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…..Now even the Red Cross is guilty for not stopping the Holocaust!



GENEVA (Reuters) – The Red Cross lost its moral compass during World War Two, turning a blind eye to atrocities committed by the Nazis, but is speaking out more now about conflicts including Syria, its [blah-blah-blah 😉 ]
  • John D. Nugent So now the Red Cross did not do enough for the poor, gassed six million Jews….all exterminated except for the 25 million running around running America.
    Maybe the real reason the Red Cross was “unaware of the Holocaust” and did not “stop the genocide” (the Red Cross was visiting all the German concentration camps, and delivering packages, but strangely never found any gas chambers…) is because — it never happened! 
    But there is always someone who will kowtow to the ever-demanding J-Team and plead guity for all the goy suckers, and this week it is ICRC head Peter Maurer: http://www.dispatch.com/…/red-cross-1128-art-girvbd58…

    Gerardo B Ausmeier He surely opens his hand WIDE, the “White” Judas!

  • John D. Nugent As Dr Fredrick Toeben of Australia says:

    “Don’t blame just the Jews; blame the goyim who do their bidding!

     Hutton Gibson, Mel’s father, with Fred Toebenhutton-gibson-fredrick-toeben
    This is the only way that the Jew 1/4 of 1% of humanity rule the rest!  It is like two scrawny Jewish gunslingers sauntering into a saloon, and 199 cowboys with six-shooters on their hips take to their heels out the back door!
    Cowboys-at Tascosa-Texas Saloon
    And people say “why doesn’t God” or Hitler or someone help us?  Why, when we can help ourselves! 😉 

…..Why don’t they listen?

A comrade and father wrote:
Hi John, I write this to you respectfully, sir.

I don’t get why more people don’t listen to you.

You always back your claims with documented facts, if not direct pictures or video. I have over the years adopted many of the same beliefs, ideologies, and philosophies, so for me it was easy to relate to your writings on your main website.
My grandmother was Austrian as well and her grandfather fought for Austria, I believe, during WWI, or Germany. Needless to say, true Aryan blood runs within me, so of course I’m in the foxhole with you on many of these topics.
But how do I get others who are unwilling to see to open their eyes, and how can I get more people exposed to your literature and videos? Word-of-mouth and sharing posts on kikebook is one way, but, as I said, it’s difficult to get people to swallow another’s beliefs if they have been spoon-fed the same drivel their entire life to the point that the abnormal has become the norm and the raped are quickly becoming willing.
I’ll not have my five children subject to it.  Thank you for your time in reading this, sir.
I responded:
Hi, and thanks for your thoughtful email.
I have two daughters and two granddaughters myself….
People are sheeple and sheeple need a religion. I am creating one because it was always my destiny….and there is no other way.
The Jews and Muslims have a religion — and we have “just” the truth and the facts, and that just don’t cut the mustard. 
I am getting nonstop harassment because the jews know how powerful a threat a new Aryan religion would be — and the idea of whites leading and uniting the world against the Jews. It takes something more than logic to move the masses. My issue is the funds to live on as I create it. Baltimore is a harbinger of what await us if we fail.

……Obama lets his anti-white rage out!


Partly funny — but interesting because Obama reveals himself a lot actually; this is definitely the kind of guy who would order the arrest of my assistant in 2009 (three squad cars from Homeland Security) and order a break-in of my house (last Saturday). (http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fjohndenugent.us%2Fenglish%2Fanother-fbi-surreptitious-entry-happy-birthday-rudolf-hess-102-years-ago-today-mary-phagan-fought-for-her-virtue%2F&h=eAQEL2YZb) Watch the face and eyes. This guy would definitely genocide half the white people in this country. A lot of subliminal threats here.


……Incredible speech by my friend John Tiffany of The Barnes Review magazine and American Free Press weekly newspaper

Be God’s Battle Ax

Jeffersonian Church of America
Rev. John Tiffany

White Christians keep saying we are going to win, It is prophesied. But do they ask themselves why should God wave His magic wand for a people so debauched and stupidly ignorant as to commit racial suicide? What kind of people are we to sit and expect an easy way out, to wait for someone else to do our self-rescuing job for us? If we look around us how can we not see that unless something is done, something different than is presently being done, we indeed may not win. We may be destined for victory, but if the white man continues as he is, reason pure and simple shows the horrid fact that we may very well lose.

Once the fear and horror of this is realized we must then be determined enough to say:

“It is destined to be and, impelled by God’s inspiration, I will see that destiny fulfilled by my own effort.s With pride in my race glowing within me, I shall sell my cloak for a sword and become Christ’s battle-ax.”


What are we, suckling babes who look to our Father to save us with no effort on our part? Are we not yet of age? We must become of age.


We should not interpret scripture to mean that we must wait, do little, escape involvement and expect God to do all the work. This attitude is deadly to white survival. Widespread beliefs of this nature are what our enemy is counting on. The white Christian who holds back — in the belief that, though all is terrible, little can be done about it, and that the worse things are the sooner will be the Lord’s coming — is falling into a fatal trap. Entrancement with the possible nearness and ultimate joy of the “end time” allows us to take the path of least resistance, to lead a hedonistic, materialistic, success-obsessed life with only the smallest twinge of conscience. Our enemies love attitudes of this kind.

