ENGLISH Africa is hell. So is the Junited Kingdom.

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I’ll be very busy the next three days, but here are two items comrades sent me of high value.

White Zimbabweans [i.e. Rhodesians] used to tell a joke—

what is the difference between a tourist and a racist? The answer—about a week.

Few seem to joke any more. Indeed, the last time anyone laughed out there was over the memorable head-line “BANANA CHARGED WITH SODOMY” (relating to the Reverend Canaan Banana and his alleged proclivities).

[JdN: Banana was the first president of black-ruled Zimbabwe after Henry Kissinger destroyed white Rhodesia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaan_Banana He was convicted of sodomizing numerous men using threats and his presidential powers.]

Zimbabwe was just the latest African state to squander its potential, to swap civil society for civil strife and pile high its corpses. Then the wrecking virus moves on and a fresh spasm of violence erupts elsewhere. Congo , Ivory Coast , Sudan , Rwanda , Sierra Leone , even Kenya . Take your pick, for it is the essence of Africa , the recurring A-Z of horror. Therefore, as surely as Nelson Mandela took those steps from captivity to freedom, his own country will doubtless shuffle into chaos and ruin.
Mark my words. One day it will be the turn of South Africa to revert to type, its farms that lie wasted and its towns that are battle zones, its dreams and expectations that lie rotting on the veldt. That is the way of things. Africa rarely surprises, it simply continues to appall.
When interviewed on BBC Radio, the legendary South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela spoke of the 350-year struggle for freedom by blacks in South Africa. The man might play his trumpet like a dream, but he talks arrant nonsense. What he has bought into is a false narrative that rewrites history and plays upon post-colonial liberal angst. The construct is as follows: white, inglorious and bad; black, noble and good; empire, bad; independence, good; the west, bad; the African, good.

Forgotten in all this is that while Europeans were settling and spreading from the Cape, the psychopathic Shaka Zulu was employing his Impi to crush everyone—including the Xhosa—in his path, and the Xhosa were themselves busy slaughtering Bushmen and Hottentots. Yet it is the whites who take the rap, for it was they who won the skirmishes along the Fish and Blood Rivers and who eventually gained the prize.
What suffers is the truth, and—of course— Africa. We are so cowed by the moist-eyed mantras of the left and the oath-laden platitudes of Bono and Geldof [JdN: two juze!], we are forced to accept collective responsibility for the bloody mess that is now Africa. It paralyses us while excusing the black continent and its rulers.
Whenever I hear people agitate for the freezing of Third World debt, I want to shout aloud for the freezing of those myriad overseas bank accounts held by black African leaders (President Mobutu of Zaire alone is believed to have squirreled away well over $10 billion). Whenever apartheid is held up as a blueprint for evil, I want to mention Bokassa snacking on human remains, Amin clogging a hydro-electric dam with floating corpses, the President of Equatorial Guinea crucifying victims along the roadway from his airport. Whenever slavery is dredged up, I want to remind everyone the Arabs were there before us, the native Ashanti and others were no slouches at the game, and it remains extant in places like the Ivory Coast.

Whenever I hear the Aids pandemic somehow blamed on western indifference, I want to point to the African native practice of dry sex,

[JdN: Good grief, I think I really do have to explain this, or rather let Wikipedia do the horrid job: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dry_sex

Dry sex is a sexual practice of minimizing vaginal secretions by using herbal aphrodisiacs, household detergents, antiseptics,[1] by wiping out the vagina,[2] or by placing leaves in the vagina.[2]

The goal of these activities is to make the woman’s vagina dry and tight, as “wet” women are considered unchaste.[3] However, these practices make sex very painful for the woman.[1] Dry sex is common in Sub-Saharan Africa and is of concern as it increases the chances of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV for both partners.[1] The practice has also been reported in Suriname among Afro-Surinamese women.[4]

The lack of lubrication required for dry sex causes lacerations in the delicate tissue of the vagina, increasing the risk of HIV transmission.[5] Drying the vagina of moisture also removes the natural antiseptic lactobacilli which can combat sexually transmitted diseases.[6] Furthermore, dry sex increases the odds that a condom will break because of the increased friction. It may also result in vaginal inflammation and/or traumatic lesions which in turn may increase the transmission of STDs in other ways.

….he hobby-like prevalence of rape and the clumps of despotic black leaders who deny a link between the disease and HIV and who block the provision of anti-retrovirals. And whenever Africans bleat of imperialism and colonialism, I want to campaign for the demolition of every road, college, and hospital we ever built to let them start again.

