ENGLISH Celente crash in 2010, rise of survivalism and truthful TV networks online; the Ted Gunderson mission

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Gerald Celente, in my view, totally understands what is going on and what WILL be going on in 2010.

He says that the government printing presses will no longer be able to stave off the crash from hitting Main Street, that people will start arming themselves, growing their own food, generating their own energy, and creating alternative TV networks online.

He has one big proviso: “provided we continue to have Net neutrality,” that is, the Internet is not shackled by political “hate speech” laws that protect juze and other minorities from criticism as in Canada, Australia and the European Union.

He also says that in a national crisis the nation usually rallies around the president. We did see, in 2001, that even people who thought or knew that George W. Bush was an idiot did so.

Well, what he is speaking of here is the old trend (rally behind the leader) versus the new trend (go online and learn the guy is a fraud, get armed and autonomous). The decision that will decide the fate of the world — freedom or slavery – is Net neutrality.

Once we get our OWN TV networks online, providing news, sports, weather and entertainment that is wholesome and pro-white, we will be able to prevent martial law (arrests and gun confiscation), survive the economic collapse, and white America will rise again.


I obviously do not like rap, but the young people we must reach listen to it.

Here is in any case a powerful video called “Fasc- Hatikva.” “Fasc” is the comrade’s nom de guerre, and I do mean “guerre”‘ (war) since the French juish Betar group attacks white human rights activists with baseball bats, or holds them down and pours ACID ON THEIR FACES.

Hatikva is the name of the Israeli national anthem. This footage has this comrade denouncing its atrocities against the indigenous natives of that land and showing scenes of carnage by the apiru, as the maudlin Hatikva plays in the background.



This is Ted Gunderson’s website, and it will rock your boat, as jaded as we all get from reading one horror story after another. http://www.tedgunderson.net The site is designed by Gunderson’s protg, Clarence Malcolm. I know Malcolm very well and have met Gunderson and spoken with him by phone. They are both men of outstanding honesty, integrity and courage, real John Wayne types — but for real.

I will also add that Ted is one of the NICEST and most helpful men I have ever met in my fifty-five years of life.

In brief, Ted Gunderson (to whom I link on the right side of this website), an American of Norwegian ancestry, for 30 years was a high-ranking FBI official (running the huge and extremely important Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California regional offices — LA is one of the nation’s biggest ports nowadays and a center of military and aviation high tech) and was even interviewed to succeed the legendary FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover.

But after his 1979 retirement Gunderson “took the gloves off,” and whereas other guys just go and play golf and mutter under their breath about what is going on, Gunderson had the truly incredible fortitude to openly accuse the government, and even rogue and out-of-control elements in his own beloved FBI, of involvement in drug deals, and worst of all, in satanism.

Here is an example of his clear FBI-type logic, the brief, logical, convincing video on 9/11 that he selected out of the many out there:

One can only speculate if Satan worshippers in this country really, actually believe in the existence of a or the Devil, or that ritual sacrifices carried out to him can have any effect in the real world. (for that matter, one can only speculate if there is a Devil at all, or if black magic can have any real effect, at least short-term, in the physical world of reality.)

But the point is not that. It is that these hideous rituals are taking place, and this allows psychopathic sadists to abduct children and perform hideous things on them, because suffering is what they like to inflict. (It is like speculating why on earth the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty; none of their reasons make sense except the primal motivations psychopaths classically have: the desire to be and do evil, the gloating in wickedness, the snickering pleasure in treachery and outright sadism. The assault on the Liberty was a monumentally STUPID and maniacal attack that yet will come back to hunt those human devils whose lust to torture and kill will ever trigger the rage of the tortured population. The juze have already been expelled from 30 countries!)

When I first started reading Ted Gunderson’s materials, I frankly just wanted to block it all out. It was far too creepy, distasteful, unpleasant and if true, more terrifying than anything else I had ever read. Let’s put it this way; I would rather imagine being one of the hundreds who jumped from the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 than to be a child being ritually murdered — as rogue elements within OUR GOVERNMENT participate with diabolical glee. Having been molested as a child, I found myself almost fleeing from what Gunderson was saying, wishing and hoping this was “over the top” and Gunderson had “gone off the deep end.”

