ENGLISH Biden praises shotguns to women; Hitler on females in the military; meaning of “Deutschland ueber Alles”

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….. Women and shotguns

Fascinating video in so many ways: 1) Joe Biden is a lying POS (but we knew that); women, and wussy guys, should be warned before they fire how powerful the recoil on a shotgun is; this is one more reason why average women should not be in the infantry — their softer and more tender nature. If a shotgun makes them shriek, how about seeing a head, brains or a leg fly past them?

A woman should be warned how powerful a double-barreled shotgun is. There is no spring inside the stock to accept the force that is kicking back. It is solid wood or plastic. An assault rifle has this spring and far less “kick,” which the vile Biden deliberately does not mention. An assault rifle is far better for a woman, a girl, a boy or a small man to fire! A shotgun held at the shoulder will literally punch you and give you a bruise!

…..Adolf Hitler, a highly decorated veteran of WWI, on women serving in the military

The way his mother was, whom Hitler adored, Hitler felt that women should not even serve on juries deciding the death penalty because of their excessive compassion. He talks about men who buckle under the horrors of war and vows that women will never be sent to the front.

As for the female drill instructors, such as this gal, about 10% of Marines are women. Traditionally, they serve in the rear doing various tasks of a non-combat nature so the men can actually go forward and do the bloody work of killing. The Israelis tried having women in combat and stopped the experiment. The men would freak out if a women was injured, and insist the wounded woman must be evacuated and all fighting must stop until she is safe. So we see that a man’s programming is to fight and protect, and a woman’s role to BE protected and in turn do the many other vital things at which she is excellent.

Of course, Joan of Arc was a woman, but she is famous largely because women warriors are so rare. 😉 Frontier women had to be brave in case of Indians, bears, etc., but this was for moments only.

To ask a woman to go for long days, weeks and months of combat, gore, suffering, fear and death would be unimaginable cruelty and wrong policy as well.for women are designed to be natural liberals, strong on compassion (which makes them good mothers and soothing wives) and weak on physical conflict.


…..On reading, thinking and real living

Look at this subversive; she’s probably a terrorist. She’s not watching teevee, surfing Facebook to see if someone “likes” her, or unfriended her, or yakking on her cell phone about a boy. She’s READING a real book, just as our ancestors did. 😉 Btw, they also sang a lot: while working in the fields, strolling home happily from the factory, or at family gatherings, passing around sheet music to loved ones and visiting friends. People used their minds back then; they did not just sit there consuming predigested Jew poison.


This Texas comedian lampoons the opposite point of view:

…..Beautiful meaning of the German national anthem

Very nice, a Slavic girl singing this. The music is from a hymn by Hayden: “God save our Kaiser Francis.” “Deutschland ber alles” means that the different regions of Germany (Bavaria, Austria, Prussia, Rhineland, etc.) should put the nation above local interests. It does not mean Germany should conquer the world, as lying Jews claim. It was a song about German unity from the 1840s, when the country was still divided into many feuding kingdoms because of 200 years of bribes and interference by French kings. Imagine if the USA were 50 separate countries. That is how Germany was!

…..Update on the Miley Cyrus scandal

(first covered here: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-yankee-heroism-and-bitter-result-should-aryans-use-rough-language)

Irish veteran singing star Sinead O’Connor chews out Miley Cyrus (but of course leave sout the word “JEW”): “With over 20 years in the music business, Sinad O’Connor has plenty of advice to give and give it she did in an open letter to Miley Cyrus.

The 46-year-old Irish singer-songwriter was compelled to reach out after hearing that Miley’s Wrecking Ball video was inspired by the one for Sinad’s Nothing Compares.

PICS: Candid Celeb Sightings

“I am extremely concerned for you that those around you have led you to believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in any way ‘cool’ to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your videos,” Sinad wrote. “It is in fact the case that you will obscure your talent by allowing yourself to be pimped, whether it’s the music business or yourself doing the pimping.”

“The music business doesn’t give a sh*t about you, or any of us,” she continues. “They will prostitute you for all you are worth, and cleverly make you think its what YOU wanted… and when you end up in rehab as a result of being prostituted, ‘they’ will be sunning themselves on their yachts in Antigua, which they bought by selling your body and you will find yourself very alone.”

Sinad went on to suggest that Miley, 20, missed the mark on capturing the true spirit of the Nothing Compares video, writing, “The look I chose, I chose on purpose at a time when my record company were encouraging me to do what you have done. I felt I would rather be judged on my talent and not my looks. I am happy that I made that choice, not least because I do not find myself on the proverbial rag heap now that I am almost 47 yrs of age, which unfortunately many female artists who have based their image around their sexuality, end up on when they reach middle age.”

RELATED: Miley Pokes Fun at Herself in SNL Promos

Still, Sinad does praise the former Disney star for her “obvious” talent and leaves her with a somewhat uplifting message.