[JdN: Yes, and if the Mexicans take back California, well then, let’s likewise roll up everything in it that the white man built in a carpet and take all that with us. Then they get a nice, pristine stretch of CACTUS.]

It is time they governed themselves. Yet few play the victim card quite so expertly as black Africans; few are quite so gullible as the white liberal-left.

[JdN: Playing the victim when one is really a perpetrator is a classic trait of psychopaths. See my article above on “Psychopaths in Power.”]

“On the eve of this millennium, Nelson Mandela and friends lit candles mapping the shape of their continent and declared the Twenty-first Century would belong to Africa. It’s a pity that for every Mandela, there are over a hundred Robert Mugabes.”
So Britain had an empire and Britain did slavery. Boo hoo. Deal with it. Move on. Slavery ended here over two hundred years ago. More recently, there were tens of millions of innocents enslaved or killed in Europe by the twin industrialised evils of Nazism [JdN: oh, good grief, you had to spoil a good article] and Stalinism.

My own first cousins—twin brothers aged sixteen—died down a Soviet salt mine. I need no lecture on shackles and neck-irons. Most of us are descendents of both oppressors and oppressed; most of us get over it. Mind you, I am tempted by thoughts of compensation from Scandinavia for the wickedness of its Viking raids and its slaving-hub on the Liffe. As for the 1066 invasion of England by William the Bastard…
The white man’s burden is guilt over Africa (the black man’s is sentimentality) , and we are blind for it. We have tipped hundreds of billions of aid-dollars into Africa without first ensuring proper governance. We encourage NGOs and food-parcels and have built a culture of dependency. We shy away from making criticism, tiptoe around the crassness of the African Union and flinch at every anti-western jibe. The result is a free-for-all for every syphilitic black despot and his coterie of family functionaries.
Africa casts a long and toxic shadow across our consciousness. It is patronised and allowed to underperform, so too its distant black diaspora. A black London pupil is excluded from his school, not because he is lazy, stupid or disruptive, but because that school is apparently racist; a black youth is pulled over by the police, not because black males commit over eighty percent of street crime, but because the authorities are somehow corrupted by prejudice. Thus the tale continues.

Excuse is everywhere and a sense of responsibility nowhere. You will rarely find either a black national leader in Africa or a black community leader in the west prepared to put up his hands and say it is our problem, our fault. Those who look to Africa for their roots, role-models and inspiration are worshipping false gods. And like all false gods, the feet are of clay, the snouts long and designed for the trough, and the torture-cells generally well-equipped.

I once met the son of a Liberian government minister and asked if he had seen video-footage of his former president Samuel Doe being tortured to death. ‘Of course’, he replied with a smile. ‘Everyone has’. They cut off the ears of Doe and force-fed them to him.

[JdN: Amerindians did that also to their own fellow Indians and to white captives, yet another sign of the high levels of psychopathy in certain races.]

His successor, the warlord Charles Taylor, was elected in a landslide result using the campaign slogan “He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him”. Nice people. Liberia was founded and colonised by black Americans to demonstrate what slave stock could achieve. They certainly showed us. Forgive my heretical belief that had a black instead of a white tribe earlier come to dominate South Africa, its opponents would not have been banished to Robben island. They would have been butchered and buried there.
When asked about the problem of Africa, Harold Macmillan suggested building a high wall around the continent and every century or so removing a brick to check on progress. I suspect that over entire millennia, the view would prove bleak and unvarying.
Visiting a state in West Africa a few years ago, I wandered onto a beach and marvelled at the golden sands and at the sunlight catching on the Atlantic surf. It allowed me to forget for a moment the local news that day of soldiers seizing a schoolboy and pitching him head-first into an operating cement-machine. Almost forget. Then I spotted a group of villagers beating a stray dog to death for their sport. A metaphor of sorts for all that is wrong, another link in a word-association chain that goes something like Famine… Drought… Overpopulation… Deforestation… Conflict… Barbarism… Cruelty… Machetes… Child Soldiers… Massacres… Diamonds… Warlords…Tyranny… Corruption… Despair… Disease… Aids… Africa.
Africa remains the heart of darkness. Africa is hell.

