ENGLISH Anglo-Boer War? No, Judeo-Boer

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A comrade in Australia sent me this link about the terrible “Anglo-Boer War” of 1899-1902, when the Rothschild Empire seized Boer lands after gold and diamonds were found there:


A quote:

27,927 Boers (of whom 22,074 were children under 16)… had died of starvation, disease and exposure in the [British] concentration camps. In all, about 25% of the Boer inmates and 12% of the black Africans died (although recent research suggests that the black African deaths were underestimated and may have actually been around 20,000). However the precise number of deaths is unknown. Reports have stated that the number of Boers killed was 18,000-28,000 and no one bothered to keep records on the number of deaths of the 107,000 Black Africans who were interned in Concentration Camps.

Starved young boy in a British concentration camp.
Starved young boy in a British concentration camp.

A British journalist, WT Stead, wrote:
“Every one of these children who died as a result of the halving of their rations, thereby exerting pressure onto their family still on the battle-field, was purposefully murdered. The system of half rations stands exposed and stark and unshamefully as a cold-blooded deed of state policy employed with the purpose of ensuring the surrender of people whom we were not able to defeat on the battlefield.”

The British system of waging war was summarized in a report made in January 1902 by Boer General J.C. Smuts, later Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa:

“Lord Kitchener has begun to carry out a policy in both (Boer) republic of unbelievable barbarism and gruesomeness which violates the most elementary principles of the international rules of war. Almost all farmsteads and villages in both republics have been burned down and destroyed. All crops have been destroyed. All livestock which had fallen into the hands of the enemy has been killed or slaughtered.

The basic principle behind Lord Kitchener’s tactics had been to win, not so much through direct operations against fighting commandos, but rather indirectly by bringing the pressure of war against defenceless women and children.”

“… This violation of every international law is really very characteristic of the nation which always plays the role of chosen judge over the customs and behaviour of all other nations.”

Even in Britain, prominent voices began speaking out against the slaughter. Lloyd George, who later served as Prime Minister during the First World War, vehemently denounced the carnage. During a speech in Parliament on February 18, 1901, he quoted from a letter by a British officer: “We move from valley to valley, lifting cattle and sheep, burning and looting, and turning out women and children to weep in despair beside the ruin of their once beautiful homesteads.” 

Lloyd George commented: “It is a war not against men, but against women and children.”

Dreadful these crimes…. but did the British people themselves order these atrocities? NO!

A map was recently published of all the countries (in white) that the Jewnited Kingdon has NOT invaded. LOL!


If one refuses to name the Jew, then one ends up with Whites fighting each other, and to this very day the Boers are angry at the British Whites for the atrocities of 110 years ago (which were in fact horrendous).

But at this link just look at the faces of the “British civilians” (bottom row, the first four from the left) who instigated the war! British JEWS! http://www.angloboer.com/gallery.htm


One of the "Gold Bugs", who planned, schemed and organised to precipitate a war, based on the Uitlanders' real or imagined grievances.
Barney Barnato
(Mining Magnate)
With Cecil Rhodes, he financed the unsuccessful Jameson Raid of late 1895 which was intended to trigger a coup in the Transvaal Republic.
Alfred Beit
(Mining Magnate)
British-born businessman, an ardent believer in colonialism and was the coloniser of the state of Rhodesia, which was named after him. Supported the Jameson raid that would lead to the outbreak of both the Second Matabele War and the Anglo-Boer War.
Cecil John Rhodes
(Mining Magnate)
One of the "Gold Bugs", the syndicate that agitated for war between Britain and the Republics.

And it all began when William the Conqueror with Jew money conquered and enslaved a then free Anglo-Saxon England!


There is no point in hating the average Englishman. He has no say whatsoever in his country’s affairs, the elections are a sham, and he has not had any power over his own life for nearly 1,000 years.

My grandfather, John Thomas Colwell, was English and he was the finest man I ever met. (My two videos about him and an eerie encounter 15 years after he died: John de Nugent Discusses Reincarnation Part 1 of 2 and John de Nugent Discusses Reincarnation Part 2 of 2)

Michael Caine as a British officer in a movie role fighting the Zulus


What we have in Britain, and now also in America, is a judeo-psychopathocracy.


And that is the only way one can explain a phenomenon like “Lord” Kitchener, a man impervious to mercy and thrilled by war.