It is one thing to have some lonely, creepy pedophile (some old guy with bad breath) going after kids. It is quite another to think that there are powerful, well-funded government factions roaming around, with lots of money, squad cars, weapons, electronic devices, and badges, picking up kids…and that such abductions, as Gunderson claims on the basis of hard research, spike around the summer solstice (June 21), Halloween (actually an ancient pagan/keltic ritual day which Christianity later adopted and called All Saints Day) on October 30 every year, and on the winter solstice (December 21).

It gets even scarier in connection with the Franklin Coverup that Gunderson’s close friend, distinguished lawyer and Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp, exposes.



From a review at that Amazon site that I found very accurate:

I first saw the accusations in the book on a half finished Yorkshire [England] television documentary that never made it to television. The allegations were so horrific in the film that it near enough reduced me to tears. So shocked at the material in the film I had to read the book. Sadly the book documents episodes that are far more disheartening than the film did.

A telling feature about this book is the clearcut reputation and standing of its author and the circumstances behind his involvement in the story.
Of all the dodgy conspiracies and tall tales circulating today, none is more compelling, possible or disturbing than this and moreover the tide of evidence would suggest the author is telling the truth. This book stands up like no other as it accuses figures of complicity in actions that are virtually libellous. Yet has faced no litigation action, except one case where the author won.
And another case where his client’s abuse and mental anguish was recognised by the court that tellingly was late in the 1999’s in relation to a figure central to the story. Not to mention the original court case that’s central to the book, in relation to Larry King. ( This is all public record now.)

I cannot stress how important this book is. It remained fresh in my mind for weeks. This is one book that has to be read. If you’re an American the material in this book would shock you. I watched a recent episode of Oprah about missing children in America in which a statistic was used which shocked me. 2,000 children go missing in the United States every single day!!!

That links to this book in so many ways, an absolutely terrifying, yet fascinating read. I couldn’t stop reading until I stopped myself physically due to the sheer unease it caused me, but I was soon back to it. I would recommend this book higher than any other. Put simply, it is a terrifying portrayal of how corruption and power can demand silence on the immoral and disturbing actions of those in privileged and powerful positions.

A must read for anyone, especially Americans. For its content, which one must look at objectively, and with reservations of course. Yet this is both stunning and believable and my heart sadly believes that there is more truth than fiction to the claims made by Decamp. Read This Book!

Because now you are talking about a gigantic penetration (pun unfortunately intended) of the highest ranks of the Republican Party by pedophiles and a pedophile takeover of key members of Congress through pedopohilia and blackmail.

What we must ALWAYS remember is the three B’s: this government has been totally subverted at the key decision nodes by

–blackmail (of which satanism and pedophilia, i.e. child molestation and child murders is the ultimate, because woe to any prisoner who goes to the slammer as a known pedophile!!!)
–bribes (vote my way and you will be rich)
–big lies (the technique Hitler denounced and exposed in Mein Kampf of telling whoppers so huge via the media and school textbooks that no normal person could imagine anyone capable of such massive fraud as respects history, the Jewish issue, racial differences, WWII, the Holocaust, Hitler Germany, etc.)

I recently received a brilliant further analysis of the WHY of satanism as a ritual practice:

The only purpose of satanism is as a way for gentiles to prove to powerful juze that they renounce Christ and HIS values, and are ready to be their total tools. It means they are ready to be a highly paid minion.

That is the ONLY attraction the Dark Arts superstition holds for the generally well-educated and intelligent elite. Conversion to judaism is not sought, but news of a covenant with the Devil is greeted with congratulations and other tokens of the master’s approval. Pedophilia and murder are other proofs of commitment that show one is free of the Christian value of universal human worth.

In reflecting on how I myself had blocked things out for decades, such as my childhood experiences, I began to realize that blocking things out is a fundamental strength of the human brain that can prove a terrible two-edged sword. There can be no happiness at any moment in our lives if painful memories keep recurring on the conscious level. We must be able to bat away images and feelings of the traumatic things and disappointments that have afflicted us.