James Jackson is the bestselling author of historical thrillers including Blood Rock and Pilgrim. As a postgraduate he specialised in analysing future trends in international terrorism, was called to the Bar, and worked for many years as a political-risk consultant. His non-fiction publications include The Counter-Terrorist Handbook. He is based in London.
[JdN: I would like to say something here. Thirty-one years ago I predicted this would happen to Zimbabwe and Rhodesia once the blacks took over. AND I WAS RIGHT. And you liberals were WRONG. I have respect for you only if you admit that, that you have destroyed entire well-run nations.]

Cut the “ambiguity”, ambassador, or pack your bags

Challenging UK support for Israeli criminals
By Stuart Littlewood | 22 February 2010

[JdN: by way of preface, the Israelis recently murdered an official of Hamas, the democratically electeed government of Gaza, while he was on a trip to Dubai. Several of the murderers had genuine, not forged, British passports, indicating that juze in the Passport Office were creating them for Mossad killers.]
Hey, Mr Foreign Secretary Miliband,

[JdN: LOL — Milliband is the ultimate ju himself, and a grandson of one of Trotsky’s bolshevik henchman who massacred the Poles during the 1920 Soviet attempt to enslave Poland (stopped, btw, by the Poles and a French officer named CHARLES DE GAULLE. Now look at this creature. How DO juze get this ugly?]

File:David Miliband at the MSC.jpg
Let me tell you something. If I were the British foreign secretary there would be no more “friendly chats”. The Israeli ambassador would have 24 hours to find a cure for his “ambiguity” or pack his bags. How dare that lawless, racist regime smugly sit in its London offices and keep us guessing whether or not they have abused our sovereignty and hijacked our passport system?
Britain is far too cosy with the Israelis. Given their thieving, power-crazed ambitions in the Middle East (and beyond), how reliable is the intelligence they are said to share with us anyway?
Our government is riddled with Zionist sympathizers right up to the top. Our most important security bodies – the Intelligence and Security Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Defence Committee – are all chaired by Israel flag-wavers. Whose bright idea was that?
Blair and Brown are patrons of the Jewish National Fund, an organization that acquires stolen Palestinian lands and helps fund illegal settlements in the occupied territories. Are they mad?

[JdN: No, silly rabbit they are PSYCHOPATHS. Look at the dead eyes.

Look at the smug non-Jewish psychopath Tony Blair, in an early photo:

Directly and indirectly killed German civilians by the millions….

As president. with that same evil glint

Lon Horiuchi, FBI sniper who shot Randy Weaver and his family, then participated in the Waco massacre

Some crackhead who squatted in the White House for eight years…..

When Labour bites the dust in the elections in May, we can expect no better from the Conservatives who are waiting in the wings, if the findings of Peter Oborne’s recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme are anything to go by.

[JdN: This show on the prestigious Channel 4 (which btw also did “Ice Age Columbus” about the ancient Solutreans crossing the Atlantic, showed clearly that juze totally control the political process in Britain.]

Cameron [the Conservative candidate for prime minister] has declared himself a Zionist and is also a patron of the JNF, as are the Israeli ambassador and the Chief Rabbi. So there’ll be a seamless transfer of Zionist influence to our new government and business as usual with that pseudo-democracy (yes, you can drop the pretense; everyone knows Israel is an ethnocracy with apartheid knobs on).
The Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission reports that your “true friend” Israel has a nuclear arsenal numbering in the hundreds, possibly larger than our own. It has a plutonium production reactor and reprocessing facility, and possibly a uranium enrichment capability.
You’ll also know that Israel is the only state in the region not to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, nor has it signed the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. It has signed but not ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, similarly the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Nevertheless, the rogue regime and its stooges screech their eagerness to obliterate Iran and involve us in their dirty work, even though the Islamic state as yet has no nuclear capability – unless Tehran managed to get its hands on one of the warheads rumoured to have been mislaid by the US. Is that why everyone is wetting their pants?
Back to the extra-judicial assassination in Dubai. Given all the amazing intelligence we’re supposed to receive from our “trusted allies”, any foreign secretary worth his salt would at least know if and how Britain was implicated in the crime, which, according to Sunday Times, was OK’d by your good buddy the Israeli prime minister. Or are you seriously telling us you haven’t a clue?

