ENGLISH Ancient Aliens series is excellent except for leaving out the Nordic aliens; two great NS videos; new donations blog page

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…..Waddling trespasser hears something…..

Mr. Woodchuck in our backyard just lifted his head up. He heard the microwave ding in my kitchen. 😉

…..the REAL “greatest generation”

Beautiful, but the watermark “SkadTheReaper” the whole time was unbearable and frankly infuriating, as if the video were about this video geek! As a former Marine I found it immoral and almost obscene to make the videographer the center of attention, and not the heroic German soldiers who shed their blood for our race and its freedom. Otherwise the video was superb, like the other Skad productions. (I just posted this underneath the video on JewTube.)

Comrade Scott Roberts wrote:

The sheeple look at this in disbelief, believing that these men were “evil” and that they fought to their death “over lies.” (You see, “Hitler brainwashed them.” 😉. I look at the sheeple in disbelief, amazed they still fall for such lies., especially as we are all now being forced to live out in reality Hitler’s worst nightmare [= the Jew-planned White enslavement and genocide]).

I just wish I could have been there with those heroic men, to fight the good fight.

Another comrade, a former Marine also, wrote:

In WWII, they were the only men who truly knew what they were fighting for.



Anti-UFO videos are usually government-paid bull. The regime has been defaming and even murdering truthtellers for 50 years on this topic, and the jewsmedia as well debunks the truth constantly. It seems now that the gov’t has given up trying to refute the truth and yet to stir up arguments — “divide-and-conquer” —they still have a few agents out there doing so.

As I have written before, anyone who laughs at aliens is laughing at US Air Force generals who ran ICBM missile bases, at Royal Air Force officers, and at NASA officials. I have no time for those who have agendas that motivate them to ridicule the truth and those who say it. And I and a client together witnessed a cigar-shaped gray craft in McMinnville, Oregon, that simply vanished, leaving us both floored. WE SAW WHAT WE SAW.

I saw one of these things 23 years ago, north of McMinnville, Oregon, and so did one of my clients. The photo below is of another incident that occurred in nearby Washington State in 2012:


As in my experience, the thing coasted along very slowly, and suddenly, literally, disappeared. No normal object can disappear, and no normal earthly aircraft can stay in the air at such a slow speed (especially without any wings). Nor can it hover without helicopter blades or a Harrier-type engine thrusting downward, but those engines are incredibly loud just to keep a small jet aloft. (I saw a Harrier take off while in the Marines.) The thing I and my client saw was as silent as a butterfly.



Here is FASCINATING (but deliberately incomplete) info on ancient aliens:


But they never talk about the most important “aliens,” the Nordics! Again:http://johndenugent.com/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliensThe Jews would not allow that….. They almost only discuss the non-human Grays!

aliens-nordic-direct-stareThe Nordics are fully human versions of us BUT after thousands of years of eugenics, they are 6’5″ (2m) tall, blond or red-haired, handsome/beautiful, and were reported on constantly from 1950-1980. They still visit the James Gilliland ranch (http://gilliland-ranch-lights.blogspot.com/) in Washington State constantly, but have given up trying to straighten out the US government, which is being taken over by the worst of the Grays.

Nevertheless, the series “Ancient Aliens” is a very good intro to the concept that this earth was colonized long ago — and that it is being colonized today — by both very noble and extremely evil beings. The ancient Greek “gods” flying through the sky and hurling thunderbolts? Now you will understand.

As the intro to this says, if any site suggests that incredibly advanced ancient aliens came here, it is definitely Puma Punku, Bolivia.


A comrade wrote that it seems that some aliens are quite evil and interdimensional creatures. I agreed and replied:


There is a multiverse, not a universe, composed of many dimensions. There is no solid matter at all, just energy vibrating at different frequencies..
Heaven, hell, etc, are just different frequencies and universes.
Demons and angels are the evil and good beings from various dimensions who can travel between dimensions.
Those with good karma from previous lives are protected from demons/evil aliens, and those with bad karma are at their mercy. If you do not understand karma and reincarnation and think we have just one life, then you are dismissing everything I have been saying for five years now on my website and in my videos. Regular Christianity is a good religion and I just did a radio show with host John Friend on how Hitler defended it (http://johndenugent.com/english/english-whole-golden-dawn-leadership-arrested-when-john-lennon-blasted-the-jews-rave-reviews-of-my-show-with-john-friend) but it does not go far enough. What Jesus taught 2,000 years ago and what we are taught that Jesus taught are two different things, but this happens with all religions.

