ENGLISH British ZOG refuses to indict after physical assault on BNP

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PRESS STATEMENT: College Green Assault on BNP Leader – Despite Video Evidence, CPS Service Refuses to Prosecute

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has refused to prosecute anybody for the public violence and assault with a deadly weapon — captured on film and broadcast on satellite television — committed by members of a state-sponsored UAF mob against Nick Griffin at College Green in June last year.

The attack was in fact far more serious than just a few eggs being thrown, as the video evidence showed.

At least two clearly identifiable UAF supporters were filmed throwing darts, one of which struck a BNP security man, Stuart Freeman, in the chest.

[JdN: UAF means United Against Fascism — http://www.uaf.org.uk]

Despite the ample and crystal clear video and photographic evidence, the CPS has told the police that there is insufficient evidence to secure a prosecution.

“The Westminster Serious Crimes Unit have been very thorough in their investigation and amassed an overwhelming case,” Mr Griffin said.

“It seems however in this case that the UAF [a leftist group], which is funded by the trade unions who are in turn funded by the Government, is apparently above the law.

“The video evidence shows members of the UAF crowd throwing darts at BNP people. If that does not constitute assault with a weapon, then nothing does,” Mr Griffin said.

“To say that we are appalled at the CPS’s decision is an understatement. All this does is convince us even further that justice in Britain is terminal, murdered by decades of political correctness imposed by successive Tory and Labour regimes.

“The CPS decision is in effect an invitation to anti-democratic thugs to commit acts of serious violence in public, safe in the knowledge that even if they are filmed in flagrante delicto, they will be protected by the CPS,” Mr Griffin said.

“The decision will prove to the public that the establishment is ganging up on the BNP and is even prepared to condone acts of violence.

“We are convinced that this decision will backfire. Increasing numbers of the public have become aware of the insidious destruction of our nation and that the BNP offers the only solution to this madness.”



Leftist psychopathic mobs are becoming a government-approved MILITIA — in Germany, France, the USA and the United Kingdom. They are permitted to physically attack our people with absolute impunity, right on camera. And they are not indicted.

We have seen this with the literal terrorism against American Renaissance by the One People’s Project, against David Duke’s 2008 Memphis conference ( I was there and spoke, as did Henrik Holappa and Margaret sang there, too), with Roy Beck’s protest on Sunday…..

….with the Dresden march by our German comrades, and with Betar thugs in France assaulting our comrades.

They attack us and the police do NOTHING. (Except arrest us when we fight back.)

This is intolerable — in the sense that I will not TOLERATE this.

If the federal, state and local authorities charged with enforcing our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS under the First Amendment — the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances — have decided to ABDICATE THEIR ROLE (in Dresden, the police ignored a direct court order to permit our comrades’ march) then someone will take up the slack.

If the government will not govern, and law enforcement will not enforce the laws, then others WILL govern and enforce the law and our Constitution! The juze did not write our Constitution, nor the blacks, nor the homosexuals, nor the Mexicans. We white European-Americans wrote this Constitution in 1789 and made this government to serve US! As the white man Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, it is “for us and our posterity“! For European freedom-seekers! Not the Third World!

And America is sacred WHITE Solutrean soil going back TWENTY THOUSAND YEARS!

Remembering that Hitler said he was a Hellene to Waffen-SS volunteer Leon Degrelle, here is what my Hellenic friend Polydoros sent me:

“??? ??? ??????? ?????? ? ?????????? ??? ??????? ????????. ????????? ????? ???????? ??? ?? ????????, ??? ?????? ????? ?? ???????????? ????????. ???? ??? ??????????? ??? ????????? ?????? ???????? ?? ?????. ??? ???? ???????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ??????? ?? ??????? ??? ?????????, ?? ?????? ?? ? ????? ??????????? ????? ?? ?????????????? ???? ???.

“? ?????? ????????? ??? ????” ?. ?????????

“Here stands in tragic existence the heroic man. He is deeply rooted in the past, of which he is the highest fruition. He compresses all the present into himself at a unique level of tension. And yet he denies this present and fights it — in the name of a future in which he already lives as the only reality.”

“The Heroic Concept of Life”- I. Sykoutris

And now Americans especially must wake up. I have waited for this moment despite pressure on all sides, and thank God for the tyrant Obama — who is rousing the opposition of tens of millions of whites just as the economy is tanking. And unlike our enslaved European, Canadian and Australian brothers, we have a sacred Constitution, based on an independence we TOOK and were not granted, guaranteeing our God-given right to own guns and speak our minds. Unlike other countries, our cage is only mental in nature. It is time to smash out of that mental cage of pent-up rage — and become militant Solutreans.

This post today is short. There is a good reason for that.


  1. Might I ask, Mr. de Nugent, what is your opinion on the Northwest Front? Do you believe that this organization would be dependable in the violent future, and the NW USA a good place to build a specific base and homeland?

    • Well, there are some brilliant and idealistic people associated with it, among them Harold Covington, who is also a very gifted and incisive writer. It COULD work.

      I do prefer my own region, though, for the same basic concept. As I warned a white lady comrade who moved out there (to her regret, as she wrote me a few weeks back), the Oregonians, Washingtonians and even some Idahoans are ULTRA-liberal. In fact, and I hate to say this, they are among the most brain-dead whites on earth, since many of them are white-flight Californians who after fleeing black and mexican terror CONTINUE TO BE AND VOTE LIBERAL!!!