[JdN: Oh come on, why even talk to or appeal to this ju Milliband? He’s a psychopath! As Hitler said, the only way to deal with juze is “either-or.”]
Talking of atrocities, you know perfectly well that we are solemnly obligated – and rightly so – to seek and prosecute all who have allegedly committed war crimes. Your enthusiasm for changing the law of universal jurisdiction [Britina like Belgium, Spain and other countries, has threatened to arrest visiting Israeli politicians who are accused of war crimes] and turning the UK into a safe house for Israeli psychopaths to freely walk the streets of London, makes our country and particularly yourself a laughing stock in the civilized world.

[JdN: “Israeli psychopaths”? I am pleased to have done my part in spreading the awareness of the issue of psychopaths in power, ever since my 2007 article on this subject. I see this concept being used in France and in Germany now as well. People are losing their illusions that these people are “deluded liberals.” In point of fact, in the way that Hollywood means “Nazi,” these people are the TOTAL NAZIS. Unfortunaltrye, Hitlr was not nearly Nazi enough. It is Httler who was a deluded liberal.]
Yes, we’ve been well and truly stitched up at government level. But here at street level we’re not so stupid.


My comment:

Solutrea, Arise.

One of my posts got this good response, where I had been reviewing Mel Gibson’s new movie “Edge of Darkness.”

* * *

I recently watched EOD online and came away with a slightly different opinion. There were a few cryptic messages in the film and they were not hard to spot if one is wide awake.

As in several other films, like the “Alien” trilogy for example, Hollywood’s customary treatment of characters when dealing with the big-bad corporation is to dispense with them, usually in a nasty manner. In other words, Hollywood seems to be sending the message – you can’t win with corporations – even if it’s warranted — because they have the judicial system in their hip pocket.

Then there were the sleazy politicians and their handlers. Toward the end they were sitting in the Senator’s living room chatting about Thomas Craven’s (Gibson) visit earlier that day. Their demeanor was condescending and full of contempt for Det. Craven, inferring ‘of course, he’s crazy’. I detected nothing unstable in Craven’s ultimatum to the Senator except his determination to get the truth, yet these dirtbags insinuate that Det. Craven is mentally unbalanced.

This is art imitating life since the U.S. government is trying desperately to criminalize any action pertaining to decency and morality.


Yes, comrade, it is called accusatory inversion. ALWAYS ACCUSE THE VICTIM OF YOUR OWN CRIMES.


I salute this great Scottish Frenchman! Read especially the very last powerful words!

* * *


Interview given by Professor Robert Faurisson <http://www.holocaustdenialvideos.com/faurisson_interview.html> to the Algerian Arabic-language daily Echorouk (Dawn) on January 17, 2009. The interviewer is Mourad Ouabass.

Who are you, Robert Faurisson?

I’m about to turn 80 years of age. I was born near London in 1929 to a French father and a Scottish mother. I’m both a British subject and a French citizen. I’ve been a university professor. I taught at the Sorbonne and at a university in Lyon. I earned the “agrégation des lettres” (a degree obtained after the highest competitive examination) in modern and classical languages and literature (French, Latin, Greek) and hold a doctorate in literature and the social sciences (which encompass history). My two specialities have been modern and contemporary French literature and the appraisal of texts and documents (literature, history, media). I have taken a special interest in Second World War propaganda.

Can you briefly inform Algerian readers of your research work, the aim of which has been to revise the history of what today is called the Holocaust of the Jews?

At the Nuremberg trial (1945-1946), a court made up of the victors of the recent war accused a vanquished Germany of the following: 1) of having ordered and planned the physical extermination of the Jews of Europe. 2) of having, to that purpose, designed, built and used weapons of mass destruction called, particularly, gas chambers. 3) of having, essentially with those weapons but by other means as well, caused the death of six million Jews.

How have you revised those accusations?

To back up that triple accusation, repeated for the past sixty years and more by all the big Western media, no evidence capable of withstanding serious examination has ever been produced. I’ve therefore come to the following conclusion: The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the state of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people “but not their leaders” and the Palestinian people in their entirety.

What effects have there been of your publishing the findings from your historical research, which conflict with the generally held belief in what is called the Holocaust?

My life became hell from the day in July 1974 when I was denounced by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth. From 1974 to today I have suffered ten physical assaults, I’ve had countless court cases and convictions and have ended up being deprived of the right to teach at university. In France, in order to silence the revisionists that we are, the Jewish lobby got a special law passed, the Fabius-Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990, modelled on an Israeli law of July 1986. Laurent Fabius is a Socialist member of parliament, extremely rich and a Jew, whilst Jean-Claude Gayssot is a Communist MP. The Fabius-Gayssot Act provides for up to a years imprisonment, a fine of 45,000 and still other sanctions for those who challenge the alleged Holocaust . In nearly all the Western world, with or without any special law, revisionism is severely punished. A certain number of my revisionist colleagues or friends have been or are now in prison, some for long years, especially in Germany and Austria, countries with which no [real] peace treaty has yet been signed following the end of hostilities in 1945 and whose governments remain subject to the will of the victors of the Second World War.