I suggest you:
1) read this essay here: http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/important-info/reincarnation-evidence
2) watch my God videos here:http://johndenugent.com/about-john/videos-of-jdn-speaking
If you do not understand reincarnation, then you will be haunted by the idea that demons or evil aliens have humankind at their mercy.
NO! They have only the wicked at their mercy! NO MAN “GETS AWAY” WITH WHAT HE DID IN EARLIER LIVES. If you dance with the Devil he will dance with you! No one is protected that abandons God and no one is abducted that God’s angels watch over!
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” –Supreme Court Justice (1902-1932)Oliver Wendell Holmes




I am just now reading a book in German by Peter Brchmann, a retired aviation engineer, about ancient rocket launch sites. (My blog recently went into his book on Hitler’s three Reich atomic bombs. Scroll halfway down here:http://johndenugent.com/english/english-remembering-rochus-misch-his-honor-was-loyalty-misch-says-hitler-was-against-using-the-atomic-bomb-due-to-allied-poison-gas-threat)

There is no question that there was an advanced Aryan civilization thousands of years ago that was destroyed. The book discusses dozens of obvious rocket launching areas, some in Chad in the Sahara. The book isFremde Raumschiff-Startpltze. Aktivitten vorgeschichtlicher Astronauten entdeckt( = “Foreign spaceship launching sites. Activities of prehistoric astronauts discovered.”)

The photo on the cover, one of dozens in the book, says it all:


What is astonishing is how these blast areas are located very close to ancient cities where civilizations suddenly sprang up.

There is also no question about the fact of ancient aliens: some Grays, some Reptiloids, and some are Nordics that are friendly to us. The White race comes from other worlds, just exactly as Hitler opined in Henry Picker’s famous Table Talk: Conversations from the Fhrer Headquarters 1941-44.

This planet was colonized by different races. (According to the Swiss Billy Meier, the East Asians — Chinese, Koreans, Japanese — came from the planet Kudra.) It is all mind-blowing, but if you survive mentally 😉 the initial rude adjustment to a world where we are not alone and in fact we are quite inferior to many other species, then suddenly many conundra of world history make sense, such as how Egypt or Sumer suddenly arose while other humans were living like upright animals, focused on food and bare survival. In Sumer, there was nothing and then suddenly there were cities, canals, laws, writing, language — all over the span of one generation. Egypt was nothing, and then suddenly a tech we still do not grasp today!

See my blog here:http://johndenugent.com/english/english-afraid-to-get-your-hopes-up-and-abandon-old-ideas

What this boils down to is that Whites COME FROM these people, and this is why our race is far more noble and advanced than others. It also means that some aliens are just advanced White humans the US Air Force recovery teams that go out when a UFO crashes or the US shoots it down with a HAARP gun to harvest the technology call them Nordic Aliens, Scandinavians or just Swedes and while we are primitive compared to them, they actually like us and they try to teach us.

But they will NOT fight our battles for us. They will just HELP us as a parent only HELPS his child; he does not do his homework for him or fight the bully in the schoolyard for his child. That would be BAD for the child.

In all honesty NORDIC white people look angelic. WHY?
One of the great human mysteries: the oddness of Europeans. Ninety-five percent of Europeans in Scandinavian countries have blue eyes, and DNA testing concluded that ALL blue eyed people are genetically related to a single person who lived, and spread out, from the Black Sea region sometime between 6 10,000 years ago, after the end of the ice age.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-511473/All-blue-eyed-people-traced-ancestor-lived-10-000-years-ago-near-Black-Sea.html?#?atlantis?


Ka statue of pharaoh Awybre Hor, blue-eyed Egyptian king of the 13th Dynasty (1760 BC), on display at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.


Archaeologists using DNA testing said they have identified a mummy as Queen Hatshepsut, Egypts most powerful female pharaoh. We are 100 percent certain that the mummy is that of Hatshepsut, Hawass told The Associated Press.http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=11464869?#?egypt?


Ramesses II, referred to as Ramesses the Great, was the third Egyptian pharaoh of the Nineteenth dynasty. (1303 BC 1213 BC)



We are star children, and the modern descendants of our common ancestors are still visiting us. In fact, they are visiting now more than ever, because something big is coming, the great confrontation between the Jews and the Aryans ….. all across the galaxy.