But when we simply refuse to think about, process and deal with what has happened to us, whether through the fault of others or by our own fault, then the issue will be unresolved and will dog us, haunt us, and never leave our side. It is impossible to ever fully enjoy even one moment of life when on the unconscious level something is gnawing at you that has not been resolved.

The first thing we need to face is that psychopaths exist — and boy do they exist. My article on them at the top of this website has opened many eyes. The worst thing of all is how DRIVEN they are, how fearless, how much they PLAN their crimes, and as a recent blogpost of mine said, how strongly they DESIRE within every recess of their blackened hearts to get what they want. They don’t just “want” it, folks; they want it BAD. They LUST for the sweet day they can feel the JOY of making your life a HELL.

(In German criminal law they have a useful phrase, “criminal energy.” It is raised by prosecutors in those cases where the prosecutor seeks the maximum penalty, to indicate that in his view a particular criminal is a very great danger to society if left to roam free.) Their minds are single in their devotion to the rewards the seek. they are, in fact, obsessed, focused and determined to get you, grind you down, betray and destroy you, me and anyone who is basically a decent, innocent person.

And they are good at it. They know what they want out of life, YOUR SUFFERING and their infinite power to cause it in you. (In this regard, they differ from narcissists, who are also ruthlessly selfish and egotistical — but sadism is not their primary motivation.)

The reason why I promote Ted Gunderson’s site is the same reason why I promote my translation of the 55-page treatise — http://johndenugent.com/russia_and_jews.pdf — on Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s book Two Hundred Years Together: because I really do want to SCARE you.

I want to scare you because it really is scary and it can only get scarier — unless we do something about it.

Our nervous systems enables us Aryans to survive the twenty thousand years of the Ice Age. Fear motivates people to ACT.

Of course, what motivates people most for a protracted struggle — as opposed to the suicidal mood that is defeatism — is to have a leader, organization and a well-understood plan for action. Everyone will fight or run in the immediate and short-term sense if physically attacked, because our nervous system forces us to do so. But you need a leader, an organization and a practical, credible war strategy to defeat the foe in an protracted struggle, and our side needs to be HIGHLY organized, confident, inspired and revved up — just as the wicked side certainly is.

And that is why I invite all who wish to be Solutreans to examine the website of Ted Gunderson. Read about the satanists, read about the bizarre and sinister Anna Ayala and the gruesome “finger in the chili at the Wendy’s restaurant” …. egad….. and know that unless we ACT this world will get far, FAR more nightmarish than it already is now.

I will offer that leadership — yes, full well knowing that men as great as Robert E. Lee and Adolf Hitler failed before me — and we will face the full, horrible truth. We will FACE it armed with the courage that comes from believing and knowing that there is a God above and there ARE His angels, ready to ASSIST those who fight VALIANTLY, and though many of us may lose our physical lives, we will fight gladly and win robustly for the salvation of our souls. And because this world is a place of testing, we must pass through it. We today must face up to the failures of previous incarnations on this earth, when WE and others like us said SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD STICK HIS NECK OUT AND TAKE ON THE JEWS.


I have some critics who say Jesus was a ju and ask why do I admire that man. I admire and love Him because He fought the ju, He was part-Aryan, and He preached and demanded goodness, love, responsibility and courage.

We will now face this test and we will not flinch. This generation indeed has a rendezvous with destiny, the climatic battle .. that we know is coming …. between the irreconcilable forces now arraying of good and evil.

“No greater love hath any man than he that layeth down his life for his friends.” — Jesus Christ

We MUST secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children. There is no option here; we MUST give it EVERYTHING to trigger divine aid. And thus we WILL commit totally to our absolute and total final victory, and if it takes 25 generations to achieve the utterly annihilation of the threat. In need be, we will track them down on every star in this and a hundred galaxies.

I appeal right now for your financial contributions. I have college kids lending me money while others sit on their hands. I am finally convinced that the time is now to start the Solutrean movement. The banker bailouts and the empty printing of that green toilet paper called the Federal Reserve dollar have staved off economic disaster only until now. The Chinese don’t want any more green toilet paper.