Recently an article came out about a scientist, James Fallon, who studied psychopaths and found he was one himself. Here is a photo of the brain scans of his normal wife and kids and of himself. The warm colors are FEELINGS they are experiencing in various parts of the brain and the blue parts of his brain means he is feeling NOTHING.




The Interior Secret Police head until 2008 in black-ruled South Africa was the JEWISH communist Ronnie Kasrils, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronnie Kasrils.
Kasrils’ grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Latvia and Lithuania who fled from Czarist pogroms at the end of the 19th century.[2] 
Wikipedia also says Kasrils “is a noted critic of what he has called the ‘descent into police state depravity.'” That is rich, since he helped set up the black-communist dictatorship in the first place! What did he expect Stone-Age negro bolsheviks to do to the disempowered Whites??
Since 1994, more than 60,000 whites have been killed in South Africa. Exact figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. There is also no distinction between white and black victims in crime records.
The estimated number of whites sounds like a lot. But it’s pretty much common knowledge around the world that there are 50+ murders PER DAY in SA. From 1994 to 2013, that’s around 350 000 murders. So, why is it so hard to believe that 60 000 of those are black on white? It’s about 17% of the total murders. But the numbers are not the main issue here. It’s the NATURE of the crimes; nature meaning black intense hatred of whites resulting in black on white murder.
As the white population of South Africa was 4 434 697 according to the official state census in 1996, and more than 400 000 white South Africans have left the country, it could be estimated that nearly 2% of white South Africans have been murdered in the 18 years of democracy. And the remaining 4 million (or now less?) are kept as poverty ridden slaves.Compare above mentioned 60,000 whites murdered under Zuma to the 7518 black people that were arranged to disappear under the Apartheid government, which comes to a percentage of 0.02% of the black population.  http://www.thetruthaboutsouthafrica.com/p/white-genocide-in-south-africa.html

….What is Eternal Solutreanism?


What Eternal Solutreanism represents is teaching the awareness of, and the struggle against the PSYCHOPATHS among us.


Eternal Solutreanism:

1) it is not enough to be white; you must become Aryan, or NOBLE

Arno Breker, The Calling


2) This world is a testing ground for your soul; God is real, and so is reincarnation and life after death.http://johndenugent.com/about-john/videos-of-jdn-speaking /(See God videos at the top.)

3) Psychopaths are literal human devils, born sadists with no conscience whatsoever, torturing animals as children and setting fires. They come from especially vile worlds on the other side, and form 4% of the earthly population. Another 16% are near-psychopaths, with almost no conscience.


4) The task of the Eternal Solutrean is to battle and destroy evil, and then create a wholesome world.We offer to guide the world for the benefit of all races.

5) The Jews of today descend from the Neanderthals, an animalistic, borderline-psychopathic and brutish clan who then became the roving apiru, or Hebrews, a criminal and outcast clan in the Middle East. They even practice incest on their own children, making them inbred psychopaths. http://johndenugent.com/pages/video_player_page10.htm

As Neanderthals they have been at species war with us, the Cro-Magnons (the name for early white people) for 40,000 years. They have the upper hand now and it is literally now us or them, survival or genocide. They are about to get their revenge for being driven from most of Europe 20,000 years ago by a beautiful and superior race.




Scientific depiction of a Neanderthal — sloping forehead, protruding mouth, and weak chin — and a Cro-Magnon — erect forehead, recessed mouth, and strong chin

An almost perfect brunet Cro-Magnon, French movie star Alain Delon, with a strong, upright, square forehead

Child actress Dakota Fanning, Irish and German

Croatian woman who founded the Vril Society, seeking contact with other live forms in the universe for Germany

Depiction of a Neanderthal, Neandertalermuseum, Germany

Former entertaiment mogul Aaron Russo, a Jew who turned courageously against the NWO

Neanderthal skull contemplated by Jewish scientist Svante Pääbo, who after fighting the idea that Neanderthals still exist, confirmed it in a major 2010 study for Science magazine, but lied that all races except Africans have neanderthal genes in equal amounts.

Soviet mug shot of Menachem Begin in 1940

A French Jewish synagogue official

Larry Silverstein

Henry Kissinger and Shimon Peres

A neanderthalic Pakistani and muslim fanatic, Faisal Shahzad, who tried to blow up Times Square


Because the Jews, as well as Arabs, Georgians, Chechens, Armenians and the various Muslim peoples, have a huge amount of neanderthal blood, they are programmed to hate White people as the descendants of the Cro Magnons. Our beauty, talents and achievements set their teeth on edge.