…..government-controlled website exposed

A respected German website (“lupocattivo” = “the Big, Bad Wolf” ), which is not viewed as being infiltrated at the top, just revealed (http://lupocattivoblog.com/…/) how the judeo-German government created a fake website on the Fourth Reich and nordic aliens, catching via screenshots the “admins” of the website (“Terra-Germania”) blatantly, outrageously changing the wording of posts so as to discredit the author.

The Enemy fears that Whites will gain new hope that 1) the German Reich never ended in 1945, and is now preparing its violent and vengeful comeback, and 2) there are advanced Whites throughout the galaxy who are bitter enemies of the Jews and of THEIR allies — an evil power that is USING THE JEWS AS THEIR AGENTS, a force whose savage cruelty staggers the imagination. (It all confirms John 8:44.)

Is — take a deep breath — our Earth actually comparable to what happened in Vietnam 1963-75? A place where superpowers fight out their own wars using their local proxies? Is our racial struggle today part of a much bigger picture? If so, we WNs are not alone at all in our face-off with an overpowering government.


…..When men were men, and women were glad of it


German heroes come home from victory.


SS bodyguards can’t hide their glee as loving crowd surges forward toward Hitler:




Mexican in an airport takes a dump into a potted plant; blithe Whites in office shirts and ties stroll by, unable to process what they are seeing:

Won’t it be wonderful as these hard-working, family-oriented immigrants who-only-came-here-just-as-our-grandparents-did-for-a-better-life spread their culture and gifts. 😉

Virginia Abernethy (full professor emerita, Vanderbilt Univ. Nashville, Tennessee) estimated there were “as many as 30 or even 40 million” illegals in the country now, and we have a 40-million Census undercount! Mexicans are even in our smallest townsnow in big numbers! Springer Verlag in Germany owns the poppulation studies magazine she edited for 11 years, as it owns 1,000 other scientific journals, and her journal is the number-one demographics journal on earth.http://johndenugent.com/…/video_player_page10.htm51:57-62:00 Please start the video and then pause it, letting it load for one minute, then go to the section I listed. Whites are a minority NOW in their own country.

A comrade wrote:

He looks like a real subhuman piece of trash; barely distinct from the animal kingdom.South America is FULL of ’em!

Another added:

Many years ago I traveled by bus in Ecuador.Periodically, the driver stopped and all got out and did their business right outside the bus, women squatting and all.

I replied: “Really? Disgusting. As strong as my racial views are, still this shocks me.”

He added:

Two fellows and I went high up in the Andes, driving a RR-flatcar with a gasoline engine on old tracks. It was a wild world: a negroid community way up in no-where, Indians, and gypsies roaming around with tents in seeming no-where land.

I replied:

The Spanish brought in Blacks as silver miners. My blog here is of interest:http://johndenugent.com/english/english-demon-worship-in-bolivia-and-israel

…..An admirer in Afghanistan

Dear Mr John de Nugent:

I am a researcher from Asia. I was in Central Europe and I fight Zionism in an intellectual manner. I find your website content very interesting. I think all I studied during my 20 years in Europe has been gathered on your site.

I hate these murderous Jews, who via Kabbalism, cannibalism and black magic have a relationship with Satan and the Dark Side. I hate the Jew leaders for fomenting war with Germany and accusing Germans falsely of genocid . We know now that the Jews themselves are doing a genocide of the world.

I wish only you had more solutions to answering the Jewish question!

May the Lord help us in this respect the solution!




I replied:

The solution is a new world leader and religion to destroy the demonic takeover of the world — by the psychopaths in all races and especially by the leaders of the Jews. We are heading toward a great Day of Judgment of the evil and the good, the cowards and the brave, the human animals for whom truth means notihng and true humans for whom truth is everything.


…..new donations blog page


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  1. There are many good european whites who would gladly accept to be helped out by those “nordic aliens”. To me it seems that they don’t care or they have bigger plans to carry on. Some people just want to have a better future (in peace, if possible) for their own kin and see their race survive but many don’t have the means to do so and are demonized. Is not about being lazy or just because someone is of european descend deserves it, I think it’s a combination of both the racial aspect and having a honorauble and noble soul. If those people are gone, we will be in a big trouble because these generations of whites to come are total dumbed down, brainwashed losers and won’t fight, ever. They don’t have the ‘hunger’ of truth, they don’t seek for it and are content swimming in a pool of lies and shit, understand what I mean, John? The islamic and thirdworlder hordes in Europe will sweep across like a hot knife on butter if no help of exterior forces come to help us. But here I stand, and I will do my best to protect myself, my friends and my loved ones. I’ll never back down, ever.

