ENGLISH Andrew Anglin on Alex Jones

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I have frankly mixed feelings about Alex Jones, who, in the words of Leon Trotsky, is a conveyor belt.” He takes people from the Establishment view HALFWAY over to the radical view….

The radical and true view being that the Jews are the bane of humanity. Were he to say that, the Jews would 1) end his show and 2) indict or kill him. So I am less harsh on Jones than Andrew Anglin, but still I fully understand Anglin’s rage. Jones rails about the crimes of the Jews, but blames them on “the Nazis,” or “the banksters…” implying they are Gentile Whites, which is also what “Spare Change” does with 9/11, and Oliver Stone with the movie “JFK.” (See my: http://johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys)



Howard Stern Confronts Alex Jones About His Jewish Wife



In between the sickening sex talk and benign joking around, Stern asked Jones about his marriage to a Jewish woman (transcript mine).
Stern: By the way, you’re married to a Jewish woman?

Jones: Uh, well yes, uh, on my wife’s uh, mother’s side.

Stern: Yes.  And, uh, do you buy into any of those conspiracies that the Jews are behind everything?

Jones: Well lemme explain this, lemme explain–

Robin: –that’s why he married one, Howard, hahaha.

Stern: Well it’s smart.  Yeah, why not marry a Jew and get in on all of it?

Jones: Listen this is not an exaggeration–

Stern: Right.

Jones: –if you go online, you will get more results for “Alex Jones Mossad agent,” “Alex Jones Jew” for me than you will for Benjamin Netenyahu.

Stern: Right.

Jones: I’m not kidding.  The Nazis and all of ‘em – I’m not exaggerating – I am like the number one – I’m actually proud of this – most hated person, by Nazis worldwide, for whatever reason, I don’t even really know, uh–

Stern: Yeah, wonder why?  I mean, ya know–

Jones: Ya know, I think I cover some of the conspiracy topics that they want to hijack and run,

Stern: Yeah.

Jones: the fact that I’m not letting them take over the debate really pisses ‘em off.

Stern: How many guns do you own?  That was the question.

Jones: Can I just finish the Jewish thing?

Stern: Okay, go ahead.

Jones: I’m not trying to be rude, it’s your show, but it’s just–

Stern [photo]: No, go ahead.  I’m fascinated.  Keep going.


Jones: Well no no no – listen, listen – here’s the deal: every group has mafias in it.  There’s a Jewish mafia, there’s a, ya know, Muslim mafia, there’s an Irish mafia, Italian mafia.  And so, what’s happened is some of the Jewish interest groups, like ADL and others, they’ve gone way too far, demonizing people that criticize what corr – you know like, oh, “Bernie Madoff’s corrupt” – “oh, you’re antisemitic” – no, Bernie Madoff’s a crook, like Ken Lay who’s not Jewish is crook.  Are we saying people with the English name “Lay,” ya know, “well now you’re saying British are bad – you’re racist, you don’t like Ken Lay ” – or, ya know, this or that.  They – they use it as a way to – to divert people off.  So certainly, there’s plenty of corruption, certainly, ah, th-th-they try to use the antisemitic label to demonize anybody, uh, who is standing up for the Palestinians – all that kinda stuff goes on.  But separately, experiencing, uh, the fact that because my wife’s part Jewish, then they go “well, that means – that makes your kids little hook-nosed Jews – we want to kill ‘em.”

Robin: Hahaha.

Jones: That’s all over the web, that they wanna kill my kids–

Robin: Who said that?

Stern: Who said that?  Wait a second–

Jones: –so my issue is—

Stern: Yeah.

Jones: –the nastiest people I’ve run into, I gotta say, are the Jew-obsessed folks, who, by the way, think no one can be successful unless they’re Jewish.  So now they say I’m Jewish, and I’ve never had any success from working hard, I’ve been successful because the Jews have done everything for me.

Robin: Well, that’s what I thought. 😉

The clip is here (it has about a minute of audio before the point the transcript begins, included to provide an idea of what the tone of the show was), and the whole show can be listened to here.


I will go ahead and respond to Mr. Jones’ points.

We first note, Mr. Jones, that you are forced – or at the very least feel an irresistible compulsion – to address the fact that people on the internet are attacking you, citing your Jew wife, Jew children and undying support for the Jewish race, even while being featured on one of the most popular radio shows in the world.  Thank you for this, Mr. Jones.  It tells us that we in the true antisemitic movement are having a massive impact on the resistance narrative.

