Encouraging reactions to recent posts; centrality of the Jewish psychopaths

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I received many encouraging emails after the posts of the last few days of the last decade, which thankfully ended yesterday.

The just-terminated decade of 2000 to 2009 was a sickening decade of Jewish atrocities against our folk worldwide, and all nations, starting with:

–the fraudulent election of the moronic, embarrassing and psychopathic ex-coke-head Bush,

–the mass murder that he and the Israelis committed on September 11, 2001,

–followed by the police-state PATRIOT Act rushed into law in its wake, and the

–idiotic and criminal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

–Israel for its part committed mass murder against the inmates of its two gigantic concentrations camps, called Gaza and the West Bank,

–and savagely aggressed Lebanon.

–The enslaved Germans, totally innocent of ANY Holocaust crimes, also gave the Holocaust fraudsters in Israhell several submarines which, combined with Israeli nuclear weapons allows this psychopathic, megalomanic, international crime family to now launch missiles from anywhere at any innocent nation on earth.

–Just days ago it was announced that Israhell is demanding two free high-tech German warships — built by the same Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany that once built the mighty battleship Bismarck — all gifts from the drained German taxpayers who are meanwhile losing their jobs en masse because once again, a Depression MADE IN USA (that is, by the Jews on Wall Street, not on white Main Street) has plunged the world into a worsening Depression (high unemployment plus falling prices equals “Depression”, folks), in 2009 just as 80 years before in 1929.

The parasitical Zionist entity occupying Palestine is demanding two of these magnificent German corvettes as yet more reparations for a holocaust that never happened. Germany has already given the Khazars one hundred billion dollars. No wonder Israel is thriving -- off our sweat!

And Germany is very dependent on exports to the world. Its economy was deliberately re-arranged by the Allies to be that way after 1948, that is, dependent on the rest of the world, the world the Jew controls.

In fact, the hard-working Germans are the number-one exporter worldwide, with over one trillion dollars in exports (not the Chinaman who churns out shlock that breaks after the third use or even dangerous products), and this fact is an astounding tribute to this amazing, enduring people who have suffered indescribable physical, cultural and genetic holocausts both in the Thirty Years War of 1618-1648 and from 1914 to the present day, interrupted only by the period 1933-1939.

–Finally, the Khazar crime family installed a non-US citizen from Kenya as puppet U.S. president in the most insolent insult ever to this occupied white nation called America and to its Constitution, which stipulates that only a US citizen over 35 and born on American soil can be president. This the jive-talking welfare recipient in government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is provably not.

Provably not born on US soil? Yes, provably. If the man cannot produce a simple birth certificate as any of us must to get a driver’s licence, or even work in day care [!] for $6/hour, it is because he HAS no valid birth certificate for birth in Hawaii. He has spent $1.5 MILLION on the Jew lawyer Robert Bauer to fend off lawsuits on this birth certificate, because his Hawaiian birth certificate is fraudulent. And thus Barack Hussein Obongo from Africa is NOT the president of the United States.

Excerpts from three of those emails to me will be reproduced below, and my answers to them — so as to state some fundamental principles of the Eternal Solutrean movement.

And today by midnight I will release a key part of my book, Solutrea, Arise, called “The Normans: England’s Curse and Blessing.” Its earlier incarnations have already gotten very pleasing reviews. It’s about the psychopaths of our own race who consciously and deliberately bring the Jews in as their money men and, as John Kennedy once warned, those who ride the tiger, like those British aristocrats, may end up inside, both they and their whole nation. It’s also my statement as a person of British ancestry about the good and bad that Norman-ruled England has caused to our race.

This day, and this year of 2010 means a new decade. And, as in the year 1940, 70 years ago, it will be time for a lightning war, a blitzkrieg.

On the blitzkrieg topic….

I recorded a special DVD in 2005, my narration in English of the former Waffen-SS general Lon Degrelle discussing a major German advance in tactics, called “Hitler’s Blitzkrieg.” It was a challenging task, because it consisted of me turning Degrelle, sitting on a couch for an hour in his exile in Spain and expounding on his views and his memories of WWII, into a video that was genuinely lively. But I think we succeeded — with a decent narration and many good photos as well.

I remember when I finished in the summer of 2005 recording my narration for this special DVD on how Noble Wolf ( = “Adolf” in German) developed modern warfare with tanks, planes and infantry mounted on trucks, motorcycles and even bikes — with speed at the center of everything. Then Willis Carto and I were debating what to call the DVD. He listened to all my suggestions for a title for the DVD.

Then he wrote down two words, and circled them with a flourish:


He remarked, knowingly, “People will buy anything with ‘Hitler’ on it.”

“People will buy anything with ‘Hitler’ on it.”

“People will buy anything with ‘Hitler’ on it.”