    In the end, if they exist, they will have to gather the best of europeans out there. Many are in need of protection.

  2. My theory on ETs is that they’re demons in alien guise. Their purpose is to convince us that they are the path to salvation for white-kind rather than Yahweh Himself. The Bible warns that there will be lying signs and wonders in the last days, and this is exactly what we’re witnessing with the increasing number of reliable UFO sightings and other strange phenomena such as people vanishing without a trace in national parks across the United States and elsewhere in the world.

    • Your theory is partly correct. Some are demonic, sadistic and totally evil, especially among the Grays and Reptiloids.

      My essay, which 90% are too lazy to read because their brains have been fried (by cell phones and other neurochemical poisons, such as fluoride and estrogen in drinking water, chemtrails, HAARP, and bisphenol-A in food packaging) goes into the horrifying Mothman incidents, which reveal the cruel, psychopathic, demonic nature of many “aliens.”

      I will once again, and surely again in vain, give you the link: http://johndenugent.us/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens

      Someone defended himself pathetically with “Well, I looked at it.” I retorted: “‘Looking’ at something this important while at the same time surfing the Net, ‘liking’ stuff on Faceberg, eating chips, and drinking beer, is totally insufficient.

      You must study it, seriously study it and think about its meaning. Yes, as torturous as it is, you must actually sit there FOR HOURS and fully watch the videos — FROM BEGINNING TO END — especially of the Russian air force generals talking about UFOs and about the Hitler Reich retreating to the southern hemisphere with UFOs after WWII. You must also watch what high-ranking US Air Force officers who ran US nuclear missile bases have publicly and repeatedly stated.

      But if you refuse, it is because you are fearful I might be right, and you deep-down do not want to look at this hardest of all evidence — the testimony of top air force officers in Britain, the US and Russia .. that proves the truth of my argument. Embracing what they testify about would force you into a mental revolution, an inner and massive change. This realization is that humans, including Whites, are not the top dog in the universe, but instead a weak, indisciplined, brutal, greedy, primitive, short-sighted and pathetic species of mongrels.

      What a joke to think we will someday “explore the universe”… when it is WE who are being explored BY the universe! 😉

      (In fact, the word “universe” itself is a lie. It is a multiverse, with many dimensions of time and space that more advanced species pass through.)

      We are in fact like the Amerindians when Columbus came, far inferior to the invaders in technology and in some cases in ethics. Some of the invaders are good, others are evil, and still others are neutral — not caring about us either way. How dare we insist that they respect us when we as a species act only like somewhat-intelligent two-legged animals? When we let the Jews, 1/4 of 1% of the human race, push us all around out of sheer cowardice?

      Someone the other day sent me a long email asking if I knew about this and that. I replied: “Of course I do, and it is all in the essay which you were too lazy to read despite my linking 15 times to it on my blog.”

      And if we do not believe this, then we will in the end GIVE UP. Most WNs have in fact already given up, and they half-realize this. This essay is about hope of final victory. It means we are not puny individuals whom the Jew war machine is crushing and preparing to finish off — but instead allied to powers capable of destroying ZOG once and for all. This truth changes everything about our situation, and thus also our morale. You must dare to hope, believe and fight once again!

      Now other aliens, comrade, are the opposite of demons, and far more like angels in their motives and actions. They are benevolent and wise, and help mankind as mentors, but do not fight our battles for us. Billy Graham, a very famous Christian who also was radically against the modern Jews, as his recorded phone conversations with President Nixon revealed (scroll down 3/5ths here: http://johndenugent.us/john-de-nugent-for-sheriff-of-armstrong-county-pennsylvania/wikipedia-on-shapiro-and-numec), called them “God’s other angels.”

      The truth is that the Bible story of the nephilim reflects a powerful reality, which led to the “Greek gods,” and in turn, the Greek story of “Atlantis” reflects the same story as the biblical “Flood.”

      Some nordic aliens came down, interbred with humans, and became tyrants due to the awesome technology they had. These were what we know as “the Greek gods.” (The series “Ancient Aliens” goes into them a lot, and the producer, Tsoukalos, is Greek himself.)

      Apollo (after whom my town in Pennsylvania is named)

      Others, far more ethical, help mankind, especially the White race, but never, ever use or exploit us or take advantage of their power.