I kept thinking in 2008 and 2009 that we might see the collapse then, as did Celente, but due to Fed money-printing it has been postponed until this year. NOW the “window of opportunity” has briefly opened.

And now I summon all my intuition and my experience and say:

The situation is SO bad that white people are waking up, yet NOT so bad that it is too late.

However, it is almost too late. The time is short.

I had an experience not long ago with Margi, walking our dogs along the gorgeous Buffalo Creek near our home. Our black female dog, Carmen, went chasing a rabbit and slid down a steep embankment into the water, which was at least 15 feet deep. Suddenly I heard a dog yelp that was not routine. Carmen could not climb up or out, and was paddling furiously just to stay afloat. There was no ground underneath her, just icy snow-melt water. My combat mindset, as my Marine brother Rick calls it, kicked in, that eery calm that comes from decision. I slid down that embankment, grabbed a sapling growing at a 60-degree angle to slow me, planted one boot on the embankment, dangled out with the other over the water, leaned out, grabbed that dog out of the water (Carmen must weigh 40 pounds) and hurled the entire panicking dog one-handed out of the water and three-quarters to the top of the embankment in the air. THAT is a moment that tests you. You either freak — or you do. (I got a nice kiss from two females after that. ;-))

AND I AM THE MAN WHO CAN TALK TO THE MARINES. (Why is this dip who is a civilian and in fact never served, is NOT a US citizen, is not eligible to be president, whose friends are communists and homosexuals, and who called a Navy corpsman twice a Corpseman [http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/02/21/english-barack-obonehead-calls-navy-medic-a-corpseman] and got his name wrong, saluting and with a bent palm? Is “Coffee Bush” checking out his deodorant? BRING OUR TROOPS BACK FROM THOSE HOPELESS HELLHOLES, AND PROTECT OUR BORDER WITH INVADING MEXICO.)

What must arise is the Solutrean Agency, modeled on the Jewish Agency, which took over Jewish life in Palestine and became a quasi-government of the Jews during WWII. It morphed from a private organization for juze into the government of ISRAEL, and changed the demographics of Palestine.

The Solutrean Agency must offer the desperate white masses leadership, and practical aids to finding food, work, shelter, protection from marauders, and active measures for general survival.

I need donations, and I need them NOW. Please support by PayPal (to the recipient named “john@democratic-republicans.us”) or sending money. Yes, I know you are hurting. But you will hurt a lot more if the Solutrean Agency never happens. It will be funded I must finish the immense preparations needed; I need seed money. ZOG has many, many powerful enemies, who await, and in fact the whole world awaits, the Man With The Plan.

The Leader.

(And thus even the going-public the other day of Dr. Alan Sabrosky — http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/03/17/english-top-war-college-official-israel-behind-september-11-communist-party-1960s-goals-to-subvert-america-wikipedia-tells-truth-about-uss-liberty — will be just another blip unless a LEADER exploits his statement and goes “viral” with it, showing that the Mossad definitely committed the mega-atrocity of 9/11.)

Now please watch that video interview with Celente again. THAT is what I am certain will now start to happen, and the Solutrean Agency is the new kid on the block.

Economic collapse, survivalism and a new online TV network. It will be for WHITES.

With YOUR help in this brief moment of the window of opportunity, we will build an ark of survival as the Dark Ages begin.

With your help we will become that mighty instrument of the wrath of God to wipe the smirk off the faces of our fiendish and psychopathic foes, human devils who merit the same amount of pity from us in the decisive moments approaching that they have shown to their hideously suffering victims in times past.


A Green Beret named Glenn Miller once said:

“To be friendly with juze is the same as being friendly with a person who has murdered your own child.”

They have killed hundreds of millions of us over the centuries ( I count as part of this white genocide all the religious wars provoked among Christians — juze lending money to both sides — and over the various branches of Saulianity, the juish-captured Christianity), and they plan to kill hundreds of millions more, slowly and terribly.

Let’s all get scared, properly scared, and get our nervous systems and clear thinking in gear.

John de Nugent
‘214 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055

And get me on tv and on our own tv!