“As for the shedding of the Hannah Montana image… whoever is telling you getting naked is the way to do that does absolutely NOT respect your talent, or you as a young lady,” she wrote. “Your records are good enough for you not to need any shedding of Hannah Montana. She’s waaaaaaay gone by now.. Not because you got naked but because you make great records.””!

Miley Cyrus just now hatefully rejected Sinead O’Connor’s well-intended advice:


It was doubly idiotic because Sinead was justifiably protesting the popes back then for tolerating pedophiles in the priesthood! It has since come out that this was a HUGE problem for decades, especially in Ireland! So is Miley now FOR pedophilia? I am now furious at this bitch, who has gone over totally to the dark side.

They love to show a Southern White Christian girl being defiled.

A comrade wrote on Faceberg:

Jews love to degrade and defile that which is seen as “pure” and ‘wholesome.” They also enjoy seeing people make idiots of themselves by partiucipating in “reality” shows where they are made to eat or endure gross things, for the chance of winning money or prizes.

Another comrade recalled:

“The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism. Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream…becomes more charged…” Goldstein continued, “I believe in me. I’m God. F*ck God. God is your need to believe in some super being. I am the super being. I am your God, admit it….”—Al Goldstein





…..Meaning of the Keltic cross

At a winter solstice gathering, fire — and an eternal symbol of our race and the circle of life. Fire symbolizes the divine, and water means matter. As warmth is added, solid ice becomes water, rain, fog and haze. As God is added, dumb, cold, hard things become warm and useful to others. We rise from being mere THINGS. The goal of the Jew is to thing-ize us. The goal of God is to make us think and search after truth, justice, love and power to do good.


…..Website visitors worldwide


10/10@ 11:13 : Exeter, GB

10/10@ 11:13 : Houston, Texas, US

10/10@ 11:12 : Knigsdorf, DE

10/10@ 11:11 : Baldwin, New York, US

10/10@ 11:10 : Mountain View, California, US

10/10@ 11:09 : Mosman, AU

10/10@ 11:07 : Kansas City, Missouri, US

10/10@ 11:07 : Trenton, New Jersey, US

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10/10@ 11:04 : Mosman, AU

10/10@ 11:04 : Berlin, DE

10/10@ 10:33 : Skokie, Illinois, US

10/10@ 10:28 : Canada, CA
10/10@ 10:27 : Haan, DE
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10/10@ 10:24 : Ltjensee, DE
10/10@ 10:24 : South Yarra, AU
10/10@ 10:23 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
10/10@ 10:23 : Redmond, Washington, US
10/10@ 10:23 : South Yarra, AU
10/10@ 10:22 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
10/10@ 10:20 : Miami, Florida, US
10/10@ 10:20 : Morden, GB
10/10@ 10:18 : France, FR
10/10@ 10:00 : Kolkata, IN[DIA]
10/10@ 9:56 : College Point, New York, US
10/10@ 9:53 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
10/10@ 9:52 : Victoria, CA[NADA]
10/10@ 9:52 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
10/10@ 9:49 : Nrnberg, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
10/10@ 9:46 : So Paulo, BR[AZIL]
10/10@ 9:42 : Stuttgart, DE
10/10@ 9:42 : Nrnberg, DE
10/10@ 9:40 : Berlin, DE
10/10@ 9:39 : Wigan, GB
10/10@ 9:37 : Tranby, NO[RWAY]
10/10@ 9:26 : Gelsenkirchen, DE
10/10@ 9:26 : Wilmington, Delaware, US
10/10@ 9:25 : Fareham, GB
10/10@ 9:24 : Bonn, DE
10/10@ 9:22 : Wilmington, Delaware, US
10/10@ 9:22 : Mountain View, California, US
10/10@ 9:21 : Nottingham, GB [ENGLAND]
10/10@ 9:21 : Dakar, SN [SENEGAL]
10/10@ 9:17 : Motru, RO[MANIA]
10/10@ 9:14 : Berlin, DE
10/10@ 9:12 : Friedberg, DE
10/10@ 9:10 : Sri Lanka, LK


…..Young and blue-eyed


My daughters Erika and Ingrid (last name: Atzl Nugent) in 1988


Both now are accomplished women and made me a grandfather. 😉 And both had my dark-blue eyes that photograph dark.

A comrade and former Marine from Chicago wrote me:

I like your blue-eyed kids photo, John….. I don’t know if I ever told you the story of my first introduction to racial awareness and I didn’t even know it at the time.

I must have just started kindergarten, and as I told you before, I grew up in my grandmother’s house with many relatives, cousins, uncles, aunts and so forth, while my folks were saving for a home.