      Again, nor do they fight our battles for us. How would it help a child if his parent did his homework for him, or sat in detention for him, or fought bullies for him on the playground? (A father at most might teach his son how to fight and defend himself!)

      If this makes no sense, then you can come back and whine “Why then don’t the nordic aliens rescue us from the Jews?” I don’t know — maybe because we do not now deserve it? Is the average White so noble and lovable to any outside observer that he would WANT to intervene and risk an all-out war with the Grays for US??

      Are we fighting bravely for our OWN survival with every ounce of our strength, and supporting those brave men who would lead us?

      Or are we reading snippets on the Net all day about the latest Jew, black, Mexican or Muslim outrage? “Informing ourselves” yet further and in fact ad infinitum about things we already know ten times over? News flash: Jews are evil! Blacks are violent! Muslims rape White women! 😉 Read all about it! Again and again and again! 😉

      Therefore, becaue a mentor does NOT rescue people who can or should help themselves, the Exonordics did not help the Third Reich either, not overtly, but only in quiet ways, such as UFO technology.

      As my essay pointed out, and most of your are too afflicted with ADD to read it ;-), had they intervened openly for Germany, the Grays would have openly intervened for Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill, and we would have had, in the end, a total nuclear Armaqgeddon in the 1940s and the end of the planet.

      This nuclear devastation already happened thousands of years ago. Other species and the Exonordics, who are merely very advanced people of OUR species, are well aware of the end result THE LAST TIME of openly interfering in earth’s affairs AND TAKING SIDES.

      You see, once both sides have “nukes,” then open war becomes insane. Instead, only push-and-shove takes place, for thousands of years. It is what John Kennedy once famously called “a long, twilight struggle.” Nukes mean total war is no longer an option. The technical term is MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction.

      And this is why the Exonordics keep sabotaging US nuclear missile bases, but then again it is impossible for my readers to actually read this essay. It is too much torture to watch a video over 2 minutes in length when you urgently have to see what dork unfriended you on Faceberg. 😉

      At this level of aliens, we are talking about, not just “extraterrestrials,” but of interdimensionals, both good and bad. Time, space, distance — it all becomes relative.

      My advice is to not become confused, blow your circuits, or push the panic button. 😉

      As always, and as before reading my essay, we must be right with God, or GET right again with God, and then fear not. Fear neither evil aliens nor demons.

      They can only afflict those who have forsaken God, which however is the majority, the souls who have abandoned God, who live only for themselves, who make excuses for everything, and thus are unshielded, un-watched over and unprotected.

      Some of these fools even have high IQs and have read many materialistic books. They scoff at my writings. “Aliens — it is nonsense.” Fine. They will find out in God’s good time. Meanwhile, as Jesus said, “Cast not your pearls before swine-” 😉

      We are heading in any case toward a Judgment Day. My mission is to get a minority ready to pass it with flying colors. The White race will survive and advance toward a Golden Age, but 90% reduced in number, with the weak and the wicked gone. It is they who will rebuild our world from the ruins. It is they who deserve a godly, spirit-filled, national socialist, Aryan paradise.

      Fortune favors just the brave. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5faWs1qhVQ

      This time, the reality that Hitler created 1933-45 will become worldwide, and the Jews — and their White allies, the White cowards, and both the White liberal race traitors and the zombie Christian Zionists — will all be gone. the planet will reek for months until they are are buried or eaten by their fellow animals.

      In this life or in our next incarnation, we will reap the fruits of our sacrifices today. The divine way is this: God helps those who help themselves,” as Benjamin Franklin memorably preached.

      My video on brave Ben Franklin, White Nationalist, and on an infamous coward, James Watson:

      Topics: Dr. James Watson co-discovered DNA molecule structure, won Nobel Prize; stated to London Times that blacks are less intelligent; British hate-speech police get involved; ignorant or cowardly US taxpayers fund arrest of white Europeans who come to America for freedom of speech; Whittle-Sheppard case; extreme obedience of federal workers; British Crown Prosecution Service; despicable recantation by Watson of racial truth; but fired anyway; soldiers and marines with only physical courage; old men who are unworried about the world their children and grandchildren will grow up in; black flash mobs; media white-bashing during the Rodney King-1992 L.A. riot; black flash mob at West Allis, Wisconsin State Fair; whites rage verbally at black mass attack; black leaders who promote only what is good for their own race; does Obama smoke pot in the White House?; Ben Franklin the great scientist about the nature of light as both wave and particle; Alexander Hamilton wanted central federal rule; Franklin appeals for prayer at each session of the Constitutional Convention; Ben Franklin gave away his great inventions: the lightning rod, bifocal glasses, the Franklin stove, which replacing the very inefficient fireplace, and the odometer, the lending library, and the University of Pennsylvania; Britain tightens control over once-free colonies; Franklin brings in the French as important war allies against Britain; French fleet win Battle of the Chesapeake; Franklin advocates home life full of real culture, singing, reading and performing music; advocates as US motto: “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God”; founder of satanism rightfully notes that “Man is the only animal who can lie to himself and believe it”; facing the real dangers so as to beat them….

      4a) http://blip.tv/realamericanview/pres-vid-4-a-6312797

      4b) http://blip.tv/realamericanview/pres-vid-4-part-b-6312854

      4c) http://blip.tv/realamericanview/pres-vid-part-4-c-6312896

    • The video itself is not credible. The series is somewhat Hollywood and definitely has its flaws, for sure, but all Hollywood movies and documentaries where Jews are involved have huge flaws. Furthermore, the producerof this “debunking,” Chris White. is a hard-core Christian, and has his own agenda: promoting the Bible, the Old Testament and the Book of Genesis. (http://www.skeptiko.com/conservative-christian-chris-white-debunks-ancient-aliens-theories/) And of course the Jews love anything which glorifies the Old Testament as being the absolute truth. Because they wrote it.

      Let me be blunt: The Jews wrote the Bible, which says they are God’s Chosen People. I cannot think of a more circular logic than that, or something more needing real debunking. “We are God’s People because a book we wrote say so!”

      Can you see how hypocritical it is to go on a debunking witchhunt if you yourself swallow that?

      The whole history of the Jews is wickedness, murder, lies, greed and filthy immorality. The Jews as God’s Chosen People? More like Satan’s! That is what some guy named Jesus said in John 8:44!

      But to attack the notion of aliens and ancient aliens over the flaws in this series is ludicrous, nor is my work on the Fourth Reich and aliens based on this series. It just adds info to it.

      There are also sophisticated “debunkings” out there that claim the Holocaust of the Jews really did happen, because some Jews say it happened. There are snazzy “debunkings” of 9/11 investigators, claiming, like Popular Mechanics magazine, that Osama ben Laden and his 19 Arabs did vaporize two skyscrapers with jet fuel, and knock down Building 7 though it was never hit with anything. And before that Osama’s guys roamed around North America in jets without being shot down or even challenged by the Air Force. It was just a coincidence that all Air Force jets were grounded that day…..and Dick Cheney kept them grounded even when four jets went missing! Hey, there is a massive, thousand-page book, very scholarly and full of serious looking b-s, called the “Report of the 9/11 Commission.” You can use it for a doorstop!

      US Secretary of State and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell held up an aluminum tube (off a vacuum cleaner?) and said it proved Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and he was lying that he had no WMDs. Very impressive and all bull.

      The Warren Commission was also an oh-so-serious “debunking” of theories about who killed John Kennedy. Hey, it chairmann-ed by Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Very impressive and full of bull.

      There are sophisticated books and films “debunking” racial differences.

      Read my essay for the facts, not the fear: http://johndenugent.us/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens After reading the entire essay and watching all the videos, beginning to end, then get back to me. I spent two years putting it together, and the least you can do is take three hours out of your life (how busy is your life REALLY – are you performing open-heart surgery on someone this week? ;-)) to consider something that, if true, and it is, changes everything, including the past and the future of the White race!!!

      If aliens are here now, my friend, then they were here before now. They were not born yesterday or in 1970.

      But if you can laugh off the testimony of high-level US, British and Russian air force officers and NASA scientists, then the truth is really not what you are after. I am sure your qualifications are far, far below theirs, or were you ever in charge of a US Air Force missile base? Your answer: “No, but I saw this video and I totally believe it.” 😉

      It may be comforting to those who need comforting to think we are alone. They want to think that, and so they do.

      But it is only superficially comforting, because we as Whites are losing. We need allies, we need friendly aliens because the facts are amounting that aliens DO exist!!! And if they exist now, they existed in ancient times, just as HUMANS existed in ancient times! and if their tech was superior to ours, then they were able to travel through space, fly, and fire weapons. We ourselves would seem like gods to our ancestors from just 1,000 years ago with our cars, jets, cell phones, rockets, etc.