Has the Holocaust become a worldwide taboo?

In the Western world, people have the right to challenge all religions, except the religion of the Holocaust . One may make fun of God, Jesus, Mohamed but not of what Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel and Simone Veil have had to say about the alleged genocide or the alleged gas chambers. Auschwitz has become a holy shrine. Pilgrimages to it are organised. Visitors see the alleged relics of the alleged gassing victims: shoes, eyeglasses, hair, and steel cans that once contained Zyklon B, an insecticide presented as having been the substance used to kill the Jews whereas it was actually used for disinfecting clothing or buildings in camps ravaged by typhus epidemics. We are told that the Germans sought the *final solution* of the Jewish question in Europe and that those words concealed, apparently, their desire to exterminate the Jews. That’s false. There mustn’t be any cheating here. The Germans, in reality, sought a final TERRITORIAL solution of the Jewish question. They wanted to expel the Jews to a territory that would then be their own. Its accurate to say that before the war they thought, for a time, that the territory might be in Palestine but, very quickly, they reckoned that solution would be impossible, and that it must be discarded out of consideration for “the noble and valiant Arab people” I guarantee that those were their words.

What really happened, then?

During the war the Germans, keen to neutralise the Jews, placed a certain number of them in concentration or labour camps to wait out the conflict. They put off the definitive solution till after the war’s end. During the war, and up to the last months thereof, they said to the Allies: You marvel at the Jews, do you? Take them, then. We’re ready to send you as many European Jews as you want but on one express condition: that they remain in Britain until the end of the war; on no pretence must they go to Palestine; the Palestinian people have already suffered so much at the hands of Jews that it would be an “indecency” (sic) to add to their martyrdom .

With that you prompt me to ask you your opinion on the massacre now going on in Gaza.

Today, more than ever, the Palestinian people are enduring an appalling plight. The Israeli army, after having inflicted on them Operation Grapes of Wrath , then Operation Jenin Defensive Shield followed by Operation Rainbow and Operation Day of Repentance, is now inflicting Operation Cast Lead on them. In vain! In vain for, in my view, the State of Israel will not live even as long as the Frankish kingdom of Jerusalem did, that is, 89 years. Most of the Jews there will quit those lands in the same panic as the French colonists quitting Algiers in 1962 or the American army abandoning Saigon in 1975. Palestine will become once more a free country where Moslems, Christians, Jews and others will be able to live together. At least that’s the wish I myself hold, I who for 34 years have been treated in France like a sort of Palestinian. I said this on December 11th and 12th, 2006, during the conference on the Holocaust organised in Tehran under the aegis of President Ahmadinejad: we all have the means to help in the liberation of Palestine. These means consist in making known to the whole world the findings of revisionist research. All credibility must be taken away from the alleged Holocaust , which has become the number one weapon of Zionism and the State of Israel; this lie is the sword and shield of that State. It would be absurd to try to defend against the Israeli’s military armament whilst sparing their number one worldwide propaganda weapon.

I’ve recently learned that still another court case against you looms because of your persistence in challenging, as is forbidden in France, the reality of the Jewish Holocaust. When will your troubles in the law-courts ever end? After all, you’re about to reach the age of 80.

I’ll tell you now that at my next trial, of which I don’t yet know the date, I shall make the following declaration to the three judges in the 17th chamber of the Paris criminal court (2 and 4 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris): I shall declare to the judges the following:

“Whoever allows himself to claim that the alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews are a historical reality is, whether he likes it or not, giving support to a horrid lie that has become the number one war propaganda weapon of the State of Israel, a colonialist, racist and imperialist State. Let whoever has the nerve to support the Holocaust myth look at his hands! His hands are red with the blood of Palestinian children!”



I will leave you with this actual, no-joke ad for the Israel Tourism Board. It is so tasteless, so weird, so utterly juish in every way conceivable…. what more can I say. You have to watch it yourself.

[Source: Tikkun, an Israel-criticizing juish website]


====================The answer is Eternal Solutrea.

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