticker%2F16543&edit-text= (



  • John D. Nugent A German comrade wrote: http://www.focus.de/…/live-ticker-zur-neonazi-demo-in…
    “Siehe Dir das dazu gehörige Video an, wie dort nochmal Systemlinge von Systemtreuen interviewt werden – und immer wieder die verdächtigen gesichter… immer, immer wieder.

    Man könnte runterschreiben, daß sich hier die Enkel der 68er selbst zu Grabe tragen, unfähig zu verstehen, daß deren MultiKulti Politik gerscheitert ist, auch, wenn heute noch unbelehrbahre, sehr gewalttätige Antifanten wieder mal mit Schildern herumliefen, auf denen steht “Keine Gewalt” – und die heute mit massiver Gewalt versuchte, die Polizeisperren zu durchbrechen, um auf die Hooligans zu treffen.

    Natürlich und selbstredend waren alle vermummt und das besagt ja auch, was vom “Gesicht zeigen gegen Rechts” zu halten ist…

  • John D. Nugent Translation by me:
  • John D. Nugent “Look at the accompanying video and how once again System-loyal reporters go out and only interview System-believing zombies, and time and again it is the same suspicious characters who show up at every demonstration.

    You should write that here the grandchildren of the Sixties generation leftists (the ’68ers) are marching into their own grave, unable to understand that their “MultiKulti” (multicultural) policy has totally failed. Look at these still unreformable Antifas [ = “Antifascists”] running around, all hyperviolent, yet carrying signs preaching “No violence” ! Just today, with massive force, they tried to break through the police lines to get at the Hooligans [the soccer fans against radical islam]. Of course, and naturally, they were all masked [violating German law] and this tells you how we are to judge their slogan that Germans must “show your face against the Right”!”



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