I invite one and all to visit my RADIO page here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/radio (and ESPECIALLY listen to me demolish the ultra-fast-talking ju talkshow (and former standup comedian) Alan Colmes ON HIS OWN SHOW: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/01/06/solutrea-to-prevent-more-von-brunn-tragedies)

….and my TELEVISION COVERAGE page here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/television-coverage


I will be our cause’s John F. Kennedy, but wiser — and more committed to unreconcilable combat. My dad looked so much like Kennedy that in darkened restaurants he was mistaken for him and the room went silent. There can be no compromise with the apiru. You cannot have juish staffers and yet fight the big Juze. None of his human tentacles can be our friend.

I will risk everything for you, because I know that our Aryan altruism, our creativity and courage can be victorious. Ask not what others can do in your place; ask what YOU can do in this decisive moment.

Oh, and by the way…..

In the United States in 2005, according to the US Department of Justice, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females [in the entire United States] were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

And every year, one hundred forty thousand white prisoners are raped by black prisoners, acting in racial unity.

The next prisoner could be YOU.

* * *

The number-one rape in Jumerica today is


[from a post I did in 2009, found at www.democratic-republicans.us, a repository of my old posts created by comrades Nelson 1805 and Lightseekingpath:

* * *

Black on White male rape in prisons
(source: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ce5_1204324555 )

[JdN comments: To even discuss white prisoners without setting them in the context of today’s Jew-sickened society would itself be criminal. I recall clearly in the 1960s how the Jewsmedia began campaigning for no-fault divorce, easy divorce, and claiming divorce is better for the kids if the parents don’t get along. (This has been specifically disproven by many studies; kids are actually better off in a household with squabbling parents – or sleeping apart — than in a broken home, fatherless, abandoned and undisciplined.)

There is no greater factor involved in a young man and most criminals are young males — turning to trouble and a life of crime than growing up fatherless.

I had no father present in my life after age 15, when my folks got divorced. Both boys and girls need the firm hand and guidance of a male role model.

The second-greatest factor putting white boys and men in prison is the Jew- and CIA-promoted use of illegal drugs.

The third greatest is the Jew-promoted youth worship of the whole urban black lifestyle, free sex and rap stars as role models. This has been proved in many books, among them the new book The Religion of Macho, by London and Smith. (I interviewed London on my radio show, and did this post.)

As a result, the number of young white criminals has skyrocketed since the 1950s, when black music began ot be glorified, and especially since the 1960s, when sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll began to be openly propagated, and the letist Jew Abbie Hoffman preached youth rebellion against parents, saying Don’t trust anyone over 30.

Instead we should trust the Abbie Hoffmans of this world.

In a healthy, all-white society, 90% of these young white men would never have gotten in trouble at all, and would not be in prison. They would be out getting job training, studying or working, and coming home to wholesome parents — or to their young, loving wives and their own respectful children. A healthy white society, among other things, tames the wild side of young men and gives them real things to be proud of.

We as Eternal Solutreans must create our own society in the midst of this moral and economic chaos, a high-tech version for ourselves of what the Amish have done for themselves successfully for centuries now, living among us but not being OF us. We must become as immune as possible to the sickening Jew TV, Jew-music and Jew-divorce, homosexuality and abortion-on-demand that they are using to assault the values that once made our race the greatest, most prosperous and freest on earth.

So the pitiful white prisoners described below are doubly victims: first, victims of a Jew-run society that pushed them onto the wrong path and got them into prison, and second, victims of savagery by racist non-whites who are the majority inside many prisons although still minorities outside.

As you read the below, remember that if martial law comes, THIS COULD BE YOU. We must prevent martial law. That is one of my most urgent missions. To prevent this from happening to YOU, you need to DO something — and now. I will provide the leadership. Will you provide the followership? – Over and over lately, HBO has run a documentary blasting white prisoners for having the “Aryan Brotherhood” to protect them.]

There are probably more men than women raped in the United States every year most of them in prison.

Best estimates put the annual number of prison rapes at about 140,000, which is 50,000 more than the 90,000 or so rapes of women reported to police.

Gang rape of the most brutal kind is common, and weaker prisoners often seek protection from a daddy who fights off other predators in exchange for total submission and sex on demand. There is an ugly racial dimension to prison rape: Blacks and Mexicans deliberately seek out white victims, and black-on-white rape is probably more common than any other kind. Prison rape is an appalling secret in a country that prides itself on human rights.