You say you are hated by “Nazis,” but don’t understand why.  Well, I can go ahead and explain it to you, Mr. Jones.  You have, with the assistance of your publicist Jew wife and other Jew handlers, succeeded in hijacking all resistance to the Jewish system, centralizing well-meaning dissent under your impotent media empire, where you do nothing at all with it, simply talking and talking and talking.  You have obfuscated the real enemy, who is the Jewish race, and who is right in front of our faces.  You have sent people on wild goose chases for invisible monsters, while making yourself fat and wealthy.

We who are “Nazis” desire a real movement, a physical political movement, based on truth and justice, and we are left having to deal with your fake resistance movement blocking the way of truth and real change.  That is why we hate you, Alex Jones.

To your point about you “not letting us take over the debate” – we are not asking your permission, Mr. Jones.   The fact that you feel such a need to address us indicates that we are already well on our way to taking over the debate.  And we are just getting started.

You claim that there are “Muslim, Irish and Italian mafias,” once again pushing your idiot argument that “all races are responsible” for our problems.   Let me ask you, Mr. Jones: how many Muslims are involved in the global banking industry?  How many Irishmen were responsible for the development and implementation of international communism?  How many Italians run American media conglomerates?  This “every race is in on it” line is nothing more than a canard, Mr. Jones, because we can see, with our eyes, the people who are in control, and they are Jews.

You claim, Mr. Jones, that “all over the web” people are threatening to kill your kids.  Who are these people?  What are their names?  What are the addresses of their sites?  Why are they not in prison?  I assume you have reported them to the FBI?  Why can I not find anyone at all that is threatening to kill your children on a Google search, if it is in fact “all over the web”?  You wouldn’t have just made up an insane lie in order to push your point about how evil us “Nazis” are, would you, Mr. Jones?  I would certainly hope not, as that would most assuredly be yet another serious blow to whatever credibility you are still perceived to have.

And who is it that is claiming that you must be a Jew, because “a person cannot be successful unless they are Jewish”?  I would also like some names and website addresses for these individuals.  If they didn’t exist, you wouldn’t have claimed they did, right, Mr. Jones?  The thing here is, when I type “Alex Jones is a Jew” into my Google search bar, what I get is pages and pages of sites pointing out that you are married to a Jew, the majority of your advertisers are Jews, and that you are constantly covering for the Jews and pushing a plethora of Jew agendas.  I see absolutely no one saying that you are a Jew, or that a person “cannot become successful unless they are a Jew.”  All I see is the much more sane, plausible and obvious assumption that your success is due to your “special relationship” with the Jewish people – but we “Nazis” wouldn’t ever say anything logical, would we, Mr. Jones?  We are just a bunch of nasty hate-filled monsters – we know this because you told us so.

ancient-aliens-guy-on-jewsYou are a race traitor, Mr. Jones.  You have sold us all out to the devil himself, with your alliance with that most sickening of races, that which has stood against us for thousands of years.  You have driven the attention away from what is right in front of our faces onto your invisible monsters.  You are the most corrupt and destructive force on the planet, Mr. Jones. You are blocking the rage of the youth in order to protect our Eternal Enemy, you are using the heart and soul of our people to fill your pockets.  But we are rising, and when we win, you will stand trial for these crimes against the Aryan people, Alex Jones.


Verification that Jones’ wife is Jewish: http://alexjonesexposed.info/alex-jones-and-jewish-wife/

Here is documentation from the genealogy websites JewishGen.org and Ancestry.com proving that the Heiligman family are Jewish immigrants from Russia:
Proof that the Heiligman family is Jewish:
Proof that the Heiligman family are immigrants from Russia:


I would just add to Anglin’s critique that watching Jones for a few afternoons can make you almost suicidal with despair. That may be his other task, to make us into pessimistic defeatists.

And then at times he acts deliberately nutty, which discredits those who discuss conspiracies.


And as my essay proves, conspiracies are “normal’ for psychopaths, and as Martha Stout of UC Berkeley pointed out in her powerful bestseller The Sociopath Next Door, psychopaths are a good 5% of the population.

sociopath-next-door-cover-, martha-stout

Many are not Ted Bundy-type serial killers who torture and kill women, but instead go into Wall Street, Hollywood, and become CEOs and media moguls, and they live to conspire… destroying hundreds, thousands or millions of lives is what gives them joy:


PET scan of a psychopathic brain; the blue indicates no activity in compassion centers;worse, psychopaths are untreatable and incurable, in effect, human demons.





…What is Eternal Solutreanism?



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