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One area where I have been way out ahead of the rest has been on the fact that we humans are not alone, and far from it! Starting in 2010, seven long years ago, I went out on a limb, faced ridicule and rejection, and yet now even NASA is edging closer and closer to what is called “disclosure.” The hacker collective Anonymous just released this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGh8n1XxDrg

Latest anonymous message in 2017 just…
This detailed video deserves to be watched to the very end!

John de Nugent My 2010 essay, constantly updated: https://www.johndenugent.com/ufos-the-third-reich-after…/

In a nutshell, earth is a very desirable planet and various…

Who else in the WN movement has this essay on HARD, FACTUAL reincarnation EVIDENCE? https://johndenugent.com/reincarnation-evidence/

Because we would tend as humans to endlessly relive each failure, not only in this life, but in earlier ones as well, like…

Who else has proven that Jews, Arabs and other muslims descend from NEANDERTHALS, the rivals of the Cro Magnons? https://www.johndenugent.com/neanderthals-and-semites/

And every true mental revolution merits a mountain of evidence…so we begin to see Jews as they are, a…
Who else has shown WHY England and America have such a wicked ruling class? https://johndenugent.com/the-norman-conquest-gives-the…/
Who else is working seven days a week to create a new, credible Aryan religion to make us a match for our foes? Judaism, Islam and Masonry are ORGANIZED RELIGIONS!!!!!! https://johndenugent.com/?s=virtus

Who first proved that whites were here in America first, ten thousand years BEFORE the Indians? https://www.johndenugent.com/our-ancient-solutrean…/

Who else has proven that the Hebrews were nothing but the Habiru, a nomadic horde of exiled criminals who once terrorized the ancient Middle East? https://johndenugent.com/…/he-was-right-also-that…/

Who else has published this two-part interview with an expert on the Van Rensburg prophesy — exactly a century ago this year — about a Trump-like figure that could trigger World War Three? https://johndenugent.com/…/simon-roche-south-africa…/

What other WN website was featured on Russian nation television by its director, an appointee of Vladimir Putin???????? https://johndenugent.com/…/putin-uses-my-site-to-warn…/

You can help me today to stay on mission!
For you and white children of the future!
Karen Murphy I would love to if I could. I am broke myself (disability) trying to help my unemployed son from being homeless. Perhaps in the future I will be able to. Right now I am barely able to scrape bus fare for him to keep looking for work. So very sorry I can’t help right now! Truly
John de Nugent I understand. Whites are getting poorer by the year. But if everyone sent one dollar, I would have more than enough to create the religion that can save us. The cucking of Trump proves that there is no other salvation. Neither politics nor more facts! Not even the severest suffering!
Whites are now accepting genocide, including white nationalists!
Not even beheadings, rapes, bombs at concerts and trucks crushing white children!

–27 June 2017 PayPal from J in England, P in Connecticut,  B in New York, and P in Maryland, and a check from J in Utah


  1. Dear Mr. de Nugent,

    I am all with you concerning the fight for the White (Aryan) race. We are not accepting our genocide carried out by Satan’s chosen people since 2000 years, the Jews.

    But we simple people always needs a good leader in order to act bundled. A good leader will appear in God’s own time, which is soon, see Irlmaier, see Rensburg, see “Lied der Linde”.

    Without a good leader we people usually are just 0’s. But the leader is the 1 who’s making the many zeros behind him to count.

    Until 1933 the Jewish “Republic” named Weimar was about to genocide us. God granted a good leader: Adolf Hitler, who prevented it. We lost the war but we hard-won some decades of further survival of Germany and Europe and hence the White race. Now it is time for the bundled good fight again.

    Concerning your religion I politely have to disagree: “I would have more than enough to create the religion that can save us.”

    No need to invent a new religion, since God’s already revealed his one and true religion 2000 years ago, when the incarnated god-man and saviour Jesus Christ founded his Church through his sacrifice on Golgotha being the one and only Holocaust.

    I understand that our brave ancestors before that time couldn’t know this, so it’s not their faults to cling to wrong tin gods. But there’s no excuse anymore since God’s revelation reached all of us during the last 2000 years.

    Now we need to watch and pray and act. “Ora et labora” will save us. Gott mit uns!

  2. I will try to send you some money.

    For the meantime, take this leaflet in our struggle for survival. We have to stop race mixing! This leaflet is excellent for this purpose!

    Please save this and share it elswhere, because the “chosen” ones don t like the Truth about Race and intelligence.


    Here the PDF:


    The Truth will win, but it needs us to be spoken!

    Stay strong, John de Nugent – we will not let you down!

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