      Btw, the Jason Colavito cited inhthis fake “debunking”also “debunks” the Solutreans as being the first Native Americans. He is hard-core anti-White. http://www.jasoncolavito.com/index.html In fact, he and I have had some nasty correspondence.

      Yes, the Ancient Aliens series has its flaws. But like the movie “Saving Private Ryan” by the Jew Spielberg, it also contains some truths (such as American GI’s mowing down captured Germans on D-Day, for example.)

      I stand by my own work as honest and sincere, on 1) the Fourth Reich and Nordic aliens, http://johndenugent.us/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens on 2) the Solutreans (http://johndenugent.us/solutreanism), on 3) on the Jewish War on the Kennedys (http://johndenugent.us/john-de-nugent-for-sheriff-of-armstrong-county-pennsylvania/wikipedia-on-shapiro-and-numec) 4) on the hard, scientific evidence for reincarnation (http://johndenugent.us/solutreanism/important-info/reincarnation-evidence), 5) on how psychopaths take over everything: http://johndenugent.us/solutreanism/important-info/psychopaths-in-power, and 6) and how foreign help (French, German, Spanish and Dutch) together with the 10% of Americans who were not cowards (90% WERE cowards) won the Revolution http://johndenugent.us/american-revolution.

      Everything I write is based on dozens or hundreds of hours of fact-checking and my own university training with a bachelor of science degree, Phi Beta Kappa (top ten percent to the class), and with high honors (“magna cum laude” in Latin), from Georgetown University.

      Furthermore, the Fourth Reich and Nordic aliens is good for our race. and our struggle.

      This respected German website Lupocattivo ( = “the Big, Bad Wolf” 😉 ),which is not viewed as being infiltrated at the top, just revealed (http://lupocattivoblog.com/2013/09/30/terra-germania-ein-faules-ei-das-system-lauft-amok/) how the judeo-German government created a fake website on the Fourth Reich and nordic aliens.

      The Lupocattivo author caught, via screenshots, the “admins” of the website (“Terra-Germania”) blatantly, outrageously changing the wording of posts so as to discredit the author, who called himself first “Wissender” and then, a year later, “Basenkontakt” and said he was a real “Reichsdeutscher”(one of those who left in 1945 to rebuild the Reich as a military network in remote areas). The (it would see, government-controlled) “Terra-Germania” people also deleted posts by respected comrades who were defending “Wissender” and then “Basenkontakt”…..

      The Enemy fears that Whites will gain new hope that 1) the German Reich never ended in 1945, and is now preparing its violent and vengeful comeback, and 2) there are advanced Whites throughout the galaxy who are bitter enemies of the Jews and of THEIR allies. Their ally is an evil power that is USING THE JEWS AS THEIR AGENTS, a force whose savage cruelty staggers the imagination. (It all confirms John 8:44.) 

      Is — take a deep breath — our Earth actually comparable to what happened in Vietnam 1963-75? You were living in America during Vietnam. Vietnam was where two superpowers fought out their own wars using their local proxies, South Vietnam for the Americans and North Vietnam for the Russians.

      Is our racial struggle today part of a much bigger picture? Yes. Then we WNs are not alone at all in our face-off with an overpowering government. We must “think outside the box.” We are going nowhere with all this endless Internet-reading and video-watching! Every year, meanwhile, there are fewer of us Whites and more of them, and the election and re-election of Obama was the result at the polls!

      We must have hope, we must then act, and as we act and progress there will be more hope. And so as I faced the fact that, as I feared, no matter what I said, no matter how promising my sheriff race once was this spring, people believe we are beaten — and so the only goal now is to end defeatism: to say that gloom and doom is

      1) incorrect (Fourth Reich and Nordic aliens) and
      2) it is evil (the new religion of heroism, honor, reward from God and final victory). It is EVIL to give up when the Jews are just 1/4 of 1% of the human race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when people are so angry!!!!!!!!!

      Our enemy is DEFEATISM! The Fourth Reich and Nordic aliens is true, and it means WE WILL WIN.

      Our “movement” is trapped in infowars. It is the opium of the WN people. I am thinking outside the box. The red flag and swastika (a “Hindu”-seeming symbol) were shocking in 1920 to German rightwingers. But radically new thinking was called for. And today it is vital again. We are stalled — though anger and disgust are mounting.

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