EMERGENCY APPEAL; Crypto-Jew Minnesota governor Dayton slanders whites as “B+ citizens” and says “get out of the state” if you don’t like Muslim Somalis coming in

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Minnesota Governor (((Mark Dayton))) has a message to all of the “racists” and “bigots” in his state who are skeptical of Obama’s plans of importing more unvetted Syrian refugees: “Don’t like immigrants? Get out of Minnesota!….  Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough.” There it is, right out in the open, a prominent Democrat has just profiled White people born in America as “B+ citizens.” How do these people keep getting elected? Look at this swarthy, duplicitous bastard (screenshot from the video coming below, where he maniacally denounces white Minnesotans), and remember, with the weather up here on the border with Canada we don’t naturally tan ;-)  )

“Show me the jobs” — as if if these illiterate savages wanted to work and even had any skills whatsoever besides putting on a scarf and spreading their legs to make more Somalis! As George Lincoln Rockwell said: “If you throw money at negroes, all you get is more negroes.”


Upper Midwest map (and where I live — white dot — in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan)… The region is both blessed and cursed by immigration 1848-1910 by ultra-liberal Germans, Finns and Scandinavians, who falsely impute THEIR values of hard work, honesty, decency and tolerance to African muslims and other violent, low-IQ parasites.


An actual white-nationalist wife and mom in Minnesota with whom I was friends on Facebook until I was deleted there


A children’s zoo in Minnesota


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Somali muslims (categorically the worst immigrants on this earth — stupid, oversexed, hyper-violent and bigoted islamists) are gradually destroying the city and especially nearby St. Cloud





(Some of my earlier blogs on Somalis, who have literally cut off the clitorises with knives or scissors of their white female rape victims, called African female circumcision: https://www.johndenugent.com/?s=somali)

Before you read the article below, just who the hell is this Mark Dayton, the current governor of Minnesota?

First thing off the bat is he looks remarkably dark-skinned for a supposed WASP, a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.


As I have started many times I am almost purely of British stock, 15/16ths, and 1/16th German, so is all my family in New England….English, Norman, Irish, and Scottish.


…..and therefore I can categorically state that this mug, despite the anglo-sounding name “Dayton,” is NOT that of a man of British genes.



Wiki says his noteworthy achievements since becoming governor of Minnesota in 2010 include:

His major legislative initiatives as Governor include the legalization of same-sex marriage[5]

and the construction of U.S. Bank Stadium for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL).

Yeah that is what Minnesota needs: gay marriage, and taxpayer support for the Negro Football League so aging, fatttening white pussies can swill beer from a can (and thus feel pseudo-macho) while sitting on their ass and belching as alpha-male negroes get paid millions to play with a ball and then grope and impregnate white cheerleaders



….Great-grandpappy “Dayton”….hmmmmm

Wiki says mysteriously he is “from New York”, was a department store magnate, and then runs this photo of the supposed “WASP”….

Jew, Jew, JEW! I don’t care if he was a “Presbyterian elder”…. Presbyterians being pro-Jew and advocating usury, to the shock of other Protestant and Catholic Christians ….The psychopathic billionaire John D. Rockefeller was a Jew and he donated all kinds of money to black Baptist churches and colleges and claimed he was a Baptist….

(From )


…..More evidence the Rockefellers are crypto-Jews (as the 1960s bestseller “Our Crowd” by Jewish author Stephen Birmingham confirms).

This is the son of David Rockefeller who just died in a plane crash.



Longtime US Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia — note the nose:

  • jay-rockefeller-us_senaor-west-virginia

    …..Wiki on patriarch George Dayton


Dayton came to the U.S. state of Minnesota from New York in 1883. His family was one of average means[citation needed], and he had hoped to become a minister, but was lured by the urge to be in the business world. He married Emma Chadwick in 1878 and began buying farm mortgages in southwest Minnesota. In 1883 he and his family moved to Worthington, Minnesota where he was able to build wealth in the growing economy.[citation needed] He presided over the Bank of Worthington and founded the Minnesota Loan and Investment Company [….]

I’ve read enough on this closet kike.



Dayton’s sold out to their fellow New York Jews at Macy’s years ago; here the flagship store in Minneapolis



….And now Governor Mark “Dayton” blasting white Minnesotans, the kind of chutzpah in a supposed politician that only Jews are capable of and only white nordics would take

Source: http://www.uschronicle.com/xwatch-governor-minnesota-tells-current-residents-leave-state-dont-accommodate-huge-influx-muslim-migrants/



Watch : The Governor Of Minnesota Tells Current Residents To Leave State If They Don’t Accommodate Huge Influx Of Muslim Migrants

Minnesota Muslims

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has a message to all of the “racists” and “bigots” in his state who are skeptical of Obama’s plans of importing more unvetted Syrian refugees:

“Don’t like immigrants? Get out of Minnesota!”

The Democratic governor, giving comments about concerns over assimilation efforts of refugees and immigrants who have resettled into the state of Minnesota, was quick to fire back his petulant retort rather than offer constructive dialogue.

Imagine if a Republican governor had said to their Liberal citizenry, “If you don’t like the Second Amendment and the inalienable gun rights that it provides, move out of the country!” That Governor would be bombarded by the Drive By Media as a fascist, hate-mongering, and a racist. The charge of racism might take the Left a little while to work out, but rest assure, they will find a way to make the accusation.

Yet Dayton is still standing, and standing by his comments. The governor attended the St. Cloud NAACP Community Conversation, as reported by the St. Cloud Times,

“Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago,” he said. “But this is Minnesota, and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here, and this is Minnesota, should find another state.”

Apparently, Governor Dayton is a Liberal who believes that all people of the world have a right to live in America. His ideology seems to be in line with the thinking of President Obama, who has granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants who broke American laws to enter the country.

But Governor Dayton was not finished with his remarks. When you are a Liberal, after praising immigrants, and their efforts to obtain entry to the United States, you have to always finish your statements with a criticism or attack on Americans.

Obama praises illegal immigrants, and then calls those who appose breaking the laws “un-American.” He explains the need to import tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, despite warnings from his own intelligence agencies that he is unable to screen them for terrorist ties. Obama calls opponents of his refugee plan cowards who are afraid of women and children. Dayton seems to do the same thing. After expressing praise toward Minnesota’s immigrant population, the governor takes a stab at “White people.”

“Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough.”

There it is, right out in the open, a prominent Democrat has just profiled White people born in America as “B+ citizens.” How do these people keep getting elected?



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