Bolsheviks decapitated a statue of a local white hero and hanged this White female teacher from the statue’s arm in front of a church. Jesus said in John 8:44 to the Jewish leaders: “You are from your father, the Devil.”


Read my  “the Jewish War on the Kennedys”  http://johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys

lbj- jfk- death-stare

 and then


See my two videos on the infamous NUMEC scandal: http://johndenugent.com/videos-of-jdn-speaking

and  http://johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys/lyndon-johnsons-jewish-mother-and-the-1967-israeli-attack-on-the-uss-liberty

34 Americans killed and 170 wounded in a two-hour Israeli attack on a US Navy ship



But we must always remember that the Jews are nothing, just 1/4 of 1% of the human race, without the Gentiles who treacherously betray their own to  collaborate with them to get rich, powerful and famous.

The entire history of England can be understood ONLY in terms of the Norman Conquest of 1066 — when White aristocrats sold their souls to the Jews for the money and power to conquer, enslave and tax the people of England and use them as their cannon fodder!


6) We believe in forming a new white tribe and creating white safety zones that we will guard as the corrupt and judaized world collapses.





The ideal locations for American whites: http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/race/white-safety-zones



“Whites will always innovate, Asians will always imitate, Browns will always inundate, blacks will always devastate, and they all will always agitate — to get what we have.”

7) If we are with God, God will be with us. Hope is not lost. In fact, the White race is on the verge of a huge comeback.


Actual film footage in 1952 as UFOs buzz the US Capitol

Actual headline in the Washington Post newspaper


The most incredible story you can image — the Third Reich, to survive (like the Jews in AD 70, when they lost Palestine and their temple), retreated according to a careful plan (laid down after the catastrophe of Stalingrad) to move their most elite scientists and troops to South America, to underwater bases, and to the Antarctic, during the final war years of 1944-45 and the war between the Reich and the Allies continues “in the back alleys” to this day. Over 50 of the most advanced German U-Boats are still listed as having never been sunk by the Royalk or US Navy or as having surrendered. And the Germans were highly advanced in anti-gravity technology and also had rudimentary atomic weapons (but at that time, featurng mostly radioactivity and heat, and not enough blast at that time to destroy a city). But all that has changed. Both the Allies and the Reich, for opposite reasons,  are keeping this continuing war low-profile. But the Reich as never just about Germany — it was about the survival or ALL Aryans, of ALL Whites around the world in the face of the Eternal Jew!



Waffen-SS general Leon Degrelle asked Hitler if he felt more German or more European. Hitler, whose architecture was consistently Greco-Roman, answered: “I am a Hellene!”


A Spartan swordspartan-sword






What we now understand is that our race colonized this earth, but was long ago separated by a cataclysmic nuclear war from the home planets. The stories of the gods reflect actual visits to earth by actual, highly evolved relatives of ourselves. The “ancient aliens” theory being promtoed now non-stop on TV (by the Jews who own the TV networks) is partly valid, but the Jewish media  refuses to highlight the huge role of the Exonordics, and focuses instead on the Grays and the Reptilian species, because the Jews themselves are allied with THEM. Earth is just one battlefield of an ongoing war in our entire Milky Way galaxy between the Exonordics and the Reptilians.

And this is why the low-budget 1980s movie “‘They Live” resonates with so many people.


8) All greatness is self-sacrifice, born of love — for our folk, for the splendid virtue of heroism, and for the uplifting power of beauty.


Arno Breker, Apollo and Daphne







Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?

John de Nugent

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  1. A British comrade wrote via email to john_denugent@yahoo.com:

    Hello, John de Nugent!

    Thank you for your news bulletins. They always add a perspective to life that is otherwise forgotten or simply not discovered.

    Missing, perhaps – is what people we can do to pave the way for an ever better future… .e.g. we know about wars past and the bloody events they were. They were features of life as it was, long before the atom bomb, radio, TV, cell phones, good medicine and aeroplanes.

    We see it all happening around us again and again, perpetrated by Western forces – and savage Third World groups playing in the game of ‘global politics’; we note the UN agenda, supposedly wanting peace, is in fact. by force –( war), attempting to reshape the world.