Hitler's Blitzkrieg by Leon Degrelle, Part One, narrated by John de Nugent (Part two is technically defective. :-()

Hitler’s war doctrine was threefold:

1) paralyze the enemy’s economy;
2) hit the enemy with a combination of air, tank, and motorized infantry (or even just soldiers on bikes “borrowed,” ahem, from the Dutch, for additional speed); this was very revolutionary stuff way back in 1939; German General Heinz Guderian was Hitler’s choice to implement this new tactic;
3) encircle the enemy’s army and capture it, avoiding the cities and especially all trench warfare.

This blitzkrieg strategy — speed, technology and perfect coordination — worked military miracles in Poland in 1939, in France, Holland, Belgium and Denmark in 1940, and yet again in 1941 in Yugoslavia and Greece. And it spared a lot of lives as the encircled, shell-shocked enemy rapidly surrendered.

This is what we need 70 years later, figuratively speaking — a propaganda blitzkrieg to blindside the enemies of free speech, God, guns, family, marriage, nation and race with a new kind of offensive to open the hearts, minds and souls of our enslaved people.

Innovate and execute. Relentlessly. Stay on the offensive.

The Eternal Solutreans means this: Stop reading about the Jews; stop discussing the Jews; let the Jews read about us for a change. Let them blog about what WE are doing, and let the oy veh’s begin.

“He who can stay neutral and unfeeling in an era of grand patriotic struggle does not deserve to experience it.” Heinrick von Treitschke


I got a gratifying email from William Kennedy of Boston, who had me on his radio show a few months back (http://www.sphinxradio.com/ — scroll down 3/8ths):

* * *

Hi John,
Happy New Year! I really enjoy your email blogs and they are worthwhile — I actually read very little that I am sent but always look at your stuff.

That material about Kevin Trudeau is true.

[JdN: Mr. Kennedy is referring to my blogpost here, where Bilderberg attendee Trudeau CONFIRMS the conspiracy to kill off 90% of the world to end “overpopulation”: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2009/12/27/three-powerful-south-african-music-videos-de-sensitization-decade-of-depression/]

He is an insider and I first heard about him in 1988 from the President of John Hancock Life Insurance (Mr Philips).

Kevin has been on my show and he is right about the global elites and their agenda. My father knew many of these people (check out my web page on my dad: http://www.mysticvalleymedia.com/buddyweb.html )

These people don’t even care that they are being exposed — they laugh at it. Take a look at this video from former NATO chief Willie Claus who was implicated in the Marc Dutroux satanic serial killer case and was fired from NATO for taking bribes. He does not even hide his satanism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0NZiG0xjRg

These Global elites are sick and I am glad I no longer have anything to do with them. I know many of them from the Nantucket Cotillion Society when I was a kid. Creeps to the core!

BTW, I expanded the Aryan Historical Page at

Blessings for 2010,

============IT’S THE JEWS, STUPID

An Irish comrade wrote me, reacting positively to my two-part blogpost on non-white genes harming white civilization:

* * *

We need also to avoid splitting the white race and to be politically intelligent. Many people hate Arthur Kemp for his constant negativity on this theme and IMO he is an open ZOG agent as shown by his books on the AWB [Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging = Afrikaner Resistance Movement”] and Islam as well as his role in changing the BNP into a Kosher party.

* * *

I responded:

* * *

Dear comrade,

I note that Lady Michelle Renouf, whose courage, intelligence and integrity I respect, shares your suspicions about Kemp and voiced them on a recent radio show with Jim Giles on http://www.radiofreemississippi.net/2009archive.htm.(scroll down halfway to…..

Lady Michelle Renouf of NZ/GB on the Jim Giles show on "Radio Free Mississippi"

Whether Englishmen versus Irishmen, French versus English, Germans versus French, Poles versus Germans or Russians versus Poles — this racial fratricide profiting our Jew enemy must STOP. I have heard loud complaints from Afrikaners that Kemp slights them and their horrendous suffering under Britain. He’s every inch a British chauvinist, he lies about the heroic white Boers (who NEVER. wanted to be in the same country with blacks, and kept moving AWAY from them, but were forced into one country by Rothschildian Britain) and his Titans book and intelligent blog can be seen as merely a smoke screen for something else — to tilt us jew-ward into a stupid war on Islam, the Geert Wilders-Nick Griffin approach.

There would be NO Muslims at all in Europe without the JEW.

I assume you saw my post here that deals with Wilders: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2009/12/30/below-all-radar-euro-arabic-union-january-1-2010/

I am sure that my major essay on Britain, being released later today, will interest you greatly. I emphasize my British ancestors in it not just out of pride in that heritage but als so as to deflect any charge of Britain-bashing, but you will see me going into the things that make so many Brits the real renegades of our race –and I show that this has gone on since October of 1066, the Norman Conquest.

All the best to you in 2010 and in this decisive decade looming before us.

John de Nugent

Confident and vigilant as the decisive decade begins

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