Well, my grandmother was the matriarch and she ruled the roost. I guess I never realized it, but of course everyone in our mostly German (and a bit Polish) family had blue eyes, and I guess so did all the neighbor kids in my Chicago neighborhood.

Blue eyed rosy cheeksbaby flash


So it wasn’t until I went to first grade and saw my first kid with brown eyes. I was five and was amazed at a different color of eye then I had ever seen.Well, one day in the basement I told my cousin who was a few years older than I that “I just saw a kid that has brown eyes!”and I thought they were so unusual and so different than everyone else, having blue eyes. I told him I wished I had brown eyes because they looked so cool…..

WELL, my grandmother heard that conversation, and grabbed me by my arm and gave a very stern look of being displeased. She told me “I never want to hear you say that again. God gave you blue eyes because you are special. All blue-eyed people are special, and you should pray every night and thank God for giving you such a gift.” I was stunned that my grandmother, who was as sweet as mother Theresa and that was her name too, Theresa ;-)) actually got stern and scolded me….. I never made that comment again, and though that was some 40 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday and will never forget my loving grandmother for telling me that story.

This is a true story, John

I replied:

Thanks for the nice remarks about my kids and the story with your grandmother. I think this is one more “sign” that God gave you…. [He had told me about a possible karmic connection to the Waffen-SS.]

Btw, my grandmother Colwell, very blue-eyed, was also a matriarch and I am certain she is the one who secreted the framed Adolf Hitler stamp after 1945 that, as I have often related, I found at my grandparents’ house upstairs under a pile of books.


I had discovered it only as we were about to return home, but gazed at it for 15 minutes straight — until my angry father, frustrated at the delay, stomped up the stairs, berated Hitler, and dragged me downstairs to the waiting car to go back home. ….

Never before had I ignored an order from my very strict Marine Corps officer father! 🙁 ….

These little stories like yours are really not little at all……. Thanks for sending yours along!

I will use this on my blog, taking away close identifiers. I also enjoy how certain lowlifes will object and say “I have brown eyes and I am just as white as you! You are being divisive!”

As I always say: I think it is divisive to say I cannot talk about light hair or blue eyes or you will get hyper-sensitive on me. These are genes that are fundamental to how we are different from the other races, and we all carry these genes even if we do not display them. We are the heirs of Atlantis.


…..Vulnerable nordic girl

I posted this pic on Faceberg….possible a Slavic girl, judging by the wider face and gray eyes…


…and I asked:

What will her future be?

Many responded:

–poverty and war 🙁

–hopefully she doesn’t marry a negro

–(a lady WN) Seemingly unbeknownst to a lot of white males, there are many white females who would not date or mate outside their race. Many stay single out of fear of having children they cannot support on their own. They are alone in a cold, cruel world; and their one big hope is not to get raped by a negro.

–(A British male comrade) There will be only two roles of employment open to white women; both of them unpaid. One is the role of domestic servant and you can guess what the other one is. 🙁 I feel like screaming this into the ears of the naive, idealistic young white women who defend blacks, Jews and multiculturalism. They will be the first to suffer.

–The enemies of her people will be hoping she beds down with a beast, and rub their hands with evil glee if she ever does so.

I wrote:

To (the female comrade): I could not agree more. I know plenty of attractive, bright white women (including in our Cause) who have not had kids solely for the practical reasons, but want them, or wanted to become a mother until they reached menopause. There was a line in the 1960s movie “Zorba the Greek” where he yells out: “It is the shame of all Greece that ONE woman goes to bed alone at night!” Lonely men wishing they had a woman, and lonely women wishing they had a decent guy. Zorba did not mean it as a ribald remark. It is a serious issue: WHY are tens of millions of us going to bed alone at night? Men and women are supposed to be together. The Bible says “It is not good for the man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18) Men in particular live longer that way, in fact six years longer. When couples get along, they become good role models to our children to persist, grow up and be unselfish, sharing life together. We also pass on our values as well as our genes. But today we are a nation of cold beds and aching hearts. This is jew-world; this is the misery they cause; this is insane!

…..Harsh reality is good

I just friended a “Joseph Rios” (https://www.facebook.com/joseph.rios.94043?fref=nf_fr) on Faceberg, a comrade who carries good story links. A lot of it was cases of elderly Whites being beaten to death by young Blacks. I tell you, I just began to seethe. In many cases, these incidents happen in liberal northern White states, and none of these young black savages were ever “humiliated by the Klan” or any such things. The FBI neutered the violent Klans over 40 years ago, and they were located only in the Deep South! What kind of “courage” does it take for two young negroes to walk up behind a 70-year-old White man, just minding his own business, and clout him on the back of the head? I also just read a report of Blacks in nursing homes in Indians beating elderly White patients for the “fun” of it. (There was also federal court case that happened in Indiana that says that you can’t choose who your caretaker is in a nursing home. That would be “discrimination.” )

I am now certain that we are heading toward a race war that will be entirely of their causing. And while they may start it, we will finish it.

