END OF THE LINE FOR JDN.COM; Got liberal relatives who might wake up? J-Team very unhappy with Monika Schaefer, ex-Green who apologizes on camera for ever believing in the Holocaust, and her former IBM brother

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…….On Alfred and Monika Schaefer

They are brother and sister and their parents immigrated when they were young from Germany to Canada, and there they grew up. But they both, laudably, still speak perfect German as well as English.

Alfred had a very successful career with IBM (science), and talks very clearly, precisely, and like the retired professional computer man that he is.


9/11 Brainwashing part 1
9/11 Brainwashing part 2


And Monika became a distinguished violin teacher (high culture),  an activist for the environment, and a candidate of the Green Party — in other words, they were exactly the sort of intelligent, educated, idealistic Germans whom the world respects.



(Canada had a big program in the 1950s to attract German immigrants; my friend Fritz in Kingston, Ontario, for example, came in as an expert sheet-metal worker. After he was old and retired, and began speaking out, the Canadian authorities turned on him. As a little kid growing up in the Third Reich, he had been raised by his communist parents. His testimony on how, to his father’s utter surprise as a marxist, Adolf Hitler did a huge amount to help the working class out of their misery and poverty is just the kind of truth that liberals do not want to hear!)


And of courses the Schaefer siblings too believed in the Holocaust, and thought their parents’ generation were either evil Nazis or at least loathsome cowards who did not say a peep as “the poor Jews” were scapegoated, rounded up and gassed.

They have now, however, awakened and gone totally public with perfect videos explaining the truth about Germany and the Holocaust (and 9/11) to their fellow Germans and Canadians who are the decent, caring liberal and moderate types, and who feel the Germans were indeed guilty and they must forever repent!
(Not only that, but the other whites alive back then — the Brits, Americans and Canadians — are also “guilty” of not caring about the poor Jews’ fate, and therefore not stopping the madman Hitler in time!
Shocking! The despicable British prime minster Neville Chamberlain actually sought to “appease Hitler” and avoid war with the monsters in Germany! By the time he was defeated, in 1945, all the poor Jews had already flown up the gas-chamber chimney! Why did we Anglo-Saxons “not stop Hitler in time”? 
So we, their despicable white, gentile children and grandchildren, must make up for THEIR moral failures then by 1) supporting Israel NOW and 2) fighting any renewed rise of antisemitism and racism!
It does not matter that 400,000 Americans died to save the Jews! We are still guilty! Most Americans were antisemites, and so, though the madman Hitler became chancellor in 1933, we did not declare war on him until 1941! All the suffering at D-Day does not excuse our own quiet antisemitism! 

In “Saving Private Ryan,” a dazed, horrified Captain John Miller of Pennsylvania watches GIs burning on Omaha Beach. (a German bullet just hit a soldier with a backpack flame thrower.) 
GI screams as he dies for his “mama.”
(This crying out to their mother by young adult Americans dying of their wounds is actually very common, and a friend of mine named Bob Hoy who was in Vietnam told me this also. The sheer terror of death as, supposedly, THE END OF EVERYTHING is one of the things that spurred me on to start a new Aryan religion, which however, my financial situation (see below) has made very  challenging.
Young Americans — those who have their lives still mostly ahead of them — quiver with fear of death, and therefore do NOT really believe in life after death, though they went to some Christian church a million time and were told, especially at Easter, that Jesus was resurrected.
Life after death is however, very real, as is judgment on their lives (noble or selfish), though not exactly as the New Testament says,  because what happens is not staying in heaven or hell, but eventually reincarnation.
All this has been proven, but Americans do not know or understand this, or think life after death is some nice-sounding, comforting myth and that reincarnation especially is some nutty Hindu, New Age thing preached by people with a dot on their head. 😉
No: the University of Virginia has 2,500 detailed cases of kids who reincarnated. Reincarnation is not semitic; it is the ultimate Aryan belief.
Adolf Hitler was just one of many great men and women who believed in reincarnation. In Luftwaffe Colonel Picker’s famous book “Table Talk,” p38,http://www.archive.org/stream/HitlersTableTalk/HitlersTableTalk_djvu.txt, spoken on the 23rd of September, 1941, in the evening:

“The elements of which our body is made belong to the cycle of nature; and as for our soul, it’s possible that it might return to limbo, until it gets an opportunity to REINCARNATE itself.”

General George S. Patton

“So as through a glass and darkly, the age long strife I see, Where I fought in many guises, many names, but always me.”



Is Donald Trump (b. 1946) the reincarnation of General George Patton (d. 1945), who awoke to the Jew problem and was murdered before he could come home from Germany and run for president?

And those many Americans who have had supernatural experiences are afraid of ridicule, of “seeing ghosts,” though they HAVE, or a deceased loved one made their presence known by moving objects around, and so they keep their potentially encouraging true stories to themselves and their very closest friends.)
Back to the Schaefers….
A special video by Monika Schaefer on her awakening, and with her apologizing to her mother for having despised her parents’ generation from Germany, has become very successful quickly – and caused tremendous outrage amongst the Jews:
[This list was sent to me by the heroic German activist Gerd Ittner (photo), who escaped from Germany, but himself spent many years in prison, back in Germany, after being abducted by the Portuguese police and turned over to the vile Merkel regime.]
What an excitement that little video had been causing, and still is… That´s the way it has to be!
And articles about:
You´ll find more videos on Alfred´s youtube channel.
And that´s how the Jews are shrieking:

…..My situation 

If you call my phone number, (906) 884-6689, you will see it has been shut off. Soon my Internet will also go down. Then the hosting fees for this website will be due and cannot paid so it will be gone.

Ironically, views of my site have never been higher. Twelve thousand pages were read yesterday on my site.



And I am getting praise, such as this comment (https://www.johndenugent.com/english/english-an-elite-not-the-masses-ufos-visited-us-nuclear-weapons-sites-former-air-force-officers-say/#comment-615680):


Great job. Keep up with what you’re doing, champ!


Well, I am doing it by cutting lawns, yesterday three in 84 degree humid heat, with me now at age 62. But lawn-mowing money is just not enough. The site johndenugent.com will go down unless many donations, large and small, come in quickly. I am not bluffing; it is a fact.


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I was disinherited for supporting national socialism, giving up a millionaire lifestyle to help save our race. My karma is okay. How about yours?


Henry Kissinger, the mayor of Providence, my father and glamorous Canadian stepmother from Prince Edward Island.


The mansion in Barrington, Rhode Island


In front of the home on the Atlantic at Seagrove, Vero Beach, Florida. The guy on the right could have made me a US Senator if I had just “dropped the Jewish and racial thing.”


The Vero Beach country club


….. I do it because the horrors the Jews plan for us will make this video like a walk in the park


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  1. The problem with Christianity is not that it does not promise a “life after death,” Paradise, Hell or whatever.. It’s that your “soul” knows that Christianity is fake (you can fool the Mind but you can’t fool the Soul) and that is why Christians still fear death.. Vikings did not fear death; they sought it on the battlefield.

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