ENGLISH B'nai B'rith Canada kills by stress Quebec human rights activist

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A friend in Montral, the capital of majority French-speaking Quebec, the oldest province of Canada, sent me the following information, though he disagrees with my racial and anti-juish views. He is a sincere liberal, and that is all.

Jean-Marc and many others up in snowy Quebec were shocked speechless at what B’nai B’rith, Canada did to a, by their lights, noble and humanitarian man, which led to his death “by heart attack” — either from the stress of being DEFAMED or by some chemical cause of death designed by the killers of the Israeli Mossad to LOOK like a heart attack.

(Yes, such chemicals exist, grandma. An Australian friend of mine, Steve Godrey, had a man surge through the crowd toward him at an antizi0nist rally, demanding “Australia for Australians,” then ostentatiously insist on shaking his hand…..and soon after, in the very pink of health and only age 40, he suffered a massive coronary attack and was hospitalized. This is the kind of mayhem they think up at Fort Detrick, Maryland Army base, which is across from Hood College, in Frederick, Maryland where I used to teach German. Steve concluded his story of his MASSIVE HEART ATTACK by saying:

“Now you know why the English and other queens wear gloves when they shakes hands with strangers.”

In the original French, here are the links:





Here is the story in English:

Rmy Beauregard (a name which means good-looking” and was also the name of a Confederate general named Pierre in our “Civil War”) is no longer “good-looking.”

Because a corpse never is.

The Canadian juze stressed him to death — if the assassins belonging to the Mossad did not slip a chemical into his food or drink to induce a heart attack.

Rmy was a sincere liberal fighting for human rights and democracy for 30 years (at least as he saw it), and a member for years of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (very liberal too).

Rmy I call him, by his first name, because I have little respect for wilfully naive liberals who for all their professions of sweetness and light toward minorities simply HATE white civil rights activists like us, get us tossed in prison, and love and kiss the juze’ boots — until of course the juze get them.

Rmy the ju-lover was finally (the last stage before his murder) made the president, in May 2008, of a Canadian semi-governmental organization (website here: http://www.ichrdd.ca/site) created in Montreal, Quebec and subsidized since 1988 by the Canadian government (and thus by the Canadian white taxpayer), to promote said human rights and democracy. It is called “Rights and Democracy” (and “Droits et dmocratie” in French, the other language of officially bilingual Canada).

Montreal seen from Mont Royal

Montreal had plenty of white multiculturalism before the juze came in, forcing Third World multiculturalism and shlepping in hordes of Chinese, Arabs, blacks and now the entire non-white world. The flag honors the four white elements of old white Montreal: (upper left) the fleur-de-lys symbolizes the French, (upper right) the red rose signifies England, (lower left) the thistle of the Scots and (lower right) the shamrock of … you can guess that, the blue eyes-donor to the Quebec population.

But then Rmy approved three checks, for $10,000 each, to three organizations supporting the suffering people of Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine. (They were already getting subsides from other branches of the Canadian government and were recognized by the United Nations!)

He actually thought that goyeem had rights! That non-juze are humans and deserve democracy! Silly rabbit! Gentiles are “cattle” (goyeem in Hebrew)!

Our only right is to PAY and to OBEY.

Beyond that delusion that non-juze are humans, by supporting Palestinians he was aiding organizations that were, juze claimed, aiding “terrorism.”

And Rmy was aiding them to carry out “lawfare” (which is the newest juish neologism, to join their other invented words such as “racism” & “genocide” & “white supremacism.” Inventive with words, aren’t they, these juze?)

If you sue a government or anyone juish or ju-controlled, saying they were violating human rights, that is now defamed as being an act of “legal warfare,” or, for short, LAWFARE, and that itself is defamed as a terrorist act.

(This adds new meaning to Shakespeare’s famous quote “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” A lawyer who sues any pro-Zionist government is guilty of the terrorist act of lawfare. Maybe he should be sent to Guantanamo to be waterboarded, that is, ‘”closely interrogated.”)

The specific crime of Rmy Beauregard of HELPING PALESTINIANS was so serious he needed to get a heart attack and die, as he did on January 8, so he could stop being president of Rights & Democracy and be replaced by the minions of the chairman of the board, Aurel Berg, a former director of B’nai B’rith Canada!