Now what is our attitude toward these average Whites who are dying in horrible ways? On the one hand compassion. A true Aryan feels compassion, especially for his kindred, and a heroic desire to help our people.

On the other hand, I do not feel EXCESSIVE compassion. I will not, for sentimental reasons, be deterred from my main mission by individual sob stories. I have been used and abused by young White narcissists whom I tried to help, and found out the hard way that white skin doth not a true friend make.

As for these elderly Whites being beaten to death, they knew about WNs (Klan, NS, others) and did nothing their entire lives to contact us. If we had handed them a leaflet the day before they were beaten to death, they would have sneered at us, so let karma take over. As I said on the John Friend show on Tuesday, and it is getting great reviews, when I read “Mein Kampf” at Georgetown University on Tuesday, I drove over to NS HQ the next day!!!

(John Friend wrote me: “By far this was one of the best programs we’ve done!”)


It was about my 35 years of experiences with great WNs of the past: Carto, Pierce, Duke, etc., the radical failure of a race-only, non-religion approach, and the reincarnation of the Reich in America.

As for the butt-scratching White cowards, these people are just bumps on a log. At 50 they give us a stupid stare when we talk to them, so at 70 let a negro beat them to death. Just being old and wrinkly does not make them into angels.

No one can tell me they never heard about Black violence. It has racked this nation since the mid-1960s!

As the now-murdered White then goes through the tunnel of light to their next life, they will have something to think about seriously, such as how their cowardice and irresponsibility (“someone — else 😉 — should stand up to these n—rs”!) is a losing strategy in every way. So fine, they can be a White Nationalist in their next life. 😉 Let them learn the hard way that for some things you have to fight. Yeah, YOU!

In the meantime these old Whites are getting what they deserve, because under no circumstances, the day before they were beaten to death, would they have read our literature, or donated one thin dime to our work — our selfless work on THEIR behalf. For THEM we have faced police harassment, FBI machinations, and being ostracized, fired, beaten and killed. I myself have faced this for 35 years. Even my own two beautiful daughters refuse to speak to me, and thus I have had no contact with them since 2007. It was heartbreaking for years for me.

But now I say, may their oh-so-beloved negroes in Washington DC act toward them exactly as negroes always do toward white women. You call me a horrible Nazi, my beloved daughters? You reject my love and my emails? Then if I cannot teach you anything, then enjoy the LOVE, the tolerance, and the brotherhood of man in your Washington DC negro males, the ones that I sought to shield you from.

Is this harsh? Yes, but reality is harsh and reality is good.

By the wisdom of God, creatures such as we, endowed with free will, are judged by the choices we make — by what we do — and by we fail to do, rejecting repeated appeals to reason.

A time for heroes is coming, and they will be exceptional in an age of the cowards, of the rotten pukes with pale skin who lie to themselves, who hate the truth, who fear and run from racial and Jew reality, and they do so even when we tactfully, lovingly, and with great exertions present these truths to them on a silver platter.

It is their self-sentence to DIE at the hands of non-white savages and to perish in their own tears, blood, urine and vomit. Then you White liberals and moderates will cry, yes, cry FOR YOURSELVES.

I could have shown you my essay on “White South African Tragedy” every day for ten years and you would neither have listened nor cared. http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/race/white-south-african-tragedy

As Jesus said, gazing on the city of Jerusalem before He was arrested (Luke 13:34):

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem! She who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!”

……… We will survive, we will be heroes; and they will be cowards, and they will die.

AMEN!Praised be the wisdom of the Lord, and blessed be His harsh love toward the stubborn in heart! For the obstinate, no pain — no gain!

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  1. I’m very glad that you also know the true meaning of “Deutschland über Alles”! The second verse of the Deutschlandlied is often overlooked, but it fits the rest of this article regarding women.

    Deutsche Frauen, deutsche Treue,
    Deutscher Wein und deutscher Sang
    Sollen in der Welt behalten
    Ihren alten schönen Klang,
    Uns zu edler Tat begeistern
    Unser ganzes Leben lang.
    |: Deutsche Frauen, deutsche Treue,
    Deutscher Wein und deutscher Sang! 😐


    German women, German loyalty,
    German wine and German song
    Shall retain in the world
    Their old beautiful chime
    And inspire us to noble deeds
    During all of our life.
    |: German women, German loyalty,
    German wine and German song! 😐

    Regarding the Celtic Cross, Michael Tellinger in his presentation on the Annunaki shows that visualized sound patterns of certain frequencies create a pattern that looks like the Celtic Cross. Others look like the Templar Cross (German) / ancient Aryan Cross.

    I really appreciate your cosmic, spiritual approach to the universal problem.

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