      I spent a great deal of time up there in the period 1987-92, before the full Mexican-Chinese invasion hit, and white flight had already set in back then from Cali. The tri-state area was filling up with Californians and housing prices were skyrocketing, making life difficult for the locals, btw.

      I just could not fathom why white Californians would flee Los Angeles with ITS black mayor, Tom Bradley, and then move up to Seattle and vote for YET ANOTHER BLACK MAN, this Norman Rice, mayor 1990-98!

      Except for maybe the People’s Republic of Massacusetts, you just do not find whites anywhere else who are so spaced out about racial realities. In my considered opinion, it is due to the heavy Scandinavian-Nordic element in the first settlers. Scandinavians are liberal wherever they settle. So people like Covington, who is a true North Carolinian and Southerner (like my Margi) with ancient racial values, are fish out of water.

      (Parenthetically, I will recall the theories of William Sheldon and body types. Scandinavians are classic “ectomorphs” –slender build and face –and individualistic by nature, not joiners. It’s a fascinating theory. Nowadays the juze claim his ideas are “discredited”….. yeah, right.)

      As I have often written, Nordic whites can be hyper-individualistic, hyper-altruistic and totally naive. It is an Ice Age trait that worked well when we were only dealing with a harsh environment and each other. But in a mixed-race setting, these traits work lethally against us. (I grew up in New England among very WASP-y types, and it was the same fierce individualism and abstract secular-Christian moralism. Dr. Pierce used to mock it as “Love thy N—-.”)

      However, the Pacific NW is indeed gorgeous and there ARE many good conservative white folks up there, especially in the countryside. Coeur d’Alene, ID has long been an elite hotbed of white nationalism.

      So I am not at all against the Pacific NW concept, and Covington is a keen thinker.

      This is what I wrote on the topic two years ago:

      * * *
      I truly believe that West Coasters represent a strange out-selection of white genes, one that exemplifies worse than anywhere else the three huge genetic flaws that have hounded our race since the times of doomed Solutré:

      1) hyperindividualism
      2) hypertrust in what we’re told
      3) hypofertility (tiny families or no kids at all)

      With each passing day I become even more rock-solid in my confidence that the four-state region of PA, OH, WV and KY is where the white bastion will grow best.

      The angry White Rust Belt is between 88% and 98% white. Almost no Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Mongolids or other Asiatics have moved here. About thirty-six MILLION angry whites live here, many of them armed hunters and military vets, and ethnically German, Scotch-Irish, Irish and Eastern Europeans. Most of the region consists of gorgeous hills, rivers and mountains, and fertile soil.

      Freeport along the Allegheny, 20 minutes northeast of Pittsburgh

      One strong economic asset here that even Jewmerica will need from us is coal, and this region abounds in it. Interesting that Frank Davis, Junior alias Barack Obama, as William Fox has pointed out to me, and on his BRILLIANT website (WWW.AMFIRSTBOOKS.COM), hates coal and clings to the carbon-emissions theories and wants to, quote, “bankrupt” the coal mines”!!!!!!

      A coal barge steams past Pittsburgh’s South Side on the Monongahela.

      Pittsburgh is one of the whitest cities in America at 67%. The surrounding area is 90% white and the exurbs 98% white. This is partly due to the factory closings in the 1970s. This area was too depressed then to get any immigration, which is also exactly why Dr. Pierce chose West Virginia. Another reason why he chose WV and I chose this whole four-state region is it is close in to major power centers such as Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York. You are not out in the sticks in this section of the country. This is a very relevant area………but angry and white!

      Of the three main industries of this region that ZOG has given away to China, Taiwan and South korea — 1) steel and aluminum, 2) glass factories and 3) coal (not to mention Heinz ketchup), ONLY coal has made a comeback, and now this O-baboon-ama wants to shut down the one thing that — again — is flourishing and creating jobs. (I see huge coal barges going up and down the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela rivers every day.) He just hates these “racist rednecks,” as our longtime Democrat congressman, John Murtha, characterized western Pennsylvania in 2008.

      A comrade wrote me:

      Why not go ahead and tack my state, Indiana, at 88% White (compared to 84% for Ohio and 85% for Pennsylvania), to the group there? Once one is outside of Indianapolis or Gary and a couple of other bigger cities, blacks and Mestizos are few and far between in the Hoosier State.


      I replied:

      Interesting…..big areas of Michigan are also nearly all-white AND angry, and I need both qualities.

      I’m also trying to sell states that have nice hills and mountains, whereas Indiana is mostly flat…. But that is not a top consideration. Angry and white are. Still hills and mountains are useful — for defense.

      What more can you tell me about Indiana? I know you have many of the same ethnic groups WE HAVE IN THIS FOUR-STATE-REGION…. I sense the state may be “too” German…. that is, too obedient to authority…….

      This region has the German orderliness and honesty, but the racial feeling and FEISTINESS of the Scotch-Irish (the main element in the South, btw) and the TRADITIONAL and deep antisemitism of the Slavs. You can talk about any politically incorrect topic here and not get guff as you would elsewhere. A winning combination!

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