    Now we need a solution.

    Action: For a start take the UK out of the EU and let it lead in the promotion of good democracy — if it still can.

    Good wishes, enjoy the year-end season of goodwill.

    I replied:

    Dear comrade,

    The solution is first and foremost spiritual. Anything I would “propose” people would not DO. The fear and the Internet-induced pseudo-activity paralyze anything. When I ran for sheriff this year, no one sent me, an experienced and good candidate, a dime. They just want to read-read-read.

    If you can make even a small donation, the Jews understand how important money is. I cannot live on praise, however appreciated. In fact, I am in a critical financial situation, because people are in praise-mode. 😉 They want ME to DO something, though 😉

    All around the world people do seem to admire me and now a Mexican engineer has just translated my WN bio into Spanish.


    But the Net is only half the battle.

    I remain convinced, nay, I am more convinced than ever, that we as Whites need a new and fanatic RELIGION so we can beat the religious communities of Jewry and Islam. Religions can lead to tremendous POWER, money, women and families, and ethnic survival.

    This is my calling. I need two weeks to focus entirely on this.


  2. A comrade wrote me:

    Hello and warm seasons greetings during this cold season. Firstly, thank you for sharing your observations with the world.

    I recently read your article on black violence in South Africa and was fascinated with it. I have spent some time in jail before and due to that experience of being a White minority among blacks I have a fascination with the White experience in sub-Saharan Africa.

    I have to say this John. I think Whites have become like the blondish Eloi in H.G. Wells’ famous novel, The Time Machine.



    They are becoming the prey to the black Morlocks!

    A Morlock



    I don’t see any hope for the majority of Whites.

    The majority of Whites have a pacifist mentality, and this is not a sort of mentality that is conducive towards survival in the world. When I say I am anti-pacifist I don’t mean I support wars; I am anti-war. But Whites don’t know how to fight anymore. Kids who get in fights in school get harshly punished. Boys who show natural behavior get drugged on psychiatry.

    The Whites, and especially the Nordic Whites, have been putting themselves through a process of domestication for a very long time. We are breeding ourselves to be very servile and pacifist. Meanwhile blacks have been doing the opposite. This is related to why White women have been going to black men. Women are designed to be attracted to males who can fight, males who are aggressive.

    At this point in time it is not Christianity that is responsible for breeding Whites to be docile. It is the mental health industry. Christian values may have been the prototype which the mental health industry was based on, but then again I am not sure. Also eugenics were breeding Whites to be docile as well.

    John, we have to face the truth. We Whites are now a slave race, and we are observing the natural response to a slave race. A servile race is either enslaved or exterminated by its masters, and that is what we see happening. Whites have to learn to be fighters again.

    We also have to realize that “servile Whites” are the biggest enemies of those Whites with a fighting spirit. Craig Cobb was harassed by those sorts of Whites. America (servile Whites) is harassing Russia (the Whites with a fighting spirit). “The redneck” is almost a satanic figure in the mentality of “White liberals”.

    “Epic Beard Man” knocks out a smart-mouth negro on a San Francisco bus


    White culture has lost its tradition of initiating youth into manhood through tribal ceremonies. I suspect we may need to study various aborigine cultures in order to find inspiration on how to create a set of ritualized experience to help bring about the re-birth of the White spirit. Technology is powerful and important but we have forgotten about the power of the spirit.

    By the way, if that is your real address in the contact information, I would like to send a Christmas card to you.


  3. Email from columnist Tom Mysiewicz


    Good point. There’s mountains of evidence to this effect and even in just a few hours I turned up more Jewish connections with Mandela than I could handle. “Kill the Boer” seems to be alive and well. After looting the SA economy with purchases from Israeli Defense Industries and developing nuclear weapons (for Israel) the country did not need—on credit, of course—the Judeo financiers pulled the plug and forced the country to the wall. Mandela, the “mensch” was groomed and ready. We will see this type of betrayal in our future. Perhaps near future.

    Your observations on the average Briton are accurate. When I visited I met many fine ordinary people but the company heads, bureaucrats—the overseers—reminded me of officers who blew the whistles in the First World War…sending millions of young lads to their needless deaths. I think Cameron’s shameless courtship of the Chinese to build/purchase infrastructure, and public and private enterprises, will accelerate the impoverishment after, perhaps, a brief blip.


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