One reason there is so much prison rape is that Americans refuse even to think about it. The sheer brutality of it and the racial hatred that so often drives it are too gruesome to face. To its immense credit, a lefty organization called Human Rights Watch has done a serious prison-rape study and has published its findings in a book-length report called No Escape.

Human Rights Watch ordinarily specializes in trendy causes: opposition to land mines, the death penalty, and alleged violence against homosexuals in American schools. In this case, it has taken on the most untrendy of subjects, and describes inmate rape and hatred for whites in unflinching detail. It solicited accounts of rape by advertising in Prison Legal News and Prison Life magazines that have high circulation in prisons and reaped a wealth of first-hand horror stories.

There is considerable variation from one prison system to another, and among different prisons within the same system, but the general picture that emerges is of a world of constant violence. As one prisoner explains in No Escape:


When a new inmate enters an open barracks prison it triggers a sort of competition among the convicts as to who will seduce and subjugate that new arrival Every new arrival is a potential victim. Unless the new arrival is strong, ugly, and efficient at violence, they are subject to getting seduced, coerced, or raped Psychosocially, emotionally, and physically the most dangerous and traumatic place I can conceive of is the open-barracks prison when first viewed by a new inmate.

The only sure defense against rape is the willingness to fight, and even this may be no protection against gang assault. In many prisons a small, unaggressive white is sure to be raped, probably by blacks or Hispanics.


As one prison guard explains, a young white has almost zero chance of escaping rape unless hes willing to stick someone with a knife and fortunate enough to have one.

Some of the tougher inmates may even fight each other for the chance to rape an effeminate young white.

Rape is so common it has its own terminology. To rape a heterosexual man and turn him into a sexual plaything is to turn him out, and the victim is known as a turnout or punk. If a turnout seeks the protection of another inmate to avoid an endless series of rapes by other prisoners, he is riding with his protector. He becomes essentially the property of his protector and is known as his bitch or ho or boy.

One inmate uses the lingo to explain the importance of violence: If youre knocked down and dont get up youre a ho; you have to ride. An essential quality in prison is heart, or a mans willingness to keep fighting long after he is clearly beaten. As inmates explained to Human Rights Watch, a real man would die before giving up his anal virginity. A man who will not fight is a punk who deserves humiliation and exploitation.

The racial dynamic in prisons puts whites at a tremendous disadvantage. First, whites are often outnumbered by both blacks and Hispanics. But far more important, just as they show no racial solidarity in the free world, whites in prison do not band together to protect each other from predators. As No Escape reports, Hispanics sometimes rape Hispanics, and blacks sometimes rape blacks, but neither group permits anyone of another race to rape its own people.

If a black tried to turn out a Mexican, the Mexicans would riot and try to kill him. Blacks also defend each other from white or Hispanic rapists. It is only whites unless they are known members of white racialist gangs who do stick together who are on their own and can be raped with impunity. It would be hard to think of a more cruel consequence of stripping whites of racial consciousness.

Some whites must choose between being the sex slave of one man or facing repeated assault. The stories they told No Escape read like nightmares:


I had no choice but to submit to being Inmate Bs prison wife. Out of fear for my life, I submitted to sucking his dick, being ****ed in my ass, and performing other duties as a woman, such as making his bed. In all reality, I was his slave I determined Id be better off to willingly have sex with one person, than I would be to face violence and rape by multiple people. The most tragic part to this is that the person I chose to be with has AIDS.

A Michigan inmate writes:


[Another prisoner] claimed me as his property and I didnt dispute it. I became obedient, telling myself at least I was surviving He publicly humiliated and degraded me, making sure all the inmates and guards knew that I was a queen and his property. Within a week he was pimping me out to other inmates at $3.00 a man. This state of existence continued for two months until he sold me for $25.00 to another black male who purchased me to be his wife.

A different white inmate describes how he became a black mans ho.


You will clean the house, he said, have my clothes clean, and when Im ready to get my freak [sex] no arguments or there will be a punishment! I will, he said, let my homeboys have you or Ill just sale you off. Do we have an understanding? With fear, misery, and confusion inside me I said yes.