They love whites who are completely beguiled and are an abomination in the sight of the Lord. Hoping to buy their way into heaven, these whites fill the coffers of lionized religious charlatans to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a year, while the cause of racial survival starves. Lazy? Is that what the white is? Is that what you are?

Shouldn’t the desire to do battle for your Father fill you with martial ardor? Do you not wish to be victorious and say, “Father, I’ve done battle for You.”

Does it make your Father proud to come and find His people sitting in prayer circles and twiddling their fingers while mongrels are rocked and suckled at white girls’ breasts? Let there be prayer, but prayer before battle and prayer for battle. Isn’t the white who will use any means necessary to preserve his race inspired by God? Isn’t this the way God acts through man?


Doesn’t it make sense for our Father to help us to be self-sufficient, to fight out own battles? It is God helping, but in a manner that helps us to help ourselves It is God helping us to prove ourselves worthy of HIS help. Pick up the cross of Christ today. Use it as your battle-ax to strike at the enemy then strike again and again. When Jesus returns let Him find you physically exhausted and smelling of dirt and sweat, financially impoverished, wracked with pain, even imprisoned or facing death if the cause demands.

But let Him find you enmeshed in the battle for our survival, with your head high, with love in your heart for your people and hatred for the enemy. Let Him find you grown to maturity. Let Him find you using the cross as your sword, as it lights up the darkness and burns and annihilates our oppressors.

God must have an honorable appraisal of His people. Let Him be able to say: Yes, these are My people. They have become of age. They have matured. They have been inspired by Me and have followed the leaders I have sent them. They have risen up. They have done battle for Me. They have risked their lives and may have died to rid the earth of those who threatened to devour them. They have come to realize that religions, peoples and nations have survived and prospered by relying on the sword as well as the book. Good and faithful children, we must accept the honor and privilege of doing battle for our people and for our God. We must feel the ecstasy that comes from serving one’s Father and serving Him well.

We must hear God say’ These are My people and I am proud of them They have done My work They have acted as I wanted them to. They have been My battle-ax. I knew that they would not let Me down and that a spark of old-time faith, however small, still glowed in their breasts, a spark that they and I will fan to a greater flame We must also hear God say:

“I believed they would not remain lazy and not be afraid to die fighting for Me They have not failed, although I often feared that they were all but lost, that they were mortally afraid of risk and sacrifice, that the salvation of their race was unimportant to them. They were standing by while their unborn babies were murdered, while their grandchildren became brown.


“Oh, My people,” I said to them, “will you not even help each other? You are My servants and yet you do not serve. Instead, you wait for Me to serve. Just how dedicated are you? Just how much do you deserve the destiny I have planned for you? The white man is so special that he cannot bring himself to raise his hand for his own self-protection. It will be done for him, he thinks. Why should he worry? While his people are in the morass, drowning and calling for help, he watches them sink from sight. He ignores the white infants piled up in garbage cans outside abortion clinics, while the white birthrate sinks to the extinction level. He ignores the wholesale rape and butchery of his fellow whites in far-off places. He watches increasing numbers of young whites become homosexuals.

Gay rights activists kiss as they are detained by police officers during a gay rights protest in St. Petersburg
He watches in silence the distortion and disintegration of his culture. White man, you have come to a dividing of the way. Along one path you can choose to serve, risking all, but still live to see Christ’s return. You shall then be found among the true and faithful servants who safeguarded and defended the Master’s property while He was absent. The joy of serving your Father shall be unparalleled and your future assured as you find favor in the Lord’s eyes. Along this blood-drenched path you may have to give up your worldly life. For the valiant in Christ, however, there is no death, and the rewards will be great. Those too cowardly to help shall drown eternally in the lake of fire.”

The other path is one in which we sit and vegetate while all around us the white race perishes. There is still the chance that we will live to see the return of Christ. But every moment we will be haunted by the agonizing thought that all the suffering and the blood of our dead comrades will be on our hands.

For when it was within our power to fight, we stood by and sought only our own pleasure. Yet what pleasure did we gain while all that was most dear to us disappeared before our very eyes? Do we wish to come to our Father not in white robes, but in filthy rags–not with a pure heart, but with dirty hands.

Lord, could we face You?

Our vexation and guilt would be unbearable!

Yes, we have indeed reached a dividing of the way, and the path we follow will be of our own
choosing. Which one will it be, white man? Which one?

Real Christians do not say, “Serve me, Lord.” They say: “Lord, I serve You. Because I love You I serve You, today and forever. I shall dedicate myself so that each moment I shall think and act always to save and preserve my race. While I live, my heart shall pulsate from morning to night with the thought of service to my people and my God. Come when You will, dear lord. Until that time, You will know that Your adoring servant is doing Your work as Your battle-ax in this momentous war for racial existence.”




….Hope, for he shall return


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  1. A cpomrade wrote: Hi John,

    How are you? I watched your recent video about the pedophiles. I liked it. I thought the part where you list all the people who have been taking part in pedophilia was eyebrow raising.

    I have also been reading about the ongoing pedophilia problems (including the ongoing cover up) in England which seems really, really extreme.

    My main reason for writing is that I read that you had someone break into your home and leave those two children’s cups.


    My thought was to urge you to get a security system with cameras. Something like this:


    These systems record images whenever they sense movement. They store the images on a hard drive (or one can store them online but I think there is a small monthly fee for that).

    And you can also get hidden cameras to use with such a system, such as this one:



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