National Post (a Canadian neo-con newspaper) admitted (http://www.nationalpost.com/related/topics/story.html?id=2634204) :

Beauregard died of heart failure after an acrimonious meeting in January,

Now even for the phlegmatic and incredibly nicey Canadians — try driving in Canada; compared to the rowdy US it is like driving through heaven alongside angels 😉 — that went a tad too bit far. No one enjoys a heart attack, not even liberals, however much they enjoy being racked with guilt. But dying is too much reparations for the Holocaust.

After this heart-attacked Beauregard was murdered (by stress or by chemicals is the question I ask as a former member of Marine Corps intelligence 1977-79), a whopping 47 employees of Rights and Democracy signed a letter expressing outrage at the attacks on Beauregard and the attempts to purge all critics of Israeli behavior, and demanding in fact — vhat noive by the goyeem! — the resignations of the chairman of the board, Aurel Braun (a U. Toronto professor of polical science), and two fellow toadies of the supremacist juzes.

The killer, Aurel Braun (all smiles after his victory)

And after several members resigned in protest, the federal government of the fish-eyed psychopathic prime minster Steven Harper (with the interesting semitoform everted lower lip……)……

…….nominated as their replacements David Matas, the legal counsellor for B’nai Brith, and Michael Van Pelt, president of Cardus, a Christian-Zionist group to which Harper belongs!

The website banner of “Rights and Democracy”, which even appears in Spanish….naturalmente, since thanks to Rmy and his bunch, the white nation of Canada is now filling up with Mexicans (as well as Chinese, Somalians, etc.)

As the pro-independence-from-Canada French Montreal newspaper Le Devoir put it,

On leur reproche notamment davoir us de harclement psychologique contre certains employs et davoir exerc une pression injustifie sur Rmy Beauregard, le prsident de Droits et Dmocratie, dcd dune crise cardiaque.

translation (and her once again you can see how similar French and English are, due to the Norman Conquest of 1066):

They were reproached with having used psychological harassment against certain employees and to have exerted unjustified pressure on Rmy Beauregard, the president of Rights & Democracy, who died of a cardiac crisis.

Well, the latest is that the relentless psychopathic ju Berg, far from resigning along with his fellow thugs, then began purging three MORE uppity gentile directors of Rights and Democracy, firing them! Montreal lawyer Julius Grey confirmed on March 2nd the firings of Marie-France Cloutier, Razmik Panossian and Charles Vallerand, who were suspended without pay in January. (More here in both French and then in English below: http://pascasher.blogspot.com/search?q=braun)

Interior of the Basilica of Notre Dame [“Our Lady” = Mary, mother of Jesus], Montreal, the second-biggest cathedral in North America and easily one of the most splendid churches in the entire world. The Holy Talmud, however, instructs the juze that Mary was a whore and her son is, even as we speak, being boiled alive in hot semen — but that of course is NOT “hate.” (Other rabbis declare he is being boiled in liquid feces.) When will they get around to banning Christianity as an antisemitic hate cult?

As a (I assume jush) columnist named Michel David, who writes for Le Devoir, admitted:

Le lobby pro-isralien n’est pas un phnomne nouveau, mais il ne s’tait jamais manifest aussi brutalement. Au sein de l’organisme, on ne doute pas que le harclement systmatique dont a t victime son prsident, Rmy Beauregard, ait contribu provoquer l’arrt cardiaque qui a entran son dcs la semaine dernire.


The Israel lobby is not a new phenomenon, but it never before expressed itself so brutally. Within the organization, there is no doubt that the systematic harassment suffered by its President, Rmy Beauregard, contributed to causing the cardiac arrest that led to his death.

Finally, let me summarize what the Aurel Brauns of this netherworld mean when they kill a Rmy Beauregard, and then gas-bag away about the Israelis’ claimed desire for “peace.”

It’s from a good proverb the French and the Quebecois have about the juze:

“After having crushed one’s enemies….

one is always for ‘peace.'”


BEST-EVER WAFFEN-SS VIDEO! Click here: watch?v=J6m_pvDV4JI

I have a friend who says I hurt myself by pushing Hitler. I agree.

The time will come when Hitler will be considered a compassionate liberal.

When a cockroach family walks right under my boot and I do not squash them, I have failed to do what I should have done — and what I threatened to do.

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  1. Your friend thinks you hurt yourself by pushing the late German chancellor?

    Here’s what you tell him:

    If you are not liberal at age 20, you have no heart.

    If you are not conservative at age thirty, you have no brains.

    If you are not a “nazi” by age fifty, you haven’t been paying attention!

    Keep up the good work.

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