Once a man owns another and it is almost always a black owning a white he is property in every sense. He can be rented out, sold or auctioned, told how to dress and talk, and given a womans name. That this can happen is essentially unknown outside the prison world. It would amaze you (as it did me) to see human beings bought & sold like shoes, writes a Texan prisoner. You can buy a kid for 20 or 30 dollars on most wings!! writes another. They sell them like cattle.

Riding with a daddy may be the only way to avoid the degradation of one Virginia inmate who described what happened when six blacks entered his cell and demanded sex:


I said to myself, Oh no! Im in trouble! I looked toward the door for an escape route finding it blocked. It was at this time that the floor officer came by on the bottom tier (I was on the top tier), doing or supposedly doing, his rounds. He noticed the inmates in my cell and asked if everything was all right. Too terrified to answer, I just nodded. [The officer] never came to the top tier during his round. I was then dragged back to my bed [All of them, plus one more] took turns anally and orally raping me at the same time. All of them repeatedly did this. Somewhere in the middle of this, inmate F entered and said suck this dick, you white bitch. [One said,] If you snitch on us, well kill you!! At that time, I really believed them, and I still think this today.

As one Indiana prisoner explains, repeated rape takes a staggering physical and psychological toll:


Ive been sentenced for a D.U.I. offense. My 3rd one. Im a tall white male, who unfortunately has a small amount of feminine characteristics. And very shy. These characteristics have got me raped so many times I have no more feelings physically. I have been raped by up to 5 black men at a time I probably have AIDS now. I have great difficulty raising food to my mouth from shaking after nightmares or thinking so hard on all this Ive laid down without a physical fight to be sodomized. To prevent so much damage in struggles, ripping and tearing. Though in not fighting, it caused my heart and spirit to be raped as well. Something I dont know if Ill ever forgive myself for.


Needless to say, men will do just about anything to avoid this kind of horror. Suicide is the leading cause of death in prisons, and is the only way out for some rape victims. Some break prison rules so they will be locked up in punitive custody. One [White] prisoner even had his family deposit money into bank accounts owned by the black Crips gang in the hope of buying protection. Of course, he was raped anyway.

No Escape recognizes reluctantly that blacks and Hispanics often rape whites out of pure hatred, and relish the chance to degrade whites. As one inmate explains, Gangs of black and Spanish inmates are very angry at free-world white people for a variety of reasons, and this results in an attitude of vengeance towards white people in prisons.


Blacks reportedly like to say Yall may run it out there, but this is our world! or Aint no fun when the rabbits got the gun, is it?

One white explains that those two races [blacks and Hispanics] have a lot of people in here and take advantage of us by making the small and weak ones ride or turn them out, and the big ones have to fight all the time.

Human Rights Watch appears surprised to discover the obvious:

Certain prison systems seem to have almost no positive social interaction not even the most trivial between members of different races.

Prisoners social relationships are largely determined by race; their gang affiliation, if they have one, is racially defined; and whatever racist beliefs they may have held prior to their imprisonment are likely to be significantly strengthened over the course of their stay in prison.

Despite what the book tells us about what happens to so many whites, No Escape cannot resist conventional pieties:

Many white prisoners told Human Rights Watch that they were uncomfortable with blacks and would prefer to live in a racially segregated environment. A few espoused virulently racist views. More so than African American prisoners, many whites asserted that the prison experience had made them racist or, as they tended to put it, racially aware.

It is hardly astonishing that white prisoners should be uncomfortable around blacks. Nor is it surprising that they want to get away from them, whereas blacks are less inclined to be separated from people they can rape, buy and sell, pimp out, and humiliate with impunity. It is true that prison doesnt teach blacks and Hispanics to hate whites; they hate whites long before they get to prison. Needless to say, this book makes no attempt to understand this hatred, implying that it is normal for victims of a racist society. Nor is any black or Hispanic reported to express virulently racist views, not even when he tells a white victim, suck this dick, you white bitch.

===============THE PAYBACK IS GONNA BE AMAZING, JUZE.=================

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